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Xmas Bundle OTO – There IS One Front End And Four OTOs Options . The Xmas Bundle OTO 1 Is The Pro Version . OTO2 Is The Ultimate License , OTO3 Is The VIP Package , OTO4 IS The DFY Version All Links And Details Bellow


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Xmas Bundle OTO

Xmas Bundle OTO

OTO1 :Pro Version 

Xmas Pro Bundle Upgrade ($67) – The pro upgrade will give you access to every product Pro or Platinum version we created in 2019. Big saver on all the products upgrades.

OTO2 :Ultimate License

License Rights On Everything – Get 100% commissions on all our products/softwares including this Xmas bundle.Sell all of them as your own. Make twice commissions on your same effort!

OTO3 :VIP Package 

Agency Rights On Everything + Live Coaching  – Add another income stream and benefit from our products with agency rights – sell them to your clients, give them away as bonuses its all up to you and……1 hour live call “From Bicycle To Top 5% affiliate” With my student Guy Potok will reveal how he used to ride on a bicycle to work and now making $5-7k per month. Real live case study where you can copy and implant on your business.

OTO4 :DFY Version 

Access to every DFY upgrade we ever made boost your products with dfy campaigns, funnels, swipes, templates to make easy money with no extra work

What IS Xmas Bundle ?

Get Access to every product/training/software we had launched in 2019 at one time low price only $19.97 instead of buying them separately at $285.56



Video Review For Front End Only

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Xmas Bundle OTO

sales page we’ll see how much that’s
actually selling for two seconds I’ll
just pause this um
so here we have the atomic the atomic
don’t for you sales pain
as you can see and there should be a
price well the price will be down the
bottom one is of course and so if I
scroll down we can see a leg up and so
that’s still selling for for $23 makes
some sense
so as you can see that these products
are still selling online still doing
extremely well and so that’s something
that is absolutely fantastic these are
top selling and great products for you
and this is a great great Christmas
bundle and I must admit it is really
really quite fantastic and so this is
another one that we actually did promote
quite a lot of which is they’re super
funnels breakthrough software automates
free traffic leads and commissions in
less than 60 seconds and invisible
fourteen thousand two hundred and eighty
six dollars and forty-five cents in
three days where while staying invisible
so that’s all of the all of the products
there and so there is a ton and as you
can see when we went in to see how much
say how much they sold you can tell that
this will sell extremely well for you so
what I’m going to do is I’m going to go
on have a look at that last one which I
believe was invisible on there that’s
that’s has doing extremely well there
because I’m sure you’d be interested not
two things I will just find that and go
and here it is here and so as you can
see that has Saul extremely well and
over 3,000 copies sold and and that was
just very very recently that’s just last
month so this is a very very hot product
still selling now so these products are
great this is a fantastic bundle I would
highly recommend this for the price of a
low price of one piece of software to
get this much stuff and you’ll be able
to sell these sell these on length of
them away to do extremely well with
these this is a great bundle now what
I’m going to do now is I’m going to go
into our a.m. our bonuses and our gift
for today hi this is Mike on this but
again I will now go into the gift for
today and which is
instructions on how to build an Amazon
Christmas store the last week before
Christmas owners thought it might be an
idea if you’ve got lots of bonuses to
sell if you’ve got lots of stuff that
you can put up there we’re giving you
about five pieces of software that sold
extremely well you’ve got another 16
here this could be really useful to you
and so I will go in and find that now
for you so it comes in a very very
simple form of any book on how to how to
build your and how to go to Amazon
Christmas store very very
straightforward very simple for you to
follow so that’s our gift for you for
today now I will go into all of our
balls as well which is a software to go
with the other pieces of software too so
what we’re going to do is we’re going to
give away and I think it’s five pieces
of software to go along with all of the
other the large Christmas bundle of
software as well so this is the first
one that you get you get pro rights on
these as well so you get the pro version
as well which is worth about thirty
seven dollars and so this is the first
one which is P remember what this does
is this protects membership sites or you
if you have content on your site that
you want to secure you want people to
pay to have access to it because it’s
top quality content then you can do that
with their pay members and the next one
is social traffic machine and so
strapped machine is sold extremely well
as you probably know in social traffic
machine is how you get tons and tons of
traffic to any website using this piece
of software and here we have the next
one is and WP news right this is how to
get lots and lots of information to your
website as well and how to rank on page
one and we also have WP Autorama as well
which is a fast way of getting at
getting your website to rank really
really highly as well on Google and the
last piece of software is video
profiteer which is a great piece of
video software and it shows you how to
make money from actual videos as well
and so that’s five pieces of software on
top of the other 16 21 pieces of
software you’re going to get in this
Christmas bundle it’s absolutely
phenomenal for you and now I’ll go in
was more recap of what we spoken about
today so that’s our bonuses and gifts
for today now we will do a very very
quick recap on what we’ve been speaking
about these are the sixteen pieces of
software that are all part of this great
Christmas bundle plus and another five
from ourselves which takes this makes
this absolutely fantastic Christmas
bundle for you so if we have a look at a
few of these we will pick this one here
Aurora as I showed you earlier and if we
go into gauntlet warrior plus we put a
roll rein as you can see that’s a since
that’s May that’s sold seven and a half
thousand times which is quite incredible
if we pick another one
so I will go back and we picked on their
atomic DF DF wine and which is done for
you out there I’ll go in and I will put
that in so we’ll just put in atomic and
then if I click search this should fail
or can’t remember how many times this so
there you go three thousand sales that’s
quite fantastic really and so as you can
see these are really really high selling
pieces of software in this bundle is an
absolutely fantastic Christmas offer for
you well that’s it for today and please
do and like subscribe click the
notification bell share this on all of
your social media platforms and we will
be back with another review on another
piece of software to promote very very
soon my name is Michael Nesbitt on
behalf of the bank mark of the team
Alexis thank you very much for watching
and I will speak to you very soon Cheers
take care now
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Xmas Bundle OTO