VidScratch OTO – All 4 OTOs Options Here

VidScratch OTO

VidScratch OTO  – There is One Front End ANd Four OTOs LINKs, All Links And Details Bellow.

VidScratch FE=>>VidScratch FE

OTO1 Platinum=>>VidScratch OTO1

OTO2 Enterprise=>>VidScratch OTO2

OTO3 Whitelabel=>>VidScratch OTO3

OTO4 VidRepurposer Special =>>VidScratch OTO4


OTO1 :Platinum

With this upgraded edition of VidScratch, users will get more campaigns, leads, and views per month. It also includes premium features like the ability to make the scratch-off campaigns animated, advanced funnel analytics, A/B split testing, DFY lead videos, more embed options, and far more.

OTO2: VidScratch Enterprise 

With the most advanced version of VidScratch, you will unlock unlimited campaigns, leads, and client access. They’ll get the ability to resell the software as their own with 100% commissions through JVzoo, and the special ‘VidScratch Agency Suite’ which includes DFY swipes, sales videos, ad banners, print-on-demand graphics, and more to help sell VidScratch accounts to clients.

OTO3: VidScratch Whitelabel 

In a rare opportunity, users can resell VidScratch to clients with their own logo and domain. This allows them to start their own profitable, fully-branded software business. They get full updates and bug fixes including access to use our support.

OTO4: VidScratch VidRepurposer Special

Users can get access to VidRepurposer at a special price. This a groundbreaking “video content multiplier” app that creates months worth of 100% UNIQUE, gorgeous video content for easy leads and sales in minutes.

What is VidScratch?

VidScratch is a powerful cloud app that creates irresistible “video scratch card” lead campaigns that help build you and your client’s lists faster.

Agency Rights are included with this 100% unique “gamification” tool meaning you can not only double leads and profits faster, but sell access to clients yourself for any price you choose.

Features and Benefits:

100% Unique Lead Generation Tech – the only app that creates fun “scratch-card” games for desktop & mobile that encourage visitors to play & exchange their email for prizes

Advanced Drag/Drop Interface – Drag/drop your way to amazing scratch cards and thank you pages in seconds. Add text, upload logos, upload images, and add different layers with a click.

DFY Templates in the Hottest Niches – Create VidScratch lead games in just minutes w/ DFY, editable templates in many niches.

Fully Customizable w/ 100s of Options – Get 100s of fonts, buttons, emojis, layered background tech, & more to make your scratch games fun to play

Customize Win Probability and Prizes – customize the chance someone will win from 0-100% and provide any prize including random prizes to visitors.

Commercial & Agency Rights Included – There are tons of ways to profit with VidScratch including the ability to charge per lead sent, sell as a service to clients, or sell access to VidScratch for any price

& More Including…

+ Fully Compatible w/ Desktop or Mobile

+ Embed Anywhere You Want, Works with All Landing Pages

+ Deep Analytics Included

+ Tap into Millions of Images – Unsplash and Pixabay Integration Included

+ GDPR Compliant Options

+ Enable/Disable 2-Step Autoresponder Option

+ Works with all Autoresponders

How’s It Work?

Become a List Building Magician in Just 3 Easy Steps.

Step 1. Create a Scratch Card from DFY Templates or Scratch

Pick from lots of DFY scratch card templates in the hottest niches or create your own game from scratch. Use the drag/drop editor to add text, colors, images, layers, coins, and more to make the game come alive.

Step 2. Visitors “Scratch” To Reveal Their Prize

Paste your game into any webpage (mobile or desktop) and visitors will “scratch” off the card to reveal if they’ve won or lost see the details of their prize (You can customize the chance someone will win from 0-100%).

Step 3. They Enter Their Email to Claim Their Prize

Finally, the visitor will watch an optional video encouraging them to enter their email to receive their free gift, whether it’s a coupon, lead-magnet, free consultation, etc.


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Video Review For Front End Onl


