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Viddle OTO  –  What is Viddle  ?

The Demo

The Viddle is an all-in-one breakthrough multi-purpose video marketing technology to:

Create your Professional Videos
Import your Videos Without API
Host and Play Videos on Ultra-Fast Server
​​​​​​​ Market Your Videos, Engage Viewers, Get Targeted Traffic and Sales
Includes Agency Seats, In The Main Offer​​​​​​​



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Viddle OTO Hey, this is Chris, with , and in this video, I’m going to be doing a video review for you. So this is a video marketing and hosting platform that is similar to youtube, but also has a lot of perks, especially if you’re currently using video sites like Vimeo or because you can use this now.

Instead of those to host all your videos and to market them and to even make money from them – and I want to explain how you can do all that here in just a minute, but first, below this video, there’ll be a link in The description that will take you to my website, where you can get more details on the upsells, the one-time offers and even a package of bonuses you can pick up if you buy vittle from my website.

Okay, so here I am inside of my little account, and so this may look a little familiar to you because it does have a lot of similarities to youtube. You have your own channel, where you can add your own channel art.

In the background, your own profile image, and down below in Viddle OTO your channel, you have all of your videos, and you even have playlists. You can change the color schemes on it, and you can also go through and see your videos, your playlist subscribes channels, and your about page, which is, like, I said, very similar to youtube.

Viddle OTO – Links Above


So if we were to go into any one of these videos such as this one here, this is a video that I uploaded you can see seven hours ago, and the thing with vittle is that you can do more than just upload videos.

You can import them from youtube or Vimeo, and they will embed them into your vittle account, or you can upload it and let video host it, or you can even record through vittle, and it will automatically upload the video to your account, and I’ll show you that too now.

This is a video that I uploaded if we go into it. Okay, guys, welcome. You’re gonna see here where it has its own embedded video player, which is very neat. It has speed control where you can choose.

If you want to speed it up or slow it down, options for viewing the quality and even view it full screen or not, and over here on the right-hand side, you can see all your videos where you can make autoplay if you want now down below, Is all the details similar to youtube or any of the others? You’re going to have the video name, the category it’s listed in the channel owner’s name.

The description which I don’t have one in this one. I’ll. Show you one here in a minute that I do have one where you can read more of the description, and you can also manage your comments from this. You can also download your own videos, and you have the option where you can let other people download them too.

If you want, you can edit the video you can share it or embed it, and it gives you a lot of options here, or you can add, to favorites, watch later or create playlists, which you can see that I’ve created two playlists here And I can add it to any one of these and it automatically adds it to it.

Okay, so what I want to do is kind of take you through and show you how all this works now, if you were going to upload or add your own videos or even record your own, so first, before we jump into that up here, you’re going to see where you got your home channel. Viddle OTO

Viddle OTOS Upsell links

This is your channel page. Then you have videos and Viddle OTO; this is all your videos. Then you have agency. Now, if you remember, at the beginning of this video, I was talking about how you could make money with little.

Now the link that takes you to my website below this video will go over the upsells and one-time offers. That explains all this in more detail, and it tells you the pricing, but on the front-end offer, you’re going to have the option for a personal account or the agency.

The agency isn’t going to be that much more than the personal, and it gives you the right to create user accounts for your clients or customers, and then you can even charge them if you want to uh. For me, I think this is a great way where I can create user accounts and give them away.

Vittle was maybe an as a bonus for products that I promote, or even for my own products that I sell, so if they buy them through my link, I can just create their account and give them free access to it through my agency account that I have, And so this is away, especially if you have a small business or something where you can generate a recurring monthly income.

If you have your own clients, even supports here and then tutorials, there are tutorials on every one of the offers and vittle. So, for example, this is front and personal. This is the agency. This is unlimited; if, if you plan on using vittle a lot, I recommend that you get unlimited; it’s going to give you a lot more long-term use.

Out of vittle, then there’s a professional, a white-label, and then the little drive that you can get for unlimited storage, too, and of course, all those are optional, all right. So what you want to do when you get started on your account is you can come over here to add news, and you can choose to upload your own video and let vittle host it for you.

Viddle OTO Upgrade

You can import a video from your youtube or Vimeo Viddle OTO account, and it will embed it into your vid video account. You can screen record what you’re, doing and record it and upload it to your video account or record your webcam only, and it will upload it to your video account now.

It also has pictures and pictures, so just like you’re watching this video that I’m. Recording now, I’m using Camtasia for recording this uh, but you can see my image down in the lower right hand. Corner, and that’s what vittle can do if you screen record along with the camera; you can have that same thing now before I jump in here.

To show you this. What you’ll want to do. First is come up to your account, and here’s a link that’ll. Take you to your channel page, which is right here, but you want to come up to this little gear icon and click it.

This is for your settings, so first, you have your account settings which just have your personal information, your email, and your password, but you want to click on channel settings, and this is where you want to upload your logo or your profile image.

Your channel cover, there’s even a place for a channel video cover. If you want and then this is your storage meter, depending on which upsell or one-time offer you get, you may have unlimited, and then you want to fill out all your channel information.

This is important. It’s just like with youtube. You want to fill all this out as much as you can, so your channel description, your alliance for your channel url, the country you’re in different types of links.

You can add one here: social networks default category you want to upload to there’s, a lot of different categories default access. So with your videos, you have the option to allow them to be public-private, which is accessing by a link only or close access, which means only you have access to the videos and then the default license of standard and creative commons.

Viddle OTO Bonuses

Just like you’re used to with youtube. You can also allow users to comment on the video to auto post comments, and then this here just goes to show the playlist that I’ve added, and I can also choose to show my liked videos and my liked favorites on my homepage.

If I want, but I’m not going to, I can add additional channels here, and you can even monetize your channel, and this is something that’s covered in the tutorials that you can learn about with your videos in a way That you can even monetize them and make more money with ads all right.

So if we jump back up here to add new, we’ll just start with each one of these. We’ll go to upload a video, and it’s very similar to youtube. Once again, you’re, going to select your video to upload, and when you do, it’s going to show the process of uploading.

At the same time, it’s, going to render three different thumbnails. You can use that are taken from the video, or you can upload your own thumbnail and use it. You’re going to give it a title. If you want, you can put an age restriction here.

Viddle OTO