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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Therefore, you’re missing out on a sizable untapped market of customers that are actively looking for your products to purchase if your company isn’t included on the search results page. Good luck on your travels. We’re going over the beginner’s guide to SEO today, and I’m Morgan and Neely, which is also a pretty intriguing acronym. SEO: What is it? SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, refers to the effort done to make your website more search engine friendly.


You must put out some effort if you want to persuade Google and other search engines that you are the most reliable and relevant result for searches related to your products or services. The two factors of relevancy and trust are thus used by Google to determine which websites should be shown on the first page.


I’ll refer to “Google” as well as all other search engines since 167 billion searches are made on it each month. That’s a lot. Since the bulk of searches now occur on Google, I will simply refer to it as “google” throughout this article. We will continue because it is the 167 billion pound elephant in the room. I’m afraid, so please explain why.


How important is it? Why should we invest our resources there if search engines are the new Yellow Pages? People visit this site in search of solutions. Many of the limitless billions of searches made each month are for your products and services. In light of the fact that 88 percent of consumers conduct their research before making a purchase, if you don’t show up on the search results page, you’re missing out on a sizable untapped market of customers who are actively looking for your products.


How do they act? Research? Simply said, you need to be there. Google, so you must just be present. So rather than telling you, allow me to just show you. Let’s look at a search result right away. Let’s do it right, so let’s start by dissecting the search results page to identify the different elements of SEO.


So let’s head over to and select a hypothetical business to investigate. Let’s attempt it. It’s true what they say: “Lawyers, lawyers, your profession is really taking off.” Phoenix is in Arizona, for sure.


Phoenix, Arizona, legal counsel is urgently required. Your search query, which may also contain your keywords, is the phrase or question for which you are looking for answers. For instance, “lawyer” and “Phoenix, Arizona” both likely qualify as keywords. The three parts of the search engine results page, or serp, will now be examined in more detail. Hence, we have these first two parts here. You can usually tell that these are sponsored advertisements because they have a small ad flag there.


As you can see, there are two ads here, and if we scroll down to the following section, this is the one with the nearby map listings. As a result, they are only regional businesses. If you don’t have a specific geographic area that you serve or if you cater to a national audience, you won’t be able to display here. You must have a website with excellent SEO and a Google profile that is optimized in order to be listed here. As you can see from my company profile, there are typically only three companies listed here.


Additionally, there might occasionally be advertising. The standard three-pack in the area is this. The three listings below it are those that are showing up naturally and organically and that Google has identified as being for Phoenix, Arizona. This is an example of someone who paid to be listed locally, while the person above it is someone who paid to be listed locally. These three are the best. Clicking on additional locations will bring up a larger map with all the different local attorneys. So, before visiting their Google My Business page, you might notice a significant number of them.


An example of one is in the subsequent and final section at the bottom. These are what would naturally happen. In contrast to sponsored advertisements, you have to pay to play for them, so this is where you want to be. As a result, you’ll be gone poof when your advertising budget runs out. But if you use these, you’ll gradually persuade Google that you are the most pertinent and trustworthy answer, and you’ll stay on the page for a very long time. As a general rule, we’re taught to skip past the ads and jump straight to the organic results. As long as you keep showing Google that you’re superior to your rivals and people like these, many people will just stroll down here, click, and find their lawyer. As a result, I want to go back to the beginning and discuss keywords.


competitiveness given that we’ll be discussing keywords a lot. Your webpage must contain everything. Since people are using these search terms, you must make sure that your website also uses them. However, some individuals are much more competitive than others. As a result, there are about 32 million results for “lawyer” when you search in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a big city, Phoenix.


If we change it to something less competitive—for example, a dog grooming business in Phoenix, Arizona, where there are only 2.3 million results—we can see how it would work. There is less competition as a result, which is great if you are a dog groomer because it means you have if you are using the right SEO. It will be simpler to appear on the first page of results for that search term in contrast to lawyers who invest a lot of money in advertising. Market competition is fierce.
The highest positions are constantly sought after. Is it necessary to only use short keywords? Is there currently anything else besides Google we can use? You need to build your reputation in the smaller, less crowded markets before Google realizes that you should be ranking for these. So-called long-tail keywords—keywords with three, four, five, or six words in total—are a good place to start. For this example, let’s use broader terms. Let’s pretend that if I were a dog groomer, I would specialize in poor grooming. Once that is done, we’ll change the search terms to “poodle groomer” and “phoenix, Arizona.” Since there are only 300,000 search results, you can see how fierce the competition is.

