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In this video clip many reveal you just how simple it is to create a full e-commerce site in simply a matter of minutes hi my name is Adam from Remick WordPress guide video clips for non-techies if you recognized your take into consideration clicking on the subscribe switch if you don’t want to miss out on a thing click the bell off to the appropriate YouTube allow you recognize when I have a brand-new video and also work to be considering the Astra Motif today in this video clip allow me reveal you what we are building right here is the internet site as well as were developing an entire site yet this is what the WooCommerce e-commerce platform is mosting likely to appear like it’s going to reveal us our products in this stunning grid right below and afterwards in this video I’m to reveal you just how we made this an attractive pricing page right here or item web page that features your items and then this is just how beautiful our purchasing cart is when somebody places a product in the purchasing cart and lastly this is going to be our perfectly looking checkout web page for this purchasing cart as well as if you see allow me leave the picture there’s this attractive little purchasing cart badge in the header when somebody floats over it it’s good to reveal them exactly what’s in the shopping cart as well as give them a possibility to head to the cart or look into allow me show you what that’s gon na appear like genuine fast if I hover over it there it is the product in the cart button and the check out switch as well as a person can also remove a product if they picked to actually do this done in this video is not to be a long video clip due to the fact that this is so simple to apply it so allow’s not waste at any time let’s simply go on and also get going so right here I am in a fresh setup of WordPress so the initial point we need to do is set up the Astra style and the way we do that was an excellent we go to look and after that we click motifs as well as this reveals us the themes we have installed her to go ahead as well as click add new and after that click on the popular tab or go where it claims search themes and also go into Astra so I just got in Astra as well as right here you want to proceed as well as click the set up switch it’s been a download this to your WordPress installation and afterwards click on activate now since I’m using some new features that are going to be launched in a matter of days not weeks days so if you’re watching this video in a couple days this is mosting likely to be included and also you’re gon na follow this step I require to install the beta version that is mosting likely to be launched right here real quickly so I’m in a go ahead and really delete Astra as well as manually install it through the variation that I have actually downloaded and install fine now I have actually mounted this variation that I by hand downloaded and install but don’t fret if you’re watching this in a pair days you’ll be able to do it simply by searching for Astra and mounting it right there so following point we want to do is we intend to set up a plug-in called Astra Sites some of the plug-ins add new and also on the search location right here a min go into Astra once again and also here it is the initial result * starter site someone click set up now and then I remain in go on and activate this know what this plug is gon na do is allow us to simply with a few mouse clicks have a whole site built for us immediately so to proceed as well as turn on that and also I wish to go to look as well as there’s this brand-new option right here that states Astra websites so allow’s go ahead and click on that now the very first thing is you desire this to be based on the Beaver Home builder page building contractor or Elementor for this instance, click on Elementor currently there’s many different websites to pick from however I’m mosting likely to pick a particular one and that is this automobile repair service or was the theme down right here I must’ve skipped over it I always tend to do this up and also it was right there during this automobile repair service template however you can see there’s so many top quality design templates that are functional to actually make use of some to proceed and also click on appearances information as well as sneak peek then I’m to click this switch right here that says in stall plug-ins it’s going to set up a get in touch with type plug-in so that you can get information that people offer you via call kind it’s can mount Elementor the page home builder as well as its can also set up a package that will enable you to include switches and points like that similar to the one we see in the top right such is going to download and install and also mount those okay now that is done we intend to click right below it says import this site we get this message below that claiming you truly only wish to do this on a new WordPress installation some to go ahead as well as click fine so today it’s going you download and install all the web pages the food selections it’s can set up every little thing for you it’s gon na download the images so this just could take a minute or two and just like that it’s done so now what I intend to do is click on this X below to diminish this trial and now her back into WordPress so currently what we need to do is install the shopping system called WooCommerce circuit to visit plug-ins as well as were mosting likely to click include brand-new and we can do a look for it right below simply enter WooCommerce currently WooCommerce is the leading ecommerce system not simply for WordPress however generally they are the leading e-commerce platform so go on and click set up since this one could take maybe a minute to download and install as well as mount and right after we activated it’s mosting likely to take us with sort of an onboarding process with a number of actions as well as were mosting likely to need to make some options but I will walk you with all those options today in this video clip okay so currently it’s downloaded all I need to do is click on the activate switch as well as it ought to pushes precisely into that onboarding series as well as here it is so we require to simply go through these actions so the first thing is we need to specify where the store is based so for me I remain in the United States and I’m particularly in California currently you need to put in your address right here I’m in a placed in a PO Box and after that right here when we can select the money so it’s instantly changed from extra pounds to bucks as a result of the selection that I made where the store is based currently right here we need to allow WooCommerce understand for selling digital items physical products are or both so by default it says right here it’s selected both currently do not stress if you select the incorrect point here since you can constantly go back and transform it later on so I’m mosting likely to simply leave this at both now this last thing here’s a checkbox that is you stating it’s all right for data that’s gathered in on your WooCommerce shop