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Text From This video

Zero Risk Crypto OTO hello and welcome to episode 31. Yes, episode: 31 of the push button profits show the show where we introduce you to the make money online and internet marketing product creators with me today is a regular on the show James reno, who is coming out tomorrow on Tuesday 6th of July at 10 a.

m. Eastern with zero risks, crypto zero risk crypto, and if at any point you want to check it out for yourself, click the link below in the description box. There’s a very nice little gift for you as well. If you decide to pick it up and if it’s for you, James, welcome to the push button profit show well.

Thank you, Johnny, thanks for having me well. Thank you. Thank you for returning. I’m always surprised when people decide that they want to return and have a talk about their latest products. But thank you so much for giving us your time so James, before we jump in, I know you.’

Ve has been a regular around these hair parts, and, frankly, in the internet marketing scene, you’ve been having a ton of internet marketing and specifically crypto successes over the past. You know, seven, eight years or so, but before we jump into uh zero risks.

Zero Risk Crypto OTOZero Risk Crypto OTO

Crypto your new product, which is coming out tomorrow, would you mind just telling people who are you and why should we trust you? What’s your interest in crypto? What’s? Your background, yeah, I mean I’ve been making information products for a long time.

I uh I had um an infomercial many years ago, um and but with the crypto space, I really got into it. I’m, trying to remember exactly when, but 2016 uh 2017. I really was into it, and i and I’ Ve continued to be with it, but I’ve been there for a long time, um, and I really believe in crypto – and I know it’s going to do big things.

It has done big things. It’s, going to continue to do so, but um. Zero Risk Crypto OTO For me, I’ve done very well with cryptocurrencies, and I ‘ Ve made people a lot of money with crypto, especially with some things like dogecoin back in the day.

So years ago, I told people about dogecoin, and i and I had people that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from that recommendation; that’s, one thing um, but lately, when I’m talking about cryptocurrency, I really like to talk About ways that you can get into it for free and where, where therefore there’s no risk so so johnny you and I were talking before we started recording about how one of my products you really got into it, because you’Re accumulating free cryptocurrency, and so this is a different product.

This is a new product, but it’s that same theme. Where a lot of times people have a fear of well gosh. I’m going to invest all this money, and I can lose it. I could win, but I could lose. This gets rid of all that because there is no uh money to get involved brilliant, and I’m glad that you brought up my story because I did want to interject there.

It’s very rare that when I speak to anyone on the push button, profit shows that I’m actually a customer of theirs not because their products aren’t good or not, but it’s. Just not something that grabs me; I am just so I can.

Zero Risk Crypto OTO

I don’t know if this is. If this is where I should say, full disclosure or just say I’m fully happy to say it. I am a customer of James’s in that I bought one of his previous crypto profits. Uh, products called uh, crypto coin drop and it’s.

Wonderful, and I can honestly attest to this. This is not the blowing smoke in that James did exactly what he just talked about. James specializes in enabling people who know very little about crypto or know tons about crypto in how they can get it for no financial investment at all that, where you’re not putting in your dollars or your pound sterling and getting crypto in exchange, and I picked up something called crypto coin drop myself, and it worked on the same day.

I used it within probably about 33 minutes of getting set up Zero Risk Crypto OTO and setting up my phone. I was able to make crypto for no cost at all, no pound sterling, no dollar stuff. Nothing has been exchanged, no investment completely for free based on his previous product, and that’s.

Why? Did I want to get him on today because with zero risk crypto, which is your new product? I was just talking about it—Crypto coin drop. In fact, if anyone’s watching, there’ll be a link to that.

I guess below as well, but today we’re talking about zero risk crypto and what’s new about it is crypto—coin drop. I was saying johnny and everyone out there, I’m going to show you how you can get free crypto day after day for no cost or investment.

Zero Risk Crypto OTO

Now, with zero risk crypto, I notice you’re not only going to be showing people how they can get free crypto or crypto payouts day after day for no investment, but they can also get free traffic. So two wins here: free crypto for no pound or dollar sterling investment and free traffic.

Would you mind explaining a little bit more about those two things? What are the benefits of those two things? Yeah, I mean, you know it’s. It’s. Sometimes it’s hard to be all things to all people. Okay, because you know everyone’s different and um, a lot of people like cryptocurrency, for obvious reasons and to get money and – and I think getting it for free – is a great thing.

This is another new and innovative way to do that, um, so that in and of itself is a great thing because it’s, a new process, a different way to get cryptocurrency which will resonate with people, but at the same time, a lot of the people that I um that I work with or sell products to, they also have products or services that they want to get eyeballs to.

So I thought, gosh. If we have something here that has multiple six figures: uh in results, multiple people, that this is working for, not just for myself and my partner, but I can say it’s, not just free crypto, which to me, I think, is, is impressive enough And you’ve experienced it johnny, but when I say you can get traffic to whatever it is that you want to sell or wherever you want to get traffic to.

I think that’s just even better, so that’s. Why I’m really excited about it, it is because the proof is there from the money aspect, but also the traffic because as a marketer and as a business person, I know that a lot of people want traffic.

Zero Risk Crypto OTO

So when I can combine the two that that really creates a hot product. Nice, now I want to drill down a little bit more into that traffic aspect. Everyone understands what free crypto means, and um. You know, that part I think is pretty nailed is the traffic that someone could get once they pick up zero risk crypto through that link below and start activating it and putting it into action.

What’s in there? Is this traffic sensitized to particular offers? Zero Risk Crypto OTO As in is traffic only for other crypto or finance landing pages, crypto finance businesses, crypto finance products, or could that traffic be directed to anything? Could I as a coach benefit from it, or could some with an e-commerce store benefit from it? What this traffic, what & #? 39 s it about what’s, the quality of it? I’m glad you mentioned that, and I need to make sure I have that clear on the sales page.

This is for any niche. This is for any subject. So, if you’re someone that’s, I don’t know, you know into cats, or you’re, someone that’s into finance, or you’re. Someone’s into t-shirts. I don’t know whatever.

That is absolute. You can get traffic for whatever it is that you’re into, and this is and when you know the term traffic is used. So loosely, I mean, these are real humans that can see what you’re doing, and therefore you know if I think it’s great.

Zero Risk Crypto OTO