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VoiceMotionsAl OTO Links Above –  What is VoiceMotionsAl ?

VoiceMotionsAI is an emotion-driven text-to-speech program that, in our opinion, will fundamentally alter the way in which people engage with technological devices. This is not your average text-to-speech app by any stretch of the imagination. We have created a ground-breaking technology called VoiceMotionsAI that taps into the power of people’s feelings in order to provide our users with an experience that is more immersive and tailored to their specific needs. Imagine being able to hear a narrative told in a voice that fits the tone and emotion of the words being said, or getting a message from a loved one with the warmth and sincerity of their real voice. These are just two examples of what it would be like to be able to hear a story told in a voice that matches the tone and emotion of the words being uttered. In addition to that, it features an emotion-driven artificial intelligence content writer as well as a little recording studio.  

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Product Overview


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VoiceMotions PRO oto1:

320+ Pro Emotional Voices, 3100+ More Neural Voices, Longer Audio, More Audiobooks, Unlimited Content Writer, Team/Subuser Access.

VoiceMotions Dub Studio PRO

Custom Voice Profiles, Dub in Your Own Voice, and Custom Neural Voices  

oto 3: VoiceMotions FOMOClips

With 50+ ready-to-use templates, you can make videos that stop people from scrolling on social media. With 50+ premium templates, you can make ads that get a lot of clicks.


Create unlimited thumb-stopping videos from any old video; choose from 100+ premium templates in a variety of niches; use the A.I. subtitle engine to turn any audio into subtitles; use the audiowave generator to make audiowaves and hardcode them right into the video.

oto 5:VoicerMotions ReVideo:

Use our new A.I.-based text-to-image engine to make any number of mind-blowing pictures out of text.  

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Video review for Front End only VoiceMotionsAl

VoiceMotionsAl   – Text From This Video

Hi, so this is a quick overview of your dashboard. As soon as you log in to your Voice and Motions AI account, you will be presented with this dashboard. On the left-hand side, you have the main three options: AI text-to-speech, audiobooks, and EI content writer, and depending on the plan that you have bought, you will have access to teams and agencies. So let us first see the option of AI text-to-speech. So once you click on AI text-to-speech, you will be presented with this screen.   The screen contains all the text-to-speech projects that you have done. So this was the project name when this project was created. This is a preview URL, and then this is the option to download the particular file from that project. We also have the option of cloning the project, so you can click to clone using this option, or you can delete a project using this option. This is a quick preview of this demo.   We will be creating a new project, so click on “Create New.” Once you click create new, you will be presented with a voice motion AI text-to-speech editor. So this is a very easy-to-use editor, and it is completely block-based. So one block of text can have a different emotion, a different pitch, and you can have a different speaker, and then you can add another block with a different speaker. For example, I’ll select this, and then this block of text can have a different emotion, a different pitch. And you can emphasize a different word. This is a very, very easy-to-use editor, and you can keep adding as many blocks as you want.

VoiceMotionsAl Local OTO  

So the first thing you should do after getting inside your text-to-speech editor is Is selecting a voice, so I’ll click on edit here. You can select the language, so I’ll type in EN for English, and then I’ll select English United States. So these are all the voices that are available in English in the United States. So all of these are neural voices. Human-sounding ones and the voices with the pro option in them are the ones that have emotions.   You can quickly preview The Voice directly on the screen. I can convert your text to a human-sounding voice, so this voice has emotions again. For example, this voice doesn’t have an emotion, but again, this is a human-sounding voice. Hi, I’m Stefi. I can convert your text to a human-sounding voice, so for this demo, let us select a guy. Once you select the voice, it will be highlighted in blue. Once you select the voice, you need to click close, and you can see the voice over here.   So each block of text can have a different emotion; for example, I’ll type hi. I am a guy, and this is my neutral voice. So right now, this voice doesn’t have any emotion, and we can quickly preview The Voice Hi, I’m a guy, and this is my neutral voice. Now we can either clone this block or add another block and select another speaker, but for this demo we’ll just clone this block, so the speaker is already selected, and now let us give a different emotion to this voice. So hi, I am a guy, and I am very, very angry.

VoiceMotionsAl OTOs Linka  

You know, just give this voice an angry emotion, and you can again preview it here. Hi, I’m a guy, and I’m very, very angry again. You can clone the section, and you can give a different emotion to this, and I am speaking your video softball very, very softly. Again, you can have a different speaker as well. So, for example, I’ll just clone this, and I can have a speaker without emotion with emotion.   I can choose any voice I want, but in this demo I’ll select, stiffen, and I can just join the tie that says so. This is a neutral voice. This is Stefan. Welcome to voice motion. Say you can either pitch up or pitch down this voice, or do pitch up. Pitch up or pitch down. You need to select the text, and then you can select options. For example, I want to pitch down, so this is the effect in The Voice, and you can also add emphasis.   Delay Just highlight the word and then select the feature you want. So, for example, I want to emphasize the word “softly,” and I can do that, and then again, we can preview, “Bye, I’m dying and speaking very, very softly.” As you can see, our editor is very, very easy to use. You can use it in any combination you like. Let me give you one more quick demo of importing text.

VoiceMotionsAl OTO AIUpsell  

For example, if we have a huge paragraph, we can automatically split it into different blocks by using the feature of importing text. Click on this to select the voice that you want to use after importing the text, so I’ll again go to English, and I’ll select Guy once selected. Click on “Close.” Now add the text that you want and just click on import. So, as you can see, the text has been imported into different blocks, and you can directly preview it as text-to-speech. TTS refers to the ability of computers to read text aloud once you’re happy with the entire formatting.   You can just click on generate, give the project a name, then clicksubmit,” and within a few seconds, Actually, your audio would be generated. You can either preview the generator audio on this screen or use text-to-speech. TTS refers to the ability to download the audio directly from this download URL. You can again clone or delete this project using these two links.   Now let us go to the second option of audiobooks. If you want to create an audiobook, you can click create audiobook. Now you can select the language; for example, in our case, we’ll choose English and all these languages, and all these voices are available for English. You can enter the text that you want to convert into an audiobook over here and then choose the language. So, for example, I’ll choose Sunny Hi, and I want the noble sound itself, Sally, and I’ll.

VoiceMotionsAl OTO Bonuses  

Just click ongenerate,” and as you can see, the audiobook has been created. Now we will check out the option of AI content writer. Once you are on the screen, you can click on generate new, and these are different content writing templates that are available right now with us. We can either use it for creating audiobooks for e-commerce, listing for blog intros for email, subject: email content, Facebook, Instagram, post, or whatever we like. For this example, let us choose a blog intro about artificial intelligence. What is the blog idea?   We want to write about, say, chart GPT writer, blog intro, chat GPT, or click on generate, and, as you can see, we have used the iPhone, creating a blog intro regarding chat GPT, which is very accurate. Again, you can either edit it, clone this block, or delete it, or you can keep adding more content using this section. So this was a quick demo of voice motion AI. We hope that you will enjoy using this software, and if there are any issues or if you need any help, please feel free to reach out to our support desk. Thank you.

VoiceMotionsAl OTO Product Overview

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