to head to WooCommerce for them to analyze this is just that determine pests and also to see just how people are actually utilizing it I’m kind of an exclusive man so I such as to uncheck that I do not desire my info shared some to proceed and also load this addressee if I click on allow’s go is not to allow me go without placing in an address on the put in the address and after that I’m going to click let’s go fine so here I get on the 2nd action in this is what I want to utilize to accumulate payments you have several options that are included free of charge with WooCommerce the initial choice is candy striped any person can most likely to obtain a free seller account there is no real approval procedure and there is no monthly expense or anything you just pay 2.9% of every deal plus I believe it’s $0.30 per transaction these are typical costs in order to obtain a bank card repayment on the Internet so for me I can leave stripe on you might transform it on or off you can alter this later they do have a procedure here I haven’t attempted it out worth you check this box it will in fact undergo the process of setting up a stripe make up you not to undergo that in this video and then right below if you also intended to accept PayPal or possibly not red stripe in simply PayPal you could do that currently I will state the top PayPal choice below you require a certain degree of a PayPal account it’s not just the regular PayPal account that everyone has this PayPal requirement is the regular PayPal account that everybody has work when you turn it on you just put in your PayPal settlement e-mail address which’s just how it’s all done so I can proceed as well as leave that on the additionally have the option to accumulate off-line repayments right here this would be settlements by means of check or among these various other alternatives cash money on distribution I’ll leave those off and go on and click on continue to most likely to the next action currently this is the step about delivering so clearly if you have a physical item you need to understand exactly how you’re mosting likely to bill for delivery or possibly you’re not going to bill for delivery so right here we have these delivery approaches now some of the action in the WooCommerce process it WooCommerce is mosting likely to attempt to set up additional plug-ins that you might not want in this is in fact among those actions right below it claims right here if you have this set to live rates WooCommerce is going to set up WooCommerce solutions as well as is can mount another plug-in called jetpack so this is where it is right below if you are mosting likely to pick for the shipping method live prices currently I directly such as to purchase things from stores where the delivery is totally free or perhaps simply a taken care of shipping expense so you could use a flat price or you can use cost-free delivery so for this I’m just going to go ahead and select it cost-free delivery and also right below I’m mosting likely to choose totally free delivery as well worldwide but you have all these options the online rates essentially is no put this plug-in in so you can place details on every product as well as it can dynamically figure out what your cost is going to be to ship it I’m not in a cover that in this video yet I do take place concerning 3 weeks time coming out a complete WooCommerce tutorial dedicated to WooCommerce where we dive a little deeper into these various alternatives right here and after that you would certainly pick just how you evaluate points whether it’s ounces or kilograms or extra pounds or whatever as well as your dimension some to go on as well as simply progress to the following action currently right here is an another step where they try to see if you desire this you need to likewise decide into added plug-ins being mounted which is this automated tax obligations currently this may be excellent if you need to charge tax obligation for did dynamically for the areas that you deliver it to I understand in the United States it’s quite made complex so I stay in The golden state and there’s all these various regions in California that all have their own various sales tax obligation price that I would have to bill so this is one where you might claim you understand it’s in fact excellent to have this WooCommerce solutions because they will certainly update that for me as things adjustment and also is pretty complex but I will certainly leave this off now to go on and also click continue in this is one more step where they’re trying to obtain me you might see they really want to obtain this jetpack and will cover services this is another action where they want to place jetpack and also this is a plug because add some things to WooCommerce that isn’t so critical yet it adds a number of various other things and I typically do not like to have jet pack on my websites so rather than clicking on connect with jetpack I remain in a go here it claims skip this step because I don’t desire jetpack specifically on this website so right here we remain in the last action right below I can produce a product manually or I can import products from a CSV documents when I intend to do some to click on instead of in a go to return to dashboard now you’re mosting likely to discover that there are a few brand-new alternatives right here that were below before generally WooCommerce as well as products so before I get progress in this procedure I’m mosting likely to import some dummy products into WooCommerce I can demonstrate all the ways that it can integrate with this web site that we developed so what I need to do is I need to go to tools I need to head to import as well as hear some alternatives but what I desire is this word WordPress import right here top click on in Saul currently is get a download and also mount this plug-in so have the ability to import these dummy products into WooCommerce so currently I’m in a click run importer as well as I have this import file right here as well as I remain in a drag as well as drop it right there, click on upload data and also import this is simply for me to shows the WooCommerce integration far better is to install need import these dummy items so will basically have a shop that is full of products with pictures as well as every little thing as well as will have the ability to better demonstrate exactly how this is done why I stated I will certainly be having a complete in-depth tutorial on WooCommerce and also this can be how to add products in all the various alternatives there that are the most previously owned alternative definitely yet all the choices you have a complete understanding of that and also experience the different WooCommerce options to make sure that you have a full understanding of that too fine so this import is done currently the following point that I want to do is add the store item to the food selection so if I go to the WordPress website or if I most likely to the front end of the website today this is what we see there isn’t anything new other than we have this brand-new buying cart badge in the header but I wish to add a food selection thing that