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Video Site Maker OTO

Video Site Maker OTO

What is Video Site Maker ?

The Demo


… WordPress plugin & a theme combo that allows you to build money-making video sites by curating videos from the most popular video platforms: YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Here are the features included in the main version:

  •  Automatically curate the best video content From YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion + news feeds. Just pick a keyword and push a button!
  •  Monetize your sites with affiliate offers, banners and Adsense video ads.
  •  Post unlimited videos in unlimited categories.
  •  Comes with our premium video WP theme. The plugin also works with ANY WordPress theme that you have.
  •  Mobile-responsive streaming video player.
  •  Ability to import videos from playlists.
  •  Ability to use video captions inside generated post’s content.
  •  Video search options: search for live broadcasts, search for “YouTube Shows”, turn on/off safe search, search in a specific region or by a specific language, search videos with captions, search only for HD videos, search for large resolution videos, search for long/short videos, search for movies, search based on video license, modify search order, and much more!
  •  Custom RSS Feed Integration
  •  Video SEO Settings, Editor for add content below video etc
  •  Schedule automatic sharing of generated video posts on Blogger and Twitter.

Text Spinner support – automatically modify generated text, changing words with their synonyms – built-in, SpinRewriter, WordAI and others – great for SEO!

  •  Automatically turn any keyword into your affiliate links. Works anywhere the keywords appear on your site.
  •  Import entire YouTube channels.
  •  Ads before video starts. This is similar to pre-roll ads that YouTube shows before playing a video.
  •  Banners inside videos. Users can choose when to show the banners during the playback.
  •  Call to Action buttons on Banner including: Skype call/chat, Email / Phone number capture, External link , Facebook Messenger button.

Video Site Maker OTO

Video Site Maker

FEWordPress plugin & a theme combo that allows you to build money-making video sites by curating videos from the most popular video platforms: YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

OTO1 – Video Site Maker Plus+

OTO1Plus+ version comes with 5 additional features: Playlist Player, Mid-roll and Post-Roll Advertisements, Advertisement on Video Pause, logo watermark, 4 Attractive Video Player Skins.

OTO2 – PRO Version

OTO2PRO version comes with unlimited sites license and commercial rights.

OTO3 – DFY Service

OTO3We’ll set up 20 websites for buyers. Sites will be complete with content. We’ll also include 2 additional premium WP themes and essential plugins.

OTO4 – Video Site Maker Reseller

OTO4Reseller license allows buyers to sell Video Site Maker plugin & theme to their customers (starting on August 10th) and keep 100% of the profits.

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey hello and welcome to my video site maker review i’m shan from and i am within the members area of video sitemaker which is going to be released on the wario plus platform on the 10th of july at 10 am eastern standard time and will be on a launch special discount so in a nutshell it’s a combination of video site

magazine theme along with a self updating plugin that really allows you to create eyeball grabbing video site just like this one that you can see right here and that also without any prior experience so it’s a complete newbie friendly system and all of it works in an automated way what it does is that it allows you to curate contents from different video sites like youtube dailymotion vimeo and it allows you to place monetization on top of those contents so that you can monetize them with banners affiliate offers and adsense and

really make a sustainable income from that so if that sounds interesting to you then please stick on with me till the end of this video because i am going to give you a full demonstration of video site maker along with that i’ll uncover my custom bonuses worth 3 139 which you can pick up for absolutely free today by going down on the description link of this video you are watching and clicking on the link to my bonus page that will take you to my bonus page that looks like this and on here you

will have any and every information about video site maker that you require but i am not going to go through all of them right now because i am going to give you a full blown demo of it but what i really want to show you is the insane bonuses that i am giving you away now what do they contain they have nearly 50 softwares which include traffic software premium trainings premium softwares video marketing software’s everything right apart from that i am giving you a premium funnel builder apart from that i am giving you done for you 2500 high converting email swipes apart from that what i have for you is a bunch of automation software that can really help you in your business so that is only what i have on the front end if you

