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OTO1 :Webbyo Pro Version

  • yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7ability to add own logo and custom branding

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Webbyo OTO

What is Webbyo ?

The Demo

Webbyo Is The Ultimate – All-In-One Webinar Software
It lets you run webinars with unlimited attendees – both live AND recorded ones, then it gets you done-for-you traffic for free & even ready-made products to promote.
Webinars and online meetings are all the rage right now – Zoom has over 300 million users. Let your customers tap into the power of webinars WITHOUT having to pay monthly fees, create products or even go live themselves.
We’re Literally Handing Over The FULL Benefits
Of Webinars While Removing 100% Of The Obstacles
Here Are Just A Few Of Our Top Features
Cloud Based Webinar Software With Unlimited Attendees
Run live or pre-recorded webinars, complete with sign up pages, replays and live pages (just like a regular $500/mo. GTW subscription)
DFY Products & Webinars
Just activate one of our DFY webinars, insert your affiliate link and be on your way to $1,000+ commissions without doing any work.
Free Traffic Built-In
Livestream your webinar at the SAME TIME to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion and more for guaranteed easy traffic.
World’s Best Video Editor & Webinar Creator
Forget about creating your own webinar, offer and then going live – our incredible creator module lets you livestream any video as a webinar and edit it to promote any offer you like.
Email Autoresponder Reminders
Guess what – any time someone signs up to a webinar (live, prerecorded, ANYTHING) they get automated reminders from Webbyo making sure they join live & buy the offer.
So you get to build your list and promote to it too all within the same platform.
+ Many, Many More – This Is A Software Unlike Any Other
First, we’ve included every possible angle to make it valuable for your users and
easy for you to sell. Then, we’ve removed all possible objections.

Video review for front End only

Text from this video

I’m hoping by the time they actually Lord they launch this this is hosted on a different platform anyway let’s jump straight over to the actual application itself so essentially the application allows you to set up webinars and connect them to the major platform so if I look at the various syndication accounts you have Facebook Vimeo YouTube and dailymotion here so so if you wanted to connect to YouTube you have to go and get the security keys and API information from places like YouTube and Facebook to connect them so before I go into this traffic thing I’m just telling you the types of places you’re allowed to actually connect to now one of the upgrades apparently is to have more sources that you can go ahead and share to but I think that’s just the ability to share the links to those various sources because these are the main streaming platforms that you would use okay so this is where you would actually connect now here on the webinar piece is where you would actually set a webinar up so I just create a new webinar once you’ve connected everything to YouTube for instance you would come along here and you would create your webinar and type various pieces of information in here so as far as this actual software is concerned the old creation of the webinar and the information that allows you to do with the editing etc I thought was okay

because this is a cloud-based application and on the front end it’s only $23 and for $23 you don’t really expect a lot but this actually seems to be an OK platform if you already add an existing customer base that you wanted to start doing webinars with now I’ll come into some of the issues later on but you know as far as the actual setting up of a webinar concerned it just didn’t look like it was an OK option because it does everything you need it to you could put a title and you could put some kind of description in you can change some logos you can change an image on their logo and what it’ll do to essentially set up your pages that invite people along to the webinar and then once you’re on the webinar a live page is set up for actually screening the webinar so you know I think as far as setting the webinar up it looks okay you have you also have on here the training piece or the training pieces here where it just shows you through how to create a webinar add videos to your webinar so you can do two things you can either add a video to webinar or you can screen stream live I told you how to create a YouTube stream sure joy you can preview your webinars and then it shows you I can actually start street when your webinars the other things that they said on the sales page is that there is dumb few webinars included so when I actually look at the dumb few webinars these are the ones that they’re actually included in at the moment in the pro package now

these webinars weren’t very good quality when I looked at a few of them they’re pretty poor these are the ones that are apparently gonna earn you a thousand dollars every time somebody buys so ebay done for you math sells formula revealed you have this guaranteed sell zero front traffic product or store investment whatever that is I don’t know what these actually are but they don’t know like three thousand dollar webinars Wonderwoman rescue formula revealed okay so so they’re the kind of dumb few