says shop so first thing the min fees most likely to appearance in the number to go to food selections currently what happens is when we installed WooCommerce and also underwent that procedure it added the crucial pages to WordPress that WooCommerce needs mainly a buying page as well as this is where all your items are to be in a listing as well as additionally a checkout web page and a cart web page a card and afterwards a check out web page so I wish to add this store page to my food selection so below’s my menu and also below’s the shop web page, click this checkbox here click on include this to menu and allow’s make that the second menu thing right there now I have to click on save menu for to really be conserved so when I go right here to the front end of the web site and also do a refresh we have this brand-new store alternative right below so when I click the store option right below it’s going to reveal me the products and also if you can see it’s already looking excellent it’s currently looking branded which’s because the Astra Motif the means they’ve integrated WooCommerce is it’s automatically going to draw the color pattern from the colors that you’ve already set up for your web site so it will constantly be completely branded now I intend to enter first have a look at some of these alternatives that you have available in the customizer for WooCommerce so here’s this customize choice right below there’s additionally another method of getting involved in the customizer it’s under look and afterwards right below words is personalized you can click that and it’s gon na take us into every one of these setups and options we have for this style and also this WordPress website but given that were to check out the WooCommerce ones I intend to go on and click on the store web page so that we can see these various options that we have available to us so the very first point I want to check out is the design so you can see this is a design where we have our items here left wing and then we have a sidebar certainly have not place me widgets right into this sidebar and also I possibly actually don’t want the sidebar there so what I’m to do is click the design choice right here and then I remain in a proceed and click on the container choice as well as here we have the WooCommerce format choices now it’s really claimed to what I wanted the default which is linked to this right here there are other alternatives you can go boxed web content box and also you can also do stretched him and also Aleave that there this is not in fact where I remove the sidebars to let me go back and also we have this option below that states sidebar so when I click on this below is the setting where I can control this sidebar so right below for WooCommerce it set to default which is to show this right sidebar to go ahead and alter this to no sidebar due to the fact that I just wish to reveal the products at this phase and then here we are obtaining bigger images right here currently we can really include him we can add items to every row now it’s stated to reveal a grid of three items I might intend to change that to 4 and also four single items let me click into a solitary items you can see what that resembles as well as we can decide if we desire the sidebar so right here is the solitary item as well as right here’s an empty sidebar where we can put some widgets and also I think for a single item I additionally intend to eliminate the sidebar so as opposed to default to go no sidebar on that too currently you can also have full control over the width of the sidebar right here choose mobilize up back up a bit and also go into these particular WooCommerce alternatives and below are let’s just experience them we have our basic alternatives which is to reveal this card in the menu so you have it in the menu right now I can uncheck that in it will certainly go away next we have our shop choices so let me return into the store by clicking on shop right here as well as this is where we can pick how many items we want or the amount of columns which is the amount of items we desire in a row introduce it to 3 however I can boost that to four this would basically permit me to show more products at the very same time I assume for it looks a little much better if you’re not can I have a sidebar and after that right below we can pick the amount of items per web page so today claimed to 9 which possibly isn’t an excellent number because that was a 3 rows of three which is 9 so here we might want to make it 8 or 12 so we can have either no third row or a full 3rd row so for me I’m a get in 12 alright now that I’ve entered 12 you can see now we have 3 rows each row has four items in it and this is looking really great up until now currently what’s actually wonderful is we can regulate this information right below so these are the options of what I can show below a product photo currently I can choose to conceal an item or reorder them so right below words is posters this is the category yet if I really did not want to show the group I can click the little I as well as it will certainly just disappear as well as I can totally rearrange every little thing too so if I wanted the cost on the top I can click right here and also relocate up and currently the cost will show up over the title just like that I assume it makes good sense for the title to be first absolutely as well as if you didn’t wish to reveal the ratings we can proceed as well as make that disappear as well as we also of course have our contribute to cart switch there as well as it’s looking a bit much more tidy there but I do like the ratings in fact being there obviously if you have a great deal of items that don’t have any scores you could wish to hide the ratings because you don’t have them Summit go back and also currently we have some solitary product alternatives so basically our solitary item alternative is whether we want to show the breadcrumb so we jump into a solitary item now and afterwards I’ll go ahead as well as show you below’s the breadcrumb I can go ahead and also click this checkbox and that breadcrumb will vanish as well as whatever is gone up so certainly up to you whether you intend to show in this display screen this breadcrumb choice so far I’m really satisfied with the weights looking we have this alternative below to reveal all the different photos that we placed in here for the item we have our description we have our reviews right here as well as likewise relevant products are right here in this grid right there in you saw just how simple this was the set up I suggest I truly didn’t have to set up much it was working almost best really was extremely ideal there’s just a couple things I directly wished to change which was eliminate the sidebar but contemporary of package he can see I didn’t need to go right into 5 dozen various settings to make it look excellent it just looked excellent right out of the box so after that you ‘d intend to go ahead and click on release to in fact release these adjustments that we just made currently simply in case I wish to go and reveal you where if you did want those sidebars intend to