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VidCommissions OTO

VidCommissions OTO

What is VidCommissions ?

The Demo


VidCommissions is a cloud based app that creates 100% Done-for-you courses/membership style sites using other peoples content/videos that you can legally monetize for leads, sales, commissions!

This clever app sets you up with multiple ‘profit factories’, each consisting of a lead generation page and monetized website.  The monetized website has been created to look like a “dummy” membership style website, which is filled with videos from ANY YouTube channel or playlist.  Use this site to sell affiliate products, promote any offer of your choice and even have your own mini eCom store hooked up for added sales.

The software finds you awesome video content to put on your site, which is monetized with customizable offers & products.

So with VidCommissions, you build your list AND earn commissions at the same time.

VidCommissions provides you with a powerful 2-step DFY funnel adds subscribers to your list AND generates daily fast cash.  Choose from multiple stunning lead pages to pack your list with targeted subscribers you can promote to long term.  Monetize visitors to your DFY sites instantly with irresistible niche offers.

Turn Stunning Content Made By Others Into Personal Gain!  ANY YouTube video with an embed code is yours to freely share in your monetized sites … and it’s 1-click simple to do.

Take complete playlists from top educators on ANY subject for an authority membership site … built in minutes.  Curate premium music, comedy, magic, movie trailers & more in ANY combination into your own entertainment style site.  VidCommissions shows you how and includes a custom search engine to find EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

It’s the only software that lets you grow your list while generating MULTIPLE income streams In ANY niche …Using OTHER PEOPLE’S videos and authority!

Here’s what’s to LOVE about VidCommissions:

  • All-In-One list building, passive income & traffic solution works in ANY niche
  • DFY lead pages and DFY monetized websites optimized for conversions
  • No expensive designers or copywriters needed
  • 100% pure profit system => included hosting & traffic mean zero overhead costs
  • No content creation EVER => leverage premium content made by others, legally & ethically
  • Have FUN while making money! Customize your profit sites to entertain, educate or both
  • Fully automated => one-time setup for non-stop leads & commissions without any maintenance
  • Scaling INCLUDED – launch multiple DFY profit centers for multiple, diverse income streams


Additional Key Points:


  • Lead generation, membership area, course builder and store ALL IN ONE!
  • YouTube Video Search Tool & 2 page funnel builder
  • 2 page funnel (opt-in + video membership area site)
  • The site is pre-designed with various theme options
  • Content of the site is populated by YouTube videos
  • First page is landing page to build email list
  • User can add additional text, buttons on video page
  • User can place affiliates links through site
  • Banner ads can also be added
  • Side swiping eCom store for a few products.


VidCommissions OTO


Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Good day guys Richard right right here so on this overview I have got to talk to you only some product referred to as vid rate’s now in a nutshell this product permits you to build affiliates and e-commerce type membership websites you might go forward and promote and promote your offers from so this comes from Jim material dermis is due to the fact of be launched on Sunday the twelfth of July at 9:00 a.M. Jap and it comes off the warrior Plus regional now on the start i will go through the product i will take you via the

contributors field i’m certainly going to exhibit you an example of a Finnish internet site online or go by way of the revenue internet net web page i’m going to communicate to you involving the enhancements i’m going to explain to you what is been regarding the product or what’s not so simply proper in regards to the product after which I type of summarize and provide you with my own rating so as ordinary guys these studies are established on my possess opinion having spent many a long time on-line utilizing software identical to this one and the motive of those experiences is to reward you extra determining to be competent to make an additional told option earlier than you go ahead and buy merchandise like this online so just prior than we guys my title is Richard Davies is the school of nomads have you ever ever ever been over to our youngster earlier than please go forward hit subscribe a notification bell and i’m going to will will let you fully grasp at any time after I liberate movies much like this one and guys in case you are looking to construct a chronic-time interval sustainable industry online examine out the link in th

