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Xmas Bundle OTO – There IS One Front End And Four OTOs Options . The Xmas Bundle OTO 1 Is The Pro Version . OTO2 Is The Ultimate License , OTO3 Is The VIP Package , OTO4 IS The DFY Version All Links And Details Bellow


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Xmas Bundle OTO

Xmas Bundle OTO

OTO1 :Pro Version 

Xmas Pro Bundle Upgrade ($67) – The pro upgrade will give you access to every product Pro or Platinum version we created in 2019. Big saver on all the products upgrades.

OTO2 :Ultimate License

License Rights On Everything – Get 100% commissions on all our products/softwares including this Xmas bundle.Sell all of them as your own. Make twice commissions on your same effort!

OTO3 :VIP Package 

Agency Rights On Everything + Live Coaching  – Add another income stream and benefit from our products with agency rights – sell them to your clients, give them away as bonuses its all up to you and……1 hour live call “From Bicycle To Top 5% affiliate” With my student Guy Potok will reveal how he used to ride on a bicycle to work and now making $5-7k per month. Real live case study where you can copy and implant on your business.

OTO4 :DFY Version 

Access to every DFY upgrade we ever made boost your products with dfy campaigns, funnels, swipes, templates to make easy money with no extra work

What IS Xmas Bundle ?

Get Access to every product/training/software we had launched in 2019 at one time low price only $19.97 instead of buying them separately at $285.56



Video Review For Front End Only

Text From this video

Xmas Bundle OTO

hi this is Mike Lessman on behalf of the
bike market a team I like to say hello
and welcome I’m going to do a quick
review today of a great bundle it’s a
great Christmas but there’s actually 16
products in this today and and I do
recognize quite a few of them when I
look so what I will do is I will go in
and find out how how good these actually
how how many of them are top-selling
products no there’s a few that we have
promoted here when I’m just looking at
the screen here the likes of super
follows Aurora Equinox quite a few
others and so I do know some of these
have sold very well it’s going to be
quite interesting and going to find out
how well these have sold I think you
might be surprised I think and judging
by how well we promoted them I think
this could be a really really good
bundle just by skimming over this first
image here so I’ll just go straight in
and we’ll have a look to see what these
are and what these can do for you
there’s 16 of them so bear with me if
this may take a couple of minutes and so
here we go this is the first one if I
can actually get my computer to work
properly and so this is the secret
weapon and this is a cigarette it’s a

Xmas Bundle OTO
step-by-step guide to an easy funnel and
how to make money online using very very
simple tweaks the next one here is
octane which is a should be illegal and
ethically the steel content from the
internet and turn in a passive income in
three tricks that’s what this does for
you profit maximizers and this is the
real secret how to make money in 2019
this tells you how to make money from
bonuses which is a great one we separate
laying income is something fantastic I
can’t work for you online and it is
advisable if you can’t give things away
to build your list and and get people
interested what you do it does actually
work extremely well so this is cash
magnet cash magnets is a machine that
helps you build a passive income builds
you passive income streams and to be
precise the product will show you a
clear path how to build 5 cash magnets
to earn passive income daily and a
unique sign point of cash magnets is to
guide you and include even those who
don’t have prior experience at any
skills to get a passive income they got
a residual income coming through so that
seems a good one for newbies or maybe
new to internet marketing and so this is
stealth for the first time ever you can
turn emails into passive income without
a list without an autoresponder without
monthly fee so that’s another good one
boomerang buddy makes 142 pounds a day
and ethically exploiting the success and
okay what I will do is and I think I’ll
go and have a look at boom rebel you see
how much that is sold so two seconds I’m
just gonna pause this for a second and
find this hi I’m back so and this is
warrior plus and what you can do is you
can actually go ahead and see how well
these products actually selling and how
well they have done now I’ve just put
equinox in there which is a one that I
mentioned when I first brought the first
page or and that’s sort of a two
thousand copies so that’s quite a good
sound and the one that I stopped on
there that was them boomerang a buddy I
think it was okay if I just stick and
boom around right should hopefully if it
was on on warrior plus that is well
there we go so that has sold over a
thousand copies and it has sold really
quite well so that is proof that this
does these products are actually selling
extremely well which is good and so that
does that does sell extremely well so
that is something that you will be able
to make money from which is great and so
here we go the next one goodwill and
watch how it in turn zero in a five
hundred dollars per person and aurora a
game-changing software automates a
thousand dollars worth of commissions 24
hour stream without expenses without BS
that’s interesting i think we should

Xmas Bundle OTO
have a look at that one as well
without BS okay and let’s have a look
what was it called aurora right okay
let’s have a look how does that spelt so
he’s paul aurora possibly yeah well look
yeah Wow okay so that’s sort of
phenomenal amount that’s all over seven
and a half thousand pieces of software
that’s a top-selling product that’s
great to put that in a bonus another
the Brenin a journal of putting
everything that they have produced this
year which is a really really kind offer
so these this sells massively so that’s
quite incredible that’s the proof that
this is a top-selling product and you’re
getting 16 products for the price of one
which is amazing and in our bonuses we
will obviously also throw in another
thing we’re going to throw in another
four or five of our software as well
which will really really help you that’s
great that is really really genuinely
fantastic and so that’s Aurora there for
you as you can see it is a top-selling
product and there’s eclipse here as hi
Jax gurus traffic in 30 seconds and
turns it into a passive income a cartel
smaller thousand dollars other
Commission’s with untapped air traffic
loophole and vid Champa eat you either
eat up content videos in seconds turn
them into traffic machines in just three
clicks enigma a brand new software
manipulates Facebook our rooms we’ve
done a lot on Facebook recently showing
you how you can get various pieces of
various piece of software up there and
make creative with money because you can
target Facebook groups and various pages
and fan pages and things like that so
that that’s a great one to get and
Equinox here legally hijacked other
people’s YouTube videos everybody steal
and monetize their views atomic done for
you go atomic get free traffic digital
assets and monetized
100% don’t for you that that sounds
interesting now to em what I will do is
I’ll go and have a look for that as well
as Tomic done for you it was called okay
I just put atomic and see what comes up
because it should bring it up hopefully
well there you go talk wow wow they go
the these are really really top-selling
products that’s that’s a big surprise
that’s sold and that’s only September so
that’s really recent and so that’s when
it came out so it’s sold probably a
thousand a month and protist is
obviously still selling and what I will
do are gone I won’t see if there’s a

Xmas Bundle OTO