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WebSuitePro Review

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WebSuitePro Review

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hey there everyone welcome to episode
1231 of the Mike from Maine show the
place where we do daily interviews with
successful online entrepreneurs this is
your host Mike Thomas and today on the
show we have Marc Bishop on we’re gonna
be talking about a software that is
going to allow you to use other people’s
videos legally in order to get 100% free
traffic you don’t need a website you
don’t get by anything
it all works using the software let’s
get into it
here’s mark we are here today with mark
bishop mark welcome back to the show my
mark today we’re gonna be talking about
a software of yours that has some a
little bit of high key claims here on
the sales page but I’m gonna hang for a
long time here and I didn’t to back
these up here so it says Yomiuri doc
here says new stealth video marketing
software swipes unlimited free traffic
from other people’s videos in 60 minutes
100% legal and newbie friendly dominate
page one today without making videos
without websites without techie stuff

without additional cost so sounds like
you don’t have to do anything and you
get a bunch of free traffic bring us
under all this much we’d be excited but
obviously there’s a couple of things to
do so yeah so whether those claims come
from so what the software actually does
is it allows you to use Creative Commons
videos now these are videos on YouTube
that you can actually use okay so it’s
not like pinching somebody’s videos you
can use these videos you can log into
this software you can you can drop in a
keyword I’ll show you all this in a
moment be dropping a keyword and then a
software will find Creative Commons
videos that relate to that keyword so
you can actually download those and you
can drop them into the software and then
you can edit them so you can put
watermarks over them logos that kind of
thing just basically brand them to make
them more unique to yourself

and then you can use live-streaming tech
now the live streaming set will allow
you to basically capitalize on YouTube
live events and that means that you can
actually get to the top of Google and
YouTube in literally minutes and of
course you know when you can do that if
you can stop Google in minutes we all
know that Google search accounts for
roughly 70% of search traffic so yeah
it’s just a just a simple way of
capitalizing on that so you can use your
own videos so I’ve mentioned Creative
Commons but you don’t have to use
Creative Commons if you have videos your
own videos or you have permission to use
say a demo video for a launch or
something like that then you can use
those and you can stream those as well
yeah I mean you could make an
interesting point there on and point out
as far as a quick way of monetizing this

you could go out there take a demo video
or sales video for a launch and just
streaming out there have the keywords
review the product name review
absolutely and sure it’s not going to
have the power of the like an interview
like you and I are doing now because
we’re putting a little bit more effort
into it but for that effort for the
effort that you’re putting into doing
that and if you do it for multiple
videos you can get rank you can get free
traffic you can get clicks on your links
for doing very very very little work and
if you do absolutely over and over and
over again for multiple videos and this
is we just talk about the affiliate
marketing in the JV zoo or your Plus
yeah absolutely I mean it’s like banking
everything up there yeah niche markets I
mean as you know you know probably
people who are watching this now I mean

I started off niche market it thinks you
know in niche markets it would be even
easier Mike you know because a lot of
these markets they don’t have video
Marcus is in there you know you can grab
a couple of videos you can even make
like a PowerPoint video something like
that and you just stream it through the
system and you know you’ll pop up at the
top of page one and in niche markets for
example you probably stay there forever
so if I wanted to do this
manually which I guess it could I would
have to go out there find videos that
are Creative Commons license so I have
to find yeah well create your right yes
work read my own so I have to go and get
a video from somewhere and make sure
they’ve got I have the rights to use
that video I have to edit it myself with
another editing software you have to
then take that video use another type of
software there are some like OBS which
is free but I get personally used it I
don’t know if you’ve tried to use it as
a bit of a pain in the butt yeah yeah I
mean there’s lots of bits and pieces out

the beauty of our niveau is everything’s
built in and you know it wouldn’t be the
first software to do that but what we’ve
done here is we’ve built instability as
well so you might have tried something
before and find that you know your
videos didn’t stream and crashed it
didn’t work very well what we’ve done
here is now I’m getting into other
technical realm here which isn’t really
my thing but you okay she’s shown me his
server setup so we have everything
balanced over five different servers
that’s apart from the actual app so
you’ve got all of you video rendering or
all of you streaming balanced over five
servers so it stays up and it works if
it’s on your servers does that mean that
I don’t have to have my computer on to
do this is that like do I just set it up
and then it goes into your servers or do
I need to have my computer running after
I set it up you’re asking me technical

