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Viral Lead Funnels OTO

What is Viral Lead Funnels  ?

The Demo

ViralLeadFunnels is a gamechanger marketing technology that helps you convert 350% of your traffic(as against the 2.35%) into red-hot leads using incentive driven viral marketing funnels. This is the EXACT Same strategy & technology used by Airbnb, Dropbox and Uber.

Dropbox, for example, exploded their user base by implementing one effortless viral tactic: Asking users to refer their friends (for free) in exchange for extra storage space. Using Viral Hacking, Dropbox went from 100,000 users to 4 MILLION in just 15 months.



Step 1: People Signup
People sign up on your viral funnel. You can give them immediate value for signing up e.g. a book.

Step 2: People Refer Friends
Your users get their own unique link to share with their friends and family in order to reach a milestone. You incentivize them by giving them points when they take specific actions (e.g share, join your group, etc) or when they achieve specific milestones (e.g refer 5 friends)


Step 3: They Reach A Milestone & Get Rewarded
As they take action and refer friends, they unlock rewards. They can unlock more valuable rewards when they refer to more people, like cheat sheets, mind maps, video, software, etc. When people take specific actions or reach a specific number of referrals (milestone) they instantly win the corresponding giveaway.

This converts and works better than any other type of marketing out there.

Works for any type of business and any type of niche, Whether you are selling:

Digital Products
Affiliate Marketing
Health & Fitness
High Ticket
Selling via Webinar
Product Launches
If You’re A Local Business
Large Multinational Company
Or Even A Complete Beginner!



Viral Lead Funnels OTO – The Funnels


Front End: ViralLeadFunnels
Personal & Commercial Licence

Upsell 1: QuizFunnels 

Quickly create quizzes to segment leads for incredibly targeted lists. These quizzes can be easily created from right inside your dashboard. Quizzes help you understand what your customers are looking for or what they consider to be important. Watch sales skyrocket as you are able to deliver relevant offers to your leads.

Easily create:

A One-Question Quiz
A Complex Funnel With Multiple Questions
Conditional Branching Logic
Question Scoring And Weighting
And Different Paths And Outcome Pages Based On A Person’s Answers ”  Viral Lead Funnels OTO ”


Upsell 2: ViralLeadFunnels UNLIMITED

Create UNLIMITED funnels to make UNLIMITED profits. Also get access to 3 Extra Features…

Advanced Triggers: Create a cut-off of sorts to put leads above a certain number of points into a separate list that can then, for example, be automatically added to a webinar invitee list on GoToWebinar from right inside your dashboard.

Automated Hooks: With just 1-Click, you can:

Add a user to different Autoresponder lists
Remove a user from an Autoresponder list
Integrate with Webinar Platforms like GoToWebinar & Zoom
Integrate with Membership Platforms like Karta, Kyvio, Learnable
Tag a lead on your CRM
And a lot more…


Upsell 3: ViralLeadFunnels Done-For-You Templates 

Instantly benefit from 50 high converting funnel templates pre-loaded into your software dashboard. These templates can be fully customized within the ViralLeadFunnels Inbuilt Funnel Page Builder.

You get everything done-for-you…

50 Done-For-You Funnel Templates
50 Pieces Of High-Converting Content
50 Done-For-You Professional Landing Pages
50 Done-For-You Lead Magnets (high-quality software, video courses, premium report)
50 Done-For-You Thank You Pages
50 Done-For-You 2nd Lead Magnets


Upsell 4: Resellify (Mid Ticket) 

Get Reseller Rights to FIVE High-Quality Software Apps with Professionally Designed Sales Pages and Start Making Sales!