are going to buy any otos then you can get another bunch of bonuses almost 3 400 dollars so that is what i have on offer for you but before that i really want you to check out video site maker in action so let’s check out the demo here then once we come back i’ll be discussing with you my custom bonuses along with the sales funnel so let us check out the demo right here hey here welcome to this demo and as you can see there is a brilliant tutorial on here and this explains everything so after purchase please go through this this is the support if you ever need it right now the first thing you need to do is go to settings and set up the preliminary things that is the number of posts you

want you whether you want to fetch your youtube comments or not and how much time you want before your crown job will fire right so these are the basic settings that you want to do now keep it a realistic one so that don’t keep it two or one minutes so that will really sound a bit robotic right the in the second option you can see the display option auto play videos or download videos thumbnails right and the last one is text spinning option what it does is that it brings up the youtube or the vimeo video description as your post and in there you have you can have a automatic spin rewriter api integration so that everything is automated even if you don’t have you can do it manually i will show

you don’t worry right the next one that you need to do is integration you can integrate it with your youtube account your twitter and your blogger accounts as well the next one is that you can set the channel watcher that is the channel from which you want to curate contents right here i have set my own channel as you can see for this you just need to click on create new channel watcher and from there you can give the

channel name then you can select the source that is youtube vimeo or dailymotion then you can select the channel id from which you need to curate contents and these are the different filters that you can have on your video suppose i want a longer video so i can select this as long i can select the definition that is high standard or any standard for that matter also i can have this creative commons so that you are never on the copyright issue right so that’s a cool thing to have now once done you can save it and that will be done right the next thing to do is the video rss from here you can have any video source from its rss feed right and as you can see i have set up my own rss feed as well now the next one is the keyword replacer what it does is that it can

replace any keyword with your affiliate link this is a great way to monetize your post right the next one is advertisement what it does is that it places banners or affiliate offers within your videos how to do it see this is the advertisement rule that i have created now i can click on edit and here you can see this is the rule name here you can choose the image of your advertisement right that is the banner image and then there you can give the banner title description and call to action type now the call to action type can be anything this can be opt-in page this can be facebook messenger and this can be skype even right so for now i have given a call to action and that has been on the pause right you can see on the pause i can also give it during

play time as well and i can also have it on custom time so what it will happen is that this buy now will come and on clicking this it will be redirected to this url right here so that is how it works now let’s select the post on which i want this to happen so let us select the academy category and from here i can see this as review so i can click on this right and i can click on save rule that’s it so it will be applied on that how it applies i will show you don’t worry so that was more or less about it now the player settings will be available only if you are upgrading to oto one so i’m not going to give you that demo right here hey and welcome back and i hope you had really enjoyed that demo and you really saw how easy

it is to create a video site within minutes and to monetize it with done for you contents right so you’ll never be shot of contents because it is curating contents from one of the best sites that’s youtube dailymotion and premier right so now let’s discuss my bonuses now the first of my bonuses is access to a premium funnel builder software it is actually a total affiliate marketing system in a box right it has run for you webinar funnels affiliate funnels and bonus funnels along

with that it can collect leads for you on local basis so that’s a great thing to have right and the next one that i am giving you away is uh access to a secret traffic siphon software that allows you to siphon traffic from real authority websites by placing opt-in forms or pop-ups on any authority url you like to write let’s say for example bbc cnn anyone you like now the third bonus that i am giving you is a traffic mastery program that really teaches you how you can siphon traffic from 10 different free traffic source so that you never see need to spend a penny on traffic and get targeted insane traffic to your site right the number four bonus that i have is a premium traffic software page builder software and

a training program all in one that teaches you how you can use to bring in traffic using in-stream ads using a penny click right and if you can see this is the premium software that has this premium dashboard it has everything from here right so you can get these extra bonuses as well so the number five software that i have is 500 done for you hi converting email swipes along with that i am going to give you 40 premium software and info products which you can either resell to make money or can give away to build your list as well so those are the kind of bonuses that i have now the next one is the automation plugin that i am going to give you one

