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Webinarloop 2 OTO  –  What is Webinarloop 2 ?

The Demo


Amazing Webinars With Sales Boosting Call-To-Actions & Engagement Drivers, Live Buy Buttons, Surveys, Infoboxes & More With A Never Seen, Before Full-Screen Webinar Experience.


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Webinarloop 2 OTO Hey sam here: let’s talk about the webinar loop too; just a few seconds to check my huge list of buy quality bonuses included in this software. Let’S agree on one thing: webinars are the most powerful sales technique on the internet right now; webinar loop 2 is a cloud-based Webinarloop 2 OTO app that allows you to create webinars with a lifetime account. You can create your own custom options pages or use templates. Send custom email reminders to make your personal branded webinar playback page and much, much more—the app supports live chat and also simulated chat.

Webinarloop 2 OTOWebinarloop 2 OTO

You can now add webinar engagement widgets inside the webinar. You can also get complete video training. It works in three simple steps. Step number one create a webinar. You can edit your profile page and choose your time zone.


You have the option to set up your SMTP for your image or your Twilio for your phone numbers. You can choose your autoresponder, create a new webinar enter some details. Subdomain title description: click on webinar settings to customize your webinar step; number: two customize! You can choose the type of webinar. You want to create, choose the language, the access type, and upload your logo.


The above button will say ready. If you have completed all the steps, enter the youtube live details of the video you want to use. You can also choose another platform, select the date and time for your webinar. If you want to schedule, add presenters to your webinar, enter the email address, choose a template for the registration page using the editor to customize. You can add a webinar widget, so your audience can interact, choose from pool information, image call-to-action questions.

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Next, you can edit the webinar check, set up email reminders andWebinarloop 2 OTO send emails. You can also send SMS notifications. Step number three goes live, you can add a tracking pixel and conversion pixel to the registration page and webinar room page use the webinar API url to auto-register your attendees. You can also connect with your zapier. You can export the list of fmds use the webinar room to go, live prices and totals included in this software [ Music ].


Now, when you log into your webinar loop, 2, you’ll be graded by your dashboard. You will see all the information it gives you from total numbers and graphs. You will see the total numbers of webinars, the available ones, even your total numbers of attendees and registrants. It also shows in graphs and the list of your registrants and attendees. You have here all the records that you need, even for your webinars, that are currently listed on the top right corner.


If you click on your name, you’ll have the profile and logout button. Now, if you click on your profile, you will see your profile page. If you need to edit your details, you can do so here, just click on the edit button and also for your password. If you ever need to change it, and if you want to upgrade your package, you can do so here and also set in the time zone down. Here is a list of webinars that you are a presenter in.


You will see all the webinars that you are included in, and if you go on settings, you have the option to set up your SMTP or your Twilio. Smtp is for your email, and Twilio is for your phone number. Let’S click on SMTP. You will see all your smtbc server details, and if you want to add more, just click on, add SMTP button. Now, let’s see on Twilio, and here’s where you can manage your Twilio numbers too.


If you want to add more, just click on the add number button. Now, let’s goWebinarloop 2 OTO to an autoresponder. Webinar loop 2 supports multiple autoresponders; you can click and choose whatever you need to add. More just click on this button down below, then select your autoresponder. Now, let’s go to webinars. Here’s the page where you can manage your webinars.

Webinarloop 2 OTO links

You can delete and add more to the list. You will see all the webinars you have created with the title type and date, and to create another one, just click on the create webinar button. All you need to do is add in the details for your new webinar, like the title, subdomain, and descriptions. You also have an actions button like your webinar setup, and if you click on it, you will see all the steps you need to complete for your webinar to go live now. First, on the sidebar section is the dashboard for your webinar.


If we click on it, you’ll see paragraphs of how many attended and registered to your webinar and also the webinar watch present. All the names and emails of your attendees will be listed down below also for your registrants, and everyone who interacts with your widgets will be listed down below for your record. Next on the sidebar section is detailed here. Are your webinar details like subdomain title descriptions? Even the language and the webinar type, which you can choose from live scheduled or on-demand also for your access type status and even logo, and if you want to check all the steps you need for your webinar to go, live on the top right corner. You can click on the button if your webinar is not complete, yet you will see it as pending, but if it is complete, you will see the button will say ready, and if you click on it, here are the steps that I’m talking about.


First, is the details, videos, schedule, presenters, and layout notice how mine are all in checkmark meaning? I have completed all these steps for my webinar to go, life, and if you’re just starting out some of it, it will be marked as x. And that’s when you know you need to set it up first and also Webinarloop 2 OTO here on the sidebar section; when your webinar is set up, it will change as light colors as what you see now. But if it’s not, it will be in a dark color. Now, let’s click on videos and see what we have there. Here is where you will provide the url of the video you want to use as the main video for your webinar, and we support youtube, Vimeo, vista Dailymotion, or direct mp4 links.

Webinarloop 2 OTO discount

All you need to do is select the platform, enter the URL, and the video length is now on schedule. You will see this tab when you have set your webinar on a schedule. You can select a specific date or recurring event once you’ve saved it. It will be listed on the repeat, daily schedule, or the one-time schedule. Next on the list are presenters.


It’s easy to add a presenter to your webinar. All you need to do is enter their email address. Then click on add, press enter the,en webinar loop 2. Will automatically send them an email invite for them to be a presenter to your webinar, and once they have accepted, they will be added to the presenter’s list down here, and you also have the list for the presenters you have invited. You will see their email address.


The invite date the status and, if you’re not sure whether they have seen it or not, you can click on the reset invite, or if you want to delete it, just click the delete button. Now, let’s go to layout, you can select your preferred layout here, and we have a bunch of professionally made layouts. Just click on select and customize, and you will see the different layouts we have. You can choose or customize whichever you want. Next, let’s move on to widgets; while your webinar video is ongoing, you can set up webinar widgets wherein your audience or attendees can interact. You can choose from paul’s information image, a call to action, or a question; just click on one and add in the details.


Webinarloop 2 OTO