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Viral Traffic Magic OTO

OTO1 :Ultimate Version

You Well getViral Traffic Magic Ultimate –

It includes advanced features and more exciting add-ons


OTO2 :Advanced version

You Well Get:

More Advanced Training as we call this as Viral Traffic Magic Advanced

OTO3 :IM Academy 

In this upsell, we are giving users to test drive our most elite IM academy for just $1. This has over 300+ videos and everything is done for you.

OTO4 :Traffic Bible

This upsell gives You access to our

IM Traffic Academy which is termed as “Traffic Bible”

OTO5 : Bootcamp

In this upgrade You well get a live bootcamp and sharing some of the very underground secrets to close more clients.


What Is Viral Traffic Magic?

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its a 100% newbie friendly viral traffic getting app that is perfect for anyone to get a FREE Targeted Leads, Boost Social Media Following and Make Sales all at the same time.

And The best part is that it takes only 60 seconds to setup your first campaign.

…And everything is automated – so you simply set it up once and it will bring targeted leads, viral traffic and sales on total autopilot…

You must own this for yourself and share this with your customers and build UNLIMITED viral traffic magic campaign stgarting today!


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Video Review For Front End Only


Salam alaikum peace and blessings be
upon you all our everybody this is say
they once again as you can see I have a
new product called
viral traffic magic by art flare so what
is viral traffic magic in a nutshell
like a plugin which is gonna help you
build your list that’s like an overall
picture actually it’s gonna help you
build your list that’s the main focus
but how are you gonna build that list

Viral Traffic Magic OTO

that’s the important thing
so with this plugin you will be able to
run some kind of viral contests you know
Y will give aways you run these kind of
giveaways like you know you’re gonna
give away something you run like a
contest you know you in a such a way
that this gets viral the people have
people will keep sharing to others in
order to get points you know in all mood
the points they get you know more their
chances of winning that award you know
whichever they you want to keep so in
such a way that it gets chances are that
they share to others and they share to
others so it gets more and more you know
viral so that in order to get the reward
they keep sharing you know that side
here behind it so with this plugin like
you’re gonna have like a landing page
kind of thing where they into the email
ID in order to get enrolled for the
contest so that you know they get more
chance that’s one thing you’re gonna
collect the email id there’s like option
to you know the good thing I felt is
with the software’s with this just a
plug-in which is you can upload it in
your WordPress blog whichever blog

Viral Traffic Magic OTO

you’ll be able to collect the leads and
with these leads on the front end
there’s no ought to respond the
connection that’s the thing you know you
don’t have direct autoresponder it’s
only if you’re gonna get the upsell you