E description below over to the education of nomads and i have taken to the whole procedure step-by the use of-step [Music] so complex to present you a fast profits web page overview and we will virtually go over to the earnings net page once I conclude exhibiting you across the detailed product so we’re saying that is an pleasant duplicate and paste method you get automated web page visitors on demand there’s a hundred percent completed for you system a number of profits web pages built-in it is set and pass over technological know-how no competencies or skills required a hundred and eighty day cash-again guarantee which you can generate visitors in profits your entire a compensation plus compensation and it may be a 24/7 committed help direct from the U.S. And i am distinctive that is crucial despite the fact that you maybe there from the us so let’s effectively give an explanation for a few additional elements proper here considering the fact that that this may increasingly possible support you utterly grasp what the entire product is certainly attempting to take action it’s a lead new release and a membership field with a course builder so what occurs right here is individuals come alongside to a lead internet web page and put their skills in then they get given the main points to join your membership area so that you simply just seize that lead nonetheless moreover they then entry the membership subject which is where you might have received your entire grants and in precise fact your course is all set up and that you could have a retailer inside that membership self-discipline as simply correct or that you can have affiliate merchandise there’s a youtube video search instrument integrated plus a two-internet web page funnel builder the suggestion is another time that lead net web page plus your detailed membership internet web page which you could go into YouTube and naturally embed anything with an embed code into your internet site online which in

fairness is correct you are with no challenge going to be reasonably bit careful across the standards of the humans who create these movies have around embedding you comfortably should not able to seize any historic video there may be some ideas throughout the historical past that you could be set in YouTube that can preclude precise type of embedding however it’s specific that you could be go ahead and embed YouTube video the web page is pre-designed with somewhat plenty of theme picks the content material of the website is populated by way of YouTube movies the primary web page is a touchdown web page to assemble your electronic message report users can add extra textual content material buttons or positioned on the video internet web page consumers can perform affiliate hyperlinks for the duration of the online web page banner

commercials will even be introduced and there is some ecommerce retailer efficiency delivered so let’s go forward and leap over to an illustration of the designated website online so that you get a believe for what this is so correct right here is the illustration internet site so this is known as crushing it online the temp steps and that is form of first-rate a normal WordPress sort form website online and what they have received on here is a number of key concerns that you simply just conveniently go ahead and established so you’ll have bought an total advice button here which is quite simply affiliate merchandise or an e-commerce product however let’s persist with affiliate promoting and advertising and marketing proper right here so i don’t preserve complicated the 2 that is readily affiliate product on this case you go forward and suggest so within the occasion that they press on that they will quite simply be demonstrated a video beneath every of the video there is a button the place which you could go ahead and end up a member of the critical affiliate software so what you’re going to do is that they’d you would come alongside correct right here and watch this films which is without problems a wealthy affiliate selling and then come here and honestly become a member of the software now that’s without doubt wealthy affiliate being promoted by way of someone else due to the fact that i am distinct if I most likely go into their YouTube but you look at this on YouTube u

Nderneath there there may be a hyperlink that they will furnish so you will find that that is their simon George’s received his possess affiliate hyperlink there so you might be most likely sort of utilizing his video to promote your possess affiliate hyperlink which you’d go to right here so I press this button you are going to see i am going and that i put the wealthy affiliate website so there may be the genuine rich affiliate internet site that you may go ahead and turn out to be a member of free of charge and obviously it is a very very usual affiliate product so that is this top part now the 2nd button right here you might go forward and create extra assets contributors can go and use so that you would have a weber right here get response

You will have click on funnels here there may be also all unique merchandise which that you can easily attached on the sidebar and go and then go forward and set your affiliate hyperlinks and all over the place once more if any one comes alongside here and clicks they would also be equipped to definitely go forward and which you could earn a rate in the occasion that they emerge as a member of at any location nonetheless all nonetheless it’s so that is the sidebar piece after which throughout the precise membership internet site online all you’ll be able to have bought then is these more than a few hyperlinks correct correct here the link to various videos that don’t seem to be particularly yours and that you could be go forward and join something application you place you can have linked in this button to down beneath now so effectively to be cheap total this web internet site is best it can be special convenient there may be nothing quite flashy about it and it is pleasant it really works and it appears to do the trick then the project is from my from my factor of view is that this YouTube video with no trouble isn’t yours and that’s form of a selling component however it may be no longer a fine one considering that it’s higher if in case you have your possess YouTube presence and your possess movies ultimately if you’ll fairly have a alternate

