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Xmas Super Bundle OTO –  2020 Super Bundle OTO There IS One Front End And Four OTOs Options . The Xmas Super Bundle OTO 1 Is The Pro Version . OTO2 Is The Ultimate License , OTO3 Is The VIP Package , OTO4 IS The DFY Version All Links And Details Bellow


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Xmas Super Bundle OTO

Xmas Bundle OTO

OTO1 :Pro Version 

Xmas Pro Bundle Upgrade ($67) – The pro upgrade will give you access to every product Pro or Platinum version we created in 2019. Big saver on all the products upgrades.

OTO2 :Ultimate License

License Rights On Everything – Get 100% commissions on all our products/softwares including this Xmas bundle.Sell all of them as your own. Make twice commissions on your same effort!

OTO3 :VIP Package 

Agency Rights On Everything + Live Coaching  – Add another income stream and benefit from our products with agency rights – sell them to your clients, give them away as bonuses its all up to you and……1 hour live call “From Bicycle To Top 5% affiliate” With my student Guy Potok will reveal how he used to ride on a bicycle to work and now making $5-7k per month. Real live case study where you can copy and implant on your business.

OTO4 :DFY Version 

Access to every DFY upgrade we ever made boost your products with dfy campaigns, funnels, swipes, templates to make easy money with no extra work

What IS Xmas Bundle ?

Get Access to every product/training/software we had launched in 2019 at one time low price only $19.97 instead of buying them separately at $285.56



Video Review For Front End Only

Text From this video

Xmas Super Bundle OTO

recommend it if you don’t really know
how to drive traffic to or stuff like
that and you know it’s pretty hard but
for under ninety seven dollars you get
all those products you know and with the
license right meaning you’ll get 100%
all the way through the funnel then I
think that it that’s actually worth it
for sure you know I usually don’t
recommend that one to newbies but you
know I live that you can basically use
those as your own products so I would
recommend it right now cuz you’re
getting a lot of products for this one
long time feet
so I’m willing to do to my bonuses now
my first ball me to see the case that he
showed you how to make 100,000 in two
days that’s the first button bonus that
I have to offer my second one of the
case another case study showing you a
free traffic source that made five
hundred Commission in seven days okay
one number bonus number three it’s a
software that I use that um get you free
traffic on all up on it it’s just
straight traffic no software punching
some information and you know it sends
it out you know and you get free traffic
you know I have to spend my money would
be software that I’m giving you right
here another my fourth one is another
software that I use to give free viral
traffic from social media pretty much
almost the same but it’s a little
different you punch in some information
you know your affiliate links and stuff
like that you know and it was sending it
out to all your social accounts you know
so this is another good software that I
use to get free traffic you don’t have
to pay for the traffic or anything like
that just punch in your information
social belonging to your social media
and it’s going to automatically send it
out to all your social media accounts so
this is another good one if you looking
for free traffic my next one is my
secret auction you can use with any of
these products so this is something that
I put together show you a little secret
on what I would do how I will use it for
all of these products okay my next one
is free tools you can use to start
making that extra 500 a week with videos
just simple tools that you might not
know about maybe you do maybe you don’t
you can basically just use them start
making videos get up and running get
some extra money in your pocket you know
so just you know we start making extra
500 out of the week with videos so you
know like I said 20 20 is coming you
guys need you know you don’t really know
too much or you’ve read one you started
I’m putting together some stuff for you
Pro affiliate training I can say it
starts a new year off at the pro
affiliate it’s another training program
right here it’s going to show you
exactly what you need to do you start to
move year off right everything you need
you know it’s all gonna be taught right
up inside here the next one here is step
by step video on how I would use all the
products you know show you how the best
way to use all the products that they
are giving you and you know I’ll put a
stint it’s a step by step video you know
it you know it’s just real detail you
know about each product show you what to
do with them and how to use them my next
one my last one is all the vendor
bonuses which I believe they will be
delivered to you plus I have another
secret bonus in there so yeah that be
their bonuses might be inside of the
whatever they seem you you know your
package wait but from my page you will
still get my secret bonus and I have
another announcement in here so as you
can see I think I put a bonus in here
that actually has about I would say over
team bonuses inside of here so if I told
you up but you know I put together a
pretty big package just like them you
know my bonuses are just as just as good
as the product trust me on that I put
together some good bonuses you know like
I think inside of the unannounced bonus
I have a bonus inside of the year that
have over ten bonuses that you can use
get up and run and make some money for
2020 so like I said it’s one two three
four five six I have nine bonuses that I
decided to offer you if you decide to
pick up excess puzzle through my link
and on top of that I can add about let’s
say two or three more well nineteen it’s
about you have about over 20 bonuses
that I’m all for you if you decide to
pick this up through my link today like
I say if the link in the description
take you to my bonus page once you eat
here you can hit any of these yellow
buttons and it take you straight to the
sales page from there you can access
Xmas bundles plus all of my custom
bonuses that I put for you if you have
any questions this is my email you know
or you go to my website if you want to
see more reviews you need to give you
mirror before this timer hits zero all
my bonuses will expire you know there’s
no exceptions on this one this one the
bonus package I basically put everything
that I have into one bonus package these
are all the bonuses that I have that
stuff that I actually use you know I
don’t want you to miss out like I said
for the price of the product and what
they’re giving you on top of my bonuses
you you’ve got to be like a food to miss
out on this trust me there’s not no plpl
are bonuses you can’t go get these
bonuses from the next person you know
you want to go shop around and see what
they got but I guarantee you this
package that I put together is the one
you know for $20 I really don’t want you
to miss out just getting there before
this timer is zero and click on any of
these yellow buttons and then you be
have access to all of our bonuses plus
all of their products so yeah I hope you
liked my video merry Christmas to all
and you know hope to see you 2020 making
some money
thank you
vidIQIt’s free! Get started.

Xmas Super Bundle OTO