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ZEST OTO  –  What is ZEST  ?

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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

ZEST OTO Hey guys, welcome to the school of nomads. So in this review, I want to talk to you about zest. Now zest comes from billy da finger swami and Justin oppai, and it’s due to be released on Friday. The 11th of June at 11 a.

m. Eastern now, this is basically one of those page builders that billy dar releases every single month, and it’s exactly the same platform as he does every time. So I’m going to take you inside. I’m going to show you around here, show you what these functionalities are supposed to do, and during this review, you’ll see there’s a lot of stuff not working on here and then kind of show you This is really the same platform every single time that they released, but I’ll give it its fair due we’ll walk through the actual software.

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I’ll. Give you my view on what the various functionality actually does and also give you some kind of alternatives that you can use to do exactly the same thing as this is promising you. So you can see here is one click, activates autopilot campaigns, and sends hundreds plus hot buyers to them in 24 seconds.

So this is going to be a very fast one to make money, so strap in. We’re going to have some fun here. So guys, if you haven’t been over to my channel before, don’t forget to hit that subscriber notification bell, and I’ll.

Let you know whenever I release new videos, and guys, just take a second here. If you’re really, really serious about building an online business and want to understand how to do affiliate marketing go ahead and check out the link in the description below over to the school of nomads, and I’ll.

Take you through the whole process completely for free step by step, so guys, let’s. Jump straight in here. I’m not going to dwell too much on the sales page. You can take a look at that once you get over it.

So jump over to the actual software itself now; the first ZEST OTO thing you actually see is, apart from the numbers up here, that are kind of irrelevant. Are these the latest Wilson, jvzoo, and Clickbank? And one thing I have noticed is these are all affiliate links.

So if you do go to the sales page here and you go ahead, and you want to buy any of these, they’ll actually get credited for that. So it’s kind of a sneaky way to get a load of affiliate links on the front page.

Now, if you want to go and grab these deals yourself, we’re not really grabbing the deals. What you’re doing is you’re, going to apply for the affiliate links for these particular products so that you can go ahead and promote them? Now you’re better off going over to these platforms yourself, the jvzoo uh Clickbank and you know, warrior plus let’s.

Have a look at the affiliate search piece here. There’s. Warrior plus deals here, apparently um, because you need to be able to see the stats behind these. Do you know what these products are? What’s? The funnel-like what kind of thing you’re? Actually, promoting? This is kind of a blind thing here where you just go ahead, and you try and grab any old deal to promote it.

ZEST OTOs bonuses

So you don ‘ T really need this. Although it’s kind of um, it’s kind of useful. If you want to come across and just have a quick look at what’s currently on the market, I would say you don’t need it, but that’s.

What you get on the very first dashboard now, um, what you can see is training here now this training is actually linking to viper. Now viper is the previous software. These guys have launched, which is practically the same.

All it did. Is it added functionality to steal people’s, tick-tock videos and use them for yourself, so that’s kind of what their um where their mentality is, and so that’s? The tutorial. I expect that to change to zest, but you.’

Ll, get a 10-minute video. That kind of shows you around ZEST OTO the platform, so that’s, the training and then you can come down and look at that affiliate offer search. You have affiliate campaign pages now. These are pages that you can go ahead and create.

Let me just show you something if you’re a complete beginner here, just for a second. What you have is an area where you can go ahead and grab your affiliate links that’s. What those menus are for a warrior.

Plus, you need to go ahead and apply for affiliate links if you’re a complete beginner. That is kind of tricky at first because the vendors want to make sure you ‘ Ve got some kind of sales record, especially if they’re launching, but when in products get evergreen, they’re easy enough to get.

Then you need to get traffic, and I’m going to come into the traffic piece. So that you truly understand the implications of not being able to get traffic over to your various pages and then what this software is essentially doing in this case, it’s just helping you build and very, very simple opt-in form or a review page.

Although I can’t actually show you the review page because none of them are working in this software that I’m using, I’ll. Show you how it’s supposed to be built and the intent behind it, so that’s really what you’re building here.

Is this a review page? Obviously, if somebody comes and opts into that review page, you need to be able to connect them to your own email marketing because you need to have some kind of autoresponder connected here.

I wouldn’t use anything that they provide. They’re not going to be complying with gdpr um, or us type um privacy laws you really don ‘ T want to be messing about uh on any of this kind of software platforms that gather email addresses because data breaches are very, very serious, so um anyway, you need to get your own email uh platform, and then, if somebody comes through here, they go ahead, And they go through the affiliate link and then they’ll, go ahead and purchase that’s.


The idea of this piece here obviously is the most difficult ZEST OTO piece of all of this. These are now are easy to build. There are lots of different builders out there, and I’m going to show you one later in this review that you can use completely for free to get on with.

So let’s, go back and have actually have a look at the software itself. Now what you have here is the affiliate campaign pages now. What you can actually do is create one from yourself, but when I’ve tried this.

The last several times it’s, not actually allowing me to create one from the news. So what I’m going to do for you is go back and show you one that’s already been created. So if I just do the review overlay here, this apparently allows me to put a review quote in here and then give it a star rating, which is kind of a way that you would put a review in, which is super simple.

But it’s something that they’re going to provide for you. But when I try and do that on here, as soon as I press save, absolutely nothing happens; it says the campaign was not updated. So we’re, going to go back and we’re, going to see one that’s already been made.

I want to actually look at this because what I see here is this is the version that they give to all their affiliates to actually review and promote you guys, right. The issue is: if this doesn’t work, everything they’re saying in their reviews is made up.

They have no idea how this is actually working, no idea what the quality of this is, all they’re doing is trying to get you to buy their million bonuses and then come over to this and be completely lost, right.



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