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Vide Review For Front End Only


I’ve driven here hope you are very very
well and I hope I can make you a little
bit well er if that was a real word
better because what I can do for you is
tell you about viral take this is my for
viral tech review and I am gonna go
throat now there’s one thing I’ve got to
say I can’t show you vile taking action
because in my account I’m about to set
up all of the assets in there and I’m
gonna be showing you that in my bonuses
so if you grab this should be able to
see me set my account up and you can
sort of go through it with me but what
this is is very exciting because when I
try and rank a video for example or rank
anything I do go and send backlinks I
send what I call safe backlinks and if
you’ve seen any of my training before
you would have seen me do that I don’t
like to gain the system too much but I
do appreciate that backlinks are what
make the difference okay
and this software is for me is a godsend
because not only we all see as we go in
there but not only does it enable me to
sell so kind of backlinks very easily
it’s like it’s literally a couple of
clicks of the button and and the rules
they’re all sent out to all these
different sites and it’s very very
simple it’s very clean and I like it and
I also like it because it’s recommended
and coming from my very good friend mr.
mark Grey’s also one of my launch
partners we created the big five
together and the big five is what you’re
going to get when you grab this through
my link as well as other goodies but if
you get the front end of our texture in
my link I’m gonna give you the front end
of the good fiber if you get the OTO one
a viral tech free my link I think of the
OTO one of the big five and if you get
the OTO to a viral tech I’m going to
give you the OTO to the big five if you
get the OTO three I’m gonna give you a
special bonus I’ll show you in a minute
if you get the OTO for I’m gonna give
you a load of bun and since I’m going to
show you in a minute so apart from that
I’ve got a load of other bonuses it
really is a fantastic bundle for you
because I really want you to try this
software and see the results you can get
with it now I’m gonna try and play some
audio as well here today from
conversations that I’ve had with mark
and I’m just gonna give it to you as he
gave it to me so that you get a good
feel for what this software is about and
whey can achieve and the fact that he’s
actually using himself and I’m about to
start using it myself as well this is
something that you know it makes a big
difference when we’re at for me the
videos part of it it’s the big thing you
know I’ve done a lot of video ranking
training and I’ve done a lot of training
where I’ve taught and I’ve learned as
well but this excites me because the
fact that you can literally just click a
couple of buttons and make a big
difference to your YouTube video means
that we can achieve so much more it’s
all about traffic at the end of the day
now in one of the audios that you’re
gonna hear from mark you’ll hear him say
that literally a few clicks and he was
able to get I think it was 1600 views to
a video now that’s a lot of use if
you’ve not gotten paid for views and he
didn’t go and pay for you so this was
just organic traffic he was going viral
hence the name viral tech and this is
not any BS with mark marks a straight
going guy and each he just tells me it
as it is you know he always does and
it’s a very very honest guy and I
respect him massively so that’s why I’m
behind this product so anyway that’s
enough for me wanna do it actually is
first of all let me show you the page
that you may be on but it’s got details
if unit because you might be on YouTube
right if your new tube we can go over to
my page but if you’re not on my page you
can get the link below YouTube and if
you’re on my page I’m going to show you
now the bonus bundle that I’ve put

ViralTek OTO

together for you and the special OTO
bonuses before we go into the software
so let’s take a look at those okay so
this is my sexy page I mean you know
admit this is sexy I mean probe impress
myself so we’ve got Trevor cards biotech
bonus bundle being warned by a model
here obviously I’ve had the hats and the
t-shirts made etcetera and I’ve had
boxes made you know so that no expense
spared but just to say that what you’re
gonna get in the bonuses you’ll see you
can read all of this this stuff here but
if we go through now to this oh look
there she is again
alright so bonus number one is
personal fast-track video training for
viral tech so I’m gonna go in and I’m
gonna set mine up I’m gonna start using
I’m gonna show you the results again
you’re gonna be able to see that from my
point of view just as a normal person I
say normal in 30 colors because my wife
would disagree but it’s from just a
normal person’s perspective coming in

ViralTek OTO

doing this and showing you how it works
what you can do it and what difference
it can make this I mean for me I mean I
am excited because I from what I’ve seen
so far just looks super simple and very
powerful and that those two things are
always a big plus for me so when you
come onto this page if you click any of
these buttons here you’re gonna be
crooked to me and your bonuses are ready
and waiting for you inside warrior + so
bonus number one first personal fast
training video training bonus number two
is full access to our award-winning
training the big five so the big five is