Socicake Traffic Suite
Design Bundle app suite
Leadgrow Lead Generation App
Uduala Ecom Domination platform
AgencyBlitz DFY Agency Biz Setup


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey what’s going on everyone it’s jonah here from jonah hi from welcome to my viral leads funnels review now i’m here inside of the members area of viral east funnels during this video i’m going to give you a demo and a run through exactly what this is exactly Viral Lead Funnels OTO

how it works and exactly what it does uh basically in a nutshell this is quite an advanced software it’s all cloud-based and it’s going to allow you to Viral Lead Funnels OTO create lead pages or squeeze pages and also full funnels so you’ve got your squeeze page you’ve got your thank you pages and the Viral Lead Funnels OTO unique thing about this is it

allows you to create these mini competitions so whenever somebody signs up to your lead page then they will be able to share this Viral Lead Funnels OTO with multiple people and you get to collect all of those leads that they’ve shared this with and then they get to unlock something for free so it not only creates your squeeze Viral Lead Funnels OTOs

pages for you your thank you pages for you but it also has these mini competitions too which you can save a ton of money from doing this because you maybe Viral Lead Funnels OTOs you might get a thousand visitors and then that 1 000 people turns into 10 000 people’s because these people have have spread the word through this viral capturing so it’s pretty cool um i’ve just been through Viral Lead Funnels OTO

this software briefly i’m going to go through it again with you on this video so we can take a look inside but basically it’s a lot cheaper than a lot of their competitors as well for example does pretty much the same thing except leadpages only creates squeeze pages and thank you pages and that’s going to cost you 48 a month okay so uh viral viral leads Viral Lead Funnels OTO

Viral Lead Funnels OTO funnels is going to be a one-time only price it’s going to be way cheaper uh and i strongly suggest you pick it up because ultimately Viral Lead Funnels OTO it’s going to save you money it’s going to help you to generate leads as well so if you’re interested in this i’ve also put together a ton of custom bonuses for those of you

like to pick this up by my link which is down below in the description of this youtube video if you click on the link it’s going to bring you through to this page right here which is my bonus page and viral leads funnels is going to be going live at 11am on the 19th of september and as soon as it hits 11am on the 19th you’ll be able to click on any of these buttons on my bonus Viral Lead Funnels OTO

page that’ll take you through to the sales page that will look something like this where you’ll be able to go ahead and pick this up now you’ll need to pick this up before the countdown timer on my bonus page hit zero because my bonuses will run out as soon as that that timer runs out and that’s obviously something that i don’t want you to miss out on because i’ve put

Viral Lead Funnels OTO

these bonuses together so that you can really get the best out of viral leads funnels as possible so all of these bonuses have been custom made by myself that means that they are exclusive to me they’re not going to be available through anybody else’s link apart from mine with that said feel free to shop around because remember you can always return to my bonus page either by Viral Lead Funnels OTO

the link down below in the description of this youtube video or via my email once you realize that my bonuses are way better and way more useful than what anybody else can offer to you for this so i hope you like my glasses i wore these a lot last year i haven’t really been wearing them recently but my eyes have started to go a little bit fuzzy so i’ve i’ve brought the babies back

on anyway bonus number one i’m going to show you how to get massive traffic from instagram influencers because viral leads funnels it’s a funnel crate it’s going to help you to create your funnels but ultimately you’re going to have to drive your own traffic to these funnels in order to get subscribers in order to make money and traffic is something that’s not Viral Lead Funnels OTO

included inside of a viral leads funnel so i’ve given you some traffic here okay this is going to show you how to get a massive amount of traffic from influencers and they will virally spread your pages around using the competition things inside and that Viral Lead Funnels OTO will generate you a lot more subscribers onto your email list but it all starts here this is probably the cheapest and the best traffic

source to use with this bonus number two i’m going to give you access to my bing ads training this is a full course i’ve created on bing ads bing ads is microsoft’s version of google ads basically it’s a search engine they have their own ads platform and it’s a lot cheaper than google ads so i’m going to show you how to set everything up inside of this bonus bonus number

three i’m going to show you how to get guaranteed link approval to promote different offers that you might want to use inside a viral lead funnel so you can get paid and then bonus number four i’m going to give you access to my retargeting short course which is a full course on youtube retargeting

so you can make some really good money from some very cheap clicks from youtube and then finally bonus number five i’m going to give you access to all of the following bonuses that the vendor’s given me to give to you clickable images bot and tracker facebook video facebook live video engager soci ultima all in one social media marketing tool wp notification bar

license master resell rights owner profitable facebook ad agency facebook email collector social media income social media income pinterest social media trend spy lead fusion elite and then ton more bonuses as well if you want to pause the video and just read through those so to claim all of those bonuses i just showed you plus all of my custom bonuses all you need to do

