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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

WHITE LABEL STUDIO OTO Welcome to your white label, studio members area, and software dashboard. Okay, now what you’re looking at is the first thing that you’re gonna see, which is the welcome screen there’s. A welcome video right here and then also here on the right-hand side very important if you click on tutorials it’s.

Gonna take you over to the training. There’s a link to support it. If you get stuck with anything, there’s a link to faq right here and then here on the upper right; you can customize your profile change your password and things like that right now.

The most exciting thing, though, is if you click here on my apps, and this is super important that you pay attention to this place. Okay, you see all of the four apps right here: okay, my virtual tours videos, agency, video magic, and easy business pro now.

What’s super important to realize is that your password that you got sent to and that you used to log into your white-label studio dashboard? Okay, this right here is your white label—studio master panel master dashboard, right, the same password that you use to log in there.

You’re, going to use here for each of these apps, okay. So you don’t need four separate um logins for each app or app right here. All you have to do is just use the same login. You click here on login, and then you’re, going to be good to go.

It’s, going to take you over to the actual software, and then you can log in right. So, for example, if I click here on login of easy banners pro, it’s going to take me over here to this page. Right here, I can enter my email, the same one that I used to log into my master panel, the same password. Right here, and then I’m, going to be able to log into the actual dashboard right.


So if I click here, for example, on videos agency and click WHITE LABEL STUDIO OTO on login right here, it’s going to bring me to the login area. So I’m just gonna. Do it here in real-time so that you can see it? Let’s hope I have the right password right here: um, okay, it’s.

Gon na log me in the right. Here now it’s also something very important: okay, um! First of all, you can use this software as a user, right. So if you want to check out the templates, you can click here on templates um.

You can go here to my videos. You can click here on white label, marketing, kit, tutorials, and so forth. Right now it’s, going to bring up the actual templates. So if you want to go ahead and customize any of these templates for your clients, if you want to check them out, you can scroll through here.

You can watch your preview, and you can use this software as a user, right? And if you want to use the white label features, all you have to do. Is click here on the white label, and each app has a white label tab here in the menu bar, and it’s, going to take you over right here to the white label dashboard where you can customize the member’s area.

Remember, in this incredible deal right here, you’re actually getting white label rights with this right now, depending on which level you have. If you only get the basic version, you’re going to be able to customize your brand name.

You can upload your own logo right here, and you can have a custom url right if you upgrade it to our white label. Studio x, which is our advanced white-label, you’re. Also gonna have, as you can see here, you can customize the support.


Url bonus ul, you can have your own upgrade url. You can even have your own email system here as well. Any ul and you you know your own favicon as well right, so we have a basic white label package that you get just for being a customer, and then we have an advanced one.

So you find it here on the white label for each of theseWHITE LABEL STUDIO OTO software solutions, and then, if you click here on templates, you can use this as a user right. So if I go back here to the actual white-label, studio master dashboard – you have here the four apps, and you can log into my virtual tools, for example, and then you can use this as a user for your own business, and you can create my virtual Excuse me, you can create 360 virtual tools for your clients, or you can go ahead and white label right in the same process.

You just click here, log login, and that’s. Now, if you um, upgrade it to our marketing package, you can click here on marketing assets, and there you will be provided with facebook, ads banner ads brochures, business card, um code, calling script, email, scripts, and whatnot right to help.

You actually sell these apps in a successful way and without having to work from scratch right, because? If you want to create your own PowerPoint presentation, keynote presentation, graphics, and so forth, you have to hire a copywriter, a graphics designer.


We did that all for you, and if you want to have an easy way to sell this to clients, you can upgrade here to the marketing um assets as well, and also the sales page and sales videos, and things like that right and then here on the Left-Hand side, you can also see there’s again, a way for you to reach out to support.

If you get stuck with anything, there’s a link to training each of these apps it’s. Also important to have their own training tutorials right. So if I go back here to a video agency, you can click your tutorials, and it’s, going to give you the step-by-step uh training tutorials for each app, right.

They’re very intuitive, but if you just want to watch them, you can do that. This training right here is just a quick overview of how to use the white label, but it’s very, very intuitive, as you saw here um.

You know, you just enter your information right here, and it’s. Super straightforward, really um. If I go back here, that pretty much wraps it up, so, depending on your upgrade, you’re gonna have the pro version.

If you invested in the pro, um, if you had any affiliates offering you any bonuses, if there were bonuses on the sales page, you can click here and bonus. It’s going to take you over to the bonus right here and again.

If I click here on home, that is, the master dashboard WHITE LABEL STUDIO OTO master login right here, okay, that pretty much wraps up the welcome video. The best thing you can do right now is to click here, my apps, and just go ahead.


Log in create some virtual tools, for example, for yourself or for your clients, sell you some virtual tours uh. You can create interactive videos right here with video matter. You can dive right into this and add any call to action that you want to a video you can.

Even capture leads inside of the video. If you want to create banners and have a banners or graphics design agency, you can log into easy banner video or here videos agency, which is um. You know animated local marketing and agency videos that you can sell and customize to your clients as well, right um, that’s, pretty much it.

If you get stuck with anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support. We’re also going to add here at upgrade url. So if it’s still available, you can gonna be able to click there and check out it’s.

Gon na be right here in the menu in the master dashboard and if it’s available, so you can click on that, and it’s. Gonna take you to the different upgrades, like the pro version: the advanced white-label, the unlimited version, which is very, very popular, and, last but not least, the actual marketing package as well.