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Video Review For Front End Only


hi my friends the welcome back your
friend here Sheen Guji and in our
previous video we spoke about uploading
our plugin into our WordPress website
and in this video we’re gonna look at
creating a viral traffic campaign now
before we proceed please head over to
settings and viral traffic magic then we
want to make some customization here
before we continue in our campaign so we
will be on general and as you will see
here eligibility I will encourage you to
select only confirm entry may win my
giveaways this will allow for double
opt-in and it will avoid anyone who puts
in any fake email addresses to not be
qualified to take part in your contest
Google reCAPTCHA if you have any psyche
already you just put it here or if not

Viral Traffic Magic OTO

then you can sign up for it right from
the platform know for social you will
want to put your Facebook page and also
your Twitter handle into the available
boxes here and hit Save Changes then
once you have done this but I said
across two emails now for this we will
see two templates here one is for those
who have entered into your contest and
two this is for those who have won your
now you will want to put your email
address here okay and I replied to email
address you can you have two options you
can add a copy and paste this into here
or if you leave it blank it will default
we default to the email address that you
place in from address okay now for some
reason some persons may have the from
address here and they may want the
person’s to reply to another address is
all optional as you can see Viral Traffic Magic OTO

now if we head on down to the entry
email template we have the subject
confirm entry for whatever the contest
name is now this is a double opt-in
feature which will protect you because
you want to have quality leads quality
email addresses etc so like I said once

Viral Traffic Magic OTO

a person opted into your contest they
will receive this email template and
they can now confirm and then they will
be a confirm contestant right now we
proceed on to winner email template like
I said before once that person wins that
contest or it may be two persons three
persons whatever number that you set in
your campaign then those persons will
receive this template which you can
always edit very easy to edit just like
any Word document it is very simple to
edit once you’re satisfied then you get
to Save Changes and then we proceed on
to settings Viral Traffic Magic OTO
now this is pretty simple
for your giveaway you wanna have you
wanna be open with your potential leads
or with your leads so I will encourage
you to place your addresses here so if
you live in in the US you put the US

Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO
address it if you’re living in India you
put your address here whatever you are
in the Caribbean you put your address
here then you hit Save Changes then if
you have a cross to support this is
where you can contact us at any time and
I have any questions answered any any
any issues you may be having something
you know on this something you do not
understand you can shoot us an email and
then we will assist you now this is just
a front end okay if you have bought into
the upsells which I am encouraging you
to do they will have more settings they
have more options where you can now grow
your business even faster
so let’s proceed to the campaign set up
now for me I’ve done some test campaigns
already so I will select all giveaways
but for you you can just select add new
and it will give you a blank canvas top
to create your viral campaigns so are we
go to all giveaways and I will select
edit term in this is some case for you
like I said it will be blank and you
will just put in your campaign name and
proceed downwards now there are 1 2 3 4
5 we have 6 and 7 7 simple steps for you
to create this campaign and have leads
coming towards you now in the give you
information we have a description this

Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO
will be describing your your contest and
as you can see we have never worry about
traffic ever again and get it for free
and we give them the simple step follow
the two simple steps step 1 enter your
email in the box below and step 2 hit
pretty simple okay we don’t want to
complicate things because you want this
to go viral so once it’s very simple and
user sit as valuable they will also
share it with their inner circles or
with their friends and contest starts at
this date and this time as you see you
select you like and you select whatever
did you want to start and whatever time
you want to start and as you can see
it’s in a UTC so make sure that you have
the correct date and the correct time
so we proceed when you wanted to end as
we have here 92 up to about 2019 and the
time and on what did you want award with
this price to maybe that person or those
persons again it’s a UTC so make sure
that you have the curve Viral Traffic Magic OTO
time okay so we moved on to the rules
this is just they give a rules and it’s
pretty simple this is just rules that
you will be given to your potential
leads or the contestant to be sure that
they are following the rules so that
they will be qualified to win whatever
you are keeping away now we proceed to
points for friend for this the the
number of points you want to give to
that person for each friend that they
refer to this contest right so let’s say
for example an opt-in to this contest
and I will have a unique link once I
share that unique link and my friends up
in to that contest or to this contest we
will be giving them 100 points now you
can set the rule say you can set how

Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO
many points you want to set here but we
are given a 100 points for every friend
that they have referred and that friend
of those friends opt in to this contest
okay so we proceed to step two extra
entry action now this the thing about
this is I want to give them as much
points as you can just keep the keep it
going keep it going get them excited so
that they will love it and they will
share it with their friends their
families whoever it is they will keep
sharing it because it dear Cena getting
points right and as you can see for
action one we can ask them to follow us
on social media if you see like here
then you have different options here
right Instagram Twitter so once you
select Facebook Instagram or Twitter you
will have from this action as follow
social media and you will put your
social media page here you will put a
rule some get 100 points to follow me on
Facebook and you will set the points
again as you can see 100 points so once
they follow you on your Facebook they
will get 100 points so that’s 200 points
already here Viral Traffic Magic OTO
no we proceed to action number two which
is click a link you can put whatever
link you want to put your affiliate link
what everything you want to
but there so that they will go to that
page and get the information that is
there below the thing is they may buy
for you or they may not buy from you but
the potential is there for a percentage
off your contestant to buy from your
affiliate link which gives him money
again once they’ve done so they will
also get 100 points okay we have action
nama tree and the social media platform
you want them to follow us on which is
YouTube you you put your youtube link in

Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO
this box then you tell them again how
many points do you wanna get once you
subscribe to your own channel which we
have here as one of the points you can
continue adding more and more and more
and more as much as you want to add
there is no restrictions even as a
front-end product there is no Viral Traffic Magic OTO
restrictions in how much you want to add
here okay now step three price Viral Traffic Magic OTO
information you will see whatever
information you put here you can easily
copy it and you can piece it into this
box and this is a name of the price that
everyone will be seen on the front end
page and you want to have your price
brand which you will see here we cut
here traffic Bible and the image you
upload the image from your Mac your PC
or if you have it here you just upload
it in this case we have this one and the
value or the perceived value and very
important how many winners you want in
this contest for us we have three
winners so this is basically sharing
content again and I think it’s good that
we have at least more than one persons
who are eligible to win our contest
yours might be different based on what
offer you’re giving so we move on to
step four qualifying questions now this
is optional again this feature is Viral Traffic Magic OTO
something similar to the double opt-in
feature that I show you previously now
once you enable this what this will do
is qualify the purse Viral Traffic Magic OTO

to take part in a contest so you want to
have some simple question here something
maybe funny
so that you know for sure that the
person who is answering this question
they make a commitment to answer a
question so they will be a qualified
lead to your contest so you have some
simple question here and you will have
two wrong answers and the right answer
okay Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO

now this design is for your template
this is what persons will be seeing on
the front end right so this basic
product the vera traffic magic basic
product or the front end product we have
ten templates here which you can use to
create your campaigns however once you
have bought into our upsell you will
have access to more templates we have up
to 30 templates so I will encourage you
to to to upsell and buy your tools so
that you have more access to templates

so that you have more campaigns to send
out to your potential leads so once we
have selected our template then you want
to add your logo then you want to add
your background and then once you’re
satisfied you can proceed down to the
step number six which is integrating
your Sapir account now again for our

Viral Traffic Magic OTO Viral Traffic Magic OTO
basic package there is no option for you
to integrate from the system your get
response or whatever email or the
responding we have there is no way to do
so now if not then what you can do is
put your is up here information here and
then this will allow for your leads to
be please into your autoresponder
whatever service that you have connected
to is up here from the system and then
we proceed to step number seven sharing
options you will wanna you will want
your your your your leads or your
contestant to share this on my Viral Traffic Magic OTO

platform as possible so Facebook Twitter
Linkedin and Pinterest and that’s pretty
much it once you’ve done this all we
need to do is proceed here and select
update and then we want to preview and
then we will see our template or our
contest now for templates like I said we
have ten templates in this basic package
in your feed you will have up to 30
templates now what’s the template
basically in template is how the
information is arranged on the theatre
as you can see we have our logo here
then we have the information of the
contest and then we have our box image
on the right-hand side different
templates will be arranged differently

okay now as this timer here this is a
time remaining before the contest has
ended so persons still have a chance to
opt in and get points to win the contest
in the ending now again I would say this
is pretty excited this with a low Viral Traffic Magic OTO
person’s to to share your content
becoming viral content based on your
information based on what you please
into this contest once persons sees it
as palpable they will share it and once
you keep it exciting then then they will
also share it which give you the
potential to make money and again you
can make money in many ways with this
and I really love the fact that we can a
lot of persons or you guys to share a
link which would be an affiliate link or
a city or something Viral Traffic Magic OTO
this will allow you to make money again
and again now this brings us to the end
of this video training I will see you in
the next video training where I will be
teaching you or showing you some tricks
or ways to get your links out to the
public or to potential leads out there
thank you and see you in the next video
take care bye by

Viral Traffic Magic OTO



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