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Vide Review For Front End Only


hey there everyone welcome to episode
1232 of the Mike from Maine show the
place where we do daily interviews with
successful online entrepreneurs this is
your host Mike Thomas and today on the
show we have Mark GREs on and he’s just
going to be doing a private demo for the
Mike for Maine audience on how he’s been
getting unlimited free traffic that he’s
been sending anywhere he wants without
ever even paying for ads let’s get into
here’s mark hello guys this is Mark gray
part of the viral tech team now today I
was supposed to be interviewed by the
legendary Mike from Maine but
unfortunately Mike is feeling a little
bit under the weather today so he asked
me if I would do just a quick video
overview of viral tech and he has a few
questions that he would like me to
answer so I’ll jump right on ahead now
the first thing that you’ll see is an
image picture saying get well Mike and
Mike looking very happy with a beer and
a tea I think so the first thing is the
image editor or the image creator now we
can use the image editor so let me go
here there are different ways to use the
image editor so you can you can upload
an image and edit it and add you know
atom arrow circles speech bubbles
whatever you want into is a fill and
it’s an editing system as you can see
here I can add effects backgrounds text
now one of the important things on this
is if you if you could if you create an
image but you have as like – one three
four five six to nine you’re not going
to get any traffic from that image so
the sea
to getting traffic from your image is to
actually name it with your keyword so
let’s say I’m trying to rank for my drum
mate that’s why I would do and then this
image now if I was to save and syndicate
it would be called micro main so if I
was trying to get traffic when somebody
put into social media or the search
engines Mike from Maine this would pop
up so that is that’s kind of the power
of the image editor now let’s quickly
jump over to this this is how you can
post all of your content to your social
networks now you might have heard of
syndication before now the reason that
viral tech is so different and the
reason that I I wanted this software was
because I use web 2.0 and I used social
media to rank and get traffic for my own
websites I’m I own my own YouTube videos
so you can you can use this just to
build your social media networks by
posting everyday posting every other day

ViralTek OTO

posting twice a day posting ten times a
day whatever you want that’s all
included in the software and the main
product so yeah so I could I’ve uploaded
here a little picture of viral tech so I
would probably change this to viral tech
makes sense
viral tech get page one rankings in
minutes that’s completely true as well
so for every for all of the networks
which I’ll just show you now if you’re
on the home page so you can see all of

the networks I won’t miss them you can
have it your self
everything from blogger to Moby Peak to
medium to to LinkedIn to tumblr now
personally I
I use a lot of Facebook Facebook shares
Twitter Tumblr and blogger they’re kind
of like my main my main my main
backlinking web 2.0 and social media
platforms and so yeah so why is this so
different than any other syndication –
well I was using a a syndication to last
month six weeks ago not two months ago
actually sorry two months ago currents
we been testing this for two months now
and the difference is that my set the

ViralTek OTO

syndication till I was using suddenly it
was like a one-click
and installed so you’d be able to just
press you know one click put in your
password and your username and that
would be it connected now most or all of
the social media and web 2.0 platforms
don’t like that so I had over 15 15
Twitter accounts that I had bought and
built up banned I also lost a lot of
tumblr blogs tumblr blog with high page
Authority so I knew that I needed to do
something different so when you are
using viral tech you’re actually
creating a little app inside all of the
platforms that’s that’s giving you
permission of the web 2.0 or social
network is giving you permission to post
so that means that you’re not going to
lose all of your your social media
accounts like myself and that is the
reason why I turned to J Declan and we
came up with we came up with viral tech
so these are some of some recent posts
this is the tumblr so this is a it’s a
high authority tumblr blog I know that I
can’t remember the page Authority but

