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WP TabMagix OTO

WP TabMagix OTO – There Is Two Front End And Three OTOs Options . OTO1 Is The Developers Rights , OTO2 is The Unlimited Licence , OTO3 is the WP SpeedEZY

WP TabMagix FE=>> WP TabMagix FE

WP TabMagix OTO1=>> WP TabMagix OTO1

WP TabMagix OTO2=>> WP TabMagix OTO2

WP TabMagix OTO3=>> WP TabMagix OTO3

WP TabMagix OTO1 :Developers Rights

Keep 100% of the Profits to YOURSELF!!!

This is why we have set up this special offer for you to get Developers License. You can install ‘WP-TabMagix’ on your Client’s Sites as well, and get Paid for it.

WP TabMagix OTO2 :Unlimited licence

WP Plugin to Make Your WP Site Perform Up To 10-30X FASTER and Satisfy Google’s ‘Need-For-Speed’ to Gain Higher Rankings and Insane Traffic…With Just a Few Clicks!!!

Let’s Have a Look at the Miraculous Features of this Mind-Blowing Plugin…

Remove WooCommerce Generator tag, styles, and scripts from non-WooCommerce pages.

Remove bbPress CSS styles and scripts from non-bbPress pages.

Force JavaScript to load in the footer.

Remove query string from static resources.

Remove all sorts of Head tags (10 different options can be selected).

Manually select and remove unwanted jetpack styles and functions (24 options).

Ability to remove comments.

Ability to remove empty p tags.

Option to remove Dash icons from the frontend (your WordPress admin panel will work 100%).

Force Remove URL Field From Comments.

Force Remove Comment Edit Links.

Force Remove Comment Logout Link.

Remove Jetpack Related Posts.

Powerful Cache Mechanism

Revamped Minification

Inline CSS and js minification

Choose and exclude files from minification.

Fully CDN supported.

Add Expire Header To Your .htaccess File.

Integrate Cache-Controll In Your .htaccess File.

Enable GZip Compression Via .htaccess File.

Help Facilitate Sending Gz-Encoded Data To Web Browsers.

Disable ETags Completely – Recommended By Google & Yahoo.

Remove Comment-Reply.Min.Js File.

Remove WP – Embed.Min.Js File.

Enable DEFLATE Lossless Data Compression (**Your Host Needs To Support It)

Support for Varnish cache. (**Your Host Needs To Support It)

Multiple Database backup/restore module

Save Database locally OR send via Zip to Email of choice

Complete list of System Information and loads etc.

WP TabMagix OTO3 :WP SpeedEZY

Developer Rights For WP SpeedEzy


About The Front End

See The Demo


What ‘WP-TabMagix’ is ALL About?…
WP-TabMagix is a revolutionary WP Plug-in that puts some incredible magic into your browser tabs in order to instantly capture attention and makes you the star of the show.

It does everything – animate your tab text, insert eye-catching favicon, scarcity countdown timer, sound notification, customize messages and so much more to draws eyeballs and drag visitors back to your sites and offers.

The catch is- everything can be done with just a few clicks of your mouse. Absolutely no tech-skills or coding knowledge required. So that your customers can Boost Sales, Conversions, Engagement, Leads & Profits in less than 1 minute forever by Solving the dreaded ‘Distracted-Visitor’ Syndrome!

Let’s Have a Look At the Advanced Features
of This Outstanding Plug-In…

Magically Animate Browsing Tabs

Custom Favicon Setting

100% Customize Message Frequencies

Instant Setup and Customization in Less Than 1 Minute

Newbie-Friendly and Powerful

Add Eye-Catching Icons

Add Unlimited Messages

Customize Individual Posts and Pages

Work Globally (Site-wise)

Compatible with 99.9% Themes & Page Builders

Use Sound Notification Technique

Copy & Past Single Line of Code on ANY WEBSITE!

Insert a Countdown Timer into Tabs


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Video Review For Front End only


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