WP Spin Magic Review – Should You Buy Or Not ?- 100 Custom Bonuses

WP Spin Magic Review – Hi everyone,New WordPress Plugin “WP Spin Magic”  Was Just Launched!  “”WP Spin Magic Review“”

WP Spin Magic review

WP Spin Magic is a Gamified Opt-in WordPress Plugin that Can turns your Website Traffic into Customers and converts it into List Building Machines.

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WP Spin Magic Review – Features 

Fully Customizable 

Everything around the wheel is fully customizable. You can add your own styling and select your own colour scheme as per your theme.

Unlimited Sections

Keep all accordion close and focus on Add new entry button with magnifying glass.

Drag & Drop

With drag and drop interface you can easily organize each section the way you want.

Easy To Manage

You can easily set things for each section. You can even set color for each segment of the wheel and have lots of other controls


Have complete control over the frequency each prize is awarded to your customers. You can set the probability between 0 to 100.

Email Templates

To empower the users, spin magic provides customizable email templates in the back-end.

Customize Your Form

You can select from different input types including text field, select options, checkbox, and others.

Unlimited Slices

This optin wheel empowers you to create a number of slices as per your requirement.

Instant Preview

Just from the backend, you can now view your saved wheel just with a single click to make sure you have done the right settings.

Advanced Analytics

Gives clear and detailed stats for everything you must be aware of while running your campaigns.

Shortcode Support

Want to display wheel within page content? Yes it’s possible now with the help of shortcode.

WordPress Support

You can share your own coupons and links as well with this wheel on subscription without WooCommerce.

And so Much More..Packed With Multiple Triggers


WP Spin Magic Review – Overview:



Vendor: Vivek Sharma|Ganesh Saha
Product: WP Spin Magic
Launch Date: 2019-Dec-27
Launch Time: 10:00 EST
Front-End Price: $17
Recommendation: Highly Recommend!
Niche: Software


How It Works ?

Attracting Unlimited Traffic is now as easy as 1-2-3!

1-Connect your Account.

2-Choose your Target

3-Hit GO & Watch the Traffic coming in

See The Demo


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Pros and cons:

Easy to use
The customization for the wheel is very diverse, you can create the wheel according to your own style.
Easy to manage.
Overall management of each section and each wheel.
Need not to be dependent on the third party site or service… You can always access to this plugin, install it on your site, easily use it anytime.


Up to the present, there is none.

