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The Demo



The Video Freedom product is slick, super fast, and EASY to use Video Builder.

It SPECIFICALLY only creates videos that can be SOLD immediately.

The app produces Videos that can be customized in Seconds.


VIDEO FREEDOM OTO – What about OTOs’ Details?

Front end: Commercial
Can resell Videos
The Full-Stock Assets Library
Create now Videos for all 6 Major Social Media Platforms
Create Videos in less than 60 seconds!
Converting and Professional Templates
Start Generating More Sales, More Revenue Faster using the Power of Converting Videos
14 Days money Back Guarantee
Dedicated Call Support (very few companies do this)
Software Guidance Orientation (Through Support)
Powerful 100+ Music Library
100% Cloud-Based App
Easy 3-Click Video Creation Process
Priority Support
Bonus-1: 1:1 Strategy Calls
Bonus-2: Request Template Features
Bonus-3: Support On Skype
Can Sell Single Video Ad For $100-$200 Each.
Commercial License Worth $500 Included

OTO1 Premiun: Video Freedom

200+ Featured Video Templates
5-10+ New Animations Added Every Month
Unrestricted Renders
Multi-Rendering Processing
Multiple User Access
Unlimited Groups and Palettes
Quick Video Watermarking
Access to Vidboost
Add overlay images/logos
Trim videos
Slow down videos
Fasten up videos
Merge multiple videos
Convert videos in Vertical format
Convert videos in 1:1 format

OTO2 Professional (Interact): Video Freedom

Next-Generation Interactive Video Technologies.
Market Them On Social Media
Share Interactive Videos Links
Create Ban Proof Links With LinkMaster Pro
Ask Your Customers For Their Emails
Make Users Fill Forms To Watch The Video
Add Eye-Popping Video Wraps In Seconds
‘Ultra Lock’ Ground-Breaking Content Locking Technology
Interactive Technology Suite Inc
Optimized Video Thumbnails & CTA Buttons

One-Click Social Sharing

OTO3 DFY Agency: Video Freedom

Done For You Agency Website
Sell To Clients
Setup In Record 9 Seconds
Keep 100% Profits
Zero Platform Fee (Limited Time)
Ability To Give Coupons
No Server Costs
Email Management System
Real-Time Order Notification
Undivided Attention UNLIKE Fiverr
Inbuilt Checkout System
Chat, Engage or Retarget
103 Languages Direct Translation
Fully Whitelabel solution





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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

VIDEO FREEDOM OTO Hey, how’s it going? It’s me, Mario, and I’m going to give you a quick demo of our brand new video builder video freedom. Specifically, we made this for freelancers agencies and video marketers right now.

First thing: I want to tell you each of the four video styles that you can create with this. These are hand-picked okay because they’re, proven to sell the most, and they’re, proven to receive the highest revenue from clients.

For these four types right, so we have a logo right here. The logos you can create and immediately sell on five or other freelance sites explain the videos. People are paying big money for explainer videos right, and we have an amazing library here of explainer videos that you can easily edit in just three steps.


We have promo videos right here, so these are really cool. You can create them for local businesses, electrician pest control, any type of niche you can think of, and slideshow videos proven to um.

You know, receive high payments from clients to create slideshow videos, for example, right. So you can pick any four of them. This is the software dashboard right here. If I go back here, for example, to the logo, if you want to preview any of these, you can just hover over them. Now you can see here that it’s previewing this actual logo, animation right, and if you want to, if you Like it – and you want to sell this logo on Fiverr, for example, or any of the other logos right here, you can just click on the video okay.

I’m gonna pause this here, and then all I have to do is click here. On create video and super easy, it’s. Gon na brings up this dashboard right here, and all I have to do is click your media, and I can use an image from my video library.

I can also choose one of the hundreds and hundreds of royalty-free images from pixabay or here, for example, from Unsplash, and then I can go here also and browse for my computer right, but in this case, because it’s an actual logo.

I’m just gonna go with the logo that I have read here, and then it’s.VIDEO FREEDOM OTO Gonna ask me for a second logo. In this case, I’m gonna go with this one. I can also crop the logo if I want, so I’m. Just gonna choose it here and then, as you can see here, it’s just three simple steps, edit music and finish so I’m gonna click here next right now, I’m gonna bring me here To the music – and I can play the music right here and let’s, say I like this song.

