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VirtualReel OTO

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VirtualReel OTO  –  What is VirtualReel ?

The Demo

UPSELL #1: VirtualReel Unlimited ($67/yr)
The Unlimited upgrade super charges the VirtualReel app and unlocks access to Create Unlimited Videos, Create longer FHD Videos – 60min Length, TrimReel Video Shape Feature, 75+ Animations Styles, 65+ Video Transitions Styles, Share on Instagram & TikTok, , Account Manager + Priority Support and a special

BONUS: VideoFlix PRO to host all your short videos and sell at any price


UPSELL #2: VirtualReel PRO ($67)
This is the powerful VirtualReel upgrade with professional and advance features to help your customers do more and make more money using VirtualReel.

POWERFUL Auto-Video Creator
Share on Instagram via Dropbox
Create 100s of Videos Automatically
Share on SnapChat via Dropbox
No More Creating Videos Manually
Outsourcers & Developers License
Agency License Features
Newbie Friendly & Easy to Use
Sub-User Account
Everything Cloud-Based. Use from anywhere
Virtual Assistance Account
ReadyMade Agency Website with Paypal Checkout
Publish Unlimited Videos Every Day
Video Traffic Generation Training
Connect Unlimited Facebook Accounts


UPSELL #3: VirtualReel Business ($47)
With the VirtualReel Business, users will get full business features including a custom done-for-you professional looking YouTube Business Website with custom checkout. They also get the Team & Virtual Assistant Access, Clients Access, DFY Client Contract Templates, Business Finder feature and 100+ Facebook Ad Templates.



Upsell 3 UPSELL #4: PlayerReel-VR – Commercial License ($37)
PlayerNeos is a cloud based interactive-video creator that helps turn any ordinary VR video into a sales machine. Using this your customer can add buttons, menus, buy now buttons, optin forms, new custom thumbnails, logos, watermarks and even auto-play the video on any browser. They can also find others high-traffic videos and piggyback on them with their optin/buttons added.

UPSELL #5: VRLeadsPRO ($47)
Find new leads and clients GLOBALLY and sell your new online and digital marketing services directly from inside the cloud dashboard.

Find UNLIMITED Leads & Clients
Virtual Assistance Account
Use to find leads Globally
Cloud-Based – Nothing to Install
Commercial Usage License
Powerful A,I. Finds Your Perfect Leads
Sub-User Account
Contact Leads & Clients From Dashboard


Sample videos created using VirtualReel (use mouse cursor to drag/scroll around the video)

  1. Prime video: 

  1. Panoramic Image Video:

  1. Normal VR Video1:

  1. Normal VR Video2: 

  1. Spin video1:

  1. Spin video2:



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hey, VirtualReel OTO what’s going on compadre, just how you doing Jeff amen below with the digital real evaluation all right, so if you’re new to the channel um, I try to offer one of the most sincere, simple reviews possible on this network um. This is not what I do make these reviews is not what I do for my full-time earnings, so I have um the capability to be totally straightforward, entirely transparent, since it’s not my goal to make a sale with each and every single video clip. I’M um to make a review on unlike a great deal of channels around, I’m not I’m likewise not mosting likely to slam items even if I’m attempting to promote my own things, I’m not mosting likely to do that as well. I see a great deal of channels that either bash a lot of items um just because they desire people to go look into what they’re doing. And afterwards I see a great deal of networks that assume, or they make every item out to be outstanding to make sure that they can make sales VirtualReel OTO on every single product.

If you would love to see what I do to where I don’t have to make my full-time income off of this evaluation, video clips click on the link in the summary or go to as well as I’ll show you everything about it. I have actually obtained a great deal of amazing training at that web link where I’ll reveal to you exactly how to obtain website traffic to any type of offer that you’re presently promoting too okay, allow’s get into digital actual real fast online actual is a software application. So I like doing evaluations on software program, since it’s straight to the factor simple, not a great deal of fluff, it’s similar to what is this software? What can it do for me and then I can reveal you a demonstration video clip as well as you can see if it’s good for you.

So this is a product that is based around creating 3d digital fact. Videos, as well as you can do that to produce. You recognize simply videos that you can upload to your YouTube. Can submit training courses ads vsales, but their major angle is utilizing this if you’re VirtualReel OTO mosting likely to remain in the metaverse particular niche metaverse is substantial today. You know with Facebook, producing um they’re renaming Facebook to meta and also everyone’s simply going hog wild over the metaverse okay.