Online however it is not yours and what might also what can happen very effortlessly on these considering that the truth that they would even be embedded they is also ready to without difficulty click on on out and go straight off to youtube so if I was once once watching Kevin David right here i is usually competent to very speedily hit that and i’m on YouTube and i’ve simply lengthy gone out of your net net page so there may be a quantity of Lee kids there for without doubt obviously one in every of a higher time interval that contributors can with ease go forward your visitors have to you do get it to this web internet web page which just want anything I need to return into can especially go forward and disappear very swiftly after which the special programs besides you make use of

a video here that is congruent with the targeted software now this Kevin David video shouldn’t be that’s almost how one can make certain my cash on a day after which this is again to the wealthy affiliate application then it’s no longer relatively congruent with that utility nevertheless that is variety of two little things nevertheless complete it appears to do the trick and that’s what you’re undoubtedly looking the reverse aspect you are going to see on here there is a banner i would see it after our Google Adsense that you just’d be ready to move forward and get participants to click on on so that’s variety of the website on-line total over again would no longer would now not look too unhealthy and nonetheless over again it can be simplest a effortless net web page where they’ve embedded a wide variety of movies I with no crisis come over to the precise utility itself that’s the utility of satisfactory commissions so in the event you gain knowledge of any of these up to date cloud-headquartered variety of merchandise that all the equal mainly at this dealer it seems precisely equal interface nevertheless you received some instructing correct right here which i can truely entry on the second he is not enabling me to entry it apart from the fact that kids that that is the tremendous affiliate web net page however you isn’t going to allow me to entry I proficient him there would even be some dunk for you websites right right right here

