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OTO1 :Ultimate Version

You Well getViral Traffic Magic Ultimate –

It includes advanced features and more exciting add-ons


OTO2 :Advanced version

You Well Get:

More Advanced Training as we call this as Viral Traffic Magic Advanced

OTO3 :IM Academy 

In this upsell, we are giving users to test drive our most elite IM academy for just $1. This has over 300+ videos and everything is done for you.

OTO4 :Traffic Bible

This upsell gives You access to our

IM Traffic Academy which is termed as “Traffic Bible”

OTO5 : Bootcamp

In this upgrade You well get a live bootcamp and sharing some of the very underground secrets to close more clients.


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Video Review For Front End Only


Salam alaikum harmony and favors be

upon all of you our everyone this is state

they by and by as should be obvious I have a

new item called

viral traffic enchantment by craftsmanship flare so what

is viral traffic enchantment more or less

like a module which is going to support you

assemble your rundown that resembles an in general

picture really it’s going to support you

construct your rundown that is the principle center

in any case, how are you going to manufacture that rundown

that is the significant thing

so with this module you will have the option to

run some sort of viral challenges you know

Y will give aways you run these sort of

giveaways like you know you’re going to

give away something you run like a

challenge you know you in a such a manner

this gets viral the individuals have

individuals will continue sharing to others in

request to get focuses you know in all state of mind

the focuses they get you know more their

odds of winning that grant you know

whichever they you need to keep so in

such a way, that it gets chances are that

they offer to other people and they offer to

others so it gets increasingly more you know

viral so that so as to get the reward

they continue sharing you realize that side

here behind it so with this module like

you’re going to have like a point of arrival

sort of thing where they into the email

ID so as to get enlisted for the

challenge so you realize they get more

chance that is one thing you’re going to

gather the email id there resembles choice

to you know the beneficial thing I felt is

with the product’s with this only a

module which is you can transfer it in

your WordPress blog whichever blog

you’ll have the option to gather the leads and

with these leads toward the front

there’s no should react the

association that is the thing you know you

try not to have direct autoresponder it’s

just in case you’re going to get the upsell you

can interface the autoresponder so that

you realize it leads pack comes straightforwardly to

your autoresponder yet with the

front-end you won’t get that alternative however

it is anything but a major ordeal I feel you know it

simply we’re going to you know download it

there’s choice to download these leads

what’s more, they can transfer it with the goal that that is no

I don’t feel that is going to be a major issue

simply additional stuff you will do it

so’s that is the thing that the fundamental item

is about we should flood if it’s

something fascinating you I can click

these connections and it will take you to the


discourse which resembles this sorry this is

the where is that where is that where is

that no doubt here we go so this is you can

see there’s a shiny new push button

programming gets you free while traffic in

under three minutes alright folks I

mean before I go into the product know

these are generally deals pages it I generally

state don’t get snared by these sort of

words OK

the product let the thought behind it is

you will have the option to gather drives you

realize that is the thought paint it don’t

expect like three minutes like you know

you’re going to profit in 24 hours no

alright please you realize you have to concentrate on

you realize things like how you’re going to

utilize a product in a manner the on the off chance that you gotta

get gather drives each day like you

know whether you’re going to get results after

multi week or two weeks or like you know

just you have to keep chip away at it that is

the significant thing in case you’re going to purchase

something of programming you have to completely

include it simply start taking a shot at it

except if until you get achievement you know

that is the thing that most significant thing the

best thing about you comprehend what these

leads like you think about whatever it

traffic is the most significant

thing you know it’s the life saver

gathering show you know this rundown

building is the most significant system

you have to have in any of your concern

online it resembles this is the this is the

just system which is going to support you

like any place you like regardless of whether your

facebook gets restricted or Google gets you

restricted or whatever it is, guess what

occurring with no one is you know most

of that comes are getting restricted as it were

this least rundown what you’re going to

gather it’s going to resemble your what you

realize that you can generally utilize it you know

you can generally have it in your own

control that is what I’m attempting to state

that is the reason I rundown building is to such an extent

significant and this is only an extra

programming which is going to help you in

this structure that is the thing that you have to

remember alright don’t pass via conveyed

away by your going to get result in

three minutes or like you realize I can see

this boundless of free while a traffic

under three minutes one two three snap

to traffic over the shoulder alright you

simply experience it folks I mean deals

recordings will be deals here alright

so don’t get

away by that bunches of results and stops

are included here experience it this is our

