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OTO1 :Ultimate Version

You Well getViral Traffic Magic Ultimate –

It includes advanced features and more exciting add-ons


OTO2 :Advanced version

You Well Get:

More Advanced Training as we call this as Viral Traffic Magic Advanced

OTO3 :IM Academy 

In this upsell, we are giving users to test drive our most elite IM academy for just $1. This has over 300+ videos and everything is done for you.

OTO4 :Traffic Bible

This upsell gives You access to our

IM Traffic Academy which is termed as “Traffic Bible”

OTO5 : Bootcamp

In this upgrade You well get a live bootcamp and sharing some of the very underground secrets to close more clients.


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Video Review For Front End Only



viral traffic enchantment audit and free

giveaway hello what’s up folks this is craftsmanship

from our to advertising site quiet and I’m

too energized today since I’m going to

discharge my most up to date item it’s called

viral traffic enchantment and you can win a

free duplicate and I’m going to let you know

precisely how toward the finish of this video however

as a matter of first importance let me let you know precisely

what it is I’m going to show you the

deals page within the individuals

Viral Traffic Magic OTO

region and everything else alright so first of

all let me simply reveal to you that in the event that you

need traffic viral traffic is the best

sort of traffic that you can get on the grounds that

it’s free and it has boundless potential

alright so once individuals start sharing your

joins there’s no closure to it you can

possibly get a huge number of perspectives so

that is the reason everybody needs to become famous online

in any case, on the off chance that you will simply depend on getting

viral you will most likely not become famous online and

that is the reason we fabricated this product that

actually powers individuals to share your

stuff share your offers share whatever

connect you need to share and that is the reason

you’re going to see a snowball impact of

individuals simply sharing your connections more and

increasingly more I’m going to show you

precisely how this functions in a second

so again popular traffic enchantment is the name

of the item and we will go live

on October 25th at 10 a.m. Eastern we’re

going to have a timely riser what not

great stuff so let me share my screen let

me let you know precisely what it is and as

you can see it’s a viral traffic enchantment 1

2 3 snap and benefit spic and span

push-button programming gets us free popular

traffic in less than three minutes ensure

use it to get free popular traffic or

we’ll send you $97 alright so we are so

sure that you will get results with

this that on the off chance that you won’t get results after

utilizing our product we are really going

to pay you $97 alright with the goal that’s the secret

certain we are this totally

works alright you realize you can experience

this entire deals page time permitting

clearly we have a huge amount of evidence I’m

discharging this with Vic karti looking over

down here alone deals page so I get

a viral traffic enchantment that is the name of

this item we have some rewards

astounding rewards a sum of 8 rewards I’m

going to it some progressively evidence clearly we

got a few tributes from some top


again eight rewards I previously let you know

what’s more, that is basically it a little FAQ

at last that is it you can experience

the majority of this time permitting and right

presently let me show you both the product

introduced and the video preparing OK so

as a matter of first importance this is what it looks like

basically what you’re going to do

is you’re going to make giveaways so

anything you desire to give away a PR

course a PDF video course you know

anything you desire to give away you can

give away and this is the way you’re

actually driving individuals to share

yourself so you can get to the majority of your

giveaways directly here you can include another

one and in case you’re going to include another one

this is what it looks like so clearly going to

include a title we’re going to have a

portrayal the beginning and the end point

we’re going to declare the honors right

here and afterward you can clearly you can

include any guidelines that you need OK now

this is the place it gets energizing you can

as a matter of fact grant focuses to individuals so

whatever focuses 1 2 3 4 5 till 10 for an

move that individuals going to make so

clearly there are numerous activities

that individuals can take and there’s most certainly not

only one move that individuals can make you

can actually power individuals to share your

stuff on Facebook on Twitter on YouTube

furthermore, each time they will really share

your stuff they will get a few points so

that is the manner by which they are getting motivating force

ated OK so activity number one as you

can see you can set it up for Facebook

Instagram Twitter or YouTube then you

have the URL so you realize we can drive

individuals to tail you on Facebook to

Viral Traffic Magic OTO

share your connection to jump at the chance to you know do

whatever activity you need as should be obvious

you can enter the quantity of the

focuses directly here now on the off chance that you need to include

various activities you can as should be obvious

activity as well

this can be another activity you can include

another activity directly here so

again we can include a connection internet based life

pursue watch a youtube video all things considered

it’s thoroughly up to you what sort of

activities you need to do so you can go

viral in various manners I

keep in mind one individual can really do

numerous things for you with the goal that’s the reason

this is so amazing then we have the

prize data so the cost can be

whatever a free vehicle is a physical

item anything you desire

giveaway value brand picture esteem and a

number of victors so you can pick one

victor three champs five victors once more

Viral Traffic Magic OTO

