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VidHostPro OTO Links Above –  What is VidHostPro ?

We invested three years into research and development with the world’s best cloud services (Akamai, AWS, and HLS Technology) to provide a seamless and high-quality video hosting and marketing experience for YOUR CUSTOMERS. Your clients will have Full Command of All Their Video Traffic, which will increase user participation and sales. To better their advertising efforts, your clients will obtain Deep Insight on their users’ behavior and engagement. In addition to over fifty more capabilities, your clients may personalize their player and include lead forms and promotional adverts directly into their movies. We’ve given it a polished feel with a secure video delivery system. The First Video Hosting Platform Designed And Created By Industry Professionals Clients may speak with hosting owners who are also experienced in video marketing.

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Exclusive One-Time Offer for the Elite

Your Video Downloads Have No Limits Easily Make a Bunch of Video Stations Make an Infinite Number of Unique Websites, Domains, and Sub-Domains Unrestricted Video Playlists A gorgeous, fully-customizable, and ready-to-use 5 video player. Change the player’s color scheme and theme to match your company’s aesthetic. Choose from one of eight unique and visually appealing skins to dress up your character. Parts A and B of a Video Iterative Capabilities Forty ADDITIONAL templates to capture nearly all viewers’ information in-video. Directional Samples Advertising Flyers Conventions in society Collect Leads and Visitor Feedback on Your Video Page or Channel, Sell Products Within the Video, and Increase Revenue. Integrating your webinar platform will allow your subscribers to automatically register for your presentations. Take advantage of all these perks at a price that is unmatched.  

Business Edition of OTO2

Profit from the statistically-proven power of minimal additional work. Find the most successful videos by comparing their statistics. Player – Debrand and brand with your own logo – Branded Logo to raise brand awareness. Use More languages to appeal to a wider range of viewers with the same video. Improve your video’s earnings by using cutting-edge advertising technology to insert video commercials, image ads, text ads, or even an HTML page directly into the video itself. Timelines may be defined using the Share App, HTML, or video to notify. Obtain Permission to Relocate, Substitute, and/or Copy Videos Analysis of Project and Video Data Create a video that can be watched by people of many different cultures and backgrounds. Benefit from our cutting-edge tool for managing projects and campaigns Leadership of a Team: 50 Integrating CRM into Teams

License for OTO3 Agency with 100 Clients

You can have as many people on your team as you’d like and can serve up to 100 clients with this agency license. Permission granted for an agency to take on an unlimited number of clients and employees. Generate 100/Unlimited Unique Domains/Subdomains/Companies (except with the Elite Plan). The Contributions of the Business Management Panel Team Members to the Efficient Supervision of You and Your Clients – Built-in chatting functionality in programs A Customer Plan Administration Subscription Management System Pay Once and Enjoy Lifetime Access

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Earn Unlimited Money, Expand to an Unlimited Number of Companies Build as many stunning, mobile-optimized, lightning-fast landing pages as you like. Create an unlimited number of customer journeys (sales funnels) to achieve any marketing objective Host and play high-definition videos without lag or buffering 5 Powerful Engagement Apps in 1 Solution for Creating UNLIMITED Personalized Notification Campaigns Fully Modifiable, Drop-and-Drop Interface No Coding or Design Experience Necessary, WYSIWYG Editor Quickly and easily create high-converting landing pages, funnels, and popups with the help of these 300+ battle-tested, premade templates. Safely manage and share company data with clients and employees. Lead management, lead information monitoring, and real-time audience behavior data analysis for enhanced performance.    

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Video review for Front End only VidHostPro

VidHostPro   – Text From This Video

Mark Duane is here from, and welcome to my video host Pro review: [Music] [, Music] Mark Duane is here from This is my Vid Host Pro review. So what is Bid Host Pro? Bid Host Pro is an ultra-fast video hosting platform.   It’s an alternative to YouTube, Vimeo, and some of the other video hosting platforms out there, and I’m going to give you an overview demo of Bid Host Pro, which is the first thing that I want to do. Let me let you know that I put the demo video by the vendor in the link down below this. video, there’ll actually be three links. There. There’s one link that says bid host Pro review bonuses, and another that says vid host Pro bundle offer, which they have.   So I put that in the description down below, and then there’s another link that will say “Bid Host Pro Demo” in the demo. A video by the vendor is inside the link that says “Bid Host Pro Demo.” So if you want more information about Vid Host Pro, I strongly recommend that you watch that video that’s inside the link that says “Bid Host Program Demo.” So now I’m going to show you the launch dates of Bid Host Pro. So here are the launch dates for bidhost pro: bidhost pro launches on May 3rd, 2023, at 11 a.m.

