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VidScratch OTO

VidScratch OTO  – There is One Front End ANd Four OTOs LINKs, All Links And Details Bellow.

VidScratch FE=>>VidScratch FE

OTO1 Platinum=>>VidScratch OTO1

OTO2 Enterprise=>>VidScratch OTO2

OTO3 Whitelabel=>>VidScratch OTO3

OTO4 VidRepurposer Special =>>VidScratch OTO4


OTO1 :Platinum

With this upgraded edition of VidScratch, users will get more campaigns, leads, and views per month. It also includes premium features like the ability to make the scratch-off campaigns animated, advanced funnel analytics, A/B split testing, DFY lead videos, more embed options, and far more.

OTO2: VidScratch Enterprise 

With the most advanced version of VidScratch, you will unlock unlimited campaigns, leads, and client access. They’ll get the ability to resell the software as their own with 100% commissions through JVzoo, and the special ‘VidScratch Agency Suite’ which includes DFY swipes, sales videos, ad banners, print-on-demand graphics, and more to help sell VidScratch accounts to clients.

OTO3: VidScratch Whitelabel 

In a rare opportunity, users can resell VidScratch to clients with their own logo and domain. This allows them to start their own profitable, fully-branded software business. They get full updates and bug fixes including access to use our support.

OTO4: VidScratch VidRepurposer Special

Users can get access to VidRepurposer at a special price. This a groundbreaking “video content multiplier” app that creates months worth of 100% UNIQUE, gorgeous video content for easy leads and sales in minutes.

What is VidScratch?

VidScratch is a powerful cloud app that creates irresistible “video scratch card” lead campaigns that help build you and your client’s lists faster.

Agency Rights are included with this 100% unique “gamification” tool meaning you can not only double leads and profits faster, but sell access to clients yourself for any price you choose.

Features and Benefits:

100% Unique Lead Generation Tech – the only app that creates fun “scratch-card” games for desktop & mobile that encourage visitors to play & exchange their email for prizes

Advanced Drag/Drop Interface – Drag/drop your way to amazing scratch cards and thank you pages in seconds. Add text, upload logos, upload images, and add different layers with a click.

DFY Templates in the Hottest Niches – Create VidScratch lead games in just minutes w/ DFY, editable templates in many niches.

Fully Customizable w/ 100s of Options – Get 100s of fonts, buttons, emojis, layered background tech, & more to make your scratch games fun to play

Customize Win Probability and Prizes – customize the chance someone will win from 0-100% and provide any prize including random prizes to visitors.

Commercial & Agency Rights Included – There are tons of ways to profit with VidScratch including the ability to charge per lead sent, sell as a service to clients, or sell access to VidScratch for any price

& More Including…

+ Fully Compatible w/ Desktop or Mobile

+ Embed Anywhere You Want, Works with All Landing Pages

+ Deep Analytics Included

+ Tap into Millions of Images – Unsplash and Pixabay Integration Included

+ GDPR Compliant Options

+ Enable/Disable 2-Step Autoresponder Option

+ Works with all Autoresponders

How’s It Work?

Become a List Building Magician in Just 3 Easy Steps.

Step 1. Create a Scratch Card from DFY Templates or Scratch

Pick from lots of DFY scratch card templates in the hottest niches or create your own game from scratch. Use the drag/drop editor to add text, colors, images, layers, coins, and more to make the game come alive.

Step 2. Visitors “Scratch” To Reveal Their Prize

Paste your game into any webpage (mobile or desktop) and visitors will “scratch” off the card to reveal if they’ve won or lost see the details of their prize (You can customize the chance someone will win from 0-100%).

Step 3. They Enter Their Email to Claim Their Prize

Finally, the visitor will watch an optional video encouraging them to enter their email to receive their free gift, whether it’s a coupon, lead-magnet, free consultation, etc.


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Video Review For Front End Only


hey guys Marty Bostick here with another
product review for you I have a very
unique unconventional type of lead
generation tool group growth tool for
that’s called vit scratch and you
actually create scratch and win type
lead generation forms it’s pretty neat
where you gamify and in make the the
whole process of capturing leads more
interesting instead of the you know the
really drab put your name here put your
email here see what happens next type of
thing and I’ve been looking at the it’s
a review access to the software I’ve
been spending some time with it and
testing it out and this thing’s slick
this thing is really neat you can make
all kinds of games that are interactive
out of this process where you make
people scratch and win to to see if they
won if they didn’t they can try again
and what I want to show you is that
whole process we’re actually gonna build
one of these from scratch we’re gonna do
it from start to finish with a brand new
campaign I’ll show you how easy it is to
do so let’s talk just a little bit about
what’s different with my review of this
and what kind of bonuses you’re gonna
get and not only are you gonna get
custom bonuses for me the vendor has
produced a pile of bonuses I mean
literally there’s just there are some
really good bonuses here that we’ll walk
through in just a moment so let’s talk
just a little bit about what what the
application is it is all SAS based it’s
all cloud based wear it there’s no
software to install doesn’t matter what
your type of computer is as long as you
got a browser you can log in and use
this thing and you create the scratch
off cards to look the way you want them
to look and what you got them there you
could choose the type of coin that you
want to use and once that’s done they’ll
they’ll enter their email address to
actually collect that to collect that
item you can even embed a video in there
if you wanted to which is really cool
that’s a it’s pretty slick stuff so
before we get into the guts of this
thing we start talking through it and go
through a demonstration of it let’s go
ahead and dig into the fun

