Videoseeder OTO – Get Links OTO 1, 2, 3, 4 Special Discount Early Bird

Videoseeder OTO – There Is Two  Front End Options And Four OTOs. The OTO1 Is The Pro Version , The Videoseeder OTO 2 Is The Agency Version , The OTO3 Is The Channel Authority Builder Pro The OTO4 Is The Playtraffic Pro .All OTOs Links And Details Bellow With Special Discount For Early Bird. Its By Cyril Jeet Gupta a Big Vindores in Jvzoo And WarriorPlus


Videoseeder OTO

VideoSeeder OTO

Videoseeder FE=>>  Videoseeder FE

OTO1 Pro Version=>> Videoseeder OTO1

OTO2 Agency=>> Videoseeder OTO2

OTO3 Channel Authority Builder=>>Videoseeder OTO3

OTO4 PlayTraffic Pro=>>Videoseeder OTO4


OTO1 :Pro Version

Get Support For Unlimited Accounts, Unlimited Profiles, Ready Sales Page & 2 Years of Free Upgrade

Add UNLIMITED YouTube & other video site accounts.

Add UNLIMITED Social Media accounts.

Add UNLIMITED Blog accounts.

Get powerful video-blogging app.

Also post to Instagram & Snapchat through Dropbox.

3 Licenses – Get separate licenses for 3 computers.

Get commercial rights and sell local language videos as a service.

Includes a readymade sales page for your video marketing service.

Full auto mode supports promoting videos without having to log in daily.

2 Years of free upgrade keeps your business protected from changes.

OTO2 :Agency

Sell Videoseeder Accounts. Keep 100%

OTO3 :Channel Authority Builder

Go Beyond Rankings & Make Your Videos Generate Traffic Without Targeting
A Single Keyword

  • Get traffic
    without rankings
  • Know exactly
    which content gets
    you there
  • Appear on
    the related videos
  • No backlinks

-Go Beyond Keywords and unlock a traffic source that will give you more traffic than rankings.
-Monitor what’s working for any channel and unravel its best secrets.
-Get accurate trend information for the topics that are trending in your niche right now
-Appear on other channels’ sidebars and unlock traffic from other people’s videos
-Find all channels from your niche and monitor their marketing secrets

-Monitor keyword rankings and see how your and other people’s video do over time.
-Get accurate statistics for channels and videos & find the real winners
-Powerful training shows you how to apply the real-killer YouTube marketing strategy
-Strategize Your Content to maximize your views & Subscribers
-Discover Freshly Popular videos in your niche so that can piggyback on their popularity

OTO4 :PlayTraffic Pro

Rank For Impossible Keywords With Automated Playlists

Give yourself a big traffic boost by getting traffic from YouTube playlists.
Rank for keywords that you cannot ever rank for with keywords.
Get traffic from people who are looking specifically for playlists
Get 100% organic traffic that costs nothing at all.
100% Fresh software + training. There’s nothing that does this in the market.


What Is Videoseeder ?

see The Demo

The most powerful Video Marketing & Publishing Automation App that gets you the maximum traffic from multiple platforms.

– Syndicate videos to all popular video platforms.
– Promote your uploaded videos to 17 different sharing sites
– 100% automated with auto-uploading, auto-promotion.
– Full support for hands-free scheduling.

More Exposure & Traffic Than Any Other Syndication Platform Around

Syndication as a strategy is powerful, but syndicating effectively doesn’t mean just throwing content at platform. It is all about posting content in an effective and staggered manner so that Search algorithms discover new content and links all the time, powering up your original video and driving the most amount of traffic to you.

VideoSeeder is the only syndication system that has all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages.


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Video Review For Front End ONLY


Videoseeder OTO

hey guys how are you my name is josue
welcome to my video see the review ok so
first of all I will tell you what video
cedar is then I’m going to show you how
it works so you see that I have here the
software loaded so I’m going to show you
how it works and finally I will talk
about my bonus it’s ok so if you buy
this software through my link you are
going to receive my bonuses
ok so this is my bonus page if you click
the link below this video in the
description you will go to this bonus
page right and if you click in one of
these big orange buttons and buy the
software you will receive these five
bonuses ok and I will go through them in
in a minute
ok so first of all what is video
scissors so video sitter is a it’s an
auto syndicate to the that will
syndicate your video your videos on 15
platforms ok so you see here it will
publish your videos on 5 video platforms
and will and it will promote them on 10
social platforms so by syndicating your
video url to these platforms you will
get more traffic but you will also
improve your rankings on google and
youtube ok so this is a very cool tool
it’s very easy to work with
ok as you can see here so on the left
you have here the menu so when you have
for instance if you have a youtube
channel and you upload a YouTube YouTube
video on your channel you just grab the
link okay and then you create a campaign
okay so
all I have to do is you click your head
new campaign and it will ask you to
title the video URL and the description
one thing that I need to mention is that
it supports supports spin text okay so
let’s your spin unique content on each
website and this is important because
you don’t want to syndicate the exact
same text to all the platforms okay so
use spin text okay let me go back here
so you can upload your video okay so now
upload accounts have been added I first
before upload video uploading via the
video or promoting the video you need to
upload accounts okay so what you would
do is you go here to this section upload
accounts and you would upload your
YouTube account your dailymotion Vimeo
Facebook and Dropbox okay and you would
do the same here on this section
promotion accounts okay
health promotion account you can add all
these login details so Facebook reddit
tumblr Twitter like Journal blogger
WordPress bitly pocket and Clark okay so
won’t let me just tell you one thing
regarding this you can do it yourself
but it will take some time so you can
create each one you probably you have
already Facebook you can have you can
also have any Twitter account I don’t
know if you have a wordpress or not so
if you don’t you need to create accounts
for all these platforms okay and then
you need to click on each one and follow
the instructions so that you can connect
your your accounts with videos either
okay and you do this for the promotion
accounts and for the uploads accounts
okay so this one
YouTube Dailymotion Vimeo Facebook and
Dropbox okay and after you do this you
can then upload videos your videos oh
and your videos would will be
automatically upload to YouTube
Dailymotion Vimeo Facebook and Dropbox
and you can promote your video here okay
and the video will be automatically
promoted in these ten accounts okay ten
platforms okay and here you have Q so
you will be able to see exactly what
campaigns are cute okay and your reports
and settings here okay I would leave it
them as it is so no big deal here so
help and you have here some training
videos okay and then support here as I
was mentioned here you can create each
one of these if you want that it will
take some time or you can go to fiber
and try to find out some someone who can
do it for you so I’m I have used
syndication software before and I still
use and use this one I use seen wire
similar it it’s an awesome tool it has a
lot of platforms it has more than than
the one that I am showing you but it’s
very expensive so you you will pay the
cheaper plan is like $99 per month okay
so video video see there it’s very cheap
so you might want to grab it in the
lunch period so it will start at nine
twenty four dollars okay so you might
want to hurry up and get it for this
okay and you see here that comparing
with thin wire it’s very very cheap so
$99 per month
and video siddur it will cost you $24 if
you act fast and and and buy the
another thing that I want to mention is
that sin wire is cloud based and usually
I prefer the cloud based software but
the problem with cloud-based is that you
don’t control what other people do okay
and if some person is timing the IP that
sin water uses may be blacklisted and
you will suffer as well okay so with
with video CD you have to download the
software and you need to install the
software on your PC okay and by doing
this it’s like having it’s an
independent operation so you will be
protected and your business will be
protected from abused by other users


Videoseeder OTO