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Zappr OTO  –  What is Zappr ?

The Demo

The Main Angle: Content Creation for Passive Income  Turn Any Video Into Content

The Zappr comes with turn video into content technology, quickly add any video URL, and turn them into fresh content for your site!

  • Find and Publish Videos

Find videos in any niche and post video content into your site too, this allows you to create video sites in a few minutes. People love videos, and today you need to have video content on your site!

  • Find & Publish Articles

Get instant access to the database of articles; we have 1000s of articles in 60+ niches, including health, wealth, dating, make money online, SEO, real estate and internet marketing, fitness, and much much more!

  • Fully Integrated Spinner

On this tool, you have limitless options; we integrated a full spinner, meaning you can turn ANY content into UNIQUE, FRESH content to your sites…this spinner is fully integrated with Zappr, and you don’t need to pay more for it.

  • Unlimited Sites License

On launch week only, we’re giving a free unlimited sites license, which means you can use and install Zappr on an unlimited number of sites you own!



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Video review for Front End only

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Zappr OTO bonuses

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Zappr OTO discount

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Zappr OTO


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