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zkart OTO  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 you well get Two  front End and five OTOs’ Options . zkart OTO all links and details bellow with discount . created by DR Sameer  Joshi

zkart OTO Details

zkart OTO


It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

Front End ==>zkart FE

OTO1 ==>zkart Unlimited

OTO2 ==>zkart Mastermind

OTO3 ==>zkart Reseller


zkart OTO Details

What is zkart ?

The Demo


ZKart is the world’s most powerful online cart system. It is cloud-based, and has everything you need to create highly profitable online carts with funnels and checkout pages in one easy-to-use system. And it can do a lot(!) more.

FRONT-END:  ZKart Commercial
  • Lifetime deal on the world’s most powerful & versatile online cart platform
  • Sell an unlimited number of products
  • Create an unlimited number of funnels
  • 500,000 Page Views
  • Integrate with 4 of the supported payment processor gateways
  • Collect payments without transaction fees; payment processors may charge but ZKart won’t
  • Advanced Affiliate System to hire, manage and pay your army of motivated affiliates
  • Amazing sales booster features such as: One-click bump offers, fully customizable product & checkout pages, builder & management, Coupons dashboard, ZKart Wallet and a lot more
  • Integration with other Mintware products such as XFunnels Reloaded, CoachZippy, and with 10 third-party apps

OTO 1: zkart Unlimited

  • Everything in Front-end plus:
  • Sell also physical (not just digital) products
  • Unlimited Pages Views 
  • eCommerce Templates, Add-to-Cart Feature
  • Split-payment and Pay-as-you-go payment options
  • Shipping & Inventory management
  • Integration with all supported payment gateways
  • Advance affiliate management features such as complex, split-payment JV contracts
  • Integration with 20+ Apps, including Zapier integration
  • and lots more

OTO2: zkart VIP Coaching Mastermind 

  • Get access to an exclusive set of business trainings and Mastermind group
  • Business-oriented trainings, and not “tool-related” (and there’s a BIG difference between the two – this is a effectively a Coaching Program of $2,497 value)
  • Members will learn step-by-step how to build and grow a business using ZKart
  • Access to Mastermind group to further amplify learning
  • Hand-holding by our experts so members are sure to be successful
  • Periodic live sessions, in addition to the pre-recorded trainings, incl. live Q&A

OTO3: zkart Reseller

  • Create up to 100 Commercial User accounts
  • Sell user accounts at ANY price you want and retain the profits
  • Priority Support
  • Full marketing package including all images, graphics, and email swipes
  • Entire Facebook ad campaign package and retargeting audience
  • Exact million-dollar, proven-to-convert copy that’ll get you boatloads of clients
  • Step-by-step detailed training on how to drive traffic to your reseller franchise offer; You can use this training for to drive traffic to your other offers, too.


Video re- view for Front End only

Text From This video

hi guys it’s chris here with selfmadenewbie.com welcome to this z cart review now for those of you who who are looking at getting into whether it’s affiliate marketing e-commerce drop shipping uh print on demand selling any kind of digital product at all selling anything whatsoever online zcar is definitely for you in a nutshell z card is gonna cater to all of those needs whether you want to sell online whether that’s products like you would with generally with shopify affiliate marketing you can create landing pages it has integrations with all the famous email responders mailchimp get response it also has all the payment gateways like paypal and stripe all that built into one amazing product today we’re going to take a deep dive into z zcar and see exactly what it is exactly what it looks like but more importantly i’m going to show you how you can use zcar in conjunction with a bunch of other exclusive

bonus products some bonus tools that i’ve thrown in to ensure that you find success with z cart and you actually can make money with it so before we get into all that drop a like on this video hit subscribe and turn on that bell notification if you want to be updated with new products coming out like this all the time that can help you to make money online also if you want to jump ahead at any time during this video make sure you first click the link in the description what that will do is take you through to my bonus page which looks like this and the way my bonus page works is it is integrated with the official zcarp vendor website so what that means is if you click on any of these green buttons it will lock in all these bonuses before then sending you off to the z cart website and if you do decide to purchase it you’ll not only get z copy you’re going to get all these tools thrown in a bundle that you can access immediately you can put together you can utilize the strategy that i’m about to talk about the first tool i’ve thrown in is called e-commerce file sell so basically

you’re going to think of zcar as the tool it’s going to be the practical tool that you’re going to use in order to sell whatever it is you want to sell build landing pages it does really everything this is going to be your knowledge and i’ve thrown in two products e-commerce fire sale and the second product is internet business models both of these products hit on different things as far as e-commerce goes setting up a store this is going to be the knowledge side of things as i said this is going to go into how to set up your store goes into drop shipping strategies goes into high ticket selling strategies so however you want to use zcart and there are a bunch of different ways these two products together they go into actually all the different ways that you can sell products online whether that is drop shipping whether that is print on demand whether it is high ticket selling it’s going to go into the ad parts the uh advertising

