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VSL Maker OTO – OTO1(  PRO Version), VSL Maker OTO  2(  VSL Club), VSL Maker OTO  3(  Agency  Version). you well get Two front End and Three OTOs’ Options All links and details Bellow. VSLMAKER OTO




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VSLmaker OTO  –  What is VSLmaker  ?

Make As Many Sales And As Fast As Humanly Possible With The Breakthrough App That Generates BOTH High Impact Video Scripts & Script-Based Videos By Simply Filling In The Blanks



OTO1 ==> PRO Version

PRO Upgrade Enables To Go Beyond Video Scripts & Script-Based video

People Get 6 More Frameworks For: Sales Letters, Headlines, Bullet Points, Lead Capture, Webinar Registrations, And Facebook Ads.

PLUS They Get Done-For-You Web Templates To Make Web Pages Based On VSLmaker PRO Upgrade Frameworks.

OTO2 ==>VSL  Club

People Can Take Business To The Next Level With VSLmaker Profit Club

People can hugely increase what VSLmaker can do for you by joining VSLmaker Profit Club.

VSLmaker Profit Club opens up the entire video script and web page copy library we use in our own business, PLUS it gives people 120 new kinetic text animation templates, and tons of other video creation assets.

So it opens up a large range of new video scripts, sales pages, and script-based videos that people can make

OTO3 ==> Agency Version

People Can Upgrade To Agency License And Start Profiting More While Working Less

They Get Access For 5 More Users PLUS Unlock 1080p & 4 Ultra HD Video Render, And Get Access To Over a Million Royalty Free Stock Photos & Video Footages



What is VSL Maker?

The Demo

First to market solution which allows users to make both high impact video scripts and script-based videos by simply filling in the blanks and swiping done-for-you templates

People will be able to generate those scripts and script-based videos for lead capture, sales, affiliate reviews, explainers, webinar registration, case studies, keyword based SEO, and even video ads for every social platform.

With VSLmaker every step that used to take days now just takes minutes.

It is the very first solution on our market which does all from start to finish.

In short it takes the user from nothing, not even a script all the way from script, to voice over, to fully ready to use video.

Users do not need a copywriter or copywriting skill or have any technical skill to have sales videos, explainer videos, affiliate “bridge video” or social ads videos done.



Video review for front End Only

Text from This Video

hello and welcome to my VSL maker review I am Sian and in this review I will explain if VSL maker can help you in your business now to begin with VSL maker as a windows-based video creation software which comes loaded in built-in video scripts and templates in multiple video niches like affiliate review video product videos sales videos explainer videos etc this app has been developed by andrew darius and explaindio

LLC a very trusted and successful company that was the mastermind of multiple market leading video software VSL maker is going live on a special early bird launch offer price on 7th of april 20 20 in clickbank and pay dot-com software marketplace the 5 key benefits of VSL maker can be realized as one Windows app for creating high converting script based sales videos affiliate review video explainer videos and product videos 2 contains ready-made scripts for video creation in any niche 3 contains ready-made templates for video creation in any niche for all templates are customisable with images text overlays text-to-speech voiceovers animations and transitions 5 commercial rights included in front end unlimited video

rendering license included and available on a one-time price no recurring monthly fees unlike other similar software so if you are interested check out this detailed demo of what VSL maker can do for you also during this demo if you are interested you can get a special 65% discount coupon for VSL maker in the description of this video I am giving access to three special video software as free bonus as a thank you for picking up VSL maker using my link details of these bonus video apps can be found in the description of this video are you ready to discover a first-to-market solution which allows you to make both high impact video scripts and script based videos by simply filling in the blanks and swiping done for you templates and yes you’ll be able to generate those scripts and script based videos for lead capture sales affiliate reviews explainers webinar registration case studies keyword based SEO and even video ads for every social platform and on top of that it works for any other product or service and for any niche plus all the templates are already done for you so you do not need any sales script copywriting or video making experience at all I even want to show you a case study on how you can charge as much as $500 per gig on Fiverr and $500 per hour on up work for professionally scripted videos hi it’s Robert and today I’m going to share with you new software called

