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WebbyMate OTO – There Is One Front End And Three OTOs. WebbyMate OTO 1 Is The Pro Version , The OTO2 Is The 4 Week Live Training , OTO3 Is The Agency Version , All WebbyMate OTO Links And Details bellow

WebbyMate OTO

WebbyMate FE= >>WebbyMate FE
OTO1 Pro Version=>>WebbyMate OTO1
OTO2 4 week Live training=>>WebbyMate OTO2
OTO3 Agency Version=>>WebbyMate OTO3

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OTO1 :Pro Version
4 more done for you webinars, 100% commissions on all the products in the done for you webinars

Get 4 more done for you webinars so you can make even more money and build an even bigger list automatically!Get 100% commissions on all of the products sold in all of the done for you webinars! You keep all of the money!Get UNLIMITED developer rights so you can charge as much as you want to your clients to run their auto-webinars

OTO2 :4 week Live training

4 Weeks of live coaching on how to get traffic and make money with Brett and Mike.

Learn EXACTLY How To Use Webbymate To Bring In An Extra Income Every Single Month… Without ever doing a single webinar yourself!

On this special LIVE coaching you’ll learn how to:

Drive THOUSAND of cheap clicks that will ACTUALLY buy on your webinarsConsistently find and profit from HIDDEN webinars…without actually ever doing any yourselfBuild a HUGE email list that you can profit from over and over again!Our SECRET formula for creating profitable webinars out of thin air

OTO3 :Agency Version

Reseller rights to sell Webbymate as your own product with everything done for you (hosting, sales page, even updates and support)

What is Webbymate  ?


Webbymate is the first software that puts your webinar profits on autopilot with ease, while avoiding expensive monthly fees altogether With webbymate

What’s Working NOW in 2019 And How You Can Tap Into These Rapid Profits So if you haven’t heard, what’s working NOW when competition is higher than it  ever, is webinars. THIS is where the money’s at. While the majority of newbies and people who just don’t  get it are out trying to build “traditional” sales pages and failing over and over, the real earners are racking up all in the profits with webinars.

Webinars simply convert higher, lead to more engagement And  sales and profits. It’s that simple. Even Though Webinars Are An AMAZING Tool To Generate Tons Of Cash. They Are Not Easy By Any Means. Here Is Why: It’s difficult to get enough signups to make it worth having to do a live presentation, so many times you’re presenting for just 1 or 2 people…ouch!


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WebbyMate OTO

hey guys right here and this is my new
web you made software web me mate is my
automated webinar platform I’m gonna go
ahead and give you a really quick walk
through and show you how to use it so to
get started I’m gonna go ahead and click
on create new and I’m going to create a
new webinar now I’m gonna call this demo
because that’s what I’m doing I’m doing
a demo so I’ll go and click on create
and I’ve now built my webinar I next one
to edit my webinar now I can go through
all these settings and I can add to them
manually but since this is just a demo
I’m gonna respect your time and I’m
gonna take the easy way out and I’m
gonna click on load pre-made webinar and
for this pre-made webinar I’m going to
sell my profit candidate system I’ll
click on load webinar settings and boom
everything is already filled out for me
the only thing I have to choose at this
point is when I want my webinar to start
the date and time I’m gonna have it
start today because I want to show you
this today and I’m gonna have it start
at 7 p.m. because right now it’s a
little bit after 6 p.m. so I’ll go ahead
and click on save and exit which you
can’t see because it’s out of the screen
and I’m done my webinar is now
completely set up next of course I’m
going to want to get my links so people
can sign up for my webinar I’m going to
go ahead and click on the get links
button and I’m gonna go to my webinar
signup URL in here you can see my signup
page for my webinar already made up and
ready for me I’ve got my headline which
you really can’t see entirely because
the screen cast here isn’t big enough
and I also have my description of my
webinar and my countdown timer for my
urgency underneath the countdown timer
is the button to sign up I’ll go ahead
and click that and I’ll register for
this webinar now it’s important to
remember that these webinars are
automated but they are also scheduled
they go out at a very specific time so
the webinar actually starts and runs at
the time that you select when you create
your webinar you don’t have to be there
because the system will run the webinar
for you but it does run at a specific
time I’m gonna go ahead and enter in my
email address and I’m gonna click on
register and now now since it’s not time
for my webinar to start it’s going to
take me to a waiting
it’s gonna tell me that the webinar is
starting in 49 minutes and 35 seconds
and incidentally this is a real
countdown timer this isn’t one of those
fake countdown timers that is when this
real webinar is going to start
automatically without you needing to be
there now I signed up with my yahoo
account and if I go over here to my
yahoo account you can see right here I
just got an email automatically from the
web you may platform telling me that my
signup is correct that I’m ready to go
my spot has been set and it also gives
the link to go ahead and join the
webinar at that specific time this is
just like an actual webinar software it
would do also if people had signed up a
couple of days beforehand it would give
them regular emails a day before and an
hour before reminding them that the
webinar is starting at this specific
time this really helps people to make
sure that they join because a lot of
times people will sign up for your
webinar and then forget about it
but with these automated emails it’s
going to help ensure that as many people
as possible actually attend the webinar
and don’t just sign up all right so I’m
not going to make you sit here for 47
minutes and watch this video because
that will really suck it’ll be very
boring so I’m gonna go ahead and pause
this video and I’ll come back as soon as
it’s about time to start the webinar
okay guys so the webinar is about to
and there we go we are automatically
redirected on time on queue and we’re
told that we can go ahead and enter the
webinar I’m going to go ahead it’s going
to connect for me and the webinar is
going to go ahead and begin now as you
can see this webinar is completely
playing on autopilot and it looks like
it’s a live webinar there’s nothing here
to indicate that it is not a live
webinar I’ve got my headline on the top
I’ve got my main webinar video and I’ve
got my welcome message I’ve got the
total number of attendees these are fake
attendees that’s an option you can turn
it on or off and I’ve even got a section
to ask a question and if people go ahead
and type in a question here I can
actually get that question on my phone
on my computer or on my tablet and I
after them and the message will pop up
as well so people get all the benefits
of being on a live webinar only I don’t
actually have to be here giving the
presentation I don’t have to worry about
the video screwing up I don’t have to
worry about messing up my presentation
they get a perfect webinar every single
time and they get all the benefits of
being on a live webinar now there are
several other features that I can show
you in there such as the ability to give
out handouts the ability to
automatically redirect people after the
webinar finishes on the ability to have
a call to action button there’s just too
much to show inside of this quick demo
video but I did want to give you a quick
walk through and show you exactly how it

WebbyMate OTO