Viral Traffic Magic OTO
can connect the autoresponder so that
you know it leads kit comes directly to
your autoresponder but with the
front-end you won’t get that option but
it’s not a big deal I feel you know it
just we’re gonna you know download it
there’s option to download these leads
and they can upload it so that that’s no
I don’t feel that’s gonna be a big issue
just extra stuff you’re going to do it
so that’s that’s what the main product
is all about let’s surge if it’s
something interesting you I can click
these links and it will take you to the
speech which is like this sorry this is
the where is that where is that where is
that yeah here we go so this is you can
see there’s a brand new push button
software gets you free while traffic in
under three minutes okay okay guys I
mean before I go into the software know
these are all sales pages it I always
say don’t get hooked up by these kind of
words okay
the software let the idea behind it is
you will be able to collect leads you
know that’s the idea paint it don’t
expect like three minutes like you know
you’re gonna make money in 24 hours no
ok please you know you need to focus on
you know things like how you’re gonna
use a software in a way the if you gotta
get collect leads every day like you
know if you’re gonna get results after
one week or two weeks or like you know
just you need to keep work on it that’s
the important thing if you’re gonna buy
something of software you need to fully
involve it just start working on it
unless until you get success you know
that’s what most important thing the
best thing about you know what these
leads like you know about whatever it
traffic traffic is the most important
thing you know it’s the lifeline
collecting list you know this list
building is the most important strategy
you need to have in any of your business
online it’s like this is the this is the
only strategy which is going to help you
like wherever you like even if your
facebook gets banned or Google gets you
banned or whatever it is you know what’s
happening with nobody is you know most
of that comes are getting banned only
this least list what you’re gonna
collect it’s gonna be like your what you
know that you can always use it you know
you can always have it in your own
control that’s what I’m trying to say
that’s why I list building is so much
important and this is just an extra
software which is going to help you in
this building that’s what you need to
keep in mind okay don’t go by carried
away by your going to get result in
three minutes or like you know I can see
this limitless of free while a traffic
under three minutes one two three click
to traffic over the shoulder okay you
just go through it guys I mean sales
videos are going to be sales here okay
so don’t get
away by that lots of results and stops
are added here go through it this is our
10-week the product creators you can
again take your time just go through all
these sales pages let’s jump on to the
main thing you know let’s jump on to the
software so this is this is what your
membership be really looks like first as
a starting video and as I said this is a
plugin you need to have a wordpress
website so you’re gonna download the
plug-in from here and you can upload it
each every step as a proper video
training so you’re good with that so you
see this wild traffic magic plug-in
installation they clearly show you if
you really don’t know anything about
what press don’t worry you know they
will show you how to download it how to
upload it then the wild traffic magic
campaign set up how to set it up then
there’s a giveaway this is what thing
the important thing is the idea behind
as I said is you’re gonna use this
plugin which is I’ll show you inside now
it’s going to help you set up our wire
will give every kind of contest you know
why will giveaways whichever you want to
give whatever software or whatever
product you want to give it as a digital
product now you want to give it as a
freebie I give it away as like you know
you’re gonna run a contest for one week
or two weeks collect leads end of the
contest you gonna run like like like you
know draw and give it away to who was
the top of the you know who have been
sharing a lot so then you can see is
while in traffic magic link sharing
there’s like this is the main part
actually we’re actually Guji is the guy
main guy the product hit one of the
creators actually he shows you how to
drive traffic you know setting up is
good and everything is good but as I
said lifeline of any business is traffic
so this part is very important he shows
you how to drive traffic to that link
where you want to collect the leads
that’s the most important part of the
entire training I feel that’s like you
know you need to know how to drive
traffic that’s that’s the most important
thing guys you know that’s where the
real strategy is then as I said you can
improve the email list and you can take
it to any of the auto respond
well actually there’s option it’s good
to go for the upsell reason is you can
connect directly to order responder but
if we can’t afford to this is not an
issue it’s an extra couple of steps you
need to download it and you’re gonna
upload it to your autoresponder so it’s
not a big deal okay
let’s jump on to the arms let me show
you this this couple of you see this
just give you an idea what this plug-in
will be able to do for you you know one
thing I felt do days you know I use you
know landing page software’s like click
funnels which is like costing like 297
dollars per month you know I build
similar things you know similar way to
not like a give every stuffs and I you
know what to build a list I build like
leadpages record as a British funnel or
like a squeeze BGC in order to collect
email ids so that similar thing you’re
going to get with a single plug-in you
are able to build something like this so
whether you run it at to like a contest
or you’re gonna collect like you know
you’re just gonna give it to somebody
and you’re gonna collect the leads any
of you whatever it is you’re trying to
do another day I felt like you know
you’re just paying like a one-time fee
and you will be able to build I think
you’re gonna get like 10 or 20 I think
10 I think on the front are like a
templates to build like these kind of
things in order to collect leads so
that’s really a cool way you’re going to
build a like a squeeze lead templates
like one-time fee of paying and you’d be
able to I know
put changes the images put the logos and
you’ll be able to try traffic to this
and you can collect the leaves that’s
really really cool we actually I feel
you know for a one-time fee it’s really
a good one
and also you’re not gonna even if you
don’t order responder basically you’re
collecting the leads anyway at the front
end and you can upload it you can even
use the free version like you know a
MailChimp and other things are there a
few few of free bushes as well you can
try that one okay that just giving an
idea what what it looks like in this
this is another one that I like 10 or 20
templates I think I remember we weren’t
gonna get on the front end I’ll show you
this is one style that’s another style
as there are so many styles you can play
with this
they’ll jump onto the plugins as you see

Viral Traffic Magic OTO

this is the plug-in once you get it you
can see plug-in I had new downloaded
just upload it add new plug-in just go
here and you’ll be able to upload the
plug-in and you’ll be able to get it set
it up this looks like this viral traffic
magic all giveaways let’s go to options
first so this is where you need to come
in and set it up what I said as I said
the main idea behind it is you’re gonna
like a run like a contest in order to
give away as some kind of gift or some
kind of really valuable digital product
or something so you can see this you can
just go through its simple training is
also easy any contestant is eligible to
giveaway only confirm entries may
like if you can if you really wanted to
set up with you know capture side you
can set it up here Google reCAPTCHA and
you can see this you can add your
Facebook page Twitter handle or this can

Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO
be added here you can see the emails
there’s option two as soon as you
collect the leads as option to send an
email here you can see this from where
from – you can now from there you’re
collecting the emails you I mean from
the person and to email a reply to
address as well entry template email
this is a union which is you can go you
can go through this it’s already set it
up you can change it but they could see
this it’s good thanks for the entering
your name visit don’t forget to share it
you know it’s basically idea is it is
going to increase the contest in to
share move so you can I get more entries
like you know more chances of getting
more reward more chance of getting the
title you know to get the reward I can
see this thanks for into ring we are
just letting you know that you are won
you’re won the award something like that
so this is where you’ll be able to