questions and I’m like but I would
assume that once you sets everything up
because you can schedule it anyway so
when she steps everything up then you
know the server’s take over so it’s not
like maybe yes it’s a yes thing where I
need to have my computer running I have
a stream it from my yard if my internet
goes out then then my video goes oh I
see where you’re coming from
no you don’t need to be logged on once
you set everything up and clicks and
then you know the software takes care of
it love it okay so as far as niches
we’ve covered of affiliate marketing I
mean you can use this for pretty much
any niche yeah local marketing anything
you like really
Oh take tickets in marvelous let’s look
I have some more questions for you but
if you want to show us a little bit of
the backin area if you have I don’t know
if you if this is been use enough to
have up any proof yet if you have any
proof show us yeah I mean we’ve got

rather than showing you what what I can
do or what you know we can do I will not
do is I’ll show you some results from
some of the early testers agree look
here I’m putting you on the spot a
little bit with that but no fleeting
find something there can you see my am
mister closer so I can see all of our
it’s right at conversations there’s
gonna be an awful lot of messages
popping up you know where the day before
launch but this is the beta group here
and you can see some of the results here

so this one’s interesting because you
know we often get asked does it work in
other languages you will see guy here
he’s using it in German so yes it does
work in other languages and you can see
you know ordinary people getting results
straight away and they’re not actually I
mean to create videos which i think is
cool like you don’t if you want to
create videos yourself great but if you
yeah I do you don’t create videos
yourself you can use your own video yes
but you can simply use creative comments
which is if you want to cool all right
but some I’ll show you the the software
so this is a software and you can see
that if you log in actually when you log
in there will be videos up there which
kind of give you an overview of the
software you can see you log in and all’

of your details is shown straight away
so you’ll see what you’ve done
what’s scheduled and so forth so let me
take you through the the menu so there’s
a menu on the left hand side or there’s
a top menu here and I’ll explain what
each of these means so video research
and dilate so you can have this is where
you can download the Creative Commons
videos you can search for them you can
also check out exist
videos viral videos that kind of thing
the video creator over here there’s a
video lab it shows you your recent
videos but in a video lab you can
customize the videos whether those who
are your videos or whether they’re
Creative Commons you can customize by

put seeing images on there you can put
your logo on there lower thirds that
kind of thing they’re live-streaming
obviously we’ll get to that in a moment
but this is a bit that allows you to to
rank on the top of Google and YouTube
and gallantry so if for example you’ve
had a video that you wanted to add in
and it wasn’t it wasn’t one of the
YouTube videos we can do here is you
just click there and then you can
install or you can download from your
drive or google drive or you can just
upload it from your device so I’ll show
you that in a moment and syndication so
you can set up your social media
accounts and then you can share your
campaigns across those and conversion
booster I’ll show you that in a moment
because that’s basically a bonus so

let’s start here so you can view YouTube
videos so let’s say I put in weight loss
air for example click there you sure you
don’t want to put in like one of your
famous keywords like how to get a bigger
butt or relate I’ve interviewed mark
before he’s gun sitting gun into some
weird niches yeah yeah I’ve done some
very very odd misuse it’s probably best
we don’t mention too many isn’t it but
yeah I mean this part here will just let
you check out videos videos probably
gonna fire on you can check how the
actual video these are all Creative
Commons once your mark these are ones
that we can be so we’re not gonna get
this is just to give you an idea of of
different videos you can’t download
these at this point these just give you
an idea okay what some kind of trending
all the details publish dates that kind

of thing but I’ll click the the video at
you now so we click video fetcher and we
get to download from YouTube so
we’ll do the same thing here so we put
weight loss there now the results that
you see here are Creative Commons the
software will only allow you to download
Creative Commons videos so you know you
can see there’s a number of videos here
and you can go in here and you what I
eat for healthy sustainable weight loss
in recipes you can take that video maybe
change the title just a little bit maybe
not easily change it change just a
little bit and I mean that’s getting a
ton of use there it’s a great video
they’ve said that people can go and take
this video they’ve given permission
because of the licensing on there you’re
not stealing their video they’re not
gonna come after you and go hey you
stole my stuff because they’re giving