To Get The Bonuse

1- Buy The Products from The Link Above

2- Send Us ScreenShot For Your Transaction At admin@ignitista.com

3- We Well Send You All Bonuses Within 24 Hours

25740 2 get instant access button picture

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Video Review

Text From This Video

WPS pin magic plug in at this something
real or what could you really collect
real emails using this product or using
this plug-in and actually it’s it is
very easy to use like one like this one
here it is very easy to create like this
one here or it’s going to be very
now on this WPS pin magic review I’m
going to go behind the scenes of this
new plugin new WordPress plugin I’m also
I’m going to share with you their
pricing upsells or Oto’s and I put
together some really nice bonuses for
you that you can get with this product
so let’s dive into it hi and welcome to
my WP spin magic review this is stuff
can said and here I’m inside the actual
plug-in where we will get at the plugin
and after you have installed the plug-in
on your WordPress website now first of
all if you don’t know WP spin magic it’s
a wordpress plugin that will help you to
create something like this like this
spin here it will add like this spin
here to offer for the visitors something
in exchanging of their emails now this
is unlike the the previous method or the
old methods that offer you for example
an e-book and if you put your email then
you’ll get there eople now this is a new
method that will that is more exciting
here because they will see it like they
are winning prize here okay it’s very
very interesting here but before we go
deep into the actual product and actual
plug-in here and create a spin with you
spin wheel with you and before we go
deep into the actual product and create
wheel with you in this video make sure
if you want to pick up this product make
sure to go on the link in the
description you will see my review page
may feel free to read everything in this
page actually this video is the video
that you are watching right now
and make sure if you want to get all my
bonuses that I will talk about them
right now make sure if you want to get
them they may go before this timer hits
zero because after that I’ll not be able
to deliver your bonuses I will remove
the link of their bonuses okay so if you
want to get all my bonuses just visit
this page through the link in that
description and after there just click
on any yellow button in this page you’ll
see after that the sales page feel free
to read everything in this page actually
the creators of this product those are
the three guys behind this product now
those are very very amazing guys because
they this product is not their first
product they have actually created some
really great great products before their
before this product okay so I believe
that they are very nice guys and they
put a lot of work to make this possible
for you to create a spin and your
WordPress website so for that self page
I will I can’t really go to each
information here because of the time of
this video okay so feel free to read
everything in this page and after you
get the product from the sales page here
first just click on the yellow button
and then go to the sis page and give the
product after that go to your warrior
Plus account and you’ll see the menu he
just click on it and you’ll see the
purchase history click on it and you’ll
see something like this image here it’s
here you’ll see access your purchase
button and under that button you’ll see
access affiliate bonus so make sure if
you want to get the bonuses make sure to
click on the button that is below the
access your purchase a button okay so
here you’ll see the button for accessing
the bonuses now what are my bonuses
actually I have here a big surprise for
it says the biggest bonus now what this
promise I will give you access into my
click sale Bank Academy now this Academy
will help you to
make money you can earn real money here
okay and I will show you the proof here
here that the methods are all about two
methods the first one is the super easy
method and the second one that money
friendly method the super easy method
does not require you to have anything a
domain name without a domain name you
can start with this method without a
domain name without an email list
without a hosting without almost
anything just running and the campaign
and see the money but however you can
collect you can earn more money with the
money friendly method which is the best
method that I use to make money with the
Clickbank now this will help you to
start cashing 200 dollars a day and here
inside my Clickbank account you can see
I was able to earn above 3000 dollars
it’s a real system here and you can make
money on Clickbank if you want just get
the bonus here and then put the training
into action if you didn’t put that into
action then you will not earn anything
okay so this bonus I actually the value
of this bonus is almost one hundred
fifty seven dollars now this is my
product I actually selling this product
for this price if you want to pay me
this price then I will really happy from
you but you can get this for free
actually this product or this bonus will
be delivered with the FE product I will
explain later
the pricing what is a de fe product okay
and my second bonus is very very
interesting here for especially for
beginners this will help you this will
teach you how to get $200 and free
advertising credits now it’s very very
essential for you to have some money to
spend on advertising and my Academy
method methods here but maybe you don’t
have enough money so you can start as
lower as but by nothing almost nothing
and you can get $200 which is enough to
testing and see the method and you’re
actually not losing
and it you can start with that with
almost nothing right so you can start
for free with these $200 and I can say
that it’s enough to testing and then
make him money okay so it’s very very
powerful here and here you’ll get this a
bonus with the audio number two as I
said I’ll explain that later and the
pricing and bonus number three
I’ll give you access into my secret
Facebook group where you can ask your
