VidSnatcher OTO – links OTO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Here Discount for you

VidSnatcher OTO – 1,2,3,4,5 -There is one front End and Five OTOs Links . the VidSnatcher OTO 1 is the VS Pro Editor’s Suite, the VidSnatcher OTO 2 is the VS Agency Suite, the VidSnatcher OTO 3 is the  , the VidSnatcher OTO 4 is the VS Template Club, the VidSnatcher OTO 5 is the VS Animation Suite. all links and details bellow


VidSnatcher OTO

VidSnatcher OTO

VidSnatcher FE=>>VidSnatcher Front End
OTO1=>>VS Pro Editor’s Suite
OTO2=>>VS Agency Suite
OTO3=>>VS Template Club
OTO4=>>VS Template Club
OTO5=>>VS Animation Suite

VidSnatcher OTO

OTO1:VS Pro Editor’s Suite

• Unlock Image & Video Libraries

• Unlock Music Library

• Unlock In-app URL Screenshot Import

OTO2:VS Agency Suite

• 50 Pre-made Local Video Templates

• Professional plug-in and promote Agency WEBSITE

• Todd Gross Agency Marketing Video

OTO3:VS Template Club

Downsell From OTO 2

• 50 Pre-made Local Video Templates

OTO4:VS Template Club

• Get 10 New Local Video Templates Delivered Monthly for 1 Year

OTO5:VS Animation Suite

• 125+ Animated Icons to Use In VidSnatcher + More Added Each Month


What is VidSnatcher ?

VidSnatcher has been in the making for the past two years and is now completely ready for the masses to enjoy. It’s the ultimate Camtasia replacement, geared towards helping VIDEO marketers easily edit and create beautiful videos in the cloud.

Import videos, audio, and images

Unlimited Personal video creation

Advance text-to-speech engine with built-in translation

Screen Record and Voice Record

Easy to use drag-and-drop editing timeline

Add Unlimited Layers for the most complex videos

Dozens of pre-made icons, shapes, and transitions to use

Add text, customize and translate to virtually any language

Select custom canvas sizes

Remove Green Screen with just a few clicks

Easily add subtitles


FE Features:

Brand New Video Technology Helps Entrepreneurs Create The Perfect Online Courses, Training Videos, E-learning Videos and More! Combine, Edit, Create, and Remake Any Video, In Any Language!


  • Complete Blank Canvas Editor for Full Flexibility.
  • Perfect for creating  E-learning Video Courses & Tutorials.
  • Jam-Packed with Must-Have Video Editing Features.
  • Built-In Text-To-Speech Engine with Language Translator.
  • Cloud Based for Maximum Compatibility on All Operating Systems.
  • Sell ANY Video you Create For 100% Profit (Commercial License Included).
  • Screen and Live Voice Recording.
  • Unlimited Projects at A Low One-Time Fee


Video review for front End only

Text from this video

hi guys it’s Chris here with self-made
you be calm welcome to this vid snatch a
review now for those of you out there
who are looking for an all-in-one
massive video editing tool but you don’t
want to fork out a bunch of money on
things like Adobe or Final Cut Pro you
also want to be able to edit video on
the fly beautiful videos create and edit\

videos on the fly on a platform that is
stored on the cloud so you can access it
from anywhere this is the best thing on
the market currently today we’re going
to take a look at it as well as that
I’ve also gotten you some really awesome
bonuses that I’ve hand-picked that are
going to go hand-in-hand with vid
snatcher so you get the absolute most
out of it the biggest bang for your buck
you can get and you really hit the
ground running with it so Before we jump
into that drop a life in this video hit
subscribe and turn on that little Bell
notification if you want to be updated
with new platforms coming out that are
going to make you money online so
without further adieu let’s kick off
into it and see exactly what this
platform is all about hello and welcome
to the demonstration of vid snatcher
this demonstration was produced using

vid Snatchers text-to-speech this is
such a powerful feature that we will
dive into more a bit later okay let’s
get started I want to point out that
there are training videos on everything
we’re about to go over right here so you
always have a helpful reference if you
ever have questions about how to use
features in vid snatcher so first we
need to login once we’re logged in the
first step is to select the canvas size
of the video we want to create a
one-to-one ratio is very popular for
videos shown on social media and a 16 to
nine ratio is your standard video size
for this demo I am going to select the
standard size so now we’re in the
editing dashboard of vid snatcher
as you can see it is an open canvas
video editor with complete editing
flexibility at any point if you need to
adjust the video size or canvas color
you can go right here to project
properties change canvas size by
selecting a preset size or entering a

