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VIPER OTO  –  What is VIPER?

The Demo


The viper tool is the ultimate SaaS platform with complete TikTok marketing solutions for your business to grow.

It offers many powerful tools like Affiliate offers search,

TikTok Video search and maker,

TikTok Bio links, Auto Reply and Quick Reply,

BOT Automation for audience growth and many other tools.

share your TikTok profile link or content to 200 FREE Traffic Sources.

Viper is the ideal tool to reach your audience, build a connection,





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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hi there, I’m Suzanne Stoddard from legitimate affiliate training, and in this video, I’m going to be reviewing viper. This is a product by billy, darr, Justin, pay, and find Goswami. I want to show you the truth behind the sales page, so you can stop buying these shiny objects and stop wasting your hard-earned money.

I’m going to show you inside the member’s area, so I can explain to you in detail why products like viper are time. Wasters for beginner affiliate marketers, my greatest desire is to help you make wise decisions with your time and money and see you build a real online business.

That’S honest and sustainable! So stay with me to the end. Okay, because I want to show you how you’re, stealing with this software; if you like my video, please hit the thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, and if you’re trying to make money online as a beginner affiliate marketer, VIPER OTO then I have something much safer and effective For you, click on my free training in the link in the description below .

this training is incredibly detailed and shows you exactly how to build a real online evergreen business that brings in traffic, leads, and sales. Go ahead and click the link below. It’s a hundred percent Free and one hundred percent awesome, okay. VIPER OTO So let’s start. This is your typical shiny object, sales page? What’S a shiny object, you ask? Well, I created a video for you about just that and how you can escape the madness.

VIPER OTO Links Above


Click on the link above, and I’ll leave. It below for you as well. Notice how they use language that pushes a beginner’s emotional buttons. They say that this is the hottest new traffic solution that it’s the world’s first robotic tick-tock app. That gets you unlimited free buyer traffic in 30 seconds, even if you’re a beginner with no tech, skills, or experience. Oh, and how about down here where it says you can quit your job and be your own boss, you can travel, enjoy life, and be free? Wow.

These are all lies, and they know it. If it were that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? They know that newbies with no online experience will love this because it sounds easy, and it sounds like they’ll get paid with little to no work right like look at this. This is probably fake. It’S easy enough to create this in any image editor, but too bad.

It’S never true, they’re basically trying to sell you the dream life because, unfortunately, it works, but I know you’re too smart for that, right. That’S why you’re here. After all, I’ll let VIPER OTO you read through the sales page on your own; it’s full of more ridiculous promises and lies. Oh, but I do want to point something out to you right here: they’re offering you a 365-day money-back guarantee.

which is supposed to make. You feel safe that you can buy it and always get a refund, and they go so far as to say that they’ll even pay you two hundred dollars. If you don’t get results, or is it 500, they’ve got two different amounts here, but please don’t believe this to prove to you how many of these vendors work.

I created a video about my journey, getting a refund from another vendor. Who is just like this one? It wasn’t easy, but it can be done if you use PayPal.

Click on the link you see above, and I’ll leave the link below for you as well. Okay, so let’s go inside the product now normally; the first thing you do VIPER OTO would be to click on the training, but all I could find in here was the training from a previous product called an aura. Now I don’t know how similar this is to this older product, but this is all that’s in there at the moment,


and I certainly hope that he changes this out by the time the product is launched because the training is going to be different for a different Product right, then, you see your dashboard, and this basically shows you all of the video downloads you’ve made already how many ticks, tock hashtag searches you’ve made and how many automatic campaigns you’ve made, and this is also the review copy.

Okay, it’s not my own. The other thing on the dashboard is your latest deals from warrior plus and from Clickbank, but what’s not beginner-friendly with this is that anything that’s listed on warrior plus requires you to apply for affiliate approval from the vendors. So that’s a big issue because most vendors will not approve a beginner unless they have a track record

and a certain number of sales under their belt. So unless you’ve had something like 100 sales already, chances are you won’t get approved now? Clickbank is much easier for a beginner because once you’ve created your account, you get a nickname, and that’s what you put into your affiliate link.

So it’s the Clickbank products that a beginner will be able to promote right away. Next, is your tick-tock video maker? VIPER OTO Now this pulls uptick, tock, videos that are either trending popular and I don’t know what metrics they’re using to find this, the latest ones that were probably just published celebrities.

And then, you can look for hashtags and background music that you’ll use for your own videos. Now, what I find very ironic about this is that when you are using someone else’s video, that’s considered stealing; okay, you’re breaking copyright infringement, and they even added it up top.

Here they link to tick, tock’s copyright policy, and they plainly say that tick, tock respects the intellectual property rights of others, and we’d expect you to do the same. They don’t allow posting, sharing, or sending any content that violates or infringes someone else’s copyrights, which is quite hilarious because that’s what this whole product does it’s breaking copyright infringement by stealing other people’s videos. You didn’t create these.



The people in the videos have – and it belongs to them and them alone, but just to show you how the product works. I would click on search because the whole idea of creating a video is to have it relevant to the product.

You want to sell right. So let’s say you want to promote a diet product on Clickbank. So then you would look for diet videos on tick-tock. I hit search here, and nothing is working for me. So let’s try weight loss, and this is taking quite some time.

So this software is pretty glitchy, okay, so I added an s to diet, and it brought up a few things. Now I don’t see anything here. I would want to use it for a diet plan. Let’S pick this one here. VIPER OTO So if you click on the little eye, you should be able to view it okay.

So this is this woman’s video, and if you click on the pencil icon, it comes up in the editor here. So now, there are different things you can do with this video. There are different designs, and I only see one, two, three, four five templates in here that you can use. So let’s choose this one, and this is what it looks like now. All of these things you can edit, so it’s basically giving you the top and the bottom, and it’s keeping this area free to show your video.

So you can move the video around and make it a little bit bigger. You can change the writing.

VIPER OTO review

Okay, they’ve got all different, colors fonts font sizes. They have all these different types of fonts. You can add elements just like this and then size them.

However, you won’t add them wherever you want. There are also filters, and basically, what this does is add a filter over the entire thumbnail. So you can make it as transparent as you want, but I can’t seem to size it. So that’s not so great. So let’s delete that, and then you can choose audio, and hopefully, there are no issues with copyright infringement with these as well, and then this shows all your layers.