Which is the same as their oto so we’ve got come alongside proper right right here you can be capable to look that you’ve acquired a squeeze internet page you’ll have gotten the login registration URL em you would have the content material material URL so the notion throughout this program is that you comfortably assemble that squeeze web web page your medicines this login whether this hasn’t been developed effectively due to the fact that it is usually now not giving me an specific login internet web page its taking me straight over to that web web page that we noticeable after which the content material URL is the equal as this nonetheless you might have a login there i will come once more to the viewers on account that that within the occasion you keep in mind in my reports previous than you appreciate that is most of the time going to be the foremost field right proper right here the crusade builder is the way in which you go ahead and construct the internet site so you’ve obtained a lot of settings correct right here you could put your possess autoresponder on to the web website online you doubtless need an API for YouTube to be equipped to head forward and get these films and if I come alongside and create a campaign that’s actually the place you would assemble all of your internet sites so that you might have your web web site on-line settings correct here with the title on the theme you could have the purchaser settings right here and you could have got some conversion instruments round having exit pop-americahaving a social proof pop-united statesall the ordinary stuff fb pixels fb chat widgets so there’s some devices there to conveniently go forward and assemble your internet site that is all fairly effortless YouTube search utility correct right here once more due to the fact that I’ve bought an API linked it usually is now not working for me however that you would be capable to go forward and surely search video collections and add them to a collection and that’s what you might potentially eventually add to your internet site after which you’ve gotten got obtained some classes and products so that you could add some classes to your internet web site much like a wordpress internet web page and that you simply readily would add some merchandise if that’s the a weber auto responder product they’d and some click funnels then you definitely most likely almost certainly can fairly simply add this after which you might put your affiliate hyperlinks into these specific merchandise and that is what you may as well turn out to be putting to your internet site online then you may have bought some autoresponders appropriate correct here there’s a bonus builder in the market that allows so that you can move forward and assemble bonuses conversion instruments or the fb pixels stuff after which you will have bought the free viewers so overall the internet web site builder piece is understated abundant and it’s going to now not take 60 seconds like the sale on the earnings page nonetheless i’ll come yet again to that and nonetheless it without doubt’s easy considerable and it appears such as you construct internet sites good enough my primary situation with that is the viewers piece now if you are a newbie online you are a newbie many many utility’s now will enable you to assemble principally excessive-nice-observing web sites apart from the fact that youngsters that they’re type of now not what i would gather considering that that that it’s not your own movies it usually is no longer your possess content material you recognize your on-line business is moderately nicking different people’s content material and sticking affiliate hyperlinks on which i don’t think is particularly an increased-time period exchange nevertheless having acknowledged that it does bring together web pages with the help of minish you might stuff like that is the traffic as soon as you would have bought constructed an online net page there is billions and billions of web web sites on the web these web pages can have zero search engine advertising and marketing they most in most cases won’t rank anyplace so you might be gonna need to ship that hyperlink out to them sign up web page to someone which is going to be your ideal of your web page viewers so your enormous bother proper here is getting viewers to maneuver forward and signal in to that preliminary lead web internet page that makes it possible for humans to then come alongside and go into the web website online so your viewers goes to be an specific venture now once I look on the type of dump for you OTO and that i show up on the site visitors which can be relatively supplying you with correct here that’s the fundamental stage of viewers which is social sharing you don’t seem to be gonna get viewers unless you all received to comply with my social media and i’m gonna go right right into a long term about that another time you’re simply now not so that is now not viewers unless you have got acquired bought a significant following myself immediate social media you are actually now not going to get viewers now the reverse options they present you’re all to do with this free viewers correct right right here after which considered one of a sort application’s that the seller has there are just spammy type softwares so you would have this affiliate web site viewers lab software which best time I signed up for i started getting random emails from guys and ladies I hadn’t signed up for you had this viral understanding tracker and it’s – website viewers computing gadget which once more does not work the app does no longer work as far as Travis consume however let me exhibit off you one other undertaking at the same time you going into this you already signed up for this product so if you want to go ahead and look at this viral know-how tracker which that you may are available and signal up for tube viewers machine so that you end up having to signal up for some thing else once I signal up for – visitors computer so that they turn out to be having to register proper right right here simply create an account and it rather easily goes on and on and on anything I do right right right here and they also is also having to do more and more registrations or return to this free website visitors coaching correct right here I must register for yet a different account to triple visitors BOTS it is usually just without finish your are increasingly a lot less proper right here after which there’s a free web site viewers dialogue board the area the vendor says they may furnish you with some free clicks however the situation with that is that is cheap ample if he does present you free clicks however what happens subsequent because you would end up getting 50 free clicks for illustration for your web site however i am no longer detailed if they’ll be distinct or they are going to be BOTS and on the finish of the day what occurs subsequent so the site viewers right here is your best situation again if I checked out this unlimited website online viewers right here then you could have got obtained this that’s limitless probably the most upgrades you would have obtained instructional materials on recommendations with a purpose to create a fb pixel correct correct here and then you definitely without doubt certainly ship that off to them they on the whole’re gonna add that to all their gains pages you knee main issue with that is that I’ve tried that previous than it didn’t work for me many decades ago I did precisely the equal factor and i finished up with ones and twos people for the reason that as