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Video Profit Site OTO – There Is One Fron End And Two OTOs Options . Video Profit Site OTO 1 Is The Unlimited Licence , The Video Profit Site OTO 2 Is The Agency Licence . All Links And Details Bellow

Video Profit Site OTO

Video Profit Site OTO


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What Is Video Profit Site ?

Video Profit Site is a complete WP Plugin that uses the power of already proven successful videos online and creates an Instant Video Affiliate Site in any niche

Your customers can have the Video Profit Site WP plugin set up and running in less than two minutes

The complete package comes with an amazing WP Theme that will also help out all customers to increase their commissions

With the Video Profit Site, new affiliate super sites can be created quickly and easily. The best part is these sites are set and forget. Everyone knows how Hot Video is right now and that why affiliate Video websites created with the Video Profit Site plugin never stop growing

Its extremely simple and your customers will love how easy it is


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Video Review For Front End Only


Video Profit Site OTO

hey there everyone welcome to episode
1240 one of the Mike from Maine show the
place where we do daily interviews with
successful online entrepreneurs this is
your host Mike Thomas and today on the
show we have Jesse Joseph on and he’s
gonna be doing a private demo for the
micro main audience of his brand-new
software that’s going to allow you to
create your own affiliate sites driving
100% free traffic from videos made by
others meaning that you are never going
to have to ever create any content
yourself let’s get into it
here’s Jesse hey Mike thanks again for
having me on this show sorry if I look a
little bit of exhausted it’s 2:00 a.m.
in the morning here and our team has
been up all night testing this software
and we’ve been working on it pretty hard
for the last few months so basically the
reason why we created this software was
to save people time and have an easy way
to connect affiliate sites like
clickbank amazon whatever the niche be
be and that kind of started when my
partner and I had a mutual friend and
that guy was basically manually
uploading video content and getting a
little frustrated he was doing this for
his boss his boss would give him yoga
videos to upload manually for the
company and company website and the
amount of time and energy he was putting
into this into manually finding these
videos and then uploading them basically
he was spending up to a week maintaining
this site and so we figured you know
there’s got to be a better way to do
that we contact a developer and
after there was a way to to create some
sort of software that could do this more
automated and that’s kind of how we came
up with video profits I so the nice
thing is we added special features such
as I’m the affiliate link where the
actual profit site comes in
so again contact a developer ask them if
there is a way to curate these videos
we’re uploading sort instead of sorting
them manually week after week and as
simple as that sounds to do what this
offer now can do within minutes often
takes other website owners weeks and
even months in some cases so creating
the software we wanted to save time
basically a headache when it comes to
creating affiliate sites so we all know
video is pretty much the most engaging
site out there I know on your site alone
most of it is video and that’s kind of
why we wanted to go with the video
part so in creating the software we
asked that would stick with the video
and we wanted something that was
engaging for the audience and that’s why
we went with the video online videos are
still the most engaging way to attract
audiences and website so again we
figured that’s what we do and we wanted
to mange things the two main things that
were we wanted the software to be easy I
mean like super easy get these sites in
this case the software is creating these
sites within minutes and we also wanted
the ability to link up affiliate sites
that way the owners of these video sites
have the possibility of making an income
so that’s basically how we came about
creating this software and who this
software would be for is basically the
software was designed
mostly for internet marketers the
newbies it’s extremely user friendly
look the the guys that are looking to
get started right away with affiliate
sites and affiliate networks so it is
like I said very newbie friendly and the
way it works Mike is these guys that
want to dive right into creating sites
with affiliate links they won’t have to
spend hours setting up sites and and
then weeks and manually selecting videos
the software pretty much does it all for
you it will connect the affiliate
network there they’re looking for so in
the case of the devil and the samples
that we used Clickbank but again you can
connect it to Amazon whatever’s got that
affiliate link so we’ll go into that
I’ll show you a demo of how it works but
basically you’re just telling the
software what keywords to go out search
for and then the software goes and
fetches the top videos related to those
keywords and creates a fully activated
video site so there’s full training
inside video profit site how to set up
the plug-in it is a wordpress plugin and
I’ll actually just go in and show you
what it looks like if you just give me a
sec so right now you’re looking at the
front end Mike this is a complete site
all using the video profit plug-in and
it’s just example basically of this on

Video Profit Site OTO