VSL maker which we’ve been working on for the past 15 months it is solving the biggest problem every business entrepreneur and marketer has it is having professional videos which not just look awesome but have compelling video scripts as well for two decades our team members have been developing and releasing some of the highest most sought-after marketing automation tools in the market our team releases products and software that continue to help to automate and grow your online business and make you more money and through those decades there’s been one thing that we recognize as the main factor that can make or break your

business performances of a video script copy and the way this script based video is made while products and services must be good and useful it is a video script and script video based out of it which makes them successful it does not matter how pretty a video may look without having the value and benefits of the offers explained and why they are better than the competition very few people will buy so such promotions most likely will fail we’ve seen many amazing products fail because of bad video scripts and it is clear that without a compelling video script all the time effort and money invest creating the video are just wasted any business and marketer making any kind of profits online use this video to get leads and sales in fact creating videos that bring results has

never been so important even though the number of video apps has grown one of the big problems that still exists is that if you want to create a video that converts viewers into leads and sales it’s an exhausting process just writing a video script that is proven to convert takes a huge amount of skill and time and there are not many more difficult things in marketing than staring at a blank page and trying to come up with a video script writing the script for the video in fact is the step most people never pass through so they end up with nothing at all and this is why we have designed VSL maker to work for you even if you cannot write a single line of video script and have never made a single video before it’s because this software handles

everything from start to finish traditionally while creating a video script you used to have only two options write it yourself or hire a copywriter learning how to write a compelling video script is very difficult and it’s a long-term process and it can take years to master and cost you a lot of money on copywriting courses and even then writing for yourself is often not good enough you need to put the videos done from your scripts in front of potential buyers over and over again

until you finally get it right and it really takes a lot to become a great video script copywriter if you do not want to spend time energy and the money to learn copywriting the only other option that used to be there was hiring a professional video script copywriter and the problem with that is is not only very expensive but could take weeks to communicate back and forth before copywriter is even close to understanding what you want to achieve and even then they may fail to deliver results because something was all

misunderstood or missed it doesn’t have to be that way any more and that is why today I’m extremely excited to announce they can no longer have only those two traditional options to have your video script done from today I give you the third option VSL maker VSL maker is a new first-of-its-kind groundbreaking app which allows you to not only generate full-length video scripts by filling in the blanks and simply swiping done for you templates but also it allows you to generate fully featured videos from the scripts traditionally once you already have a script creating high-quality videos from it is an extremely time-consuming process because the vast majority of video apps are not designed for video

production from scripts right the majority of video creation apps are either meant to create small bit size videos to share or advertise on social media or or they’re overloaded with unnecessary features which are difficult to use and and make it take you hours upon hours to create just one video plus if you’re not a designer and try to use a general video creation app your video very often ends up looking like a fifth grader school project it doesn’t have to be like that anymore when you want to create videos from script you

should be able to create those videos without having to spend months to learn script copywriting or spend days learning how to use the video creation software VSL maker is an easy and fast way to create both video scripts and videos from them plus it allows you to generate high quality videos with the speed the likes of which you’ve never seen every step that used to take days now takes just minutes you can now generate both video scripts and videos ready to make you money in no time with VSL maker you are never short of video scripts so you can generate any number of videos you want when you use VSL maker you don’t even have to read the video script by yourself if you don’t want to you can harness the newest AI technology and choose from tons of natural sounding voices to automatically voice over your script with fully automatic sync to video if you choose to use voice over audio files or record your own voice overs you can synchronize audio to video

just by using one button and here’s how easy BSL maker is to use step 1 choose the kind of video script you want to create fill in the blanks with things like the product name and the product price and the benefits and things like that and then click one button to produce a complete video script and by the way the things you need to fill in are so simple that anybody can do it and step number two paste your script to the video generator select the font decide if you want to use text-to-speech with automatic audio sync or add a voiceover and synchronize using one button and step 3 click a

button voila you have just produced a complete video from a professional video script which is ready for you to preview and that’s it those three steps will have you generating your next compelling script based video in minutes and Before we jump in any further I want to tell you a little bit more about VSL maker we got involved in VSL maker for our own business and our team members have created from scratch several seven-figure businesses from retail brick-and-mortar stores through physical products wholesaler the internet service provider online business is selling info products in many niches a software business with online sales only to online shopping cart and affiliate platform hosting large numbers of independent online vendors selling all kinds of products and

