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VoiceBuddy OTO – There IS One Front End And Four OTOs .  VoiceBuddy OTO  1 Is The Unlimited Version , Voice BuddyOTO 2 Is The Traslation Version , VoiceBuddy OTO 3 Is The Custom Video Creator , VoiceBuddy OTO 4 Is the Agency Version . All VoiceBuddy OTO Links And Details Bellow With Special Discount Early Bird .

VoiceBuddy OTO

Voice Buddy OTO

VoiceBuddy FE=>>VoiceBuddy FE

OTO1 Unlimited=>>VoiceBuddy OTO1

OTO2 Translation=>>VoiceBuddy OTO2

OTO3 Custom Video=>>VoiceBuddy OTO3

OTO4 Agency=>>VoiceBuddy OTO4


OTO1 :Unlimited

we’ll unlock this feature so you can get unlimited audio for your files regardless of the language.

Doesn’t matter if it’s 7 minutes or 50 minutes. You’ll be able to create as many unlimited audio files as you want.

ِAnd Over 5000$ bonuse

OTO2 :Translation

you wel be able to create voice overs in just about any popular language in the world?

For example, what if you spoke English, but wanted to make a video in spanish? Well not to worry because VoiceBuddy has you covered. You can select to translate your script from your current language to any other language included in the platform.


1-Copy and paste your text into Voice Buddy

2-Choose the new desired language

3-Click submit and voila!

Over 28 Language Include

OTO3 :Custom Video

Create Tons of Great Video In Only A Few Clicks

Just take a look at what you can accomplish and what’s included with this upgrade:

Simple, Yet Powerful Point and Click Video Creator

Complete Pixabay Integration – Millions of Images To Choose From!

Easily Create VSL’s For Your Own Projects

Create VSL’s And Offer As A Service

Create Affiliate Videos For Profits

Create Youtube Channels For Ad Revenue

Create Youtube Channels For Ad Revenue

OTO4 :Agency


What Is VoiceBuddy ?

see the Demo


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Get Ready For The VoiceBuddy Launch That Produces Natural Sounding Voice Overs From Simple Text In Mere Minutes!

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We all know that having text to speech is a very powerful tool… WHEN it’s done right. However, we’ve seen that most text to speech tools just don’t deliver quality results and sound like a robot suffering from dementia.

So we got hard to work on a solution. And that’s where VoiceBuddy came to be.

VoiceBuddy encompasses the best of both worlds when it comes to text to speech technology.

Simply stated, we’ve combined Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into one software platform and added a ton of features as well.

Trust us, there’s nothing on the market like this. But the real appeal will be what you can do with this technology.


VoiceBuddy FE=>>VoiceBuddy FE

OTO1 Unlimited=>>VoiceBuddy OTO1

OTO2 Translation=>>VoiceBuddy OTO2

OTO3 Custom Video=>>VoiceBuddy OTO3

OTO4 Agency=>>VoiceBuddy OTO4


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Video Review For FRONT END ONLY


VoiceBuddy OTO

hi there this is Yogesh Corral and in this

video clip I’m demonstrating just how spouse’s.

body jobs and also going to offer you a quick.

walkthrough on the whole structure so once.

you sign in you will see this display this.

is our dashboard where you can get a.

complete testimonial of each of your tasks.

below you can see the audios that has.

been developed full blast tally of sounds.

recordings as well as sub work of your document and also.

in this field you can see all the.

audio is created from Amazon.com’s Polly.

electric motor as well as here you can see all the.

audios from Google’s wavelet stage.

currently in the event that you need to play a sound you can.

merely play legitimately from right here or in the event that you.

require to download it you merely need to.

click this catch to download this.

certain audio and right here you can see a.

graph based on the DS of like just how.

countless koogler Google’s wavenet sounds has.

been developed and Amazon.com’s Polly or.

your better half developed so this is all.

concerning the control panel presently just how concerning we move to.

the primary framework that is to make sound.

so we ought to regard just how the audio electric motor for.

Google’s Wave organizes so you need to go.

right here and click on this option as well as you.

will see the display below first you need.

to go into an endeavor name as well as just.

intrigue examination voice prepared 1 and below you.

can give a vesl so all you have to do is.

to duplicate/glue your material here so once.

you do that you can utilize our toolbar to.

do all the countless patient’s that you require.

so before starting the control if.

you need to transform over this material right into any type of.

various other language then you can just go.

in advance.

to the base of the screen right here you are.

seeing something several describe as decipher you.

merely require to pick the language in.

which you need these works to be.

understood so when you pick the material I.

indicate the language merely need to tap on.

interpret catch and afterward this will be.

deciphered in the select language which.

you have chosen here so this is all.

about interpretation so when you have done.

the analysis you can continue and also.

begin making your audio so the first.

action here is to fine-tune it for example.

on the off possibility that you need to redesign how this obtain.

spoken you can use every one of the choices that.

are accessible below in the toolbar for.

design on the off chance that you need to provide a respectable.

accent on this details board you.

merely need to select this globe as well as breeze.

on select accent as well as choose the alternative.

that you require so now I will select as.

moderate as need to be apparent that assessment has.

been included here so for this details.

words the accent degree will certainly be.

modest so this is the way whereby you can consist of the.

accentuation and here suppose you have a.

number below 5:06 so currently you on the off opportunity that you need.

the noise to be spoken as numbers then.

you simply need to pick this and break.

on select view as and afterward pick.

personalities so now as opposed to calling it.

as 15000 6 this will be called as 1 5 0.