the perfect companion for viral chair
because the big four in the big five
what we teach you is we teach you the
big five there’s the your website
there’s your list there’s Facebook and
it’s it’s all the things that we use
combined together to make the kind of
money that we make online and it’s a
fantastic foundation for your online
business the big five is really one of
my one of my proudest products where I’m
proud of all of them two out of year but
I’m definitely proud of the big five I’m
gonna get the big five and I’ve also got
a match bonus for the big five as well
that I’m gonna be coming on – so that’s
bonus number two bonus number three is
for access to traffic Genie so this is
six strategies that you can use to drive
real traffic to any offer page or video
that’s highly targeted and much like
much more likely to convert so again
perfectly congruent with viral take and
it’s going to really help you with your
results here then bonus number four is
viral take fast free traffic the
training this training is a core
principle that I teach in my coaching
students myself and it’s something that
you should absolutely be doing so we’re
gonna take on a new coaching student
this is actually where we start
so watch over my shoulder as I take
step-by-step through the incredibly
effective strategy that will drive even
more traffic to your pages and offers
again perfect companion for viral tech
then we’ve got the new guide to SEO
which is a main course PDF cheat sheet
my map and ten videos on-site and
off-site SEO as well as some evergreen
methods again perfect partner for viral
tech then we’ve got ultimate passive
income machines again this is a PDF and
10 HD video course passive income is the
holy grail of internet marketing because
it means that you do the work once and
the money keeps coming in so I thought
you’d like that one then we’ve got viral
tech Bing ads masterclass now Bing ads
is a bit like Google ads but you can get
away with quite a lot more so although a
lot of you don’t like the idea of paid
traffic let me tell you paid traffic is
my way forward that’s what I’m focusing
all my efforts on at the moment and it’s
the way you can scale your business so
that’d be good introduction for you on
that one
then we’ve got viral text social media
domination Pro and again this is a PDF
cheat sheet mind map 10 HD videos how
you can grow your social media Empire
which is going to work very well with
viral viral Tek itself and then viral
tech authority traffic which is another
PDF cheat sheet my map h10 HD videos and
this is going to teach you the how to
boost your website traffic so that you
get you know this kind of authority
situation going on then we’ve got the
viral take WordPress superstar fast
track to success 31 videos so that
anyone can go from a complete beginner
to an advanced WordPress user you might
just find that the tips and tricks in
here will be the thing that kind of
makes you realize that you actually do
need a website and it’s not like
complicated so this year your bonus is
there for the front end you get all of
those when you just simply by viral
check through my link they’re already in
waiting for you then we come on to the
upgrades so oto number one is 15
networks all features unlimited profiles
so you can it’s not restriction in any
way it’s unlimited that’s gonna be a
great bonus for you because you are
gonna want to have
multiple profiles in each thing you know
for example multiple Twitter’s multiple
Facebook’s etc so that with one click
you can push your results straight up so
for just thirty seven dollars you get
that now that’s the OTO one and I’m
gonna give you a special OTO one bonus
when they give you the Big Five OTO one
okay the first upsell that we have in
the Big Five is Mark’s hot it was going
to be his high ticket course it’s
advanced training from Mark GREs himself
on the whole kind of SEO and ranking and
everything it’s a priceless information
should be costing four hundred ninety
seven dollars so this is a four hundred
ninety seven dollar value that you’re
gonna get yeah OTO number one for thirty
seven dollars it’s a no-brainer
I wanted to spoil you rotten which I’m
sure you can see I’m doing Oh Cho number
two is RSS multiplier software even more
viral traffic I’ve gotta be honest I
know what that means but it probably
will become clear on the south I know
Arya RSS is syndication something know
what I do know is that it’s gonna help
you get more traffic alright so the
special ojio bonus for that which is
probably sexier than the actual show
itself and worth more money is our big
five-o giotto okay so I’m going to give
you that it’s a done-for-you solution
saving you time and fast tracking your
success a done-for-you is always very
popular because it enables you to get
things done without you having to worry
about that steep learning curve etc so
that’s what you’re gonna get the OTO by
the OTO two of viral tech I’ll give you
the OTO two of the big five then we’ve
got the viral we take done for you
package now as I just said I I do like
done for use because I think from my
point of view if you can get a
done-for-you option on something new
it saves the stress and enabled you to
get yourself cracking when it comes to
getting the new thing up and running I’m
just gonna log out of Facebook sorry one
second so the viral check oto 3 done for
you package if you get that I’m gonna
give you the special OTO three bone
from me which is my zero Buster 2.0 2019