VirtualReel OTO upgrades

VirtualReel OTO

So this is a big particular niche to enter into it’s a very popular specific niche, and so this software, I’m simply mosting likely to have the ability to produce these 3d virtual reality, video clips which is mosting likely to be very for the metaverse particular niche. You understand to make sure that is the angle. They’re, taking with it, obviously, you can use um this software to create video clips for any type of niche, not simply metaverse [, Music] So it’s simply gon na be a video clip production device. Lets go on as well as look into specifically um that this might be, for.

Allow me find this all right so well, allow’s, let’s just reveal to you what it does real fast, so it can allow you to create immersive and interactive digital reality. Uh truth, video clips within seconds. You can in fact transform your old 2d videos as well as images VirtualReel OTO right into interactive metaverse, all set, or videos. To make sure that’s rather awesome function. So, even if you have an old web content, you can repurpose that content and also produce digital truth.

Videos with them immediately convert any blog site to post or slideshow into a full-on virtual reality video clip, fully customize your virtual reality video clips, add message pictures, clips 3d, computer animated personalities as well as even more repurpose anybody’s web content and posts into a metaverse ready video. So this is, if you can repurpose your content, you might also create turn this into a service, probably provide a gig on fiverr, where you simply turn individuals’s video clips plug it into the software, create a job to transform people’s videos into digital truth. Videos and also you can make some easy money there um, if you were to put this like on a third-party website like, like, I stated, finer things of that nature. Good immediately turn your virtual reality video in uh into a conventional video clip utilizing ai. So these are the functions of it: allow’s go ahead and also um all right.

That is this ideal for so for clearly for video clip, VirtualReel OTO online marketers and also youtubers um for affiliate marketing professionals for local firm marketing experts as well as for the neighborhood as well as on-line business owners? And also this is initially to market things, people this guy always um, I’m probably gon na murder, his name um, abhi dwavidi, always had he’s been around in this sector. For a long period of time he’s had a great deal of uh successful software launches out. There he’s extremely well known so allow’s proceed and also consider the it’s 67, but it’s going to be 47 bucks to begin okay and after that let’s review the otos actual quick 67 a year is upsell one that’s online, actual, unlimited. So there’s mosting likely to be some restrictions on that software program certificate that you get with 67 you’re going to get limitless videos that you’re going to have the ability to pump out um with six uh.

The upsell second is digital, master, where they’re most likely going to provide you a great deal of design templates as well as things of that nature. Upsell number 3 is online, real company, which I’m not actually certain on you men can have to go via those spells. As you go, sell number four is gamer: real, virtual reality upsell leading or uh yeah upsell number, five, I’m thinking that’s wrong is mosting likely to be local leads new industrial certificate. To make sure that’s what the channel looks like it’s gon na start out at forty-seven bucks and also for a single price. It’S not a poor deal if you like these kinds of video clips, so let’s proceed and also take a look at VirtualReel OTO specifically what kinds of video clips this is mosting likely to produce.

VirtualReel OTO upsell

We decrease to the demonstration right here, so we can obtain a great idea of precisely what this is all about. It’S on below someplace okay below. It is: allow’s pay attention to this bad boy. [, Music, ] Welcome to online actual virtual real allow.

You develop virtual reality video clips for words matter internet 3.0, that you can release on Facebook YouTube or any kind of social network’s web site, or perhaps see them utilizing , safety glasses or glasses. Now there are 5 type of videos that you can develop. Using virtual. Genuine very first is developing a virtual truth, video from the ground up, where you select a video background and include elements in addition to it.

Secondly is a choice where you create the digital fact, video clip from the text I’ll reveal to you an instance, as well as you can view as I can scroll with. I can add video, I can include text on top of it, there’s a video clip on top of it. This is a historic photo or it could additionally be a background, a video clip that I’ll reveal to you can keep including even more slides. Just like this, or you can include, 3d computer-animated personalities like this or you can also create a history, video clip and after that have an additional background, video in addition to it and you can scroll around include more slides, add even more text. Whatever you want same way, you can convert any type of routine video into VirtualReel OTO an online reality, video.

