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VideoGameSuite OTO  –  What is VideoGameSuite  ?

The Demo


Sell now IRRESISTIBLE Video Lead Games that Explode Optin-Rates to the Local Business – Agency Rights Included.

  • It’s a groundbreaking ‘video gamification’ cloud app that creates irresistible video lead games that explode your or your client’s email marketing lists.
  • This modern marketing suite comes with agency rights allowing you to provide a much-needed service to small businesses and run the gamification lead agency.

Create Different Style ‘Video Lead Games

Advanced Drag/Drop Interface –

Add Videos w/ DFY Hosting –

Triple Opt-in Rates w/ Psychology-

Customize Win Probability-

Mesmerizing DFY Templates –

Agency + Commercial Rights Included –




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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

VideoGameSuite OTO, so so hey, it’s, ben Murray and partial, and two years ago we launched did scratch a little scratch-off pop-up lead game that went on to do six figures in revenue, customers loved it so much they demanded.

We create more video lead games with the ability to sell them to small businesses online, and after two years of work, we’re excited to say that we ‘ Ve turned our little scratch-off game into a major gamification agency system.

That’s. Gon na disrupt the market called video game sweep, the first cloud-based video gamification lead system that creates irresistible lead games that explode—your client’s email marketing list.

This groundbreaking tool comes with agency rights, allowing VideoGameSuite OTO  your subscribers to provide a much-needed service to small businesses and run a gamification lead agency, see ordinary squeeze pages and pop-ups have been shown to so many people that they developed banner blindness to them and the gift that They get in exchange for their information becomes devalued.


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However, when a visitor is confronted with a chance to win something, for example, playing the lottery, the price’s perceived value increases tremendously, combine that with eye-catching graphics and video, and now you have something that will really get visitors attention and get them to interact with your brand, so enough of the talk, let’s.

Do a quick demo of the video game suite to see how it works and why this is going to be a huge winner to get started. You can create a game from scratch using the blank canvas creator, just hit, create a game and choose which fun lead generation game.

You want to create a scratch card slot, machine memory, clan club, breakdance, or three cups. You can also navigate to the done for you templates tab and use an already created campaign, and edit. Its templates include hot local business, niches, and general niches.

You can sort templates by clicking all and choosing the templates for specific games, and you can go back here and edit or copy any game. You’ve already started working on it for the sake of time. Let’s, choose one that I’ve already started working on to generate leads for clients.

Okay, now we can begin customizing the game. However, we want. First, we can customize the main game screen with which they will interact and play the game. This particular game. We can customize the prizes they can win when the crane selects a prize by clicking browse.

We can change the icon of the prize click to edit. What the prize is, for example, say we want the prize to be a leader, magnet. We’re, giving away. You can change the price name to lead magnet by typing here and erasing the coupon.

If you want, you can make the game more realistic. VideoGameSuite OTO With different prizes, for repeat visitors, for instance, or have it be the same prize for every time they play if we want it to be a coupon for our store, we can put in the dollar amount that they won, then show them the coupon code.

To use these are just placeholders for the thank you page that they will navigate to after entering their email to get their prize in the coupon code. Also, we can customize the text, including this title, here.

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Next, we can customize the crane claw itself, including colors and fonts. This is great because you can customize each game to fit with your client’s branding. You can change the background image and pick from millions of images to integrate.

Maybe something like an arcade image might be cool. Also, you can upload your own image to use as the background as well, then add animations to attract attention to the game, select an animation and then press animate to preview.

What it will look like when the page loads, then choose fun. Arcade sounds for when someone grabs the prize just like if it were in a real casino, we really pulled all the stops out to make these games super fun and addicting.

When you’re ready, hit, save, then proceed to the lead form screen to customize that after they play the game, they’ll be presented with this screen that details how to claim their prize and captures their best contact information, or if We can edit the headline with shortcode, so just enter a shortcode like a prize which will display the prize they want for playing the game.

Next, we can add a video to increase our conversion rate, just choose the source of the video and enter your video link. This can help explain what they’ve won how to get their prize by entering their email and introduce what your business is.

All about to them, like the previous page, we can customize all the different fonts and colors to fit with our brand if we want. This includes the form they submit and even the main button. The video game suite allows for full compliance, which you can edit below as well preview how it will look on desktop or mobile, then save and let’s, go to the integration section.

This is where you connect your autoresponder or the small VideoGameSuite OTO business autoresponder. You’re creating the games if you don’t have an autoresponder to send the leads, so you can just save the leads in the app and download them later.

VideoGameSuite OTO discount

VideoGameSuite OTO

Next, let’s, customize! The thank-you page. This is what will display after the visitor gives you their email address in exchange for their prize. Here, you can outline how to claim their prize, including the download link to your ebook, the specific coupon code they used, etc., plus, like before, you can upload a custom.

Video to get them to interact with your brand even more or a custom image like a thank you image, video you insert can be a sales video for a product, for example, a video building goodwill, with your brand directions to the local businesses store and more.

You can add a call to action button as well below the video again if you choose and customize branding. Finally, you can add conversion pixels if you want to retarget those that view your game, including Facebook, Google, or any other pixel, then, to start embedding your game and getting leads, click the publish button.

We can customize the open craft image and share it on social media. Like Facebook and Instagram fast, you can grab a direct link to the game, which you can direct visitors to or embed anywhere. You wish, including in-click funnels WordPress, HTML pages, and more; just copy the code and paste it anywhere.

VideoGameSuite OTO bonuses

You won’t remember all the lead games; work for desktop and mobile now on any device. The best part is that this was just one type of game and one type of style. The video game suite comes with lots of more addictive games to build your list with and in different styles, templates, and prizes.

So pretty amazing. Right plus, we have big prizes available VideoGameSuite OTO with multiple contests for multiple winners: a seven-figure copywriter on board, a big congruent funnel, and more to make this your best promo of the year, and we’re, going to be reciprocating back hard for our partners.

Who are able to promote this one, so go ahead now and check out the partner’s page for all the materials examples and more thanks for watching, and we’ll see you onboard for a huge launch. You


VideoGameSuite OTO