first of all if you are watching on youtube then simply click on the link down below in the description come through to my bonus page here which you may already be on if you come through for my email simply then scroll down and click on any of these red buttons as of 11am eastern on the 19th

of september that will bring you through to the sales page that’s going to look like this we can go ahead and pick this up as soon as you’ve done that you’d simply need to go through to your jvzoo account and inside of your jvzoo account you’re going to see your username in the top right-hand side underneath well above your username you’re going to see this blue button

that says looking for your purchases click and click on there and then click on and then click on viral leads funnels and that will bring you through to your receipt that will look something like this one here where you’ll find a blue button on that page that says bonuses from jono when you click on that blue button you get instant free access to all of these bonuses i

just mentioned to you just now completely free of charge instantly delivered even if you just pick up the front end which is only going to be 47 bucks so let’s go have a look at the sales page and it says here frustrated with generating expensive leads that convert into sales at a meager 2.5 percent

leverage the new intelligent viral marketing funnel technology to skyrocket your leads and sales our advanced viral loop features give you 350 conversions which is massive uh check out the sales page in your own time there’s a ton more information on here that you need to go through uh so go and check it out when you can i’m gonna jump into the members area now and show you

around but just bear in mind their competitors are charging 48 dollars a month these guys are charging 47 one-time lifetime okay and this app actually does a lot more things than their competitors as well so you’re ultimately going to not only save your money but it’s going to generate you more leads and ultimately more sales so the inside the app looks like this when you first

get inside you will then be prompted to go and create your first campaign i’m just going to call this john a demo campaign type i’m just going to choose landing page hosted with growth zap but you can choose to create a widget that you can input onto your own website if you want to but i’m not going to do that um so then you’ve got two options built from scratch or done for

you templates i’m just going to first check out the done for you template so i’m going to click on continue and this is probably going to be the easiest way to um to use this so you’ve got gross app templates and you’ve got done for you viral lead funnels as well so you’ve got two options here um so

i’m just going to use the growth zap templates to start with and let’s go and see [Music] so we got this basic squeeze page here which is probably something that i would start with so let’s start with this one and click on

select and continue and then we can start to build out our campaigns so um let’s just go here and we can we can start to edit this landing page so once you get into edit mode it’s all pretty much drag and drop you can go and uh change any of this stuff you can go and put a video in here you can go

and put a different image in there etc etc you can go and customize this um you can have a pop-up form on there so when people click on here it’s going to bring them through to this pop-up which again you can completely customize and this is pretty much the same as which costs

48 a month okay but once you’re happy with it and everything on there then you simply go through to save and exit there’s also a ton more things you can do on here you can completely customize everything you can preview it on a tablet on a mobile you can see what it looks like you’ve got all your

settings in here as well and then once you’re happy with it you can just click on save and exit builder and then once you’ve done that you can start um you can move on to next so you’ve got all these options at the top basically so once you’ve built your lead page then you need to build out your reward

page so if you click on here this is going to be the link for your reward and then you click on edit and then you can go and choose so it works on like a points based system so required points to unlock this reward so you can actually have your download redirect to a url where they can go

and claim their reward and they can go and you can go and put your your download Viral Lead Funnels OTO url in there and once this person has accumulated 20 points then they will be able to activate this reward and they’ll be able to claim this for free but in in order to build up these points then they need to do

certain actions which brings me on to the next step here so we click on actions so if they uh directly sign up to get the bonus they can get five points you can completely customize this as well so you can have four points or ten points or whatever remember to unlock your freebie they’re gonna need 20

points so you need these to even out to be 20 points cumulative right visitor points so john drives traffic to your landing page how many points will john get for each unique visitor you could probably give him like nine or ten points for that lead points how many points will john get for each lead that signs

up so you could probably give them i don’t know however many points you want so you can go and decide that for yourself points for when they share Viral Lead Funnels OTO this on their social media so you’ve got facebook twitter linkedin pinterest what’s up an email and then you can even have custom actions as well so

if you click on here you can decide some custom actions that you want when this triggers as well so you can set the amount of points that people can accumulate per action and then once they have accumulated those 20 points

or however many you decide then they’ll go through to the thank you page which you can customize here and remember we’re using the template but you can go and customize the template by clicking on the edit button there congrats first name you’re in click here to download your