is called the instant success site that allows you to create your automated clickbank affiliate site and the other is called the wp auto ranker and it is one of the best seller plugins in jvzoo and warrior plus and it allows you to rank your site on top of google to bring in insane targeted free traffic to your sites right so those were the kind of bonuses that i am giving you only on the front end now if you are deciding to upgrade then you are able to get another bunch of softwares which is worth almost 3 400 us dollars just for free today right so what do they include now first of all it has two video marketing software one is called the intro out to expert that allows you to place your intros and outros and personalize your videos right you can

use it with creative commons on youtube and create your personalized video now the second one is called the predictive and this is a brilliant little software that allows you to create video ads on any niche you want right now the next bonus that i have here is done for you agency kids that contains everything from proposals to email sequence to banners graphics legal contracts everything done for you so that you are ready to start a smm business whenever you want right the next one that i am giving you is access to 28 premium traffic software that can really bring you insane targeted traffic for free right the next one that i have is access to a premium traffic software plus a training program that drives traffic from instagram and pinterest on autopilot mode to your site and last but not the least is another premium traffic and lead generation software that allows you to literally hijack traffic from

hot niche videos on your niche by placing your videos like youtube in stream ads within those video and literally hijack all those traffic to your site so guys if you love these bonuses along with video site maker then please go down on the description link of this video that you are watching and from there click on the link to my bonus page and from there please scroll down to any of these red buttons clicking which you should go to the sales page which should look like this and on the sales page you can go through it it has all these testimonials money

earning proof and all the things that i’ve also discussed right and you can click on this to get access to video sitemaker with all my bonuses but guys just remember to do that before this countdown timer hits 0 because once it does then all my bonuses are going to expire because they are all premium bonuses and i have a very limited copy of them right so all your bonuses will be available on your purchase area and you can access them through this blue button right here right so guys if you need to get in touch with us then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on this email id over here or on our facebook page the link to both of them are again down on the description

links right so guys that was it now let’s discuss the sales funnel with you so as you can see the front end is coming for 17 only and you have a 30 site license to it right and i’ve shown you everything so i’m not going in details of it you can go through the details here if everything is written over here right now the first upgrade that is the oto one that is coming at a price of 37 and you are getting more monetization schemes over here because it allows you to have mid-roll and post-roll advertisement as you can

see over here it can allow you to brand your player right then it allows you to have a playlist player that really makes sure that your audience stick to your videos for a longer time right the next one is that it has attractive player skins and it has a great feature of advertisement on video pause so all those features can be yours at a one time price of 37 and that makes it recommended because that will really explore many old ways of earning money through it right now the second upgrade is also another recommended one that is coming at a price of 47 now what makes it recommended is that it has unlimited site license and it has commercial license as well so that you can sell these sites on sites like flippa or you can really sell this as a service on sites like fiverr seo clocks and any freelancing site you want and that can really make you a heck of a lot of money because this is a great thing to have and all of this happens in autopilot mode so you can generate as many sites as you want there is literally no limitations to it right now the next upgrade is done for you one where their team will set up 20 done for you

sites right and it will be completely uh done for you will all monetization and everything done for you right so it is kind of recommended if you don’t have the time to even uh like set it up in the way i told you right otherwise you can do it for yourself as well so if you really want everything done for you then you can pick it up having said that please go through the sales page and if you like you can pick it up now the upgrade for is what i won’t recommend you because it will give you the reseller license which is good but the pricing is a bit high at 197 dollars at the worst part is that you are going to get those after 10th of august that is a long time after it has been released on different platforms so that makes it not recommended right so that was it about my video site maker review and i really hope you have liked it and you have really liked all my bonuses having said that please feel free to hop around and see what other affiliates are

offering but having said that once you realize that my bonuses are by far the best and the most congruent with video site maker and can help you to generate a lot of money then please come back to this video that you’re watching right now and go down on the description link of this video and click on the link to my bonus page from there just click on any of these red buttons to get access to video sitemaker along with all my bonuses so guys i really hope you have loved my video sitemaker review and if you have then please smash the like button and if you are new to this channel then please subscribe to my channel and hit on the bell notification icon so that you never miss out on any upcoming videos that i have on product reviews or training on making money online so we’ll meet again pretty soon with some other videos until then please stay home take care of yourself and your families and make money online signing off shine from take care bye bye

Video Site Maker OTO