part of it that’s generally how uh this business model works is you are setting up the store choosing the right products and selling traffic usually by paid facebook ads but it doesn’t have to be you can also utilize social media which we’re going to get into into just a second so two products there to give you the knowledge to get the most the absolute most out of a product like zcar bonus number three i’ve got for you is called the traffic handbook this is going to help you to get the traffic if you don’t want to put your money into facebook ads you can find different ways to get traffic anywhere from just your own social media channels organic traffic it teaches you how to use hashtags correctly it teaches you how to do um reddit traffic blog traffic traffic from anywhere where organic traffic exists reddit as well it teaches you how to utilize each platform to get traffic to your store once

you’ve choose once you’ve chosen how you want to use the cart once you’ve chosen your strategy once you’ve chosen your product the biggest milestone the next milestone is traffic this is going to teach you how to get it bonus number four goes deeper into one specific way of using zcar and what most beginners uh when beginners get into e-commerce this is generally what they get into this is what i got into both of these are going into how to start drop shipping this goes into what drop shipping is how to start doing it how to select products everything you need to know mistakes to avoid drop shipping speed bumps uh so you don’t make any mistakes you can just use z car use drop shipping if you don’t want to spend a lot of money from

the get-go drop shipping is your best bet this teaches you how to do it bonus number five i threw in a two-part bonus because i’m thinking about what you’re gonna need down the line when you start actually selling when you start getting traffic you’re gonna start collecting emails automatically so i’ve got list building on a budget how to build an email list how to mature it how to grow it how to build trust how to send out automation a lot of your money is going to be made in your email list when someone buys something at your store you save that email you know for for a fact that person is buyer traffic someone buys once they’re gonna buy again if you nurture that list uh a lot of money is gonna come from email as i said copywriting influence i threw in because you’re gonna need to write copy everywhere you’re gonna need to understand what copy is you don’t need to be an expert but knowing a little bit uh takes you a long way uh you’re gonna need it on your social media posts you’re gonna need to have it in your emails even on your product descriptions landing pages definitely copywriting it’s everywhere it’s basically selling language it teaches you how to write in a way that hits on emotions compels people to buy okay and that’s exactly what you want so that all sounds good to you step one link in the description you go to this page lock in these tools with these green buttons that’ll send you off to the z cart sales

page go through their sales page on your own so we’re not here all day there’s testimonials demos functions features all that stuff so you can make a more informed decision if you do decide to buy it you’ll be sent a digital receipt which looks like this under the green button is zcard under the blue button all those other tools my emails here if you have any problems now keep your eye on this countdown timer because this is a launch week special so any bonuses and also any discounts that get activated when you click these buttons as well will no longer be available so make an informed decision but basically the sooner you get in the more you’re gonna get for the lower price so don’t uh procrastinate too long so without further ado let’s actually get into zcar and see what it’s all about all right i hope you enjoyed that demo

i hope you’re looking forward to getting your hands on z car and all those other tools putting them together into a system and taking action and building up that knowledge so that you can definitely succeed now really quickly if you go through to my bonus page again through that link you’re going to come to i’ve got a bit of a write up here on what it is more specifically the pricing so the front end is a 97 one time but there are other few other pricing options there that you can try out and it’s basically everything you saw in the video and everything you see here and it’s a lifetime deal you know shopify you’re going to be spending 97 in three four months okay because even less i mean shopify is 29 a month and if you need and if you get plugins which you definitely need i think your average store is probably more like 50 to 60 a month so for a one-time deal for a store that you can have for life this is not a lot at all uh one time offer number one z cart unlimited gold so you’re gonna get a bunch of extra features unlimited pages uh e-commerce templates add to cart features split payments shipping management just a bunch of extra tools

maybe when you start um growing a bit more this might be good for you or if you already know what you’re doing one time offer number two is zcarp vip coaching so if you want specific training on z cart how to actually get started you might want to do this if you’re a very very new to e-commerce and you don’t know anything about it then and you have the money uh that might be something you might want to get into uh one time off for number three we’ve got zcarp platinum reseller uh you get commercial user accounts so you can sell z car on as your own products sell accounts to other people uh and really keep you know sell it for as much as you want really as kind of your product so you know depending on who you are will depend on which package you want to go for you do only need the front end to get access to all the tools i mentioned before uh so you know everybody’s different if you do have any questions about any of this feel free to drop them in the comments hit me up on social media or my email i reply to everybody and if not enjoy zcard i hope you take action hope you use those tools put them together in the right way uh best of luck and i’ll see you next time take care

zkart OTO