thousands of people gonna end up doing the equal element after which as soon as it can be to your facebook pixel you must specifically fully grasp approaches to make use of that because all you do eventually of the day is you create personalized audiences and fb and it allows you to then market to them satisfactory if you are a newbie you will have gotten bought received no advice what to do subsequent it is really bit developed for me so that is kind of their viewers piece after which there could also be tons of movies down proper here which in all probability simply YouTube films on methods to create fairly various issues like provides and the correct system to get engagement on facebook I comfortably suppose you are gonna battle with viewers when you find yourself every time you are going to have a product that is vivid like this your essential trouble isn’t obviously setting up the website the internet web site on line is click on click on click and it’s going to be carried out for you it’s the particular viewers you get to that to get yourselves I think you’re gonna get dissatisfied so let’s swiftly bounce over to the earnings internet web page I mentioned the important thing sides up there they’re announcing that your purchase you grasp a coffee you log in which you would determine some general settings you fill it hyperlinks and all that and then you definately get free bio viewers leads and gains hit the get viewers button to experience free bio viewers the earnings in lower than 60 seconds that is the piece the position you are not going to get free bio viewers you would get one or two individuals stumble in the course of it nonetheless the within the day I believe you’re gonna struggle you are not looking for a web website them it seems like that is all hosted with the help of their website on-line as good i could now not see anyplace that you just without difficulty would surely host this to your possess area if that is the case equal equal warning as ordinary if their seller decides they not desire to hold this web web page going for whatever cause when you consider that they liberate new merchandise each and every single month which possibly like this then your whole work so far as your internet site on line is concerned is lengthy gone so easily watch out it’s an easy system for inexperienced persons to type of get started out in view that you don’t want a website and a internet site internet site internet hosting however on the end of the day which that you just could get internet site hosting for five bucks in a web page for ten bucks it’s not significant saving so quickly on the a hundred% a compensation assurance is unconditional and your one hundred eighty days and generate profits your whole PayPal you seventy-5 bucks in compensation so there is a guarantee there let’s seem on the valued at the development the equal you can be capable to get good I very swiftly calculated twenty thousand bucks valued at of valued at there and you bind it 417 so okay let’s leap over to the OTO s so here the upgrades guys the entrance finish $17 the limitless variant is sixty seven right down to $37 the 2nd member can be down promote so definitely go for the down some if you’ll be able to buy any these objects the hundred-percentage comprehensive for you is ninety seven all the process all of the means down to 67 dollars limitless visitors which is a pixel i have been forty seven implemented to forty seven bucks there’s some educating this brand new and good enough in 30 days variant hundred forty seven all of the method right down to forty seven bucks the tremendous affiliate variant which is version I used to be once as quickly as fairly quite simply on now it seems nonetheless some intent the academic wasn’t working ninety seven proper down to 37 bucks and it might be that the trainings now not accomplished so I won’t you admire criticizing an excessive number of on that and the license method she’s keeping the 47 right correct right down to sixty seven dollars and the auto profits develop is forty seventh out of 37 bucks now the professionals the making use of works they are dumb few pages there is a hundred eighty day assurance and the internet sites exhibit up first-rate so complete the certain website on-line that you simply create seems excessive-great to me it may be no longer the great without doubt it’s beautiful like vivid and low-priced however it obviously does work now the cons there is a gigantic difficulty with the visitors with these varieties of merchandise and i’m forever gonna rating these very low headquartered on the fact that you can be able to be capable to spend time making whatever thing and he’s effortlessly no longer going to get any web site viewers to it apart from you fully grab the exceptional strategy to generate your possess website viewers or you could have obtained your possess viewers and that website online visitors goes to show up at your so-referred to as membership website and watch your video there is also most strong bought some relations to the product that you will emerge as promoting so that’s some work to check out this I comfortably rather use my possess movies and have my possess pages it usually is lots easier there may be also skills copyright issues i am not announcing you on the second will not be allowed to embed movies i am asserting that you just easily effectively relatively without problems be careful when it goes off and grabs the movies that infringing any individual’s copyright gains page is also very deceptive as average so click on on click on on click everything’s very rapid however the conclude of the day it’s not the worth claims a foolish 20 yr grinds with these items 4:17 why would you even do that and you admire think about what the long term trade is that if this is your manufacturer on line what is your enterprise taking distinctive humans’s films and stick affiliate hyperlinks on them it may be now not rather to me a proper trade but there you go now the summary I believe it can be a traditional high-quality object geared towards novices seeing that that the fact that obviously you the entire lot click on on click on click on completed-for-you fast money easy money simply and that i readily do not recollect it may be a fairly the first-rate procedure that you just effortlessly simply must gain competencies of easy approaches to earn a dwelling online and there is not any visitors so no earnings so i will furnish this a four out of 10 founded on the fact that the entire visitors solutions they offer i am not quite ones that you are going to be able to make use of free viewers takes a very long time to assemble up you have to bui

Ld a fanbase you have to assemble a first-rate channel or anything approach you are going to emerge as producing that free visitors takes a while so guys thanks for watching at this analysis i’m hoping you’re going to have got some fee out of it in every single place once more these studies are founded on my possess opinion my establish is Richard Darby that’s known as nomads when you’ve got no longer been over to our channel prior than please go ahead and hit subscribe a notification bell and i’m going to will mean that you may comprehend when Emeril unencumber movies much like this one and guys in case you are looking to collect a continual-time period sustainable trade on-line go ahead and affirm out the hyperlink within the outline underneath over to the school of nomads and i will take you via the entire system step-with the support of-step besides next time guys take care

VidCommissions OTO