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VidTags OTO  –  What is VidTags?

The Demo

The VidTags is an Ai-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes navigating, Tagging, searching, transcribing, & translating your marketing video/audio contents super easy.

A brand new, video platform that uses the power of Ai to Supercharge your video engagement, get more views, and increase sales.

In 2021 nobody wants to sit and watch 30 or 60 minutes long videos just to find out 1 or Two things they might be interested in… This is why VidTags is created!



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Video review for Front End only.

Text From This video

Hi there, what’s going on, everybody frank here? I’d like to welcome you to my review, and during this video, I’d like to give you a run through this product of exactly what it is and how It works and now a comprehensive tutorial and bonuses by the creator, don’t forget to click on the link below for more information.

Thank you for this video. I am going to show you how you can use vid tags to power. Your video and audio content that’ll help you save time, boost engagement, and ultimately increase profits for you in your clients, video marketing business.

VidTags OTO


Before I dive into the demo of vid tags, I want to first tell you a little about vid tags and why you must make the switch today. Vid tags is an ai powered, interactive video and audio hosting platform.

That makes navigating deep tagging, searching, transcribing, and translating your market video audio contents super easy for us. Just copy and paste the url of any online video or audio or import videos from youtube.

Your zoom sections, videos from Facebook, Vimeo dropbox or just upload from your computer bid tags will automatically generate transcripts, then create an interactive, actionable table of contents by understanding the context of the conversations in the video while adding deep tags to each segment in the interactive, actionable Table of contents, now, with this new content, you can translate and render it into 35 different languages, [, Music, ].

First, we need a youtube video url, so I’m just going to copy this youtube real estate guide to the vid tags, dashboard [, Music ]. Now we have two options: one is to allow the ai to detect the video language, or we can select from the language drop-down list.

For this demo. I’ll ask the ai to detect the video language for us. Next, I’ll. Select youtube and paste the link to fetch and import the video from youtube to vid tags, [Music ], depending on the video size.

This can take a minute or two to render. While we are waiting for the video to complete its initialization, we can also create video or audio pages from here. We’ll be able to create our page categories or our podcast pages in other to get video or podcast galleries.

VidTags OTOs

Here is one of the pages I created earlier, and I can link my videos to create video galleries. Also, if you want to create a video category page from scratch, you can do that here, give the page title descriptions, sub URL, and you can upload your own logo here if you want to show the view, counts, or date the video was published, you can turn them on here and then click to watch button text goes here, and we can also reproduce the same for our audio to add your audio files or text.

Here you’ll be able to upload your audio to convert to text auto, add tags, transcribe, have it searchable and translate to over 35 different languages. We can also convert our blogs to a speech by pasting the blog url.

Here you can select the language of the blog post. You want to convert to speech, select your voice model, the speech pitch type, and the volume [ Music ] plus. We can also generate speech or audio from our text or text documents by pasting them here.

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For this demo, I’ll, be uploading our audio file and let the ai do the hard work for us, depending on the file size. This can take seconds to get uploaded, tagged, and transcribed from this icon. Drop-Down, you’ll be able to see your initialization completions, and we also get to send you an email for each completed file.

Render, from what I can see here. Our video has rendered okay. Now let’s, see the wonders of big tags and what was done for us in the background [, Music ], how cool it created chapters in the form of tags, and we can also see the video transcriptions here now.

That is the power of ai. From here, we can add this video to the gallery category we created earlier, and also, we can customize our video as you can see the app fetched the video title, meta information, and descriptions for us.

VidTags OTO bonuses

I’ll make our video public, so it can be indexed by the search engine, and we can share our url or embed it on our website. You can always upload your thumbnail here, though; the software automatically fetches and add one for you.

You can always edit the description to something more SEO friendly and click to save [ Music ] vid tags supports several sharing methods via the link, Facebook, and other social methods. [ Music ] next is to set our embed positions.

Vid tags have several embed positions, and you can customize the player and the video embed size. Let’s, make the embed size 1400 by 600 pixels. We can select the position. We want our tags or transcripts to appear.

This could be at the bottom left or right. Let’s, select the right position for this demo. We can uncheck any of the features we don’t want, and we can also edit any of the features text with bid tags.