0 6 so this is the methods through which see as will certainly work and.

how regarding we inspect whether you require to offer a reprieve in.

your noise all you have to do is to.

choose the word as well as afterward click on break.

and later established the nanoseconds of the.

quit where you require so this is the means whereby this.


alternative works as well as this is the pitch you.

can select that web content where you need to.

modify the pitch of sound and simply established.

the pitch that is it so this is the means by which you.

can set the pitch presently exactly how regarding we examine whether you.

require this three words to be stood.

quick after that you need to choose those.

words click choose rate as well as afterward.

click on X quick we have a lots of choices.

below you can simply mess around according to.

your needs so now this is the fashion by which it.

will certainly function that is the speed so taking into account the reality that.

since late there is these three words will.

be spoken remarkably fast so this is about.

the editorial manager we have minimal more alternatives right here.

like audio a section break or a.

sentence break you can just use it as.

per your prerequisites as well as once you have.

complete your personalization simply select.

a language here you can see a great deal of.

voices merely select the one which you.

requirement and also later click submit so currently the.

audio will be developed and it will be.

appeared below you can just play it right here and also.

see it and also if all is well you can.

download by tapping on these three.

fastens and afterward click on download so.

this is the methods by which you can create and also.

download the content now we have rarely any extra.

choices right here called as performances so just how about we.

state in this VSL you dedicated an error you.

require to supply a respite here yet it slid your mind.

so now what you can do is you simply need.

to choose below select the break and later.

click submit once more submit once more so.

presently what will certainly take place is another noise.

will be developed and it will certainly be called.

as v-two and below you can also include the.

notes as an example I neglected to.

set break as well as it will certainly be saved so.

at whatever point you pick this details.

sound each of these renditions will certainly be piled.

with the objective that you can handle that project.

efficiently so as well as currently on the off possibility that you need to change.

the major type all you need to do is.

to tap on this catch in light of the fact that by.

default the subsequent adaptation will be shown up.

here so this has to do with Google’s.

wavenet stages or your generator currently.

we need to move to poly.

so right here.

in the poly we have identical V and also the.

procedure of creating audio as we have.

seen and also swing it that is you need to.

go into an endeavor name right here and also afterward you.

need to put in your vessel content right here.

moreover, you can choose all the customization.

choices available here like accent.

level se as that is you can on the off possibility that you if.

you require to make reference to the date appropriately.

you merely need to choose the date as well as.

pick this choice similar to this we have actually a.

component of alternatives here and state as the.

brakes the pitch level the speed of.

seem the sensation of anxiousness of that.

certain words which you pick.

improvements, for example, tranquility as well as.

murmured and also the flow and sentence.

break so you need to just choose.

what’s even more, utilize the choice according to your.

requirement and also as soon as done you simply call for.

to tap on submit as well as if on the off opportunity that on the off opportunity that you.

need to alter over the web content right into any kind of.

various other language we just need to choose it.

and also afterward choose the language right here and also.

click interpret with the goal that this will be.

exchanged your Teesside language.

what’s even more, when that is done afterwards you can.

start chipping away at modification so when.

that is done you will certainly see the alternatives.

like we have seen in wavenet for.

version that you send.

additionally, below you see we have actually obtained our.

initial kind such as this you can make.

the exact same number of versions as you require so this is.

regarding poly editorial supervisor now in the noise.

show you can see every one of the noises that you.

had produced and also in the video made.

you can make a video clip utilizing only the.

images as well as you can include sound to it like.

the sounds that we have actually developed right.

presently you can simply place it legally just.

by touching on this catch so all the.

noises that you have made will come.

up right here merely vital to pick sound choose.

the photos and also break on send so that is.

all you require to do to make the video clip.

what’s even more, we have a good deal of rewards right here the.

exhibit video clip display screen as well as thumbnail.

exhibit so every one of the recordings that has been.

created will certainly appear below and also the.

custom-made photos will certainly show up in our.

thumbnail screen and also on the occasion that you need to.

transfer in YouTube you can do that here.

so all you have to will certainly be to get in the title.

tags representation and choose the state.

what’s even more, time when you need to move it the.

network time area course video.

thumbnail and also break on submit and also now if.

you need to alter over the title and.

portrayal into some other language at that point.

you should just to select your.

select language and also break on decipher.

so all the title tags and also depiction.

will be altered over right into that language so.

this is the fashion through which the Youtube transfer works and also.

you can include any number of YouTube.

account based on your registration level.

right here you need to just to touch on.

include document as well as later you can include it and also.

to make a sub client you simply require to.

click below client make sub client below.

you can make the sub customers of your.

account to ensure that is on the off opportunity that you make a below.

customer basically he will certainly utilize your.

account nonetheless with his very own username as well as.

secret key so this is about voice.


a lot required to you to such a degree.


VoiceBuddy OTO