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uProfito OTO


What is uProfito ?

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uProfito is a 1-click cloud based app that creates a No-Selling System with everything done for you. It creates DFY video site that get paid per views, no selling! Actually, your own youtube money machine! It is an app that Jason & Seun have been using to quietly make 1-2k daily online, without selling.


uProfito is completely newbie friendly…
Yes, it sounds cliche but this is 100% the case…
We gave uProfito to 20 stone cold newbies to test drive it, and ALL of them saw results.
Yup… Every single one.
So it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, this is perfect if you’re a seasoned marketer or a newbie!



Video review for Front End only

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you profit oh the review well hang on your hats because I it took me a while to figure out what this actually does so I’m going to show you everything the sales page inside the product itself and all of the upsells my name is Bryan Toder of Bryan Toder comm and I show people just like you how to finally make money online if you want to find out how to actually make money online the way I’m doing it there’s a link below to Bryan Toder comm click on it get in it it works so this whole thing you profit Oh is to get traffic and when you get traffic you can

make sales well that’s the biggest problem with most of these types of products because they say that you’re going to get all this traffic and my biggest question if you see my reviews I’ve gotta say this over and over the question is where are these people coming from where is this traffic where do you get it from do you buy it do you does it just appear under your pillow at night I where is this traffic and the thing is it’s it’s talks about traffic and if you don’t

get consistent good traffic you end up with nothing and that’s what happens with most of products like this where they promised the moon there is no moon so and and I want to talk about right now what I’m doing the way I’m doing my business and I’ve never been able to do this I get traffic every day for free I’m building my email list I’m getting customers I’m making sales with this I don’t know how you do it so it says right here the only passive income solution you’ll ever need but there is no solution discover the no selling system now really there’s and you could make a thousand to about two thousand dollars daily really if this was true

everyone would own this everyone would get it the thing is it’s really funny how they already have these claims when this just came out its brand new brand spanking new so how are they making a thousand two thousand dollars a day it says it takes only 90 seconds to get started well it’s true in 90 seconds I will get everything done the problem is nothing happens after that it’s like getting into your car but you don’t turn the key well it only took a couple seconds they get in the car well it’s a nice car where we going earn three figure paydays no no you won’t it seriously and I look at this it runs on complete auto-pilot well yeah because it’s the Internet you

know when when I post these videos on YouTube for free where I get traffic for free see where I’m going with that it’s 24/7 while I sleep I wake up there’s money in my pocket this doesn’t step-by-step training yeah yeah so look I’m going to go through this sales page and I want you to watch does this really actually even tell you what it does so really to stick with me alright so this is what it is step one step two step three step one is login step two is activate who and step three is profit but it doesn’t tell you what it does so keep going what does it do no I D uh spinning your wheels do you does it no there’s no idea what is the guys thinking what does this do okay all right no selling sorta like what did what the guys sing hmm so what is the reason that I’m here all right

making money online whoo well yeah there’s different parts that’s what it says it’s many parts would you be able to earn okay we’re only like 1/3 down and no it doesn’t really ok these other Sisto what you’ve always wanted oh my gosh but what does this do you get my point this has yet to say what this really does and they want you to buy this so I’m doing this review to help you seriously stop wasting money on shiny objects oh look at that he says this is not another useless shiny object really I didn’t play in that I swear I just um yes it is it still hasn’t said what it does look at that make money profit okay you get sixty seven

dollars off where it’s normally ninety seven dollars the thing is that has it this is like a day or two before this even started so what’s the normal $97 because this hasn’t been sold yet all right no hasn’t really said what this damn thing even does not yet it but you got the bonuses and a guarantee and more people but it’s not it’s not 47 yes and you know what so this what it says it’s a software it gives you built-in traffic generator I still know what it does you get three campaigns training bonuses support team and a guarantee and I’m at the end of the page and I still don’t know what this does so how do I find how did I find out this actually what this does I have a YouTube and I found the demo video for this and and the guy which guy is this I think it was soo n no that’s his name I think he was trying to explain this and I I finally understood it but don’t you

find that’s interesting because this doesn’t explain what this is even does so if you’re gonna buy this for I think it’s 17 dollars and I’ll show you all the the upsells and everything why would you buy this if you don’t know what it is so let me show you what this is let’s go inside you profit doll so here we are this is the dashboard now to remember how to do this they do have training just want to show you this they have some videos alright so first watch this you know and and learn how to use it okay now this doesn’t have the upgrades or the bonuses in this demo so now the the previous page said there were three don’t feel you programs but there’s only two it’s just really odd so let’s start with dashboard see if I can remember I to do this website list this is right in front