I can just select the song right here, click here next, and then I can just start rendering right here, and just like that, in three simple steps, you have your video ready. It takes about 60 to 90 seconds to render the video, and you’re gonna be good to go right, and this was just the logo.

VIDEO FREEDOM OTO – what about bonuses

You can now sell this logo literally on five or any freelance site, right. Still, if you check out the explainer video right here, you can see here we have beautiful templates for explainer videos; uh people are paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for explainer videos. Here’s an example of vaccination.

Maybe you want to help a business that wants to show their clients that the whole staff is vaccinated. So we have an explainer video for that, and if you like this okay, if you want to do this for a client, you can click on this, and you can check out the preview here, of course.

But then I can click here and create a video, and it’s just as simple, okay. So if you want to change the text, you um you, you know your text here, and then I can also change. Of course, the title right here, and I can click on this, and you know I can just change the text, and then I can go to the next slide right here.

This is the second slide. I can change the text right here. I go to the third slide, and then here I can actually customize this. For my client, I can add the logo. Okay, and I can also add another text right here and once you’re happy with your slides.

You just click your next. You can also customize the colors of each slide. You can upload your custom colors right here, and then I can click here on next again. Then, of course, you pick a track, an audio track that you like.

I click here next and just like that. All I have to do right now is start VIDEO FREEDOM OTO rendering, and I am good to go. I just created a beautiful logo that I can sell and a beautiful explainer, video literally in minutes, and I can sell them for hundreds and hundreds of dollars or to prospects To clients on freelance sites right if I go back here to the main dashboard – and I click here on projects.

VIDEO FREEDOM OTO – what the discount have?

This is where you will find the videos that you rendered, so here’s a video that I a logo, for example, that I rendered you know if you want to check it out, you can see right here that, with a building in the background, This is a logo example and then I can scroll down here there’s.

Another um slideshow video right here that I did with our software check it out. So you could do this for coaches and consultants, personal trainers, and any business you can imagine. You can download the video right nowhere.

So if you charge your client, you can download for them. You can upload it to their youtube. You can just send it to them via dropbox. You can even share it here immediately. Also, with this button right here, everything is very easy to use. It’s just three simple steps, and you can see other videos here that we created with this actual software right.

If I go back here to the home screen and let’s just go here to the promo videos, these are animated videos, and this is an electrician example. So let’s. Check out this video, real, quick together to check out how cool the animations are: [, Music, ]! This is a 14-second video, so we always show you the duration here as well, and if I like that video, I can now go ahead and create, and now I can customize this video.

If you don’t want to do this for an electrician, but your client is a pest control company. You can now click on this image right here and upload a royalty, free pest control image or have your client provide you with an image and upload it right here, and it’s going to show their image right here.

You can obviously customize the text right here, and then you click here next and then the second one. You also just upload a pest control-related image right here. Maybe you work with a chiropractor, so any niche that you can think of and then here you can also upload their logo if you want to or a call to action for this company as well, and then here, if you look at the steps again, you just Customize, the color, the music, you finish, you render it, and just like that, you’re good to go so, as you can see as soon as you uh upload.

VIDEO FREEDOM OTO – what about the links and discount?

Excuse me, as soon as you log into video freedom; you have four different video slides that you can create. You can immediately sell them because you’re gonna get the commercial license included in this launch pressure that we’re.

Doing right now, and the best part is that it renders super fast, and you can sell them immediately on any site. You, like freelance sites,, can work with prospects. You can work with CrossFit, gyms, uh, plastic surgeons.

Whatever niche you pick, they need video, right. Think about video seoVIDEO FREEDOM OTO think about Instagram video ads Facebook, videos think about youtube. Video ads, okay, think about social media posts. Think about video SEO it’s super easy to use it’s, just three simple steps, and I’m super pumped, as you can tell uh, to present this to you right, so go ahead right now, check out The rest of the page check out the um examples that we uploaded for you check out you know the pricing options that we have for you.

There are hundreds and hundreds of templates available for you here, depending on which package you choose, and you know just all I can say is thank you for your time, and I can’t wait to see you inside the software Dashboard talk soon,