ViralTek OTO ViralTek OTO
you can see here this is what was posted
along with along with
you can see here the dates so these were
all posted at the same time
yeah same time same time same time same
time same time so basically you can you
can post to as to as to as as many times
if you want than a day or you know you
can skit you can even schedule your your
your content to go out so let’s just go
back here also as well yeah I should
mention this is a software that’s going
to be looked after and it’s not going to
you know it’s not like a one launch
release and then you know it’s gone for
has gone after a couple of months this
will still be up in years to come
because the developer J he is he knows
his stuff and he is you know he’s really
very good what he does and all of the
training videos that you need to build
like the little app it takes you know
takes a minute or two to build this
little app but it’s worth it because
then you won’t lose you you know your
your tumblers or your Twitter or
whichever ones that you’re using so if I
open this up you can see the networks
anyway so yes and if you need any help
we have a support desk that will be
manned and for you know all technical
problems so this is you know there’s a
PDF help guide as well now Mike asked
what problem does this solve this is the
problem really is traffic you know
people are always trying to get traffic
if you can get traffic from point A to
offer which is point B then you’re going
to make money especially if it’s the
right kind of focused targeting traffic
which is what viral tech does now not
only does viral tech allow you to be
able to post optimized images to which
it to the sites that are about images
but you can also post just content or
you can post a a I’d say you can post a
of either content and the picture which
is perfect for a site like tumblr you
can even you can actually even have your
WordPress blog up here as well so you
can see here I put in my url so if
anybody when I post this to whichever
accounts I decide so if I choose this
Tumblr’s okay okay okay okay so
whichever ones I post to this or this
image will be optimized so anytime
anybody clicks on it they will be
redirected back to wherever you want
them to go so that is the power of
images now the power of content is that
if you’re you know if you were to try to
I used to do this for myself by myself
so I had a spreadsheet and I would go
through the spreadsheet one one social
one web 2.0 or one social media account
at a time and say I was trying to rank a
YouTube video sometimes I’d have to do
25 or 30 and I’d have to do all manually
and then I got this indication till
which didn’t you know it kind of ViralTek OTO
destroyed a lot of my social media
growth and that’s another thing that
viral tech can do so yeah so I mean we
can choose to we can choose this to send
out to the tumblr or Facebook wherever
we want Twitter is always good and yeah
okay now different now and the
description can be something as simple
as this also remember as well that some
sites are only for images some sites are
only for content and summer for both so
it’s really up to you also as well
there is a feature that we are D then
you were going to do it we’re going we
were going to do it as a upsell or an
but we decided we wanted to put as much
into the front-end as possible so we
added in this hashtag manager so you can
take your favorite hashtags and add them
into your description so it’s very easy

to do it you just choose today we wanted
this droidViralTek OTO
okay mobile make my fees here innovation
great Adam and they they appear there
and you can you know you can play around
with your hashtags depending on what it
is that you’re trying to you know that
your one thing to get traffic from or
your one thing your you know your
followers on your social media accounts
to see so I’ve uploaded the image I can
just click here now post now which I
will do they could only take a few
moments and remember I could have
selected all of these if I wanted I just
selected some for the purpose of this
demonstration and well this is happening
and you know Mike Mike he did that sorry
Mike he did ask me to you know say what
problem this solves and the simple
answer to that is that it solves trap
the traffic problem and social media and
web 2.0 switches social media they are
now you know they’re now so important in
getting traffic in ranking YouTube
videos and ranking websites and ranking
free websites you can even you could
even take a Twitter blog that you have
keep posting content on and it will

ViralTek OTO ViralTek OTO
start to rank and you can also choose
that free blog such as tumblr and you
can build backlinks to it from viral
tech so it solves a problem of traffic
and I have been using ViralTek OTO
I have been testing it out so I close
that they’re sorry and that was silly
because I wanted to show you that it
went out okay home sorry okay so you can
see I just posted this it’s when I’ll
click it have a look
go viral tech review their page one
rankings in minutes and you have your
hashtag you have your picture and that’s
it on Twitter and if you have you know
if you have multiple social media
accounts or web 2.0 accounts this solves
a problem of traffic now yeah so we have
the you know we have the the traffic
problem solved you but you can build up
your you know whichever social social

networks that you want or web 2.0 is
that you want maybe there’s some you
already have so you just add them in or
you can start new ones or a little tip
I’m going to give you is you can
actually buy expired expired tumblers
Twitter’s Facebook pages on Fiverr you
just have to go to fiber and type in
expired web 2.0 and you’ll find a lot of
people selling as a little tip I’m
giving you there because that’s what I
do now just to show you very quickly
guys this traffic it’s all free I have
not sent any you know any paid traffic
to this so you know since I started
using this surround around this time I
guess you can see it’s a consistent flow
of traffic you know and that traffic
does convert into money 313 347 tonight
292 today and 169 now I am using I you
can see all the search engines that are
finding me and from Facebook and from
and I’m ranking for you know for a lot
of these things so ranks not 2.0 review
this was a hard one to rank for because
so many people were were we’re trying to
rank for a four I used viral tank to get

rankings so the first one is an ad and
then the next one after that is me so
you know this this is pushed to the top
of Google simply by using viral tech now
if we look at the videos again my videos
that’s my website technically at the top
I didn’t you know okay my video is there
as well on the first page I actually
forgot to use viral take on my rep ranks
map review video but most of the people
on the front page here on YouTube or
here on Google who are on the front page
will be using web 2.0 and social media
to rank now you you can say you can use
Bible Tech for pretty much any offer
whether it’s a website YouTube video you
could even you know you could even send
CPA offers you could send landing pages
so you can get traffic to pretty much
any offer that you want and that you
know that is the power of viral tech so
we have the you know we have the ability
to send as much you know as many times