edition of this the training that I’ve
put together that teaches you everything
you need to know about affiliate
marketing and making money online in
general its flagship product of mine
currently sitting at $97 you can get
that absolutely free it’s ready and
waiting for you if you pick up OTO 3
I’ve gone into warrior plus and I put
all these OTO bonuses in so they’re all
there if you upgrade you get the bonus
straight away so that’s all good and
then so I can’t be looking at my watch
selves there was a notification and more
watch something about politics so don’t
worry OTO for the viral take agency
license now this is this is really
interesting because it’s gonna give you
the opportunity to use the viral text
software and sell this as a service to
other companies and people and
individuals and small businesses all
over the world and you can charge 47
dollars a month $97 a month one hundred
and ninety seven dollars depending on
what you do from how you set it up and
that’s gonna be an a recurring income so
you know if you get one hundred ninety
seven dollars a month you’ve got ten of
those and you’ve got two thousand
dollars a month coming in and the agency
license it’s just $97 okay so if you buy
that I’m gonna give you number one I’m
gonna give you a three step ranking on
YouTube how I went from nowhere to
number six in 15 minutes using these
number two gonna give you eight tips to
power up your YouTube rankings number
three I’m gonna give you my fast traffic
strategy and before I’m gonna give you
18 tips to rank on YouTube and number
five I’m gonna give you my training on
the fast and easy way to create your own
training products that you can sell or
use as bonuses so that special OTO for
bonus bundle is all ready and waiting
for you when you buy the OTO for a viral
tech so they’re the the upgrades they’re
my bonuses so now I guess we need to go
and take a look at the software and the
product itself now we’re on the sales
page I as you know don’t spend a lot of
time on the sales pages but what I’m
gonna do is just make sure that there’s
you know you I haven’t missed anything
you know exactly what this is so the top
line here the the kind of sub headline
says attention anyone that needs free
targeted traffic well we all would like
that new software drives unlimited free
traffic to any
offer maximize your profits from search
and social networks without ever paying
for eggs so that all sounds good the
bullet points here are hun percent get
hundred percent free targeted traffic
from 15 premium social networks
instantly generate thousands of higher
authority backlinks every month for even
more traffic maximize exposure to any
offer with one-click syndication for
viral results prove a method that works
for marketers of any level even complete
beginners cloud based software nothing
to install download or configure the
prices you see is just 2295 which is Eve
crazily cheap for what you’re getting I
have to say so as we come down the sales
page here we’ve got some proof of it
being used these they say the wolf of
online marketing is Mark grave site so
you can see that Mark’s been getting
some pretty good results there and these
looking conversions and the money that’s
been making and then if we scroll down
this so this is it in it basically this
what is free steps right create a viable
image using that software so there’s
also an image creator in there then
among click you can share this across 15
top social media sites and then watch of
the viral traffic comes in is step
number three so I mean from my personal
point of view I’m not sure we’re going
look at the image creator but I don’t
see that as the big thing here what I
see as the big thing is that it gives
you a load of different networks that
you can immediately syndicate out to and
get those backlinks coming in and push
your rankings up but I could be I could
be wrong the the the image software
might be fantastic I’ve not checked it
out yet there’s a demo here that you can
watch in the sales page and then you
know the usual kind of sales page e
stuff so let’s go into the members area
now so when you come into the members
area to begin we’re going to look very
empty like mine because I’ve not set
anything up yet we have here the
calendar for scheduling whoa no you’re
actually summary a poster thing this is
the image create an image says I have
not looked at this
it bulk images so I think it’s an image
editor where you put your own stuff in
you can do collages which is quite
useful for free images by the way always
use now my content is gonna
show not much syndicate content not much
my network this is the bit that I’m
going to be looking forward to setting
up well I like about this is for example
when I want to rank a video I’ll go to
my Facebook account and do a post I’ll
go to my Twitter account and do a post
I’ll go to my blogger and do a post and
that typically is enough to get me
ranking whereas with this you know for
for less work than me doing that I can
go to all of these now I would probably
not have gone and SAP an account for
Twitter I wouldn’t bother going over to
Pinterest personally usually Flickr I
wouldn’t have set up an account with
imgur or whatever that is mobi pick no
medium D go top viral viral tech you
know all of these I just really wouldn’t
have done so it’s quite exciting for me
the concept of going through and setting
these up and then just click in that one
button and off it goes and and you know
you you’ve got viral traffic coming in