the rights to do that that’s correct
yeah anything so in here you can
obviously and and like this one if you
wanted to but we can do here is let me
just show you this a moment so let’s say
that I took those two there I could
actually merge and down like this so I
could merge two videos together if I
wanted to I can merge download and that
watermark or I could just download that
one so I could click there and then
click download and then click Submit
there okay so that’s a video that I can
use in the weight lock in the weight
loss niche sorry so once I have that I
can go over to you video lab here I can
pretty much customize that video now
what I would like to point out is the
fact that all of these different

elements can be kind of used in
combination or where they can be used
individually so if for example you just
want it’s a live stream of video if you
went to gallery I’ll show this now so
let’s say it’s what I want the TV use
this video here so I click there and
then it looks like a demo that you
probably downloaded for a recent product
launch mystify and not even your video
you didn’t even make that you have
permission user absolutely
so they can see the videos added to the
system there and what I could do is so
we can also add images here in the
galleries same again click that one look
like they’re so-called details in there
that I can now use with live streaming
so yes you can use Creative Commons

videos you can customize those videos
you can also use your Rome and like you
said Mike you can use demos for example
that you have permission to use such as
you know launch demos so most lenders
are going to allow you to use those demo
videos it’s best to ask you know because
you don’t want to be running into any
copyright issues but you know ask the
vendor if you can use those most of them
will have them most people will say yes
I don’t know about you mark when I’m
doing a large and we have a demo video
or sales video and people want to use it
to sell my product I’m like okay do what

you want with it
absolutely absolutely so yeah I mean the
live streaming let’s let’s click here so
at events so I will go over here let’s
call this one list of fine and then we
click find now I should have shown you
this first so the system has prefix and
suffix keywords built in and this just
speeds everything up so if if you’ve got
a review or a demo video or something
like that then you can pretty much click
find and they’ll have the prefix and a
suffix built in yes but you can change
all of this if you want to but it’s all
there okay so tags description it has
some basics in there based on the tokens
here and based on the prefix and the
suffix but you can change all this as
you want to so you can drop your
description in there you can drop your
tags in there
but let’s keep it simple for now so you
can see it’s got all of the events set
up for you basically all you have to do

is come down here choose these are doing
multiple videos I understand you’re
showing all kinds of are these ones that
you’ve added in here before all right
nothing now what the software does is it
pulls up multiple events builds multiple
events for you so you can actually rank
for multiple events for all kinds of
keywords so you see in video when you’re
in your ranking for multiple keywords
yeah yeah oh I didn’t know that safe you
know for example there’s live mystified
bonus is live list if I demo and so on
you see down the left hand side you can
you can rank for lots and lots of
different phrases for example if I take
you over here just reload this a moment
so here’s a quick test that I did the
other day I mean so this is all this is
Google page one and you can see best are
the demo here I think it’s just one on
google or but if I go over to video it’s
just reload this probably not going to

see as many now because obviously people
are starting to write their own videos
for answer then you can see here that
there’s one there’s two there’s three
but three on grievers region I mean you
know for the same keyword or is nothing
kirisame video and you didn’t you have
to create the video and you rank for
multiple keywords absolutely Council
yeah that’s essentially it like it’s
it’s very very simple and you know we’ve
we’ve covered some of the um the crucial
steps here you can use other people’s
videos you can do this legally you can
use your own videos you can use videos
you have permission to use such as a
launch demo you can stream it or you can
get a page one and you can get page one
in minutes in fact I got a template now
but let me see if I can do this nice so
we’ve got it all here

I mean I could spend an age messing
around with this and giving it just
right for one to two but all I’m going
to do is I just going to click Submit
hold on
made a schoolboy error here so let me
see so select a video so obviously we
need to select the video first so this
is the video that I uploaded so we click
use this one and we’ll use up for all
events and a thumbnail use that one and
now we should be good to go
well I can see now that it’s creating
the events you’re gonna stream them
alright now we’re gonna do it like um
well now it’s um from sixty minutes time
to 240 so it it it breaks them up over
time you can actually adjust the
settings but it will start to rank the
actual events so so you can get traffic
within 60 minutes from now you can
actually get a in 60 seconds but I’ve
been conservative with the 60 minute

