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A.I. Powered Software AUTO Creates INTERACTIVE Virtual Tours For Businesses & eCom Stores With Built-In LIVE CALLS/CHAT!


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You Can Create & Sell STUNNING Interactive Virtual Tours & eCom Stores For Yourselves & Their Clients In 3 Easy Steps!


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Vstores360 OTO Hello, I’m Gordon from Camera Labs, and this is the insta 360 x3. It’s a 360-degree camera that can capture everything around it for immersive photos and videos that you can explore with a headset or by scrolling around on a regular screen. The one x2’s successor will be released in September 2022 and cost around 450 pounds. It has a slightly larger sensor, higher resolution output, a bigger screen, and a lot of other improvements. Find out what it can do and if it’s a good upgrade over the one x2. I gave the x3 to 360 and action camera expert ben harvey, who knows a lot more about these kinds of products than I do. Here’s his full review. Note that this is not a sponsored video, and insta360 will not be reviewing it before it goes live. If you’re not familiar with 360 cameras, they have a wide-angle lens on each side, and the lenses are stitched together in camera to make a full 360 spherical video that you can watch with a vrVstores360 OTO headset or you can recompose the frame in editing to make a two-dimensional video. Let’s talk about the X3’s specs. It has a half-inch sensor, which we now call a type 1 over 2 sensor after a reviewer’s suggestion. This is to avoid confusing sensor sizes. The x3 can record 360-degree video in 5.7k at 24, 25, and 30 frames per second or 4k at 30 and 60 frames per second. When you switch to bullet mode, you can choose between 120 frames

per second in 4k or 180 frames per second in 3k. It now takes photos with 72 megapixels and has all the familiar features like hdr stills, video time lapse, star lapse, time shift, bullet time, and a few others. As before, the x3 is fully waterproof up to 10 metres without a housing or accessories. When you look at the camera from all sides, the vertical format takes up most of the front. Touchscreens of 2.29 inches There is a lens at the top and two physical buttons on either side of the screen. The left switch is set to stop and start recording, and the right switch is between the front and back lenses.

Vstores360 OTO upgradesVstores360 OTO

On the side is the power button and a new quick menu button that will take you to your custom settings. On the other side is the battery, which, when removed, gives you access to the micro-SD card slot. At the top is the usb-c port, which lets you charge the camera, transfer data, and use accessories like an external microphone adapter. There are led lights on the front and back of the camera that let you know when it’s on and when it’s recording. There are also multiple microphones inside the camera and a tripod mount at the bottom that can be used with the invisible selfie stick. When shooting with just one of the x3’s lenses for a wide-angle standard video output, you can now get up to 4k at 24, 25, or 30 frames per second, whereas the one x2 was limited to 1440.

The new sensor lets you take stills with 36 megapixels for each lens. This adds up to 72 megapixels, which is a big improvement over the 18 megapixels of the onex2 sensor. From a user’s point of view, the most noticeable change is the new screen. The one x2 had a small round screen that worked, but there wasn’t enough room for the image and the menus. Even though the screen is a big improvement over the one on the X2, the X3 screen has much bigger icons, clearer menus, and even a vibration feedback when you scroll through the menus. The resolution isn’t as good as what we’re used to on our phones, but it’s more than enough to get around the menus and check exposure and composition. When you start recording, the screen resolution drops to a preview resolution. I checked with insta360, and they say this is normal and will be needed in the final production model. The new buttons under the screen and the quick menu button on the side are very helpful, especially if you’re doing things underwater where a touchscreen can be hard to use. Owners of the 1×2 will be happy to hear that the port door on the side has been completely redesigned and now has a reassuring removable hinge door that clicks into place. The x3 body looks to be about one millimetre thicker than the one x2, which isn’t much, but you can feel the difference when you hold them both at the same time. This may be because the x3 has a bigger battery, which is now 1800 milliamp hours compared to the 1×2’s 1630 milliamp hours. However, the 1×2 has a smaller screen to power, which might make up for this increase in capacity.


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7k clips before the battery died. I switched between having the screen turn off after one minute and leaving it on while recording. Having the screen on definitely raised the temperature of the device, making it very warm but not too hot to hold. It’s worth noting that every 30 minutes of recording, the camera will stop and start a new video file, leaving about 5 to 10 seconds between clips. Overall, I think the battery did a good job, and the 64 GB memory card that came with it was full before the battery ran out. One of the smart new features is “me mode,” which uses the invisible selfie stick to make a video that doesn’t need to be reframed and puts you in the middle of the frame. The benefit of this is that the camera usually has a bitrate of 120 megabits per second for a full 360 video, but in “me mode,” you get the same bitrate for half a sphere by using the bottom half of each sensor and lens, giving you double the bitrate of a reframed 360 video Me mode is the best choice if you want to film yourself with stabilised wide-angle footage. Right now, this mode only offers 1080 at 30 and 60 frames per second, but I’ve been told that 24 and 25 frames will be added in a future update. Hopefully, 4k will also be added. Also, looking at the stills from the x3, we now have 72 megapixels in 360, which is a big improvement over the x2. If you look closely at the label on my shirt with the x2, you can’t read the text, but with the x3, you can see that it says “1982” on the label. Here are the two images side by side: first, a 100 reframed export from the studio app, then a 300 reframed export. The X2 on the left is cropped to 100%, while the X3 on the right is also cropped to 100%. The benefits of the slightly larger sensor and higher resolution can again be seen. Performance in low light has also gotten better. Here is a side-by-side video of my office with the blinds closed, showing the 1×2 on the left with the camera’s highest ISO setting of 3200 and a shutter speed of 150th of a second, and the x3 on the right with the same settings. As you can see, the x3 has a much clearer image. In the past, the audio capabilities

of insta 360 cameras have been a bit weak, so whenever I use them, I record my audio separately. This makes the workflow more complicated, though, so how has the audio improved on the x3? I’ve had two bad video files because my camera crashed, but other than that, the firmware is pretty stable. The stitch line is also a bit more visible than in previous models, especially in high contrast areas like the sky. It’s very subtle, but hopefully this can be fixed with a firmware update. Overall, the X3 is a huge improvement over the One X2, and I would definitely recommend getting the X3 over the One X 2.

Vstores360 OTO Demo

First and foremost, the x3 is better because both the video and still image quality are better. The x3 is a much better camera to use because it has a bigger screen, a bigger sensor, a bigger battery, and a better set of features. The port door has also been redesigned, which is a nice touch. have really made it easier to use a 360 camera because not everyone wants to make 360 content and then have to reframe it in editing. That’s why they made me mode and improved the quality of the single lens mode. These modes provide a wide angle 4k stabilised video, so this is now both an action camera and a 360 camera, though the one-inch edition has a larger sensor and better image quality. The x3 is better if you need more resolution for photo spheres or want

Vstores360 OTO Grab

the peace of mind of a completely waterproof camera. I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. There is an affiliate link in the description if you’d like to support the channel. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

Vstores360 OTO



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