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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

VerTex OTO hello guys uh, it comes to miss here from, and welcome to my vertex review video now. As you can see right now, I’m inside the member’s area of the vertex software, and in today’s video, I’m going to be giving you guys a demo and the full walkthrough about this product and basically tell you guys everything you need to know about this particular product now this product has been launched by the guy called match berry, and it’s going to be going live on vertex OTO July 29th at 11 a.m eastern standard time now in the nutshell vortex is basically a cloud-based software

that is going to allow you guys to start creating things like, um, social media posts as well as videos whereby you can share these videos and posts on any of the social media platforms that you guys use to start driving free organic traffic, and you can use that traffic to literally

VerTex OTOVerTex OTO

promote any product that you guys want now. With that being said, guys, uh, during the course of this video, if you want to pick up your copy of the vertex software, all I have to do, guys uh click on the first um just click on the first link in the descriptions below, and it’s going to take

you to my bonus page, which is going to look something like this, and from here, just scroll down and click on any of this pop-up buttons which is going to take you to my uh the sales page of this product which is going to look like this and from here just scroll down and click on this VerTex OTO power button again in order to pick up your copy of the vertex uh product now with that being said guys

VerTex OTO

let me now walk you through my bonuses and kind of tell you guys what bonuses you’re going to get from me uh in case you decide to pick up this product via the link in my descriptions below now as you can see this bonus page, it’s kind of a time limit so when this time hit zero at this VerTex OTO bonuses will disappear, and you guys won’t be able to find them anymore and also have some a little bit

um info about this product so as you can see uh with the photo software you’re going to use the pre-made videos to drive lots of free buyer traffic without advocating on camera or creating content now with this you’re going to get thousands of pre-made marketing videos ready to deploy as I’m going to be showing you guys inside the member’s area you’re also going to get fats fast of VerTex OTO its kinda traffic solution as well as access 80 plus premium traffic sources instantly it also has like

a build for beginners ultra-simple no content creations offers on camera it’s going to be uh required at your anchors now coming down to my bonuses as you can see the first bonus that you guys are going to get uh it’s going to be access to Jamie knight now I just want to

mention real quick,k guys, that all of these bonuses VerTex OTO are actually coming from jonahArmstrongg and for those of you guys that do not know john Armstrong he’s basically one of the best affiliate marketers and warrior plus and jvzoo now um in this uh bonuses basically uh in

this fast bonus you’re going to get access to one of his besties called Gemini, and what this software does is basically uh it’s going to allow you guys to start to that like an email marketing whereby you start sending out emails to different people and try to sell them your offer VerTex OTO and this software contains some training as well as like an autoresponder software that you guys can

the start is using as well, and the bonus number two that you guys are going to gain access to I will be on access the followers to get instant design inspiration now the reason I’ve included this bonus is the reason john has included this bonus, uh it’s because it’s going to help you guys VerTex OTO with designing of your videos up here so once you get access to this software you’re going to be doing some

designing to basically make your um content really unique as well as more attractable, so that’s why I have included this bonus to kind of help you guys with like a designing part, and the bonus number three that you guys are going to get access to will basically be access to

VerTex OTO

like a free course that is going to teach us how to build up your, Facebook is following faster now Facebook is one of the uh the largest the social media network out there VerTex OTO in terms of users so um you can’t learn how to leverage those users and then start to build up like an email listing and ultimately start targeting those people with like a different offer that you guys are going to be uh

promoting and the bonus number four that you guys will get access to will be on access to the license rights after the lockdown formula now lockdown formula it’s another product from john Armstrong, and he launched this project in the mid-20200, and this product is all about VerTex OTO teaching you guys affiliate marketing and how it works, and it also has some free organic built-in traffics

as well that you guys can take advantage of as well and uh here inside this bonus, you’re basically going to be getting like a licensed right to this product which means you can rebrand it you can use it whatever way you like and ultimately make money from it and the bonus number five that you guys are going to gain access to it’s going to be accessible to all vendor bonuses and all of

these bonuses can be accessed,d guys, first of all,l if you’re watching this video on youtube,e I’ll have to click on the fast link in the descriptions below and come up here my bonus page and click on any of these pop-up button,s which are going to take you to the sales page again which

will look something like this, and from her,e click on this power button again in order to secure your copy of the vitex software as well as all of my bonuses plus VerTex OTO all the vending bonus. Again I just want to mention to these guys that these bonuses are delivered uh instantly, so what upon you picking up your copy of the vatic software these bonuses are going to be delivered to

you instantly, and you can access them by logging into your warrior plus account and your purchase history. Just click on the patches on the thank you page uh scroll down and click on this uh blow button in order to access all of my bonuses plus all the vendor bonuses and ultimately.

VerTex OTO

that’s how you’re going to be able to access all of my bonuses now. With that being said, about bonuses, guys, let me now take you inside the member’s area of this software and see for yourself how it’s going to work for you. Now I can just decide the member’s area is going to look like

uh sequence is like a really simple members area you don’t need like to know like any technical stuff in order to use this software, so up here on the left side you have all of these templates as well as design so basically under design this is where you’re going to be able to see all of

the designs that you have mad,e you also have this social blaster icon whereby you ca,n um share your posts or the videos to any of the social media icons that you guys use als,o you have like training up here that you guys can refer to you also have some upgrades up here

that you guys can make as well,l as,o it’s worth mentioning that you have support up here that you guys can reach out to anytime if you feel overwhelmed about using the software or if you’re confused about um anything at all now going back to the templates again these are

the templates that you’re going to be choosing from no was you could see,e you literally have almost the template for anything so as you can see uh you have for ads up here template for ads on different platforms such as Twitter arts youtube ad,s Instagram ads long rectangles you have

like white skyscrapers etc. you also have like a tweet uh streams like a Facebook story plot um a Facebook story uh pre-made that you guys can use you also have like a WhatsApp status

VerTex OTO