This is fantastic because it gives me a great opportunity to start building my authority with Google because fewer people are including poodle grooming on their websites. So be aware that if I’m a dog groomer and you visit my website and there isn’t even a reference to dog grooming, just my name, my phone number, and possibly a picture, Google will see it and assume that it isn’t relevant. It is unimportant. Given that they are most likely not dog groomers at all, this person must not be a great fit for this keyword. We must therefore verify that every piece of content on our website is pertinent to those keywords. Tell me everything, please. I only need to make a small text update on my website.

Not quite, but bear in mind that we’re doing this both for Google and our customers, so they might have knowledge. Google, on the other hand, has very particular preferences for the structure of our websites. Google wants to make sure that the website’s backend data is structured so that it can easily read and comprehend what the site is about because, in the end, a robot will be scanning the website’s back end. These consist of things like our h1 tag and our metadata meta descriptions, which I’ll dive into right away to show how incredible they are given that we are on a website for poodle grooming. Let’s move on to this one since I like rhymes: puff and fluff pet sitting.

Google doesn’t recognize any of the content, even though the website is visually appealing and has great branding and colors. They observed the explosion. It’s awful, That’s not very appealing, and if customers saw your website in this way, they wouldn’t get anything from it. You’re advising me that I must learn how to code in order to accomplish that, not necessarily because modern website builders already have this built in, but rather because this is precisely what Google considers when deciding how to rank a website.

This website, as you can see, makes use of the all-in-one SEO plug-in for WordPress, which is fantastic because it makes it incredibly simple for non-technical users like you to update all these SEO aspects. Your meta title, which is simply the title of each section of your website that will appear on the search engine results page for this example, is necessary in order to accomplish this. After setting their meta title for puff and fluff grooming and pet city, you can see right here where they chose the appropriate meta description. These are the basic principles of SEO for your website’s SERPs. We just went over everything that needs to be done on your website.

The topics will now be discussed off-site. That shows Google that you are the most trustworthy search result, according to the data. Okay, so explain a little more about the background of your trust. Consider receiving a call from a fifth-grader who tells you, “Hey Morgan, you’re the best basketball player in the entire world.” Will you genuinely accept him?

Most likely not; I think he has already given him full payment. What if you received a call from Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Michael Jordan telling you all about this new Morgan? She is the best basketball player there is in the entire world. How would you react if someone told you they believed them?

Of course, I say. They have authority over others. So, just like with Google, you’ll have faith in their judgment. We could boast about ourselves all day, but we constantly witness this. Google can decide whether or not to trust your website based on this. Superlatives are used to boast about being the best dog groomer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Backlinks, or links on other websites, assist a website in gaining the credibility it needs from other users. Google interprets this as a sign that all is well because it links back to your website. This website is truly fantastic. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to backlinks from other websites at the moment. Obviously, you don’t just enter your information online.

Analyze each statement. Every YouTube comment that advises you to just post your website everywhere does so because doing anything else would make Google appear spammy. It calls for extremely high-grade Michael Jordan shoes. What a single thing is that? Right now, they are able to.

The most crucial thing you can do to get the most bang for your buck is to add content and other materials to your website. You can select those keywords from the available keywords. You should definitely mention the products and services you offer or that you want your clients to be aware of, for instance, if you use a dog groomer in Phoenix, Arizona. Perhaps there are particular grooming methods that you enjoy using. Say, for instance, that you have a reputation for being the best damn toy poodle groomer this side of the Mississippi.

Okay, a separate page detailing the specific service you offer should be included. You should check your page again in light of that. Just produce tons of content so that when people and eventually Google look at it, they know exactly what you’re about. Don’t worry; as soon as Google completes this, you’ll start to advance in its rankings.

I sincerely hope that this SEO primer was helpful to you and that you can immediately start implementing the advice. The most helpful lesson you learned today about SEO, if you’re starting a business and this article was helpful to you, should be shared in the comments section below. Don’t forget to like this video as well. subscribe If you want to watch these videos first, ring that bell. This has been the voyage signing off to you.

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