this one any of these you could come

here YouTube simply going to YouTube just

include your glue it and afterward enter so what

happens is I’m not saying I’m simply

surrendering a model relies upon pipes

you can have some like you know thanks

for visiting my site you realize I like

to give you some $10 coupon in someone

talk actually or you know some sort of

a demo video of your organization something

like that can be included this resembles

neighborhood focusing on so I’m trying to say this

can be utilized for Shopify stores will be

super alluring a folks you know

Shopify stores will be a truly

support comparative route in any event, for the neighborhood

organizations they have done at that point send me a

coupon or send me a code or like

whatever it is you’re attempting to do you

can get them pulled in with this alright

include this one and there are barely any things

like it resembles better believe it this is the thing that you can

choose to $2 off or $7 off whatever you

need to include it’s basic there’s a

legitimate demo video too in the deals

page you can look at it resembles

dislike muddled at

all it is simple and this is the place you

come and coordinate your what he called

what you called your autoresponder

autoresponder and afterward the much obliged

screen that is it folks so it’s the

idea of this item is straightforward and

when you’ve done this is the place I think I

need to state I think it needs to go to the

street again is

if you don’t mind enter protection into RL for select in

screen did

alright I have to enter something OK what

what happens is that thank you I have to

fix any to incorporate it at exactly that point I’ll

have the option to give you I suspect as much what

happens is that last part is this

part this is the last part where I need

to do it completely where you will have the option to

get a code that code you take and put it

on your page or any place you need that

top here simply include it that page you’ll

have the option to get it that is that is too

appeared on the demo I’m not ready to appear

it here on the grounds that you have to add this to

incorporate this when I mean you do the

demo sorry when you do the battle here

so this is the place the last part this one

part is incorporation at that point is the

customization sorry first is it

planning that customization third is

the insert code you get and that code you

take and put it on the your page or

any place like you need profundity up here

that is it folks this resembles a very

straightforward idea and the manner in which it can

pull in leads will be truly

truly valuable explanation is you know how

significant getting an email rundown is you

realize you can even or even have it on

your like Shopify stores or even your

possess website page or any place like fun

reference you’re fabricating this can be

truly going to be appealing approach to get

the leads I will include the best possible demo I

might have missed some I don’t have the foggiest idea

may be a few highlights I don’t have the foggiest idea yet

I didn’t watch its full demo so

in the event that on the off chance that I missed it

in the event that that demo will you will get a full

thought on the demo right so simply watch the

demo before you choose whether it’s this

is for you or not I’m certain this is going

to be can be utilized on any of your pages

so I’m certain it will be a valuable way or

an additional lift to get more leads that is

what I will say so what’s everything the prizes

as we were seeing the prize right so we

saw the prize was 24 see this the prize

continuously folks in the event that you need such items

better to get it on the principal day you

can see the prize is 27 and going up to

49 during the dispatch time frame so on the off chance that you

truly need something get it on the

first day that is the first and

something go all platinum it’s for $49

that is an overhauled variant it’s doing

you absolutely it’s everything sort of you know whether

you can stand to go for the or tiros if

not you can generally return and get it

OK the following isn’t entreprise sea

what is this clients when open boundless

battles the leads and customer they will

get the capacity to exchange the product

so it’s an affiliate permit included for

$97 then we have with scratch white

name form 50 and 100 records 129 1

also, it’s an it’s an uncommon regardless we have a

scratch 2 customers with their own logo

also, area this enables them to begin the

claim beneficial alright so resembles the

first form this person will likewise come

with the organization composes on a front-end

that enables client to send the organization

customers their own login to make alright

there’s a distinction between the with

scratch organization which is a companion end and

this one folks so watch out for a so I

mean they get full updates and bug fix

counting access to our client support so

that is the contrast between that one

what’s more, the white name form which is 129

what’s more, 190 send dollars this is extraordinary

alright I think here you will do it and

better believe it I figure you will have the option to exchange

the whit scratch to the customers I know

this one it’s not exchanging it resembles

you can do it for them with the claim low

one login and stuff however this one you can

see that it says that you will be capable

to exchange each scratch customers with

their own heap their logo and their

mixture mine alright that is the distinction 1500

records and afterward keep going for last one is

with repurposed extraordinary idea for $49 it

says the historic video content

multiplier I don’t know folks I would not joke about this’

up to you I feel the first is more

than enough for you all to simply get it

what’s more, give it a shot on the off chance that you truly need more

crusades rather than go for the OTO one

that that will be all that anyone could need I feel

I mean anything can be gotten it’s doing

you folks however you can generally return

what’s more, get it alright every one of the connections are in the

simply click the primary connection in the

portrayal it will take you to the

deals page and all in the event that you purchase through my

connect I do get Commission and I’m going to

give you something consequently that is a few

cool rewards it’s everything likewise there in the

list on the connection on the subsequent connection yet

you have to click just the principal connect in

request to get it the subsequent connection I’m simply

giving you what they will get

some you know some cool rewards which I

have consistently been giving here so anything

hit me up

any unique you need rewards a most

significant thing folks don’t purchase an item

for reward OK I know I’m blameworthy of that

I used to be that way however consider

the item if this is going to be valuable

get it and attempt it or I’m certain this is

going to be utilized for reason is this is

something you know once you do it and

leave it on your web on your pipe you

need a see any page you are doing

truly it will be it resembles it’s done that is

it you’re not going to be consistently

gathering the email ids you need with

request reacting going to gather like

messages routinely that that is the ticket

amazing it is you don’t have to go

which above course doing Christmas like

whatever the capacity of some celebration

times you can truly pull in something

you know put some extraordinary sort of

offers on these sort of on these flags

little video scratch card that is you know

sort of giving you the best approach to draw in

saying reminding them better believe it is a

celebration time and you need to give a few

markdown on the items or whatever

it is with the goal that’s me this will going to be

truly valuable folks so any you’re getting

all these rewards in a split second conveyed

inside the jvzoo or water in addition to you

any place you’re purchasing I can see this

abundance offshoot reward X’s I play however

this is the place it’ll be conveyed

that is a folks this is with scratch and

any inquiries any questions simply drop

me a remark underneath and I will answer to

it and do watch the demo it is there on

the business page likewise there’s additionally I

needed to give you that you realize that

the last part which I didn’t show you

that implant thing that is the last sparing

part once you spare did you get the install

code and you can put it on any place in

the page that breaks up there’s a

preparing for it so don’t get

stressed’s it’s there’s it’s

it’s straightforward I believe it’s a basic method to

set up it together a little video scratch

card on any of your pages that is it folks

in the event that you have any inquiries simply drop me a

remark underneath and if this is the first

time you’re watching ensure you

buy in and remember to hit that

Ringer notice symbol so I can bring

all the more new items like this like nearly

consistently much obliged folks see you in

the following video bye



VidScratch TO

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