10-week the item makers you can

again take as much time as is needed simply experience all

these business pages how about we bounce on to the

primary concern you realize we should hop on to the

programming so this will be this is what your

enrollment be truly looks like first as

a beginning video and as I said this is a

module you have to have a wordpress

site so you’re going to download the

module from here and you can transfer it

each every progression as an appropriate video

preparing so you’re great with that so you

see this wild traffic enchantment module

establishment they unmistakably show you if

you truly know nothing about

what press don’t stress you know they

will tell you the best way to download it how to

transfer it then the wild traffic enchantment

crusade set up how to set it up at that point

there’s a giveaway this is what thing

the significant thing is the thought behind

as I said is you’re going to utilize this

module which is I’ll show you inside at this point

it will assist you with setting up our wire

will give each sort of challenge you know

for what reason will giveaways whichever you need to

give whatever product or whatever

item you need to give it as an advanced

item now you need to give it as a

complimentary gift I give it away as like you know

you’re going to run a challenge for multi week

or then again two weeks gather leads end of the

challenge you going to run like you

know draw and give it away to who was

the highest point of the you realize who have been

sharing a ton so then you can see is

while in rush hour gridlock enchantment connection sharing

there resembles this is the principle part

as a matter of fact we’re really Guji is the person

principle fellow the item hit one of the

makers really he tells you the best way to

drive traffic you realize setting up is

great and everything is great yet as I

said life saver of any business is traffic

so this part is significant he appears

you how to direct people to that connection

where you need to gather the leads

that is the most significant piece of the

whole preparing I feel that is like you

realize you have to realize how to drive

traffic that is that is the most significant

thing folks you realize that is the place the

genuine procedure is then as I said you can

improve the email rundown and you can take

it to any of the auto react

well really there’s alternative it’s great

to go for the upsell reason is you can

associate straightforwardly to arrange responder however

in the event that we can’t bear to this isn’t an

issue it’s an additional couple of steps you

need to download it and you’re going to

transfer it to your autoresponder so it’s

not a major ordeal alright

we should hop on to the arms let me appear

you this couple of you see this

simply give you a thought what this module

will have the option to accomplish for you know one

thing I felt do days you realize I use you

realize presentation page programming resembles click

pipes which resembles costing like 297

dollars every month you realize I manufacture

comparative things you know comparative approach to

dislike a give each stuff and I you

realize what to manufacture a rundown I construct like

leadpages record as a British pipe or

like a press BGC so as to gather

email ids so comparative thing you’re

going to get with a solitary module you

can assemble something like this so

regardless of whether you run it at to like a challenge

or on the other hand you’re going to gather like you know

you’re simply going to offer it to someone

what’s more, you’re going to gather the leads any

of you whatever it is you’re attempting to

do one more day I felt like you know

you’re simply paying like a one-time charge

what’s more, you will have the option to assemble I think

you’re going to get like 10 or 20 I think

10 I think on the front resemble a

formats to manufacture like these sort of

things so as to gather leads so

that is extremely a cool way you’re going to

construct a like a crush lead layouts

like one-time charge of paying and you’d be

ready to I know

put changes the pictures put the logos and

you’ll have the option to attempt traffic to this

also, you can gather the leaves that is

ridiculously cool we really I feel

you know for a one-time charge it’s truly

a decent one

and furthermore you’re not going to regardless of whether you

try not to arrange responder essentially you’re

gathering the leads in any case at the front

end and you can transfer it you can even

utilize the free form like you know a

MailChimp and different things are there a

barely any few of free hedges too you can

attempt that one alright that simply giving an

thought what it resembles in this

this is another that I like 10 or 20

formats I think I recollect that we weren’t

going to jump toward the front I’ll show you

this is one style that is another style

as there are such a significant number of styles you can play

with this

they’ll hop onto the modules as you see

this is the module once you get it you

can see module I had new downloaded

simply transfer it include new module simply go

here and you’ll have the option to transfer the

module and you’ll have the option to get it set

it up this resembles this viral traffic

enchantment all giveaways how about we go to choices

first so this is the place you have to come

in and set it up what I said as I said

the fundamental thought behind it is you’re going to

like a run like a challenge so as to

give away as some sort of blessing or a few

sort of extremely significant advanced item

or on the other hand something so you can see this you can

simply experience its basic preparing is

additionally simple any challenger is qualified to

giveaway just affirm sections may


like on the off chance that you can in the event that you truly needed to

set up with you realize catch side y

Viral Traffic Magic OTO