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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Worldwide Traffic Hack OTO Hi, how are you doing? I’m marking Bradley from, and welcome to my worldwide traffic hack review, uh? This has just been released by James Renee and David spino today; as it suggests, it’s a traffic hack, um, so it’s kind of different from the products that James has released before I’ve picked up most of them. I’m not. I didn’t pick up the last two.


I think they were a bit crypto um, so I didn’t get them for various reasons. Uh. This is kind of different. It used to do James used to do a lot of kinds of products on traffic. Remember, we did a really good one medium, which I picked up.

Worldwide Traffic Hack OTOWorldwide Traffic Hack OTO

It was really, really good and worked really well for a while, um. This seems to be a bit different. I’ve gone through the sales page, so I’m going to take you over there and have a way look through it, uh and for me, I’m not going to get this one either I’ll kind of tell you why, when I go through the sales page, and it’s Nothing against uh, James and dave they do release fantastic products. I do say I’ve bought Worldwide Traffic Hack OTO. I bought them, and I don’t buy crappy products, there’s a reason why I do buy some products and not others, but I’m not going to pick this up uh today. As I say, I’ll kind of give you my reasons why i and I hope I’m sure you know I I wouldn’t offend Kenny James or dave by kind of getting through the sales page and letting you know why.


Um, and actually, it’s sucked. I’ll take you over there, and I will go over and have a quick look at so you’ll probably be through it already anyway. Um – and this is quite a different sales page because, like all the sales pages you put out before, we’re kind of fairly basic, I think you spent on a few dollars on this one, uh, because it looks very different from all the other ones um, but That doesn’t matter it doesn’tWorldwide Traffic Hack OTO matter the quality, the sales page. It’S the quality of the product that’s been sold in

the sales page, right, um, and you’ve probably seen a lot of this kind of type of sales, page uh with warrior plus they seem to be uh. Very many these days and a lot of the products that are coming out from warrior, plus it’s this kind of standard sort of sales, page um, and it’s yeah. I don’t know. It’s kind of getting a bit samey um, but anyway, there are just a few things.


I yeah, you know again it’s like a lot of this other kind of water plus sales pages, there’s a blind sales. Page yeah. I know it’s a bit of traffic, yeah! It’S an affiliate program that you recommend that’s being promoted using this traffic. You can use trash traffic to turn that into sales, uh.


They also talk about uh. You know, spending a few dollars on paid traffic to push the junk traffic. So I’m really, you know, I’m not absolutely sure how it all fits together, uh and what it really is. I know it’s traffic. I know it’s selling an affiliate program, but you know I would have liked a bit more confirmation.


Maybe even a video – and you know I know – obviously you can’t give away the farm your sales page, and you have to kind of obviously be careful what you say, but for this, I would maybe have expected a bit more um. You know meeting the bonds as well, so uh anyway, and look at this,Worldwide Traffic Hack OTO I mean, as you know, all looks good. You know, but I don’t know is that all traffic?

I would hope that that would all be traffic from using this particular system um. So, as it’s been, you know, thousands of pennies on the dollar to get traffic.

Worldwide Traffic Hack OTO links

Now, that’s if you’ve used paid traffic before that. So that’s a pretty tall order to get thousands of pennies in the door, but hey ho. I don’t know. I mean, I don’t doubt it because I know James is a good guy and Davis too, and I’m sure, um, for what, this is absolutely true. I’ve got no reason to doubt it, but just I say for me: it’s a blind sales page, really, and that kind of raises a bit of a red flag for me every time I see one of these; I need more information before I I I Make an informed, you know, decision uh about something, and it is hard to make that decision based on some of these sales pages on the information. That’S on them, so, okay, so they figured out traffic.


I uh figured out a way how to do any traffic work, so yeah. It sounds interesting, but how are you going to tell me the more um question: do you know how to convert traffic like a beast? Well, um, not quite, and again, these are just numbers. This is not. This doesn’t mean anything to me.


Team count in 2000, affiliates right. Okay, you get two thousand affiliates on board; I’m guessing uh 426 people enrolled on whatever the affiliate program course is.Worldwide Traffic Hack OTO I don’t know it’s, you know, there’s no explanation. I mean, is this guy? I mean, what

does that mean? Maybe I’m a bit thick. You know, but I do say there’s nothing there to give me any indication as to where those numbers are you’re pulling.


Those numbers out your arse, I mean I they don’t mean anything to be sure they do to uh dave and James, but I would have liked, you know, maybe a bit more explanation, but you know at first I’ve been through it through the sales page. A few times, maybe I thought I’d miss something, but I don’t think I have, and then again, you know, like for one lead, we convert. This means we make. We make an extra 1200 to 9600 per year per lead. That seems kind of fantastic to me.


You know, uh, every lead in your system is going to bring you between 1200 and 9600 um again; I don’t know how they’ve landed in that figure. There’S no nothing to to you know, give me any indication as to the value of that number how they got to that. Where does that come from? So this is what I mean. This is what I mean by blind sales pages.

Worldwide Traffic Hack OTOs upsell

It’S really um. I find it a bit frustrating we’re not more upfront about um, you know the product and more kin information uh of how it all kind of fits together, how they’re getting this traffic what’s causing them and how much traffic they’re generating. How much is converting, uh? I mean, you know it’s I mean again like that looks great, you know, but I don’t know what is that? What the hell is that hold on again sales notifications, the emails, or I don’t know um so yeah, and they you know it’s not complicated.


It literally took us five minutes to launch these traffic sources, and okay, will it take five minutes for us, as an ordinary layman, to to do that, or you know, what do you worldwide Traffic Hack OTO need to do to get it to that position? It’S only taking five minutes to set the system up, so yeah, again, you know 131 people reach 322 people reached. I mean again, you know it’s just its numbers, um. So yeah, that’s. Why is to say this is kind of raised a few red flags.


I mean. That’S why I’m not picking up it just seems a bit kind of for me, uh two sales too good to be true, and you’ll actually see, sorry. I’ve gone to the sales page on the JV talk, so it’s not the actual sales page. That’S up at the minute. I think it’s, I think it’s starting 11, and there’s, I think, maybe three or four upsells.


Worldwide Traffic Hack OTO