claim mm-hmm you know how things are in
this in this market but so you don’t
need to have any use the thing people
might think all you need to have a
YouTube channel with a bunch of
subscribers it doesn’t matter if you
have subscribers or not these are
ranking in YouTube
yeah I’m just elated yeah I mean you
will need a YouTube channel or the sleep
but I think yeah who thinks master
just seeing if anything is a is ranked
yet think it’s too soon
it depends I mean this this is a launch
that took place a couple of days ago so
much competition yeah
probably one the best example but you
can find anything is to show this
viewers if you do this just before a
launch then it’s gonna work
exceptionally well you know like the RFI
very nice but there you go
I mean that probably wasn’t the best
example I could have shown you there
because this is a launch where
everybody’s ranked their videos there’s


me right there I’m messing it up anyways
we get it it’s of course you’re not
gonna rank for every single keyword you
can also show up in related videos which
is something we didn’t even talk about
like next to it yeah people are watching
a video and it can show up next to ones
that maybe they maybe yours doesn’t rank
as high as theirs but they can show up I
mean you’re getting little little
soldiers out there little workers that
are gonna have if you add your links in
the descriptions you’re gonna be able to
get to get traffic from those let’s
let’s talk about what people get on the
front end mark as far as limits and
stuff if you want to come back
absolutely absolutely so with the front
end valve on you can connect three
YouTube accounts okay you can run 30
keywords keyword searches you can up
this is per day 30 per day you can
download and extract and customize five
videos per day so these are the Creative
Commons video stream dialect five of
those into the software you can add 30
pixabay images per day you can add sorry
you can you can do five video renders
again this is per day and you can live
stream at five videos per day and that’s
still it’s gonna be a one-time payment
but you keep that one time
yes the early birds pricing is going to


be less than $20 and that starts at 10
a.m. tomorrow cool okay so that’s the
front end do you want to walk us through
the OTO s yeah certainly
so our bipro will allow you to do
everything that I’ve just mentioned but
on an unlimited basis so there are no
restrictions Wow okay so everything is
just unlimited is that also commercial
rights for that provision no that is in
the next one but I’ll talk about that in

a moment
now the price of this it’s going to cost
you $67 but there’s no recurring there
should be because obviously we’re
allowing unlimited use but that’s only
for a short period of time so if you are
interested in using rfo on an unlimited
basis and kind of being grandfathered
then if you like and not having to pay
any monthly subscription and get it
within the launch pier because after
that it’s going to switch to a monthly
subscription okay so let’s go to your
one or two yeah okay to ease our vile
expert so what we’ve got here is
automation syndication so you can add in
as many social media platforms you can
pretty much do everything unlimited you
also have the ability to add unlimited
platforms we would also have some
done-for-you stuff in there so if you
just start and you kind of scratching
your head and wondering why should you
promote you get guaranteed approval for
a number of products you get all of the
videos pretty much everything is there
so you just load it into into our vote
and blast it out so that’s like co2 as
that’s our fo expert and that’s going to
cost you thirty seven dollars
look your tree is in some traffic so
this one is basically us sending you
traffic so you need to check out the
page for this this is something quite


special it’s also something quite
limited okay talk to your three end I
think you got one more yeah we’ve got a
Marvel agency now what this would like
to do is sell Arve we’ve done this
before I’m not going to say we haven’t
but this time instead of just saying hey
you know we’re going to give you on this
huge percent
of commission on it sir this time we’ve
put everything in place that will allow
you to actually sell it so we’ve got
bonus pages in there we’ve got bonuses
we’ve got videos in there we’ve got
training in there so it’s a complete
package it’s great if you’re looking for
something to sell that’s gonna make you
money everything’s in there the training
the tools and obviously the higher
Commission mark thank you so much for
coming on the show today is there
anything else anything that we missed
anything you wanted to mention before we
wrap it up I think I neglected to
mention that in our file export expert
sorry you also get the license to


actually run this as a service for other
people so you can add sub users in you
can select them as a service to other
businesses to local business so it’s not
kind of things you can pretty much sell
traffic to people pretty much yeah you
know being able to rank for local
businesses anybody really is is
something that people are prepared to
pay good money for mark again thank you
so much for coming on the show and best
of luck with your launch thank you Mike
I hope you enjoyed the interview today
with Mark if you are interested in
picking up our though at its lowest
price you’re gonna want to come back
tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time on
Tuesday October 22nd you’re gonna be
able to pick it up at its lowest early
bird discounted price along with my
special bonuses thank you so much for
watching you know see you all tomorrow

WebSuitePro Review