absolutely up to you then we have the

qualifying question you can empower this

or on the other hand not we have the inquiry wrong answer

at that point the correct answer clearly then we

have the plan we have extraordinary

layouts to look over clearly you

can transfer your very own logo my very own plan

you can do this privilege here you can

transfer your own experience picture and

again we have the connections directly here at that point

we can even concoct this challenges they

show up so you know as you probably are aware zapier

enables you to associate distinctive applications to

a huge number of various administrations so you

realize you can manufacture your rundown along these lines

you can interface it to a Google Doc you

can accomplish a million unique things with

this alright so zapier combination is

working here this moment and as you can

see we got the sharing alternatives once more

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest and

we additionally have YouTube OK so you can

actually set this up in a matter of

seconds and afterward the viral traffic will

simply start overflowing with you’re going to get

huge amounts of free traffic you know in a few

cases possibly a large number of snaps who

knows so again it’s thoroughly up to you

what sort of activities you need individuals to

take it’s everything dependent via web-based networking media so

clearly the more individuals share the more

individuals see it then the more individuals will

share it and so forth alright so this is the way to set

this all up and returning right here we

have the choices directly here so clearly

can set the majority of this up so we get the

general choices email setting administrations

progressed and support and clearly we

are going to give you broad video

preparing too so we have this getting

begun video getting to your product

video then popular traffic enchantment preparing

so we have the module establishment we

have the battle arrangement giveaway

layouts and furthermore connection sharing and

clearly you can import your email list

too so all the video preparing is

directly here you needn’t bother with whatever else

a piece of this product and video

preparing to begin profiting with this

when today alright so I’m very super

energized on the grounds that I realize that a great deal of

individuals will rake in boatloads of cash with

this alright

presently let me show you the valuing what not

of the upsell

above all else as should be obvious viral

traffic enchantment the full arrangement of

everything that I just gave you will

be 1695 does the prompt riser cost and

end cost will be really 1995 and

after the underlying dispatch time frame we may

knock this cost to 27 or not by any means 37

dollars OK so on the off chance that you need to pick it

up for as low as 1695 try to shop

early again that is Friday October 25th

at 10:00 a.m. Eastern sound number 1 as

you can see it will be $37 and this is

viral traffic enchantment extreme it incorporates

propelled highlights and all the more energizing

energizing additional items then we have sound

number 2 further developed preparing also

as viral traffic enchantment progressed so this

will be twenty nine ninety five for OTO

two then we have sound number three this

is access to our I M Academy so this is

300 or more recordings on the most proficient method to make

cash on the web so on the off chance that you are spic and span to

profiting on the web this is a finished

Book of scriptures to make you cash OK so once more

300 or more recordings and you can

give it a shot for $8 alright

that is the thing that your number three we have

sound number four I am traffic Academy

which is for $67 and this is the traffic

Book of scriptures so all that you have to know

about creating traffic and making

cash with it that is OTO number four and

the last OTO number five one hundred

forty seven dollars and this will be a

live training camp alright so we will be

sharing overly underground privileged insights we

will share no place else however inside

this live training camp driving force so as you

can see sounds are constantly discretionary

clearly and you will approve of the

principle item alone however on the off chance that you need to

make your life somewhat simpler as

continuously you can get one of these

sounds up or possibly a couple completely

up to you currently how would we never e duplicate let

me disclose to you at this moment in the event that you are

viewing on YouTube right now all you

need to do resembles this video buy in

to this channel click on the Bell for

warnings and leave me a remark

which will be a tribute OK so do

these four things to enter the giveaway

what’s more, I will take the totality of the

individuals that did it so suppose 100

we’ll accomplish these four things I will take

haphazardly ten individuals and I will declare

the champs five minutes before viral

traffic enchantment goes live alright so at 9:55

a.m. Eastern on October 25th I will be

declaring the victors on my blog so the

first connection directly here in the portrayal

will take you straightforwardly to the business page

where you can snatch your duplicate with an

brisk riser

on the off chance that you won’t win and in the event that you will win it

the champs will be currently creatures right

here on my blog so look at it I can do

these for things like this video

buy in to this channel click on the

ringer for notices and leave me a

remark that is a tribute and I will

be arbitrarily picking 10% of the individuals

that did it and again regardless of whether you won’t

win you can in any case get it for as low as

1695 does the prompt riser markdown and I

think you realize we went insane low

with the cost on this one it’s value so

significantly more cash since you can create

so much free popular traffic alright so folks

I’m overly energized for it

again the viral traffic enchantment will be

going live on Friday October 25th at 10

Viral Traffic Magic OTO



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