as we want to our networks or social
media networks and web to the point
always as as we want we can send five
times a day 10 times a day if you want
and that will you know as social media
growth it will build up your social
media crew not social media growth you
will get more followers you will get
more interaction the authority of your
actual web 2.0 or social media page
channel etc will grow and will become
more powerful
so yeah so we’re using the power of web
2.0 social media platforms and images to
generate massive amounts of traffic as
well as as well as being able to use it
to rank for what’s you know what
whatever you want really and that that
is the power of viral tech is free
traffic and everybody loves free traffic
so yeah I was just showing you some
things there in my side this is a really
old product that I I said some a lot of
social shame about 16 17 and this has
brought me back up to the top I was away
down here somewhere at the bottom and
has pushed me back up to the top so you

know I’m not going to complain at that
you can see here clicks impressions etc
so yes there’s all about traffic free
traffic free traffic is the best and it
does convert so I’m guessing that people
will want to see does it convert so I
was I am right for arbitrage and about
5.0 even though the products not
available high conversions lots of sales
and lots of money and this is all free
traffic this is no this is no list this
is no email marketing paid traffic
nothing this is all pure 100% free
traffic used with the viral take system
this is a recent product actually that I
am kind of implementing in my own
business but look at the conversion rate
sixty point seven that basically means
that more that’s like 11.3 people and
visiting my website bought this product
and you can see earnings and again this
was simply from free traffic from
ranking at target drill this is a
slightly older ViralTek OTO

but again it’s all free traffic and you
can see the conversion rate so that’s
what that’s what viral tech does is a
harmless ease the power of how this is a
power three traffic which so many people
overlook or the other thing that I’ve
heard a lot of my students say is takes
too long it’s too boring well you know
if you really want to make money and
drive free traffic then you you know you
need to kind of do some kind of work
that viraltag takes all that work away
so that’s why I love it that’s why I’m
going to keep using it and yeah I think
it’s a great tool I think it’s fantastic
and you know I don’t launch often but
when I do I like to launch something you
know special and for me viral tech has
solved a major major issue in terms of
in terms of traffic three traffic
basically now for me this is a new a new
product that’s just out by mark Bishop
and venkata you can see here I know for
a fact that Jono uses web 2.0 ster rank
Chris I don’t know 100% but I’m pretty
sure he does
Mike I don’t know this is my kid here
feeling a bit better that day you can
listen Trev I know that he uses
Trevor sorry I know I know Trevor well
so I know that he is he’s web 2.0 and
this is me here and I used the power of
viral tech to get to the first page and
even even the thing is with with my
viral tech video I didn’t even use the
tax deposit most people will have been
using tags like arvo review are reviewed
bonuses are of all this I don’t know
that if we look my keywords these are my
video tags keywords tags all right
I am trying to rank first you know for
evergreen things so I did put in one
keyword our or review but you can see
the rest are all no and I still made it
to the first page by using viral tech
okay before I go front end what is
included in the front end the main
product there is everything I’ve just
shown you and the upsells they are
upsell number one is unlimited networks
and all the features so unlimited means
that you can upload 89 Twitter accounts
or 80 800 Twitter accounts if you want
so that’s what the unlimited part means
that’s what if I was going to buy this
then that’s what I would you know that’s
what I would definitely get there’s the
the unlimited because then you can use
it for different niches different
websites different video you can use it
for so many different projects oto to is
another very cool software it’s called
it’s an RSS multiplier basically and
it’s another way to use RSS streams to
pull in targeted free traffic again I’ve
just started setting up and already I’m
not on another website actually and I’m
already starting to see results so there
was a test website I started to use it
on it’s working great I’m now going to
switch it to my marketing site my money
site you could say and OTO 3 is a
done-for-you solution there are there is
just so much in there it would take me
ten minutes to tell you but WordPress
sites themes just so much it’s just a
massive massive bundle and that was
usually sold for $3,000 this bundle but
it’s going for
$97.00 then we have the last one which
is agency and that means that you can
you can create accounts for other people
which means that you will be able to say
say you’re doing offline marketing
you’ll be able to use it too you’ll be
able to give your client agency access
to it and they could use it for their
own business so those are the upsells
and personally if it with me I
definitely get ot or one and the rest
that are no tio2 is really good as well
actually and the other ones depending on
your budget so I’ll leave that to you I
hope that this video helped I hope that
I hope that Mike gets better soon I was
looking forward to having a chat with
them but is what it is so thank you for
watching guys I hope I covered
everything this is a kick-ass software
and I do highly recommend that I’m using
it and you’ve seen you know my you see
my rankings you see my the money that I
make from free traffic so it is really
possible and that’s just from one site
if you you know use on YouTube video or
CPA offers landing pages the
possibilities are endless with free
traffic alright guys thanks for watching
Cheers I hope you enjoyed the private
demo today with Mark if you are
interested in picking up viral tech at
its lowest price you’re gonna want to
come back tomorrow at 10 a.m. Eastern
Time on Thursday October 24th you’re
gonna be able to pick it up at its
lowest early bird this kind of price
along with my special bonuses thank you
so much for watching and I’ll see you
all tomorrow

ViralTek OTO