Viral Traffic Magic OTO

contact them through that email idea
what you have in core what do you go on
it actually so this is the main thing
then you have settings here I can your
own settings you can say like they are
located and all these things can be
added here services this is to do with
the autoresponder part I did this you
might as I said it’s gonna be do part of
four upsell actually this one reason is
they said they know this is for the next
footer and the for that template what I
going to make that one and the support
we really have any issues you can
contact them so Kate this is the basic
settings okay everything has a proper
training let the movie let’s the most
gorgeous jump on the most important
thing let’s go to all giveaways this is
where the real real thing is actually so
this is the basic which has been played
you know the demo once let me go into
the first one this should give you an

Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO
idea what what exactly we were talking
about so you can see this in this
basically you can call this as a Viral Traffic Magic OTO
campaign you’re gonna run this campaign
or like a giveaway contest so here
you’re riding are talking about never
worry about traffic you’re going to give
me a software which is I am traffic I
think I am traffic Academy which is
wiki’s made big mean product actually
follow simple steps into email id hit
okay that’s it this is how it is going
to be displayed on your front page you
can see this where is that yeah see this
get I am traffic Academy for free
whatever you write it there it’s going
to be displayed here if you want to
change it you can change it so let’s
jump on back this here you can see here
when it’s gonna start when it’s gonna
end award at what day is gonna be
awarded then rules you can add you can

Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO
stick with whatever it is there you just
copy paste you can run add your own
stuff but I’m just saying this is like I
already done one for you you need to go
add new you need to run write it here
see this is where that points comes in
like you know you’re trying to incentive
I saying people to take more action
number of points for each friend
reffered so you’re gonna say like you
know you’re gonna get more points more
friends therefore so you know imagine
people love freebie cubes and you say
you you have to really give such a like
a cool stuff so that they want to share
it to friends that’s how you should be
the gift Viral Traffic Magic OTO
don’t worry I have like in my bonus I
like like a top like a 30 lead magnets
I’m mainly targeting this one face so he
could give away those kind of targeting
you know these people who are online
they allow these kind of gifts you know
you can add those things and you can
give away to them that will be a really
cool one don’t worry about that I’ve

Viral Traffic Magic OTO
added that’s why I’ve added this bonus
for that I can see this this is well as
I said the points you need to add and
you can see this this extraction is not
ID I will show you I will show you in
this one yeah I’ll show you it’s
something you need to add some actions
this one I think yeah you can see this
after yeah here it is this is where is
very important you can you trying to
incentivize them like you know giving
more challenges don’t like you know make
them more interested saying that you’re
gonna get more points get more hundred
points in order to follow them follow me
you know is following you you know we
can see this is Facebook email ID also
having this option you can see this kick
and link if you kick this link they can
get more under points so this is an
extra action it’s up to you you can add

Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO
it or not but I’m saying is the reason
is this is the place where you’ll be
able to add your affiliate ID any Viral Traffic Magic OTO
product so that when they go you have a
good chance of you know people to
convert you know they get interested
what is this they could read it straight
to a sales page they have added this is
one of the products CB money wine so
there’s a good chance you have a child
get some commission out of it so there’s
also a good chance to increase your
social or subscribers list like adding a
youtube go on subscribe so you get more
wonder points so this is something they
do in order to get the contest you know
in order to be in the contest so this is
extra action you can add it okay that’s
one this is where the real prize you
need to add the name of the product
which ever the logo you won’t add of the
product and the name of the icon and
value like whichever whatever value for
that product can add a number of winners
you cannot give away and you can have
some colleagues call II find questions
it’s up to you can add these ones and
this is where the like the important
part the templates or to my knowledge I
I forgot I think 10 I think yeah you
want to get 10 these are all the
templates which you saw as you saw I
showed you right the couple of them I
showed you these are all the templates
on the upsell you have more templates
like 30 I think so there’s a good chance
like it’s it’s like such a way that it
is better to have like upsell so that
you have more different landing pages
for the people to log in and leave their
you know different campaigns as early
can run different campaigns so this is
something very important and this is the
place where you add the logo you can see
this go let me show you getting an idea
what it is again this is the logo where
you will be adding it this is the page
you have chosen one of the templates is
this one and this was under template as
I showed it right so you have like 10
options in the front-end and you can
have more on the like upsell I can add a
background image if you want to and
there’s some additional images in add
and this is where you need to add your
all these you know what you added on the
settings you’ll be able to share it
across social medias so this is the main
thing so for the add new as you what I
told you this is way this how it will be
empty you need to add your title add
whatever you want or if not just like
you know it has to be very simple guys
as I said actions should be very simple
you can see this never worry about
traffic or whatever trying to promote
just couple of words just make it simple
just enter and ask them to share or hit
submit that’s it they go no this is a
finish to give away so giveaways ended
I’m just trying to say you can see this
this thing can have just email ID enter
that’s it that’s idea behind it you know
you need to collect the email ID that’s
the main focus of this product actually
so as I said this is all it is going to
be there you can enter it lets me just
show you like you know the other most
important thing i was talking about is
once you have done that I can go to all
giveaways just importing you see this
manage giveaway if you want to do some
changes here and this is the most
important part you can see this beam
contestants once you are caught all
these email ids you can see this is just
one let me go back on the
all giveaways we’ve contestants okay so
you can see this all these are the email
ids you can download it and you can
upload it in your in you know in your
autoresponder so like if we have the
upsell I mean it’s going to make your
life easy if you have an upsell where
you would be directly uploaded people
will be logged uh ID only added to your
own list so that you can I can retarget
them know the idea is you know it’s not
in the front end guys you know the
reason why we collect email I disease
you’re gonna follow with them like
future orders like you need to nurture
them and then give away lots of freebies
and kind of no good you know no like you
know like you know share some good ideas
with them initially and then start
promoting offers to them that’s where
the real money is not on the front end
but still you have that option of adding
this affiliate links so you have also
option to get like a print and sales as
well so this is the main idea of the
product so all this go no cause to you
do what is gonna be the price 1695 guys
okay so while traffic system the front
ends gonna be sixty ninety five and the
price will increase towards the end of
this seven-day launch i think yeah so
that’s nothing on the upsell as i said
it includes advanced features and more
exciting add-ons this is where i as I
told this like ten templates and you’re
gonna get more templates on the pro
version that’s big difference with these
two and it’s the advanced while traffic
magic more advanced training with this
while traffic advanced $30 this one and
this is the own I am Academy which is
like you saw the freebie which they said
it’s for one dollar you can test it out
it’s like as around 300 plus we’d use
our youth training videos okay and then
something called traffic bible that’s
they won’t product as well it’s for $67
there are it as upsell and then the last
one is the bootcamp is 147 as I said I’d
use you can always come back and buy
guys it’s why always to suggest you when
you buy such new products you test it
out you play with it happy you can come
back and buy the upsells but with this
one as I always say pro version is
always good you know so you get all the
full features and
they said you have more templates you’re
gonna get only with the pro version so
if you can afford it go for the pro
version the good thing is two things one
is you get more more templates and also
you’ll be able to connect with the
autoresponder directly you can import it
you know get all the email ids directly
so that means it will be helping elfelfa
you guys so that’s it guys if you like
it clear products like these green links
and we’ll take you to the sales page and
these are all my affiliate links so I do
get Commission so I also wanted to give
you some very good bonuses to go with
that the first one is a very good course
of Juno it’s also all about list
building okay this one of a really cool
flow soft like you know it’s a training
that’s gonna help you with list building
as well and this is something as I said
the main money is in the follow up it’s
like many collect email ids it you need
you nurture them and you need to really
follow up with them so these emails
really help you with that and this is my
upsell I would I just want to add this
kind of cool plugin very good plugin if
you have a wordpress blog like what are
you gonna use like worthless blocks is a
very good plugin hey somebody comes in
the website they have a good chance they
leave they press the back button but
this plug-in will help you direct that
you know I mean somebody because the
back button you take them to the place
where you want them to go to that’s one
feature the cool feature is it can
animate that tab browser tab which like
somebody leaves your tab goes to the
next tab opening some other in our
website this keeps blinking saying that
hi please come back with an emoji which
is small sound all kind of cool features
can be done with this with this plug-in
I really very good interesting point
which I promoted like might be a couple
of weeks before I promoted I’m gonna buy
this and give it to you if you buy an
upsell just hit me up so I’ll give this
to you okay guys then this is what I was
talking about the top 25 lead magnets
which you can add to this product
I know add the images from this and you
can promote run the giveaways and you
can give this one as a gift okay really
cool once really top quality wants no
pure loss okay and this is the software
which help you get more likes shares or
traffic engine check it out so apart
from this there’s also going to be some
very good bonuses from the vendors as
well that will be added here so that’s
it guys all these are all the best bonus
I have put together for you for while
traffic magic and there is also lots
lots more bonuses here if you like to
join my facebook group over here like if
you just want to join just join hit me
up I’ll give away these bonuses that’s
it guys so all this will be delivered
you can see this access affiliate bonus
either water + or jvzoo you can see this
access that blade bonus below that
purchase area you will be able to get
all these instantly delivered to you
that’s it guys if you liked it please
like and share any comments any positive
negative whatever it is just drop me a
comment below I’ll reply to it and make
sure you subscribe if you haven’t or if
you’re watching first time please
subscribe and don’t forget to hit that
Bell notification button so I can make
more and more new products when it gets
released like this thanks a lot guys
thanks for time take a bite

Viral Traffic Magic OTO