questions about the Academy the methods
and the landing pages maybe you have a
problem I will happy to help you with my
my facebook my secret Facebook group
okay actually this bonus will be
delivered with the OTO number two and my
fourth bonus spy on your competitors now
without this spy on your competitors
everybody knows how to spy on their
competitors right because it’s just go
to a tool and buy that tool and that
Vettel actually the spying tools are
very expensive but you can spy on your
competitors now that’s the trick here
that I will teach you how to spy on new
your competitors and was getting all the
information about your competitors about
your quizzes for free now it’s very very
powerful you can get almost everything
for free and this is very very important
for you to get into the market and know
what others are doing right so you can
spy on them and this will inspire you to
to create something similar but but more
powerful than them right and then my
fifth bonus I will teach you how to
increase your Commission’s without
almost doing anything now this is a
little trick here that you can use now
you might see this like how can I
increase my Commission’s without doing
anything without sending any traffic
without anything now I can’t tell you
what is the trick so you can get that
with this with the OTO number two
if you want to increase your permissions
now you need to get Commission’s first
and then you can increase them so if you
have one other dollars then you can
increase them to almost $130 and without
doing doing anything so it’s a free 30
$30 and you can go on like that okay so
those are my bonuses all my bonuses
except the first one will be delivered
with the OTO number one about the OTO
number two sorry and my first bonus will
be delivered with the FA product okay so
let’s go back into the actual product
here WP spin and magic now here inside
the product just you need to just
install the product at the plugin it’s
just like any other plug-in and the
wordpress it’s very very easy just click
on add new and add the europe plugin and
then you’ll see it here after you have
activated you see it add the new spin
magic just click on it and write your
title for this pin for example click
sell Bank Academy Academy sale for
example I will make a sachet this is
just for testing purposes and click on
next now the slices here you’ll need to
add a slice you can add to 2 unlimited
slices but I recommend you to add at
least 3 slices here and don’t go above 8
slices or maybe 5 slices just between 3
and 7 like that and click on no price
now no price meaning that they are
losing ok and if you add another one
with win price then they will win with
this option here they will not win
anything they will lose here ok so the
label for example $0 I’ll make it you
can write anything here and for the
points here you can offer them some
points if you want for the section color
I will just color it with the
and those in text you lost the game just
like that you can write anything here
and for that probability you can hear
you need to add that percent of the of
this slice how much this place lives you
want to appear you want the visitor to
lose in this a slice for example so if I
put here a 95 percent then almost for
every spin they do they will not they
will see this a slice which means that
they are they will lose okay I will make
it like this and I will add another one
for win I will add just two slices here
and the label for example $200 pounds
coupon Cup if you want to put the cap on
as a coupon text or coupon link of
course you can put anything here as a
link or a text for example cap on you
can write anything here top on text
label and for my max availability if you
want to offer this for limited members
so for example I want to offer this for
one person so the other if anybody come
to this to my pages and see the spin
they will not be able to get this
because I enabled that for just one
person the probability the probability I
will make it 5 percent and for the
section color green winning text oh
you have won and after that just click
on next here where you want to display
the spin that we hope that they will see
on any page so for example if you want
to show to make it appear in any page
sure to click on this option if you want
to just put that on specific look at and
specific pages then just search for the
pages that you want here and selected
here so maybe just for the sample page
can do anything with this tool just play
around with the options I will show it
on all pages and click on next for the
integration now this is a very very
important feature featuring the feature
is not the integration at the feature is
that you can collect emails even if you
don’t have an email marketing provider
now this is a feature from this plugin
you can collect them even if you don’t
put anything in this page ok but I
recommend you to use an email marketing
provider if you have more than 100
subscribers so or maybe you can start
from 0 subscribers but if you if your
website is very very small then you can
collect them using the opt-in list here
for example a few you will get 10
subscribers per month then this means
that your website is very very low it’s
very very small ok so for me suppose
that I have a very small website so I
will skip the all of that and I will
click on next and here we go it’s ready
just click on publish after that now
it’s ready just go to your page that you
displayed the spin on it and refresh the
and here we go you can see that spin
here just click on it and you can see
two slices here they the people the
visitors will need to add their emails
before they check their to see that they
will win or not so this is a very very
nice thing here so for me I will add it
taste toffee go calm this is actual my
website this for the button here you can
add a label to cite the button but here
add anything so click on it and you will
see how this gay humor work here I know
that I will not win in this game because
I put the probability for the for losing
right so I’ve lost the game it’s normal
it’s happened to me all the time
whatever so you can see here that my
