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Video Review For Front End Only


VViral OTO

deck but the three that are here get put
to the bottom of the deck and this gets
refilled just like so with three face-up
cards now here we’re fighting over at
one point and minus one of the research
track yellow and orange both have
viruses in both organs and they’re tied
one to one now we’d come to the
tiebreaker chart in the bottom left hand
side of the board near the number six
and we see that the orange is higher
than the yellow so the orange will get
that one point and the minus one on the
research track then we move on to step
number three which is event you would
look at this event and you would trigger
it in this case it’s called number two
remove all viruses in the large
intestine each virus removed scores one
point this car would be discarded and
you going to see what event is going to
trigger next round you then move to step
four which is immune response in this
case it’s the immune system fighting
in areas that have too many viruses
you’re going to look at every one of the
crisis tokens starting with the lowest
number and going forward and assuming
that there’s still at least one virus
there whoever has the most is going to
get two points all the other players
will get one point for having a virus in
there so we’d start with the lowest
number which is one we have them here
it’s actually tied in this area each of
those have one so we go to the
tiebreaker chart and then this case ins
Purple’s on top they get the two points
all the other players since each of them
had one in there would get one point now
each of the viruses here would be
removed like this but now remember if
you have a shield any time you’re
supposed to get removed you just flip
yourself over after you’ve resolved all
of the crisis markers you’re going to
step five which essentially is cures the
doctor are finding cures for the ones
that have been doing the most damage and
when you get to this step if any player
has their token at the top of the
research chart while the doctors have
found the cure for that virus this will
go all the way back down to the bottom
you remove all of the viruses from the
board for that player unless of course
any of their viruses has a shield in
that case instead of being removed
they’re flipped like normal then we move
to step six which is the round end we
will change the tie breaker chart you’ll
see over here that we have purple and
green tied for first then yellow then
orange you’ll essentially put them in
reverse order from lowest score to
highest score being highest on the
tiebreak so orange was last then yellow
and green and purple were high but they
don’t change order as purple was before
green last time finally in step six you
would release any viruses that were
currently absorbed
now if there were no more cards left in
the event deck that means you have gone
through the six rounds and the game
would end if there is at least one card
left face-up you would start all over
again at step one if it is the end of
the game you’re going to add to your
score track one point for every zone
that you have at least one virus in it
doesn’t matter how many viruses you have
in that zone if you have at least one
virus in a zone you get one point for
each of those zones then you’ll also add
up the points of any possible mutation
cards that you had gotten throughout the
game all right well there is a viral
first of all I gotta say about the art
style this is a heavy fee
I mean you are going and infecting
bodies and trying to take people down
and it could have been done in a way
that would have turned a lot of people
away but I think they did such an
excellent job making this game look sort
of cutesy and interesting it kind of
looked like those like funny little
creatures on the fungus foot fungus
commercials that you may have seen that
are just cartoony and they’re kind of
funny-looking and that’s the way they
made the viruses look and even made the
body look that way so didn’t seem so
much as a heavy theme for someone who
just lost their mother to a disease
three months ago I played a game like
this that had some you know very deep
and dark artwork I wouldn’t even have
played the game but they’ve made it
light and airy and I love the art style
they chose for this heavy scene
speaking of theme this is a very somatic
experience you’re infecting certain
zones you’re moving though moving is
awesome in this game where you’re moving
through certain zones through arteries
and veins and through a channel that
goes from one organ to the other there’s
very specific ways that you can move and
they all make sense and you’re absorbing
other viruses and you’re causing crisis
ease and it’s just a very somatic game
so if you like area control games
automatic this one’s going to be on your
radar for sure this game has simple
mechanisms literally you’re playing one
car that tells you what actions you can
take you’re playing another car which
some of those actions have trees on that
zone and then next turn you’re not to be
able to use those it’s very simple but
there are tough choices especially with
turn order because you flip them all
your cards over you can see who flipped
over what you can see where you are turn
order and go oh man I’m first I do this
and this player is going to do that I’m
might have to redo my plans it’s a very
interesting idea of the way that works
or your sort of programming your
flipping and then you can see what
everyone does and then you’re doing it
and I really like that simple mechanisms
but men were there tough choices on who
to take out the scoring is very tight in
this game it’s very balanced and so I
like that in a game where the scores are
always really tight you never know who’s
going to who’s going to win a lot of
times I might come down to that
tiebreaker speaking of a tiebreaker I
love it it is tight score because of
that tiebreaker system whoever is in
last place is going to go in the
tiebreak because it makes it easier for
them to get points and that really made
this game very sight and that’s going
because of that tiebreaker system which
I love and give it a twist because at
the end of the game it flips upside down
whoever is basically the lowest of a
tiebreaker wins because they were the
highest around before cool way to end
that gives them a little bit of a nod
hey we’ve been beat you dad all day with
the tiebreaker in the end if you’re at
the bottom you’re going to win because
you were the highest one there first
like that it really is a programming
game really I mean you’re you’re
figuring out what to do I’m on this turn
you’re trying to really figure out both
actions all four cards even though
you’re playing two of them you’re really
thinking of your whole turn thinking of
the round in a hole and kind of thinking
programming those and putting one down
and then bring it up and then
programming what you’re going to do like
how am I really gonna do this I wanted
to this but now I really do something
else because of what these guys have
played or girls so I liked it so any
cons there’s really not much bad I can
say about this game other than for some
people it might be way too aggressive to
you this game is mean we had a player
who was thinking about playing it but
she doesn’t like mean games I said if
you like mean games you’re probably not
gonna like this she watched us play some
of it she’s like I totally what I hated
that so if you don’t like mean
aggressive games stay away from this
because that’s what it is also you’ve
got to know that your plans are going to
get demolished either you’re going to
flip it over and see what everyone else
has done and you might do something and
someone else might take you out or
you’re just going to get blindsided not
knowing but when you could you flip over
you then you look and you’re like oh man
this is going to be bad so your plans
will get demolished some people do not
like that I don’t mind it if I know I’m
going into the game it’s like that and
that’s that so that’s done on the cons
it’s a good you know area control game
that’s very mean overall I really liked
it so if you’re into the styling
whoa check out viral this video was
sponsored by miniature market review
corner the review corner features
podcasts video and written game reviews
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VViral OTO


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