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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Zend Profitz OTO Zen profit is actually a revolutionary app that gets you targeted, leads in any niche for free in just a click of a button, and then leverage a profit, boosting loophole to send a tighter wave of traffic to any link of your choice.

Now trust me, we have been able to harness the power of advertorials, and you’ve never seen them before now. These are landing pages that really convert well for any type of product. You’re selling, and until now, someone would have to click the link in their email to be taken to the landing page without victoria.

But right now, we figured out a loophole that enables our app to automatically insert the advertorial right into any email. You send out, so this means you’re getting more traffic to any offer and which means more people taking action and making us money.

So let me show you how this software works in simple steps. So I’m going to log into my accounts now, okay, so now, once you log into zen profit, you have access to the dashboard. As you can see, the email sends the list, the subscribers, the campaigns, and on the menu, we have the build audience.

Zend Profitz OTOZend Profitz OTO

We have creative campaigns. We have the done for you campaigns; we have the support the offers and the training. So the first thing we need to do is to go to build an audience because you need to build a list.

Send profits, allow you to send out a mass email to targeted Zend Profitz OTO leads, and drive thousands of traffic to your offers using advertorials live inside the email. So I’m, going to click on build audience and click on grab leads.

So once you click on grab leads, it’s. Going to take you to this page called lead grabber. So you click here to download lead grabber. So once you download lead grabber, all you have to do is just install it on your google chrome browser.

The next thing is to follow the instructions here. So now that’s the grab leads. I’m just going to enter a keyword, so depending on the niche you want to target, or you want to make money from if it’s making money.

If it’s b’s up, it is weight; loss just types in the keyword day. So yeah, I’m just going to type make money online. As you can see, then you select where you want to grab. Those leads from the website lead.

Facebook leads Instagram, leads google search, yaw, search or bing search, so whichever one you want to use, so just click on it. So this software allows you to grab lists from so many places like Facebook, Instagram, google bing website list, so I’m.

Going to select website leads, and the next thing you click on, search for leads. Okay, so once you click on search for leads automatically, it’s, going to open that place and click on scrub emails. So you’re going to have this, and the next thing you need to do just to click.

At the start. Button to start grabbing those leads for you on complete autopilot. You can see so. Currently, we have 54 leads being generated on the sofa, so and as soon as you’re done with the number of leads that you want.

Maybe you want to generate 100 leads, 200 leads, 1 000 leads, or 5 000 leads, as you can see. Now we have over 56 leads grabbed, so we can download this lead. All you need to do is just to click on the stop button.

Zend Profitz OTO

To stop grabbing leads, and once you click on the stop button, then you can edit the download leads, and automatically, it’s going to download the leads into your system. So you can open it to see how the list looks like.

So you can see download the list into your system so once the leads have been downloaded. The next thing we need to do is now to set up our lists so that we can upload our leads there. So you come to this place, and you click on create new lists.

You see, so once you click on create a new list, then you give your list a name, memo email! You see that default name subject. You can leave blank the company name. You see this date, let’s. Put everything.

There select your country, the code phone number, so your email address again. I’m going to put this so once you’re done now, subscription. Do you want to send a subscription confirmation email? You turn this off, so send a final welcome email.

You can turn this over as well as a subscription.Zend Profitz OTO You can turn it on or leave it once you’re done, just it’s on the save button, and that’s how to create a list, as you can see right now. We have a list here, MMO.

So the next thing we need to do is to import our subscribers. So in order to do that, you just have to come here and click on import, so click on import. You can download this sample CSV to see how to arrange your leads in CSV format because that’s the only acceptable format for our app.

So I’m just going to upload the leads here. You see, I’ve. I already arranged it here, so select this open and then import, and in just a few seconds, our leads will be imported and, as you can see, import complete.

So just click on ok, and you see the total number of lists that were imported. Can you see 50 or 50? Subscribers were imported, so we’re good to go so. Once you’re done grabbing your leads and importing them into your lists, which you’ve created, so you can have as many lists as possible.

I have listed on weight loss, at least to make money have listed on hair loss as based on so many things, so you can create different lists for a different targeted niche. So now the next thing is to create our campaigns now.

Remember that there are done for you, campaigns that have been created for you, depending on the level of your accounts, or upgrade that you purchase. If you purchase the file, you have access to five done for you at victoria’s emails, as you can see here.

Zend Profitz OTO

We have weight loss, and you see, we have a memo, Zend Profitz OTO, we have investments, we have bitcoin, we have a memo, we have AdSense style of monetization, so we have done for you emails here and a lot of them, depending on the upgrade.

Some will have as much as 20 done for you at victoria emails, so the next thing now is to create your campaign, so click on create a campaign and click on campaigns for automation is for people that purchase the automation upgrade.

So I’m, going to click on campaigns, and then you click on to create a campaign. So once you click on to create a campaign, you have two options to make use of the ad victoria emails. You make use of this regular campaign and not plain text.

So you choose regular, and then you select the list that you want to send your advertorial emails to. So here you’re, going to make yourself the MMO, and when you click on save, and next here, you can segment your list as well.

So there’s no need for that. Just click on save and next.Zend Profitz OTO So then you give your campaign a name, so yeah, maybe, or you’re promoting whatever product you’re. Promoting should be okay, the name of the campaign, or something that you can easily remember.

So you know what that campaign is for. Then you have to give your campaign name. In this case, I’m just going to look at the offers that I want to promote; lasi said, we have done for you offers here, so you can see.


Zend Profitz OTO