webinars that you’re gonna get with a system are gonna win you a thousand dollars a time the other thing you have won here is the reseller option if you have the agency you can go ahead and sell this as your own product okay so that’s probably the dashboard itself now I’m going to go back to the sales page because I want to kind of go through a few things especially if you’re a newbie here so I’m back on the sales page let’s talk about the traffic when you stream something to YouTube or Facebook or any of those platforms unless you’ve got an existing audience nothing’s going to happen you’re going to stream something that nobody watches unless you have some kind of exists in audience even if you put some keywords into the stream you’d rely on people coming across that stream so if you’re a beginner and you’re listening to this review step back a bit and think about if you’re on YouTube or someone like that when’s the last time you suddenly found a stream and got engaged in our screen stream and then suddenly spent two thousand dollars so all of this talk about automated traffic isn’t real so all of these things that were here this 60-seconds money this 24/7 thinkin stream these dumb few webinars of

a thousand dollars none of this is true and the shame with this software as far as I’m concerned before I go into the ot O’s is that some of this webinar software is quite expensive now if this is a viable piece of software for you to set up webinars this could be a good option only $23 the only kind of negative with that I see is that who is actually maintaining the platform that this webinars on if this webinars not being maintained by a big company for instance even a big company webinars go down all the time whether the livestream or the nut but if this webinar

if this software isn’t being maintained on a regular basis and these vendors release new software all the time right so I don’t know who is actually maintaining this then you’re gonna have issues when you go to any of these other platforms that do cost more money but the kind of a monthly fee you’ll see they get updated on a consistent basis they’re always updating the code they’re always adding new features etc etc so this platform to me is just some kind of interface that you don’t actually need you can just go to youtube or somewhere actually stream live yourself if you wanted to and there’s multiple other streaming platforms just go on the web and actually look at them OBS for a start it’s completely free and you can do this on OBS but having said that if it’s just something very simple you want it to use to kind of set up your webinars for an existing audience which would mean that you’re not a beginner maybe you’re more

experienced new just looking for something easy there for twenty three dollars this might be a good option for you but from a beginners point of view I don’t think this is a good good option for you and I think it’s a real shame there’s a complete disconnect between the sales page and what the application actually is so from my point of view if you want to build a real business online getting this piece of software stream in some form of dump for you webinars 24/7 is not the answer to build something that you can actually

grow so I jump over to the OT owes its threat in this 2293 you can run live or pre-recorded webinars complete with sign up pages replays and live oto on the pro version which i think i was just which I was just looking at so you have to get the front end I know – you want to be able to look at the piece of software I was just showing you then and that’s the ability to add the your own logo and custom branding you have developer rights you can put in paid webinars you can have autoresponder access either you have in-depth reporting and more apparently now OTO – the Enterprise version is 46 93 you get done for you upgrade that gives them more traffic sources that’s the ability to share to more platforms and dump your products to promote now again I’m going to come back to the sales page guys includes done-for-you offers that pay you $1000 this is telling me that that’s not actually included till oto 2 so if that is the case this sales page isn’t even reflecting what you get in the main product which is really poor right so be very wary that I’m not sure if this dump for you piece is actually included in the front-end all you’re going to get by the looks of it is the ability to run live or pre-recorded webinars which you can do anyway in multiple other softwares and then the third the OTO is an agency license of 46 93 and the 4th OTO is a bundle of some of their other apps for $39 in summary

it’s a shame really because there’s a complete disconnect to me between the sales page and the actual software itself it looks like it can help you set up webinars and live streams which is fair enough this this cost but as far as all of these other claims about free traffic and thousand dollar Commission’s it’s just that’s just not something you’re going to get from this software but guys if you want to go ahead and purchase I’m not gonna be an affiliate for this product I don’t think it’s any good for anybody who’s a newbie and they’re the guys I really concentrate on when I discuss about making money online but if you want to go ahead and purchase I’d love to hear your comments below let me know how you get on with this software this has been richard darby this is the school of nomads again if you want to hear more reviews just like this one go ahead and hit a subscriber notification bell and I’ll let you know as soon as I release new reviews and if you want to know how I build my online business ahead and hit the link in the description below and I’ll take you through it step by step until next time guys take care


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