VidScratch OTO

for just a moment so starting out during
the launch is really nice that he’s
actually thrown in agency writes on the
front end so during the launch period if
you get in then you’ll actually get
agency rights or you can turn around and
create these for clients and sell them
you actually have an agency portal that
I can’t really show you right this
second but there’s an agency dashboard
over here that you could go create
clients you could get them set up you
can choose which client it’s for and and
give them their own login I mean it’s
really really nice the way he built this
into the platform so the UM you know the
the platinum upgrade you get you get a
whole lot more views per month you get
more things you can do with this where
you can offer additional campaign types
you can do a lot of split testing and
there’s a lot I’ve done for you videos
and stuff that are there that you can
can throw in there and embed those
automatically now the Enterprise Edition

VidScratch OTO

it unlocks it where you don’t have any
caps on anything everything is
completely unlocked and you have them
you you can also get the ability to
resell the software and keep a hundred
percent of the Commission’s which i
think is pretty neat the white label
platform I’ve had been debating whether
I’m gonna buy this myself or not but the
the white label version lets you go off
rebrand this thing completely for
yourself and and host it and put it out
there where you can sell it you can
actually resell it do whatever you want
to with it and you could choose the the
different levels as you can see 50 or
100 accounts that you want that you
could sell with the white level version
pretty neat I’m gonna keep that in mind
for myself it’s a it’s a nice enough
piece of software that I could see doing
white label rights on this thing and
going all in and in doing whatever I

VidScratch OTO VidScratch OTO
want to with it and then the the video
repurpose or special offer
it’s a.m. it’s to me it’s just an extra
I am not seeing a whole lot of extra
value in it on top of everything else
you get here so I would say look at it
spend a little bit of time looking in
seeing if that’s worth it to you to get
that particular upgrade
in my opinion if you come over here and
you get the agency rights during the
launch that’s a huge one I would
definitely get the the Platinum one so
that you can you can get more views per
month and in all the split testing and
all the other good stuff that you get
there with the animations and for me
that’s that’s a win and I’m also going
to be purchasing the the enterprise
upgrade for myself so I plan on getting
all three of these right now I’ve got
you know full access to everything so I
can show it to you as part of the review

but you know to support him I’m gonna go
ahead and purchase those three because I
I think it’s a strong enough platform
there’s enough married in it I can see
myself using it and using it for clients
and using it for my own promotions so
that that’s the plan for me so let’s
talk about the bonuses for a minute so I
put together one that was a training I
recently did on using growth tools in
your business so a growth tool would be
like a contest or excuse me or social
type tool things that can get you more
leads to your business things that can
help your business grow I put that
training together for you and I’m gonna
give it to you as a bonus training
inside of here is a custom bonus then um
one of the things that I think is a very
important tool here is doing retargeting
so you could really take advantage of
this where maybe somebody got to that

scratching win card they didn’t they
didn’t really know what they wanted to
do there it wasn’t a good opportunity at
the time for them so what you have an
opportunity to do is actually drop a
Facebook retargeting pixel on these
people and then go back later and target
them on Facebook and actually send them
over to another page where they do that
and you give them another chance to go
do the scratch off so what I did is I
put some training together here for you
inside of retargeting and I talked a
little bit about that process and why
it’s important to you in bonus number
three is talking about conversion so as
with any of these tools understanding
the purpose of those conversions and

having goals and what you want to do
with those conversions it’s really
important to you so so what you want to
do is is make sure that you understand
how to do conversion tracking the right
way and I’ve got a bonus put together
for you here that actually walks through
how to do some of that now viral secrets
exposed it’s it’s more generic it’s
around different ways to do viral
campaigns things to do to help you grow
and explode your of your list and to
grow and explode your base so talking
through those concepts is something that
you’ll find inside of this bonus and
talking about email so if you’re new to
doing list building so maybe you’re

VidScratch OTO

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