custom size to suit your specific need
easily change the color right here now
on to the fun part in order to create a
video we must add media you can add
media from your computer such as video
music images even animated gifs let’s go
ahead and add some so you can see how it
I’m going to select this video and you
see the upload progress in your media
bin right here once it’s uploaded you
can simply drag and drop it into the
timeline I am going to upload an image
as well so I can show you how media
within the timeline interacts now I’ll
drag and drop the image into the
timeline there we go now you can see how
easy it is to drag the media around you
can shorten it like this you can split
media in half place the timeline marker
where you want to split the media then
click the break icon voila you now have
two separate pieces of media you can
copy cut and paste media as well as undo
and redo any changes you make all right
here within the timeline you can zoom in

and out on the timeline for even more
detailed editing add more layers for
additional media as well as hide and
lock media within each layer for a
better editing experience I’ll go ahead
and hide this layer you see now the
content is gone and this is how you lock
the media it makes it easy to edit
without affecting media you don’t want
to alter as you can see it is a very
straightforward intuitive editing
interface another way to add media is to
create it directly from the vid snatcher
dashboard in the form of screen record
and voice record to show this I am going
to start a new project these are the
tools that will be extremely helpful to
you when you’re creating any type of
training and tutorial videos first let’s
look at the screen capture since its
most important simply click record
screen right here it will give you the

option to disable your mic if you don’t
want sound as well as the options to
record your full desktop screen or you
can record a specific tab open on your
computer let me show you
if using Chrome it will give you the
option to record the full desktop a
specific tab or a specific application
window in this case I am going to take a
screen record of the vid snatcher
training video page just click Share
and we’re off I am now recording this
over the page while it’s recording
perfect for how-to and training videos
once you’re done recording press the
stop button at the top of the page and
the file automatically starts converting
in your media bin
it will take a little bit of time to
process but then it’s ready to use in
your video
very nice

the voice record works the same way you
can press record and record your voice
you can even press play on the timeline
while it’s recording so if you wish to
speak along with media already on the
timeline you can do it seamlessly and it
will match up perfectly
so once you click to stop the recording
it will automatically process in your
media bin
but what if you don’t want to record
your voice or speak in the videos you
create this is where a robot like me
comes in handy this is the very powerful
built-in text-to-speech feature with
language translation that really
elevates vid snatcher above other open
canvas editors on the Internet getting
started simply click the speaker icon
here to access text-to-speech now watch
typing what you want to say here
then select the language you want to use
you can see just how many languages
there are built into vid snatcher

let’s choose Japanese once the language
is selected click translate you can see
it translates it in the text box now you
can scroll down and pick a voice type
there are two options standard or WAV
which is more advanced but limited on
languages for this demo we will use the
standard voice so the language is
Japanese then I can choose between a
male or female voice I will select
female some languages like English for
example open the option to select
different accents like my voice it is an
English language with Australian accent
the Japanese accent is the default in
this case
once you’ve selected those settings
simply click to search voices to
different voices populate I can select
and listen to either one before I import
it into my media library like us you
know video hints you know needs initio
Saleucami not severity to do this it’s
not java but that’s you know video here

sure no needs initio suit if they’re not
savannah shoot through this i am going
to select the second option and add it
to my media library you can see just how
powerful that is in that you can create
videos in so many different languages
and reach audiences around the world the
first time ever this can be done with an
open canvas video editor in the cloud
now since we are in the cloud i am going
to save my work you’ll want to save
frequently as you never know when there
may be a bad internet connection now
that i’ve saved my project i can show
you another really neat feature that is
unique to vid snatcher you can actually
share media directly from your media bin
so vid snatcher can work like we
transfer to send media files but it’s
directly through the vid snatcher
dashboard i simply click the share
button here give it a name and click
generate shareable link i can then copy
the link and send the URL to anyone for

an instant download that’s such a neat
feature i am going to go ahead and
export this video to show you how that
works before i move on to the green
screen editing feature in vid Snatcher
after the project is saved i simply
click export the video gets put into
queue and starts rendering at this point
you can close your browser and your
computer and the process will continue
you’ll receive an email as soon as your
video is available for download if you
want to check the progress of your video
you can click my video right here and
follow real-time how far along your
video render is it’s that simple
we’ve just gone through adding media

creating media with screen and voice
records easily sharing media adding text
to speech and language translation how
easy it is to use the editing tools and
move media around the timeline as well
as saving and processing your work it’s
just amazing how much you can do with
vid snatcher and ladies and gentle
after all of that there’s even more t

VidSnatcher OTO