What you see is what you get simple, and we can copy our codes that can be embedded anywhere on our website. Here, let’s. Take a sneak peek to see how our video has been transformed, ready, boom. Now tell me: have you come across a tool close to vintage’s, interactive, actionable table of content with full transcriptions before tell me, you’ve not been blown away by how powerful vid tags are.

VidTags OTO upsell

We’ve not even scratched the surface, yet from here, we can see our view. Accounts share links, the option to download the video and download transcripts in different formats as the platform owner. You have the right to restrict these options and determine what viewers can see or gain access to a tap on the play button.

So you can see the interactions and also any point of the video can be searched say I want to start watching from where the author mentioned transportation. I can just enter the keyword, and the video will skip to that point now; think about how helpful and engaging this beast of software will help boost your video marketing business.

We can also use the auto-scroll feature to read and watch along. How convenient okay, let’s embed this video quickly on our website. I’ll copy. Our vid tags embed code, as I mentioned before, vid tags will work out of the box for your websites, too [ Music ].

Now let’s, see how it looks on our website by copying the website link [ Music ]. Also, the chapters are interactive. Your viewers can click at any point on your table of contents. To start watching. From that point on [ Music ], the players can be customized, and you can remove any feature.

VidTags OTO upgrade

You don’t want visible to your viewers, and we can also change the player position if you want to disable all the bells and whistles and want to embed only the video on your website. Vid tags can do that, for you too [ Music, ] cool right.

We now have a standalone video—another awesome feature of vid tags. I know you’ve been waiting for this. It’s. The ability to translate your video into several languages – really, we can do that too.

Yes, all thanks to our inbuilt ai, deep translation add-on. Let’s dive into it. Shall we our first video translation language, will be french click here to listen to how the talking head will sound next select the voice model, the pitch, and the volume style [ Music ]? I’m on a roll, let’s.

Add one more language: translation to this video. Let me see which language to pick. Okay, Espanol it is. I’ll select my voice model. I’ll. Call this Spanish, then click to add the language. We’ll circle back to it; while it renders, please know that you’ll always receive completion notice via email, and you can also see the status here.

While we wait for the translation to complete, we can skip back to see the audio file we uploaded earlier. Let’s open it to see if it was tagged, transcribed, and searchable. You bet here are the tags, and the transcript rendered beautifully.

[Music ] also, we can switch our file to have it public. Let’s, give it a title. So don’t forget to add a nice meta tag and descriptions for an SEO boost. Also, you can upload your cover thumbnail here.

VidTags OTO discount

[ Music ] did. I also tell you you can also translate the audio file into other languages. Yes, you can. With your ai friend vid tags, let’s, get the german version of our audio [ Music ]. We can add one more language.

Okay, say Italian Italian: it is then [ Music ], as you can see from the timeline. Our German translation has already been completed. If I click on the language tab here, it switches to german. The system also automatically creates an interactive, actionable table of contents, for us also translate the voice to german, and the transcript gets translated.

Also, let’s. Use the share feature to see how our podcast page looks. Wait until you see how you can quickly create collections of podcast pages; a click on the play button to see the transcription and the interactions, not just only the videos you create with vid tags are searchable.

This one, too, is searchable, and it works for other languages too. As you see it, auto switched to german. Now let’s circle back to our video to see if it has completed its rendering. Regarding video pages, we can have collections of our videos in gallery format, and this gallery can be embedded on our website too, or we can use our vid tags gallery url.

This is good for training or tutorial video collections. Okay, our video languages have been completed now. Let’s, change the embed positions to see how it looks on our website from here. You can select the video language you want as your default language.


Now let’s refresh our website to see the new change. As you can see, the position has changed, and we can select our video language choice from here. The contents all change to french, including the transcript and voiceover [ Music ].

One of my favorite embed positions is the bottom position. I’ll switch to it, so you can see how it looks. [, Music ] on this settings tab, you’ll be able to change the vid tags, dashboard language, and your time zone. You’ll be able to connect and fetch your zoom sections and google drive files from here.

If you want to cut out outside noise, hummings, or profanity from your contents, you can always turn this on. Your video and audio analytics are housed here. You’ll be able to also see your analytics here and also by individual [ Music ] languages guys, go ahead and use the link below to get vid tags.

Today, as I can’t, wait to see you inside the member’s area, you

VidTags OTO



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