but your rankings are being lifted more
importantly now if we come over here to
the help videos you’ll see that there is
a comprehensive help guide here I do
like the look of this because for me
this is very straight forward a welcome
video set up your Facebook Connect your
WordPress blog Twitter one and two
tumblr blog Pinterest Inger and you say
that Flickr blogger LinkedIn then we’ve
got Diigo twixtor top viral other
networks then it goes on to the image
editor collage images feature walk
through content posting walk through
details and the hashtag module so
there’s a lot of training here that I
think is gonna make it very easy for all
of us to get the full amount of
potential out of viral tech I told you
that in conversation with Mark GREs and
I was asking him about this software and
I just wanted to know are you using it
is it part of your plan going forward
because if it was and it is but if you
know the fact that he said it was means
that for me then that’s gonna be part of
my plan going forward because of a set
of totally trust marks judgment on this
kind of thing he’s incredible when it
comes to ranking and SEO and I asked a
couple questions he come back with
audios I’m gonna play those now and
hopefully be able to hear those now I
won’t know if you can hear this probably
until I watch this video back so fingers
crossed I have set this to record the
computer’s audio and hopefully we won’t
have any hiccups okay so audio number
one hey buddy my band so I’m slowly
switching over but yeah I do use it
though so first of all not to knock the
competition or anybody at all but synth
lab is something that I’ve been looking
at using myself and I’m now glad that
I’m you know I’ve gone down the viral
tech wrote because it’s a bit scary to
get all of those accounts banned anyway
let’s continue with Mark and for
creating backlinks for my sake and for
my videos in particular which I can send
over to you if you want that’s the video
that I’m going to show you in a second
for the bulletproof method by Anthony
and Paul and I sent I sent like a ton of
backlinks too and it kind of went viral
over 1,400 views or something within a
couple of days and it’s just going more
and more and more and a ton of comment
so yeah I’m using it me I’m just kind of
switching over on those from sins lab to
to the viral tech but viral tech will be
my new software I’ll be using 100 plus
so that’s it from mark on the first one
and I’ve got a second one that I’m going
to play you now as well so you know I
like to be transparent and I asked mark
can I use the audio that he just left
yes me of course you can use the audio
no problem at all it’s completely honest
you know what I’m doing so and I think
that it comes across the marks he’s
sincerity there so and that should
reinforce you on the power of viral tech
and that the fact that he is the real
deal I’ll send you the video that’s the
video second I’m actually just
downstairs and the bathroom video and
you can have a look see the day that it
was posted see how many views and how
many comments and that was just from
firing backlinks and – from viral tech
so yeah but just a few clicks and once
you know once you set it up it’s just a
few clicks and you won’t you get the
traffic so that’s what got me as well
once you set it up just a few clicks and
you get the traffic we can the backlinks
to your video so as a no-brainer from me
so software that you know I’m happy to
put my name to and it does work for
ranking videos so yeah cool cool brother
and thank you there you go so that is
that’s it from mark but I thought you’d
enjoy that because you know just helps
you to understand that this is the real
deal and my headphones have just fallen
off onto the floor and made a noise and
that mark is using it and that I’m gonna
be using this software and that is gonna
help now the big benefits here obviously
a traffic viral traffic in fact let me
show you that video that he was talking
about because he said it kind of went
viral this is the video so you can see
it was this month October 2019 and I
think that’s the one 1101 second yeah 11
I saw nearly 1200 of views without
paying for dummy views so they were real
views 27 likes
comments you know so yeah this is some I
think that’s a good proof that this
works and that he’s using it it’s all
you need to do is if you’re on this page
then just click on any of these buttons
here and you are gonna get you’re gonna
be cooking you’re gonna get my bonus
bundle it’s waiting for you so any of
these but these bonuses here if you want
the extra bonuses that I’ve got the OTO
bonuses they are going to be
automatically delivered for you in
warrior plus when you buy the ocho one
the OTO three oh sorry the Ochefu can
count the OG o three the OTO for
whichever one or all of them they’re all
ready and waiting for you
so that is viral tech in a nutshell and
hopefully that has explained to you what
it is and why you should consider
getting this it’s a very solid product
and I think that it’s going to be
playing a big part for me and my
rankings going forward I’m really
delighted to be involved with something
of this quality and can’t wait to start
seeing the results so if you’ve got any
questions please feel free to ask me
other than that just go ahead and grab
it now add this to your arsenal of tools
that you can use to make sure that you
crush it online and I wish you all the
very best take care



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