So, let’s say you have your very own video or other people’s video clip and you can transform that right into a virtual video clip. So this is a regular video. As you can see it’s playing. It’S a normal video clip, but it’s also an online reality video. So if I scroll about, VirtualReel OTO you can see the canvas modifications and this can be a history photo or a background video clip too, and also you can simply keep playing this as a normal video clip.

As you can see right here and also you can transform a scenic picture, so if you take a scenic image from your phone’s cam, you can submit it and also transform that into virtual reality. A video clip or you can take any online fact, video clip that you’ve produced as well as VirtualReel OTO converts it right into a regular spinning video. Just, like this. As you can see, this is not a for video, yet this video instantly spins around you can manage the speed you can control for how long the video is gonna be and also the number of times it’s mosting likely to go on clicking around. So it’s very easy to make use of.

Digital actual, you click on any of these options. So allow’s begin with the virtual reality video from square one, because all the other alternatives are pretty much comparable right. So you can pick from 3d vr video clip history layouts. We have hundreds of them, you can click tons more. It’S mosting likely to show you more: you can preview them by clicking on the preview switch over here.

You can choose from a video camera video which is like actual or people, doing skydiving or other points, and also these are all creative usual video clips. So these are completely secure to make use of and also you can click on tons much more to choose even more or you can upload your own digital reality. VirtualReel OTO 360 level video currently for this demo, let’s select among these videos. Let me select this set currently, as you can see, the editor has actually loaded. You can sneak peek your video clip over right here, your timeline, you can regulate your sound setups from here currently you can transform the background.

VirtualReel OTO Demo

Video. If you don’t like this one you’re gon na get selected from all these options that we just saw. We can include a message if I click on this message. I can key in it. Whatever text you intend to include right, you can drag and also drop and also put it on any type of component of the video clip.

So when you preview this video, really it’s actually mosting likely to simply fill. This much and then you scroll about so if you scroll around, you understand, you’ll concern this part and this message will certainly go away and you can put an additional video or text. You can certainly completely tailor. This text, vibrant italic, adjustment, fonts font, add a background picture history shade. VirtualReel OTO Whatever you desire right, you can include photos.

You can look for millions of photos that we have so you can place this photo anywhere you desire. Possibly if you intend to place it in addition to the text or you intend to place in below very same means, you can include a video clip and you can position that video clip to play anywhere on top of the uh. You can add multiple videos, if you desire next step, is where you can add emojis lots of emojis that we have alternatives below, that you can browse from and pick from. You can even add 3d animated characters. Now we have a library of over 500 3d animated personalities that you get accessibility to and you can add any one of those on the video clip as well as drag and also decline and also move them and put them wherever you desire currently, as you can see, there’s an eco-friendly display background Right here, but when the video clip is made, this would be vanishing and it will be clear.

So you can place this anywhere like you, desire him or her to be dancing on top of this mountain height, so you can make it small and also placed it here, but when the video is actually produced, it’s going to look quite a big right due to the fact that you’re only visiting VirtualReel OTO a tiny canvas and afterward you have to scroll around to see ideal then you can certainly include the history music from our library. You can include a message to speech from numerous different languages as well as accents or you can submit your very own voiceover or background songs. Finally, you can include and publish an introduction video and an outro video clip like your logo, intro your logo design out. If you’re developing a video clip for YouTube and in the setups, you can determine for how long you want the uh video clip to be so. If I want this to be 30 seconds, I’m going to enter 30 as well as it’s mosting likely to be 30 secs and then that’s it.

VirtualReel OTO Grab

I can either save this preview this or begin making this project basically we’ll begin heading out there collecting all the sources and also producing this video clip for you currently once the video clip is created much like this, you can either modify it. You can download it to your computer and also click on, release as well as publish it on Facebook YouTube straight from our dashboard. As you can see, there are several integration choices. You can trim it. You can transform its size from what you recognize.

You can transform it right into a square. A video clip or a story, video right and you can sign up with numerous video clips. So if you develop multiple uh, virtual reality videos, 2 of these you want to join them. You can make use of real merch to join these videos as well. Now, of course, several of these features belong to the professional and endless upgrades, which you can likewise get accessibility to.

VirtualReel OTO