VidHostPro Local OTO  

. Eastern time, and the launch closes on May 8, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. eastern time. So those are the launch dates for Bid Host Pro. So the next thing I’m going to show you is the bid host Pro review bonuses. So here are my hand-picked bid host Pro review bonuses, and I hand-picked these first nine to help you be successful with bid host Pro, and you’re not going to get these bonuses anywhere else.   So if they look like something that you might be interested in, you can get access to them by clicking the link down below this video. Going to my bonus page by pushing the button. My bonus page after purchasing the program, then you’ll get access to these first. Nine bonuses, plus you get access to these, and you get all these plus my mega-hidden bonus package. So with my Megan bonus package and the other bonuses, it’s worth well more than six thousand seven hundred thirty-one dollars and ninety-seven cents there again.   How do you get these bonuses? Just click the link down below this video. You go to my bonus page, push the button on my bonus page to purchase the program, and you’ll get access to all my hand-picked bonuses. Well, anyway, those are my Vid Host Pro review bonuses. So now I’m going to show you the prices and the upsells.

VidHostPro OTOs Linka  

Okay, here are the bid host probe prices in the mid host Pro upsells, and they have a bundle offer, and I put a link to it in the description down below, and what it does is it gets you the front end version to upsell number three for 367 dollars. You can get access to that there again in the link down below in the description of this video and the front. The end version has two different options. You got the personal option for forty-four dollars, or you got the commercial option for forty. Seven dollars, then, you got ot01 bid host Pro Elite, a one-time payment of 147 dollars, and you got oto2 mid host Pro Enterprise Commercial for ninety-seven dollars, and you got oto3 vid host Pro agency. Unlimited client license for ninety-seven dollars.   Then you got oto4, which is the Bid Host Pro Premium Membership monthly deal for 77 a month, and you got the Bid Host Pro Premium Membership, three installments for 247 dollars and three installments, and you got the Bit Host Pro Premium Membership one-time deal for 697 dollars, but anyway, those are the Vid Host Pro prices and the Vid Pros Pro upsells. So now I’m going to go back to the members area. Okay, now I’m back into the members area of Bid Host Pro, and Bid Host Pro is a pretty simple program to use. You simply go to the dashboard and scroll down here, and this is where you can add a video. Here’s where you can add a playlist. Here is where you can view the channel: Here’s where you can add a file; here’s the integration section; and here are the new comments. So, in order to add a video, you just push this add video button. I’ve added some videos, but you simply push this add new video button.   I’m sorry I said that wrong. But anyway, then you just upload videos from your PC or select videos. From my drive, I’m just going to upload it from my PC, and this is a review that I just did for another product. It’s called AI Spark. You can check that out.

VidHostPro OTO AIUpsell  

It’s up there somewhere around this video on my YouTube channel. If you want to check that out, but I’m just going to upload this, and we’ll take it a minute to upload, you can see it’s going fairly quickly. The advantage of this type of program is that it replaces YouTube. Is it because you don’t have the advertisements and you don’t have other people’s suggested searches on there, so that they’ll go away from your channel or your video and go to somebody else’s? If you do review videos like me, they won’t go to other videos like someone else who is making a review of the same product.   They won’t go to that video; they’ll stay on your video, so anyway, after it’s uploaded, which it’s uploaded, just push next, and there are a lot of features on here, so I’m not going to be able to go through all of them. So I do strongly recommend that you watch that demo video down below, and if you do watch the demo video down below, you will still get access to my bonuses if you purchase through the demo video down below, so anyway, you got your uh. Your title of the video, your description of the video—you can add tags on here, and you can select a category from these different categories, so I’m just going to push internet marketing, and then, when you get that information, you just put save and activate. You can also create chapters, play or customize them, and add advertisements. This is where you can put opt-in forms and lead magnets inside the video. So you can select some areas to do that in, so it’ll pop up there.   You can replace the video with something else. You’ve got the search engine optimization section. You can call this information out here. Here’s your analytics script, and here’s security. So when you get all this filled out, you just push I’m going to select the category,” and then you just press “Save and Activate, and then here’s your embed code. Now you’ve got some options up here.

VidHostPro OTO Bonuses  

You got the embed type standard, iframe, and then the dimensions were fixed or fit the frame. So I’m just going to save all that, and you can also get the video URL. So if you want to just get the video URL and then share it on your social media accounts, so anyway, I’m going to go back now; I’m just going to copy the code. If you want to copy the code, you just copy the code and put it on your website, blog, or sales page. So that’s how the program works.   So I’m going to go back to the dashboard. You do have some other options on the sidebar. Here’s your videos, playlist, here’s your audience, contacts, customers, communication, analytics audience, contacts, video, and here’s more, my drive integration, and here’s your API settings, and then here’s the settings, so anyway, I think that is the basic idea behind Vid Host Pro. You also have your profile settings over here, so anyway, that is the basics behind Vid Host Pro.   So if Bid Host Pro looks like something that you might be interested in or you’re interested in my hand-picked bonuses, all you’ve got to do is click the link down below this video. Go to my bonus page, push the button on my bonus page, and purchase a program. Then you’ll get access to Bidhost Pro and my hand-picked bonuses, and if you like my videos, please like, share, subscribe for that notification, Bell, and make a comment. Thank you for watching. Stay safe. I’ll see you next time, Mark Dwayne. Here again, thank you for taking the time to watch my Vid Host Pro review.

VidHostPro OTO Product Overview 

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