through all of those experiences we have witnessed the massive impact a video script has on success or failure of promotional and sales videos and this is why VSL maker has been an important project for us for quite some time and we made sure that all the templates and frameworks are up to the highest standard to effectively convert viewers to buyers VSL maker is using proven video script copywriting formulas inspired by the greatest known copywriters these are scripts based on the same fundamental key

copywriting principles which are the base of ESL maker frameworks and they’ve worked great for our team members for their own businesses for over two decades it doesn’t matter what your business is selling or promoting with VSL maker script based videos it can work for all and any businesses and products no matter the market niche and it doesn’t matter if you’re selling or promoting services or if you’re selling or promoting products and it doesn’t matter if you’re giving away something from free to generate more leads it doesn’t even matter if

you’re just selling or promoting an idea or a concept if you want people to take action VSL maker is the software for you VSL maker was designed to help you make more sales by producing stunning jaw-dropping script based sales and promotional videos with VSL maker you can generate lead capture videos sales videos affiliate review videos explainer videos webinar registration videos tutorial videos case study videos keyword based SEO videos and even social video ads for every platform and you can also export the scripts to PDF file to share with others are used as a webinar

presentation and the chances are since you’re still watching this video you know how powerful these script based videos are hey okay I mentioned a case study earlier and I want to break that down for you sales and promotions are the lifeblood of every business businesses marketers and entrepreneurs they all need to have an effective sales and promotion script to sell their products and services VSL maker can help you cash in on the fact that most businesses do not have in-house professional script copywriters or videographers and they instead hire freelancers and pay for their services for example a fiber freelancer named GW ghostwriter charges his clients $500 $500 for a single premium gig which is up to a thousand word sale script and he already

has more than 1400 reviews up works freelancer Danny am charged is five hundred dollars per hour for script copywriting consulting until now he has already earned more and $200,000 from a hundred and twenty four jobs here are a few other freelancers selling similar services like Wendy see who charges $125 per hour and has already collected more than $60,000 for her work Anthony why who asks for a hundred ninety seven dollars per hour and has already made more than five thousand dollars from his first seven hours worked crisps are whose rate is one hundred ninety five dollars per hour and he’s already made more than a hundred thousand dollars from his

copywriting there are many more people on Fiverr and up work selling similar services with the track records reported and because businesses always need more video scripts the amount of work is endless but you do need to have the cutting-edge tool to enable you to do that and to really stand out from the other freelancers and plus all the cases that we just talked about do not even include script based video production for which you can charge premium dollars on top of script writing itself VSL maker might just be the foot in the door tool and you need for businesses to choose you instead of your competition all the details are below simply click on the get VSL maker button below

to get instant access and skyrocket your results and get your access to VSL maker today I will see you on the other side and of course your fully protected Bower no questions asked 30 day promise we’re so extremely confident you’ll love VSL maker that will let you take it for a full 30 day test drive and if you’re not fully satisfied for whatever reason just contact us and we’ll be happy to give you every penny back but we already know you’re going to absolutely love BSL maker okay go ahead the button is right below right below this video grab your copy today and we really look forward to seeing you amazingly effective sales scripts on making more sales luckily for you VSL maker is going to give you the unfair advantage over your

competition grab your access to VSL maker today oh but one more thing if you see this video now you’re part of our early adopter special offer we could sell VSL maker for 497 dollars which is the price we charge for our other business video software but if you take action today you’re not gonna pay anywhere near that in fact if you take action today you get an 86% discount from the post early adopter price but you have to be quick and take advantage of this early adopter offer right now after this introductory price ends we’ll be selling a massive number

of copies across the world at a much higher price and for today if you have an exclusive opportunity to get your hands on this must have software that every business entrepreneur and marketer on the planet needs the world’s best video script and script based video creation software is here and can be yours for an extremely discounted price right now what you have to do right now is download your copy by clicking the Buy button before the price goes up and we will see you inside the member area