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Yellow Brick Road OTO  –  What is Yellow Brick Road?


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Video review for Front End only

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[Music] hi dean here from noble marketing reviews. You can find me on my youtube channel at noble marketing reviews, and please visit my website at Today

we’re going to take a look at the yellow brick road. Are you interested in running a local consulting agency, or if you’re already running an agency, are you

Yellow Brick Road OTO


struggling to fill your calendar with quality bookings? What if you had a foolproof process for adding all the local clients you needed they could handle now? If you’re wondering if this is possible, the good news is the

answer is yes for more details about it, and to check out the bonuses I have for you should you purchase yellow brick road through me, click the link that you’ll find in the description down below. Okay, so if you’re

still here, let’s get into this. Oh, and be sure to stick around because I’m going to be taking you into the software for a behind-the-scenes look available on March 26th at 11 a.m eastern standard time the . The yellow brick road is being offered by tom Gattis and nick Ponte together, they’ve been running

a successful local consulting agency for years, and they’re giving you a clear shot at the strategy that doubled their revenue in only 12 short months. Every survey, every case history, every interview shows successful

consultant agencies and advisors need a steady stream of qualified prospects, and no, this is not optional. It’s not a theory, and it’s not unproven. It is the oxygen that gives life to your business

with the yellow brick road; you’ll get a fast agency model with built-in automatic prospecting that can deliver a phenomenal income for the rest of your life. It will fill your calendar with top-quality appointments by having others

do all the work [Music]. It’s really a 24 7 cash machine dedicated to only one thing bringing you a flood of quality appointments non-stop. This entire fast agency model has the real potential to meet any consultants income goals when you

follow their fast agency model, your lead generation effort is outsourced, and on top of that, it can be almost entirely automated to succeed in lead generation and appointment setting can’t be an on-again, off-again affair

Yellow Brick Road OTOs

consistency counts most consultants fail to be consistent with their appointment outreach because the whole process is distasteful enough that they avoid it completely they

will do almost anything else to avoid it anything else following their step-by-step process you’re going to see how to outsource 85 percent of the work

to well-selected well-trained, highly motivated, and highly skilled freelance contractors imagine all this while investing as little as 25 a week plus a monthly performance bonus. Their process turns an uncomfortable ordeal into


Yellow Brick Road OTO links

a well-tuned machine that produces bookings from ideal new clients while you sleep. Then all you have to do is what you do best deliver value once they become your clients. Now let’s go on over to yellow brick road so you can see what you’re

going to get with it, so this is the inside uh behind the scenes of what you’re going to get when you purchase yellow brick road um this is a training course a cloud-based uh tutorial

cloud-based training course um it shows basically how tom and nick are running their agency they’ve


Yellow Brick Road OTO bonuses

I have been running uh online, I’m sorry, a local consulting agency over in Hawaii for probably 15 20 years or so now I don’t know exactly how long, but it’s been a while

um this consists of uh six modules as it says over here you can see on the right-hand side six lessons and

29 topics and you start on module one, of course, um all of these are video-based I’ll just go here well that’s welcome, but I’ll just go here this is the uh all of these are video-based and uh with the transcripts underneath which

It is kind of nice because if you can use the transcripts if you want and transfer them or translate them into audio files so that you can listen to all lessons if you care to do that a lot of these uh like this is module one with the welcome the face fast agency module or model rather which tells you uh

gives you an introduction of what the fast agency module model you want to say module model is all about and then community your local community already set go this is on building your list give them something to talk about the script email versus phone and on a tight budget uh do

Yellow Brick Road OTO discount

this to get cash flow now a lot of these um lessons we can go in here and take a look they’re not only just videos, but they also have um materials along with them, so this is your one of your instructors and again

you have a full transcript should you want it resources how to create a Facebook page, and their local uh local Hawaii thrive page, uh I’m sure it’ll explain why you’re giving you a thriving page

for Hawaii probably is an example

of materials, how to create a Facebook page and that’s what those were is the materials that you get with that lesson, so a lot of these lessons come with uh with materials as well as the

video to help you along with uh module number

three is uh removing yourself from the uh from the

equation basically and uh this is going to be interesting uh probably the heart of the whole thing because this is when uh they started going into uh hiring uh virtual assistants or hiring people to do the work for you and

as they say in their uh sales letter sales page and so forth, which you can see um they say that you can do this for about twenty-five dollars a week plus a monthly performance

Yellow Brick Road OTO OTOs

bonus so I would think at that they’re hiring people from overseas virtual assistants from overseas

to do all the work and calling clients and so forth and booking appointments and so forth um paid versus free fishing spots pay structure hourly versus commission using other people’s money I want to watch that not only for this but for everything and the interview how to interview an uh a prospective uh virtual assistant to make sure you’re getting somebody

that’s all this good is going to do the work for you go to do the job for you when you’re ready to outsource uh next you have the well-oiled machine uh getting uh explaining their role and responsibilities for

your VA for your employees getting them comfortable with the uh script the online script or I’m sorry the phone script when they’re calling prospective clients a 30-day orientation strategy uh free

tools for setting up your appointments, adding leads to your CRM, and an interview with an appointment center, so that’s uh how to actually conduct an interview with someone who’s

going to be sending appointments for you to make sure that they know exactly what’s going to be expected of them so forth, so in a nutshell, this again is an entire um strategy, an entire a to z technique for establishing a great and uh

growing your own agency and not only a one-person agency where you’re doing all the work which is no fun at all but an agency that is uh successful to the point where you’re going to be able to hire staff and this

is going to show you many of the things that you need to know and the things that they’ve learned over many years of running an agency with hiring staff and educating your staff getting your staff prepped and


ready to do most of the work so that you become more or

less hands-free you’re supervising, which is what you should ultimately be doing as the agency owner

so I hope this is uh you know you found this interesting uh this is again is what you’re going to see when you uh when you look check into the yellow brick road, so that’s a quick look at the yellow brick road once again to learn all about it in detail and to check out the bonuses be sure to click the link in the


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Yellow Brick Road OTO