of you all right now I I know that it’s missing a button here but maybe because this is the JV access so I’m going to just pick one of these guys where you here let’s go with the first guy go to action admin website category now I’m gonna pick a category so this is make money online I’m gonna create a new one so okay let’s go stop smoking alright and I don’t know what this means but the video said type in F a car alright save see if they see it works okay stop smoking now I go to all sources did this right create a new source okay smoking video I’m gonna now I could put in I can leave it YouTube channel and I could put any a YouTube channel a URL or an ID I don’t want to do that so I’m gonna let it search it and stop smoking how’s that parent category stop smoking nothing there I want it to auto grabbing and that’s not legal in many states by the way and let’s pick a time so right now it’s 307 so I’ll pick four o’clock three hours grabbing for three hours and let’s go with five items and what that means

it’s going to grab videos off of youtube starting at four o’clock for three hours to pick up five videos hopeful about stop smoking save it okay so here’s what I just did so I go to action grab now all right now all right it just grabbed all the videos successfully we gotta use though a different word it says this makes me laugh right now I go to website content and look at this these are some videos okay look at this stop smoking weed how to make money on it all right well this is all though all right let me see maybe it includes all them make money online so we want the smoking smoking see if that’ll work alright so I found three stop smoking weed stop smoking roaches it’s quit smoking so I got one now out of youtube I got really one video now here’s how you’re supposed to make money just kill me okay so ads and I’m

gonna create an ad and I’ll try an image and I’m going to choose all right have it that one okay alright stop smoking got it choose uploading it got it advertising link and ok that’s have at Google I’ve heard of that priority I’m guessing all right then there it is now what I just did was I made an ad an advertisement for our website page with the videos do you still have this because I’m already lost all right this is the web web site list okay so I just had a log out just to get into this part I’m trying to get to website list and there was no way to get back to it so maybe that’s in

the OTO so there’s the this is the one I used I believe so here’s the action and I’m going to view this so what this is supposed to do it’s gonna put you see there’s smoking videos and the ads are supposed to be here but they’re not all right I’m gonna click on smoking videos now this is for stop smoking the only one that says stop smoking is this one right here these are from I think this is Korean this is stop smoking weed so how are you going to make money from this really even if these ads were up which are not how you gonna make money

so what’s supposed to do remember the the the image that I put in there if I would open up this video the advertisement would be in this video do you get this this is absolutely stupid alright so here’s the video and my apparently this is the add the little odd here let’s let’s see what this does doesn’t nothing came up I’m just gonna turn out this is idiotic seriously save your money there’s no link under this video to buy this because if you buy this I don’t know what to tell you so let’s look at the upsells anyway so let’s look at the basic program it’s $19 and it’s the basic program now remember on the guarantee or the other fa Q’s it says right here are there any extra expenses or hidden fees no see right here no all right everything is included so in you profit doe just $19 that should be everything but there is the deluxe version for another forty seven dollars now you get unlimited video sites with four extra premium website templates so now you’ve spent sixty six dollars

if you get it now for another one hundred and ninety seven dollars almost two hundred dollars twenty done-for-you web sites money sites where you can make a ton of money just add your code and start making money great stuff so you’ve spent two hundred sixty three dollars but there’s more if you want the done-for-you traffic system for ninety seven dollars you get guaranteed guaranteed real human traffic not those zombie traffic’s real human traffic to your videos or website anytime you want it and it’s it’s a new traffic source because they always say that but there is no such thing as a new traffic you know paid ads no social media

no vio video or anything techie no soap radio so now that’s $360 you get the premium with all that stuff that’s for 2702 going a YouTube trap traffic which you could get for free anyway and I’ll show you how to do that I could show you how that how to do that 70 $70 no no so now it’s five hundred four dollars and if you want to sell this to a sucker I mean another person for the license rights if you get the license rights it’s another two hundred dollars you can resell this phenomenon and you just spent seven hundred and one dollars so I’m

just saying this because I know what I’m talking about this is a bunch of baloney and if you want to learn how to do this if you not this but if you want to learn how to make money online how to get free traffic how to build an email list so that you’re in business the way to do the right way of doing this business there’s no push button three steps nothing it doesn’t work that way if you want to really make money online go to my site Bryan Toder calm and I will show you the 12 step system that I have been successfully used for quite a while and I’m actually making money for the first time in my life doing online marketing I really know what I’m doing I’ve got a good mentor and I can show you the right path I’m Bryan Toder with Bryan Toder calm and I really do show people just like you how to finally make money online it does work like I said click that link below this video Bryan Toder comm subscribe to this I really do it ring that Bell and I’ll talk to you soon

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