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VideoStun OTO -1( Videostun PLATINUM), VideoStun OTO 2( Videoowide V3 Bundle). All links  and details bellow with EarlyBird Discount .VideoStun OTO

VideoStun OTO Bellow

VideoStun OTO


Front End ==>VideoStun FE

OTO1 ==>Videostun PLATINUM

OTO2 ==>Videoowide V3 Bundle


VideoStun OTO

OTO1 ==>Videostun PLATINUM

Grab Supersize Brand NEW 310+ Animated Video Slide Templates and 1000+ EXTRA BONUSES, plus EXCLUSIVE DEVELOPER / COMMERCIAL License to Entire Package. Here’s details pack:

Upgrade Pack:

  • Module 1# 14 Stunning Video Templates 
  • Module 2# 6 Promotion Video Templates (New Added)
  • Module 3# 6 Business Video Templates 
  • Module 4# 5 Flat Logo Animated
  • Module 5# 12 Instagram Promotion Video Templates
  • Module 6# 6 Endscreen Youtube Channel


Extra Bonus:

  • Extra Bonus 1# 110+ HD Animated Motion Backgrounds
  • Extra Bonus 2# 750+ Image Stock Media
  • Extra Bonus 3# 30 Viral Social Posters
  • Extra Bonus 4# 110 Pro Music Tracks
  • Extra Bonus 5# 50 Web Banner Ads Templates
  • Extra Bonus 6# CV Resume Templates
  • Extra Bonus 7# Letterhead Templates
  • Extra Bonus 8# Twitter Banner/Cover Templates
  • PLUS Commercial License to Entire Pack

OTO2 ==>Videoowide V3 Bundle

Get 70% OFF to our best selling Videoowide V3 bundle package; with 500+ Animated video slides templates, mega bonuses, plus commercial license.


Here’s details package:

  • 13 Movie Style Video Templates
  • 13 Epic Photo Video Templates
  • 13 Promotion Video Templates
  • 14 Explainer Video Templates
  • 11 Beat Opener Video Templates
  • 14 Package 3 in 1 Social Media Video Templates
  • 150 Title Text Animated Templates
  • Bonus 1: 195+ No Background People Images
  • Bonus 2: 500+ HD Motion Background
  • Bonus 3: 100 Royalty Free Audio Track
  • Commercial license to entire bundle


VideoStun OTO

What is VideoStun ?

VideoStun is a new breakthrough in creating animated video. You can be creating videos easier using Our Product. We found these youngest & easiest tools are easy to use to create wondrous high-quality video, newbie-friendly and anyone can do it.

Very easy to use and edit, no need for complicated software, you do not need design experts, and just about anyone can do it. Everything is done using only PowerPoint.

You don’t need to learn about video or animation to have high-quality videos. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy videos or hire people to CREATE it.

VideoStun not only help you to create wondrous video animations that look like PRO, it also helps you to create cutting-edge video marketing that pitch. And it can dramatically increase your engagements and BOOST your CONVERSIONS & SALES!



Text from This video

hey guys it’s Chris here with self-made new be calm welcome to this video stun review now for those of you out there who are looking to improve on your video production you want to make things a lot easier video stunts is right for you what it enables you to do what it really is is a platform where you can get templates edit already pre-made animated templates to make your videos intros outros transitions all that stuff look a lot better today we’re going to take a deep dive into videos

that I’m going to show you exactly what that looks like and as well as that I’ve also put together a package of other products that I think you’re going to go hand-in-hand with videos done so enable you to sort of use them all together and create a system where you can use videos done it’s actually make money online so before we dive into that drop a like on this video hit subscribe and tell have our notification if you want to be updated with new products coming out all the time that are going to help you to make money online also if you want to jump ahead at any time during this video make sure you first click the link in the description what that will do is send you through to my bonus page which

looks like this and the way my bonus page works is it is integrated with the official videos done fender sales page so what that means is if you click on these buttons here it locks on it locks in all these bonuses that I’m about to talk about before then sending you off to videos done and if you do decide to purchase it you’ll not only get videos done but you’re going to get all these necessary products thrown in with it in a big bundle that you can access immediately so the first bonus have gotten fuels are to pop owners YouTube Authority and YouTube SEO version 2 so video stun is a tool where you’re going to be able to create videos but if you’re going to use a platform like YouTube which you probably are you need to understand also what else goes into putting out successful videos so I like to think of it like this you’ve got the content production on one side we

also need the marketing and the SEO on the other so going through these two products they’re gonna help your videos are basically ranked because what’s the point in creating content it really no one’s watching it no one’s looking at it because you’re just not aware of how to rank your videos the good thing about YouTube is you don’t need a bunch of subscribers you don’t need to have a an established website that’s been around for years like Google you can rank videos basically as soon as you create your account so these two products are going to help you on that side of things bonus number two I’ve gotten for you is video marketing profit kit and modern video

marketing so another two-putt bonus and this is going to go into I think this will really help you out in your content so you’re going to be pushing out content and this goes into how to create sales videos basically how to market in your videos things that you should do things to avoid so you’re really just gonna push the buttons of more people who watch it so to speak and if you are trying to sell something using videos done then you’re gonna obviously get a lot more sales by doing the sales the marketing side of things in your video correctly so that’s why I threw that in there bonus number three I’ve gotten for you is moving kind of towards what I would do with videos done especially if I was new to making money online so basically I’ve got internet marketing for beginners which is a massive tool I get a lot of emails asking if products are good if they work and generally the same people have the same problem which is they haven’t built up their fundamentals yet so there’s ways to make every product work if you have the fundamentals if you understand things like