free gift you can go and customize that there you can put the link in where they want to download this is uh this will automatically be copied over from what you set up before but if you just want to tidy up this page and make it look nicer and add images and stuff like that you can do that and then the person can actually come to their dashboard here and they can see

how many more points they need to be able to unlock whatever it is that you’re giving away for free right so you can customize all of that there okay once you’ve done that if we just um exit save and exit and then we’ll see what the final step is but you can see it’s pretty easy to use this is it’s all cloud-based as well so you don’t need to have your own domain you don’t

need to have your own hosting and then you can customize your own social settings on here so you can customize your twitter stuff you can have banners and stuff that you can create for people to use as well and that’s basically once you’ve done all of these things and your campaign is going to be ready so you can go and view your campaign in here and it will give you all of Viral Lead Funnels OTO

your stats as well from all the visitors that you have um the amount of people that opted in the conversion rate everything like that now excuse me you can even integrate this with your okay so we’ve got some documentation in here but you can you can even integrate this with your autoresponder so okay Viral Lead Funnels OTO you’ve got all the training here you’ve got the campaign setup modified

campaigns advanced training other settings quiz campaigns so you’ve got all the documentation and training that you need in there as well i’m just trying to find the part where you can actually go and edit your email maybe it’s inside a profile i’m not sure where it is but there is a section in here where you can integrate this directly with your autoresponder no matter

which autoresponder you’re using or you can have it store all of the leads in the cloud here and you can just download it to a csv file and then upload it manually to whatever autoresponder it is that you’re using so that’s what the software does it doesn’t only create squeeze pages and thank you

pages but as you’ve seen it will create this whole viral funnel that people share in order to unlock stuff and it and and that in turn generates free leads for you it gets you free subscribers onto your email list so it’s a very it’s a great way of growing your business and i know that people like uber

um and airbnb they use this kind of technology to grow their business as well for free through word of mouth so it’s very powerful anyway as far as the um upsells and the prices are concerned everything i just showed you in the front end is going to be 47 bucks remember for that 47 bucks you also get

access to all my bonuses that are really going to help you out with this especially with the traffic side of things right so upsell number one is the quiz funnels it’s going to be 67 and this is going to enable you to create quizzes

inside of these funnels as well which is kind of a little bit of a gimmick i guess but it might help you out as well anyway that’s gonna be 67 bucks remember these upsells are not required they’re just there to help you give you additional features upsell number two is the unlimited version this is

again going to be 67 it’s going to allow you to create unlimited funnels make unlimited profits and get three get access to three extra features advanced triggers automated hooks and there’s something else as well you can also integrate this with go to webinar which is pretty cool upsell number three is the viral leads funnels done for you templates it’s gonna be 97 for this you

‘re going to get 50 done for you templates this actually sounds pretty good 50 pieces of high converting content 50 done for you professional landing pages 50 done for your lead magnets 50 done for you thank you pages and 50 done for you second lead magnets as well so this is definitely something

for you if you don’t want to go on in here and set it all up on your own finally upsell number four is going to be the resellify mid ticket it’s going to be 497 and 297 so you get the resellers rights to five high quality software

and apps professionally designed sales pages and start making sales so basically you get the resellers licenses to these five different softwares and apps that you can use personally i think this is a little bit overpriced but it’s completely up to you if you want to take advantage of it basically

it means you get all the sales materials you get access to the app and you simply send your traffic to the sales pages and you get to keep a hundred percent of all of the money now there’s Viral Lead Funnels OTO also a um a demo of viral leads funnel so if there’s anything that i didn’t cover inside this review video you can go and check out this demo video which is around 12 minutes long

but that’s going to go into way more detail on viral leads funnel so you can go and check that out also don’t forget to check out my bonuses i know that these are really going to help you hit the ground running especially with the traffic side of things and like i said i really like this software it’s ultimately going to save you money as opposed to their competitors Viral Lead Funnels OTO

who are charging monthly fees for the same thing and this actually gives you even more uh bang for your buck so that brings me to end this video thank you so much Viral Lead Funnels OTO for watching my viral lead funnels review and i’ll speak to you on the next one all the best take care bye


Viral Lead Funnels OTO