email if I go to the obtained list you
can see here that you have collected the
email you can collect emails just to
lick the wheel this is my wheel our
wheel here and click on filter and you
can see this is my email it’s had been
collected you can export the obtained
list here and you can import them into
your email provider later you can for
example collect them for two or three
months and after that you have enough
money to spend on an email provider ok
so you can do that
and very interesting thing here is that
you can see the status here I think I
need to fresh at the page you can see
everything about your audience just
click on view status and you’ll see just
try it yes you can see obtained rate
numbers number of opt-ins number of
clicks you can know any everything here
number of losses you can know everything
here in these stages which is very very
amazing here now you can see that the
tool is very very simple right but there
is one thing that I didn’t like about
this tool which is the Advanced Settings
now for this one here now you can see
here that everything is ready for us but
you can see that you need to add a label
on the button and change something the
colors you need to change something in
this spin right so you can do that with
the advanced settings the thing that I
didn’t like about that is that you can
see here a lot of options the email that
will be send that would be sent to the
you to the visitor after they lose or
when everything we can edit everything
from here the bad thing is that
everything is here you can see here a
lot of options and you may be
overwhelmed right so this is a bad thing
here at had that you need a training to
know about each option what what each
option will do for you with the advanced
settings but for you for the button to
add a label on it you can see here
button label here we will just try your
luck like try your luck and just after
that click on the stings icon here click
on update another cool feature here is
that you can add it to any page like a
short cut here a short code here it’s
very very interesting here and here we
go if i refresh the page here now you
can see I’ve added the label on that
button can edit anything there colors
everything in the Advanced Settings okay
so those are the this is actually the
full live demo of WPS pin magic plugin
you can do anything with it with this
plugin as I said and that vent settings
if you want more options with this
plug-in now let’s go back into my review
page and see the pricing of this plugin
now the Fredette product is actually
everything that i’ve showed you in this
video and here you can see everything
that i’ve showed you the plugin that
settings everything here is you’ll get
that with their front end product
and you get my first bonus which is the
50 product of the fronted product you
get my bonus this my biggest bonus and
you get that plug-in with the front end
product it’s actually can see the price
it’s quite cheap here just seventeen
dollars but I know that from the vendor
they will they will increase the price
each sale is made
ok so if you want to get this for the
lowest price then make sure to get it to
give this product right now ok and
you’ll get with the the front end
product you get that developer lighter
the developer rights and you get fast
action bonuses actually those bonuses
are from the vendor you can see them
here I think on this page
yes they are here the first bonus and
the second bonus you’ll get them with
the front end product for the fast
action those are the fast action bonus I
think after the launch has ended you’ll
not get that with the front end product
the launch will be from I will start
from I think the lunch will start on
27th of December and will last 2 7 days
I think to the 2nd of January so make
sure if you want to get the best price
make sure to go between the lunch time
okay so for the upside number or the OTO
number one you can get with this the
spin magic reseller a few if you want to
sell this product and earn money and
100% with this product for the entire
funnel then make sure to get the
reseller rights here if you want that
then make sure to get this and with the
OTO number 2 this would cost you forty
seven dollars you’ll get WP unlimited
Pro this will get will give you a
converging plugin which transforms
easier visitors into actual buyers now
this is very very powerful and actually
what this RT all at your number two
you’ll get my bonuses
other bonuses the fourth board for a
bonuses bonus number two three four and
five you get all of them what the what
the OTO number two it’s very very
powerful plug-in another plug-in you’ll
get this for just forty seven dollars
and then the third up sale of this third
upgrade here is 47 it will cost you
forty seven dollars this is a bad third
one this will give you another plug-in
if you want to get it it’s a WP makeover
this will help you to create beautiful
branded wordpress based what dashboards
with your own branding now this is very
very important and color as teams and
charge premium prices to clients now if
you are a designer over you have a
designing or developing agency then this
is very very powerful for you otherwise
if you are not like that then this
upsell this upgrade is not for you okay
so if you get just the fronted product
it’s totally fine but if you want to
take this stuff seriously then I suggest
you to go with the upgrade number two
the OTO number two as I will give you
what the what this product you get my
bonuses those are very very powerful
bonuses that you that can help you with
your business on Clickbank it’s okay so
the the those are the pricing of WP spin
magic so those are the pricing of WP
spin magic make sure if you have any
question about this product as I have
access to this product make sure to ask
me in the comment section make sure if
you have any question as I said just
comment below and if you liked this
video make sure to just click on the
right button it’s here I would really
appreciate that from you and thank you
for watching my double ups has been a
magic review see you and the next one



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