what is e-commerce how does that work how do you make affiliate sales how do you drive traffic this product is going to teach you the basics on all that including SEO and then I throw in a little second – petticord affiliate marketing success because if it was me and I was creating videos to drive traffic somewhere I would be driving traffic to affiliate products probably until I put together my own product that I can make full Commission’s on but you can still make a lot of commissions through affiliate marketing there’s affiliate networks out there willing to give

you 50 to 75 percent some of them so I’d be creating videos having links in the descriptions in different niches niches that I was passionate about and interested in I’d be using video stunts to make those videos look good so that’s like in on the content side of things and then I’d understand the marketing side of things as well to make sure they’re being seen to make sure that I’m driving traffic so that’s why I threw those in there if you’re creating videos about basketball for example you’re really any niche there are affiliate marketing products out there for example you could look on Clickbank or simply Google basketball plus affiliate marketing basketball plus affiliate and they’ll be basketball

s it’s out there with an affiliate marketing program that you probably never even knew about and that generally works in any niche you’re going after bonus number four if you do decide to go down that route which is I think is the best route especially if you’re a beginner you’re going to need these two plugins so one of them is list generating squeeze pages which is going to be able to enable you to build landing pages from a basic WordPress site just plug this in and it will create them on their own so you don’t need any coding or development experience and I’ll be driving traffic to offers that I would set up on that page so for example if we go to another niche let’s say the meditation niche and I have videos that I’m creating about meditation using videos start from the intros and all that and making it look good then I’d have a link in the description to my website a landing page would list up I would either leave the affiliate offer directly in it or an email something I could collect emails with with a lead magnet and then maybe I’d give the offer in that first email that would get automatically generated if I was more further along maybe I’d have a membership site where I do my own training with in which case I’d need a tool like

WordPress membership plug-in which allows you to create a membership site just using this plug-in so you don’t have to use tools like kajabi and pay 200 bucks a month now you can do it all out of WordPress so two options there of how you can really start getting this moving creating the video as I said understanding internet marketing understanding affiliate marketing if you want to make money from your videos and then having the tools that are gonna enable you to set up that basic funnel bonus number five is I’ve gotten you full access to the vendor bonus spot now their bonuses are here so they’re their bonus

is basically revolved around content media for your videos so for example you’ve got doodle whiteboard video assets here that you can use in your videos we’ve got music audio backgrounds we’ve got business characters that you can use this is great especially if you don’t want to be on camera we’ve got 10 business facebook cover templates that you can use if you can you can even drive people to your Facebook let them know about your business if you’re an agency we’ve got 90 plus high converting buttons you know these kind of buttons like get access

join us what demo you can integrate those with your landing pages they can create your member pages anything you want so a lot of media here with their bonuses which is good to see it’s good to see you know there are a lot of people out there saying oh this is great and have these like a hundred bonuses and they have nothing to do with the product so what I’m trying to do here is create a system around the product that is going to benefit you financially so if that all sounds good to you step one link in the description lock in these products using the

green buttons that will send you off to the video son sales page which looks like this go through this in your own time some great testimonials here functions features demos there’s a whole ton of demos here that you can watch that shows our videos done in action just ton Z as you can see on the screen so there’s a ton of videos here you can just click play on different niches different styles different moods they’ve really gone all out here to provide you with lots of templates and lots of content they can use edit and reuse you know for as long as it’s forever basically some really nice really good-looking ones here professionally done does no copyright is going to be you’re never going to be hit with copyright so yeah make a more informed decision go through see if it’s right for you if you do decide to purchase you’ll be sent a digital receipt which looks like this and as I said under the green button will be video it’s done under the blue button all the bonuses I just talked about my emails here super easy keep in mind though that this is all a launch week special so any discounts that get locked in or activated when you click these green buttons as well and as well as this countdown timer this is part of laundry special so when

it hits zero and none of that will be available so make a decision but basically what I’m saying is the sooner you get in the more you’re gonna get for the lower price and we’re gonna get into pricing in just a second but let’s first take a look at videos done see exactly what you can create with it [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right I hope you enjoyed that demo hope you’re looking forward to getting your hands on video styling just seeing just a really cool content you’re gonna be able to create with it now before we close up the video if you go again to my bonus page

I’ve got a bit of a write up here about videos done more specifically the pricing so the front end is everything you see here and with the front end you only need the front end to get access to all the bonuses I was talking about earlier so don’t think you need the Platinum version or anything like that just you know everyone’s different I don’t need to be surprised with what will be offered to during the buying process but you don’t need the front end to make it work so the front end you’re getting everything you see here and you’re getting these fast-acting bonuses as well there’s also a one-time offer number one which is videos done platinum you get three hundred and ten plus animated videos slide templates great for agencies great if you’re giving meetings great if you don’t wanna be on camera you can just show it slide presentations and you’re getting this top great pack as well as extra bonuses here which again their bonuses are mostly based around what other content you know gap media elements so you’ve got here CD banner ads social posters more stock in Madrid video motion backgrounds things like that the next one is the v3 bundle and you get 70% off their best-selling bundle package with more animated video slides templates mega

bonuses there’s also a commercial license if you want to use videos thumbs to create things to use in your business and create things for other people that’s fine there and you get extra things here as well more videos templates more media essentially this is essentially a media product but also a platform that allows you to edit as well so you do have the platform there if you don’t want to mess around with things like Final Cut Pro or Adobe and things like that this is a more easy to use kind of platform it all comes with a full money-back guarantee so you know any questions feel free to drop them in the comments below hit me up on the email on my social media I reply to everybody and if not enjoy videos done I wish you the best of luck I hope all those bonuses work well for you and I’ll see you on the next video take care